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Sudanese foreign debts about $25 billion

8/28/2005 10:09pm

Al-Khaleej newspaper quotes.

Aug 28, 2005 (Khartoum) — Sudan Foreign Minister a-Zubayr Ahmad al-Hassan estimated in early June 2005 that 90% of national foreign debts will be erased.

He said that the General Manager of the World Bank will visit Sudan in late July 2005, and that the World Bank intends to open a permanent office in the Sudan and appoint a permanent staff.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also intends to open a permanent office in Sudan.

The percentage of debts of Sudan reaches 1500% of exports, and 150% of GDP; these debts come to $25 billion.

The Sudanese government decided to reduce the number of sentry posts on the Khartoum-Port Sudan road, and to exempt from payment of customs fees trucks whose cargo weight is over 20,000 metric tons. This decision, which is in effect for six months, was made at the cabinet meeting held in early June 2005 attended by Vice President ‘Ali Othman Muhammad Ta.

Sudan Investments Minister a-Sherif Ahmad ‘Amir Badir, who is also chairman of the council responsible for solving transportation problems in Sudan said in early June 2005 that the council has decided to encourage drivers to purchase new trucks in coordination with private vehicle agencies. The Council has also decided to reduce customs fees on spare parts for trucks. President of the Food Industry Office in the Businessmen’s Association, Abd a-Rahman ‘Abbas, said that this decision will encourage economic growth in the country.

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