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To all Sudanese people

To the people of Darfur, Kordofan and all the marginalised across the nation.

To the regional and international community which have stood with the beleaguered people of Darfur and other areas.


Following intensive dialogue and wide consultations with resistance forces, political parties, civic organisations and sectors of students, youth and women, and having carefully considered the need for unity of resistance forces at Darfur and the marginalised Sudan to bring about the desired and inevitable change and the urgent need to uphold and reconstitute the remaining Sudan following of South  Sudan  separation, JEM and SLM/A have come to issue this joint political statement, signed by their respective leaders.


1-    The two Movements assert their absolute conviction regarding necessity of uniting the resistance forces in Darfurand the marginalised parts of Sudan in order to reconstruct the remaining Sudan for all on the basis of equal citizenship.

2-    The Movements reiterate their deep belief in the necessity of uniting effort of all national political parties; civic and nativeforces and; youth, students, women and professional organizations.

3-    The Movements reiterate the unity of the above forces is important for reorganisation of our legitimate struggle and by all means to uplift the country out of its current dismal state that is precipitated by the Government of National Salvation and layout clear road map for the coming phase of the struggle.

4-    The Movements reiterate their commitment to the necessity for establishment of civic state with clearly redefined identity that expresses the diversity of all the people who reside in the remaining Sudan and at the same time combats all forms of discrimination in the country.

5- The Movements commend effort of the international community in the protection of civilians against continuous ethnic cleansing, genocide and escalation of war, now refreshed by the Governmentís New Strategy for Darfur.

6-    The Movements commend work of the international community in monitoring, incrimination and indictment of those who have committed war crimes, ethnic cleansing, mass killing and rape in Darfur.  Equally, they salute the effort of the international community to find a negotiated just; and comprehensive solution for the Sudanese conflict in Darfur.

7-    The Movements reiterate their strong condemnation of all forms of violence against civilians and all forms of violation of human rights as well as all acts by the government which contravene international humanitarian law and conventions in Darfur.

8-      The Movements express their deep concern regarding expulsion of INGOs from Darfur and throughout Sudan and they express their concern about the catastrophic effects that result from this reckless policy against the needy and war affected people in Darfur.

9-    The Movements call on all parties and in particular the Khartoum Government to enable INGO workers to reach all needy people in Sudan and ensure the delivery of humanitarian assistance to war affected in accordance with international conventions.

10-                       The Movements call attention to the deteriorating humanitarian conditions following Khartoumís new Strategy for Darur which escalates its policy of ethnic cleansing and mass killing.



11-                       Mindful of what is outlined above, the Movements have reached consensus on the following, among others:


1.     The necessity and urgent need for reaching a consensus of all Sudanese people on a new social contract to be enshrined in the constitution.

2.     Holding the ruling party (NCP) responsibility for the separation of South Sudan, failure to bring about peaceful democratic transformation and lack of fulfilment of agreed peace agreements.

3.     The new constitution of Sudan shall include the following principles and objectives:


a.     Inclusive redefined identity that reflects the diversity of the people of Sudan.


b.     Affirmation of equal citizenship

c.      Safeguarding public freedoms, human rights, democratic system, and rule of law, peaceful change of government through fair and free elections, independence of the judiciary and separation of executive, legislative and judiciary powers.

d.     Affirmation of all international accords, respect of regional and international organisations, endorsement of resolutions signed with these organisations and incorporation of such agreements in the constitution, national laws and relevant executive organs of the state.

e.      Necessity of reformation of military, security and police organs in accordance with the principles of professionalism and rule of law that pertain to protection of the country, safeguarding interest, security and freedom of citizens and preservation of the constitution, law and state organs.  Reconstitution of military, security and police organs shall conform to agreed criteria regarding distribution of wealth, sharing of power and participation in public service in the country.

f.         Combating all forms of discrimination based on creed, religion, colour, ethnicity and regional origin.

g.     Affirmation of just criteria for distribution of wealth which include but not limited to the proportion of population of every region; affirmative action regarding mal-developed and war affected areas, together with taking necessary measures for a balanced and sustainable development across the nation.

h.     Constitutional guarantee of an interim period of a suitable length and formation of a broad-based government for running the country and implementing constitution.

i.       The transitional period shall be followed by free and fair elections in conformity with international criteria at all levels to bring about peaceful democratic transformation.


4.     The two Movements have reviewed efforts exerted by JEM at Doha in an attempt to find solution for the crisis in Darfur. The Movements affirmed rejection of partial solutions as they prolong suffering of our people in the IDPs and refugee camps across the nation, extend life of the National Salvation government and confer legitimacy on the regime and its crimes.

5.     The Movements have pledged to work towards formation of a broad coalition of the Movements in Darfur and other marginalised parts of Sudan.

6.     The Movements affirmed their resolute intention to establish a broad national alliance between Darfur resistance movements and the diverse margins of Sudan and political, civic, professional and native groups across the Sudan.  The alliance is to seek consensus on a road map to institute a non-theocratic state based on equal citizenship, inclusive identity and full commitment to rule of law.

7.     The Movements are to work for resolution of Darfur conflicts within the framework of a comprehensive settlement of Sudanís crisis and with full consideration to the peculiarities of Darfur  in the following:


a.      Administrative Status of Darfur(Single United region)

b.     Darfur borders of 1922

c.      Individual and collective compensation of war victims

d.     Implementation of justice through the ICC regarding the grave crimes, which have been, and still being committed by the government.

e.      Establishment of special security arrangements for Darfur.

f.       Addressing the deteriorating security situation and alleviating the effects of war in Darfur.

g.     Voluntary returning of the IDPs and refugees to their original homes after the provision of peace, security and stability and basic services for a dignified life.

h.     Affirmative action for Darfur and other marginalised and war affected regions of the Sudan which have suffered economic, social and cultural deprivation and endured unjust participation in the civil, military and state institutions and state companies.  Affirmative action is to be geared towards establishment of a state of equal citizenship, rights and responsibilities.

i.       Strong condemnation of the arbitrary and unilateral decision of the government to conduct a referendum in Darfur amid war and adverse humanitarian and security environment,for the purpose of undermining the consensual and legitimate demand of one united Darfur region.


j.       Establishment of joint mechanisms and modalities of implementation at political, military, media, popular and diplomatic levels of this statement.



Finally, the tow Movements cordially invite all movements and resistance forces in Darfur, marginalised Sudan, political parties in the centre and the margins and all civic and native organisations to join hands and build a broad national alliance with defined objectives and clear implementation mechanisms and modalities.  The alliance is hereby invited to face the challenge of agreeing on a comprehensive road map for building a just country with inclusive identity and equal citizenship; a country that is inclusive, democratic, peaceful and committed to rule of law and good governance.





Dr. Khalil Ibrahim                  Commander Minni Minnawi

President of JEM                              Chairman of SLM/A

                       March, 22-2011                              March, 22-2011


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