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Nuba Mountains' U.S. Diaspora Urges the International Community to Ensure Peace and Accountability In Nuba Mountains
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Oct 16, 2010 - 8:06:27 PM

October 7, 2010


Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon

President of the United States of America, Barak Obama

Head Delegation of the European Union to the United States, Ambassador, Joao Vale de Almeida


United States Congress

Secretary of States, Hilary H. Clinton

Representatives of Non-governmental and Human Rights Organizations


Dear Lady/Gentleman:

We are the people of Nuba Mountains and friends of people of Nuba Mountains in the United States. We are respectfully submitting to you this letter to express our profound concern on current troubling security and political deterioration in Nuba Mountains, Sudan. With the notable rising tension between North and South Sudan over Referenda scheduled to take place early next year, Khartoum regime has dangerously mobilized its Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) along north-south border which includes the Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and Abyie region at alarming level. Recently, a high level Official of government in Southern Sudan (GoSS) announced that “there are seven (northern) divisions dotted along the border," (north-south border). He estimated the total number of troops to be around 70,000 soldiers. The statement is further confirmed by anonymous sources living in Nuba Mountains witness large number of military deployment in the region. Such heavy military mobilization in the region confers a sense of terror and insecurity among civilians who hope for peace.

The threat of military along with its proxy militias in the region is personal concern to us, the Nuba Mountains Diaspora in the United States. We experienced the most notorious and genocidal acts on hands of (SAF and Militias) during past war. We are deeply alarmed by the rising level of troops because we do not want another catastrophic war in the region. In its report of 2008, International Crisis Group rightfully called Nuba Mountain “The Next Darfur”.

Dear Sir/Madam, we want the girls and boys of Nuba Mountains to experience a life of peace to which they are endowed by their creator. They have been subjected to protection at equal footing as do children of any family in the world.  They need to go to schools in hope for their brighter future as mankind. We do not want to see a repeat of burning villages and cities, human torture, rape of women, slavery, and killings once again.

Following the recent Summit of Heads of States at the United Nations in New York, Khartoum government has stepped up antagonist rhetoric campaign in region of the Nuba Mountains labeling African ethnics “New Southerners” in intention of polarizing relationship between various ethnics in the region and legitimizing “Jihad” an Islamic reference to a “Wholly War”. The world should condemn such behavior at strongest terms for the ill consequence on humanity.

Protocol of Nuba Mountains has not been implemented in good faith throughout the interim period. In center of the protocol is the popular consultation base of which is free and fair regional election. However, the of people Nuba Mountains have not yet enjoyed this right. In fact, the right of people of Nuba Mountains to elect their representatives who would negotiate with the government in center on their behalf may not occur because of NCP’s lack of will to grant them such right. For instance, the National Congress Party has put a halt on airing the final result of Population Census which is a must to do step for the region’s election process. It has also refused to allow for a smooth gubernatorial rotation to SPLM as affirmed by CPA. NCP’s continued lack of will to implement agreements one after another is a very hazardous to regional and international peace and stability. Your role is pivotal in ensuring a smooth implementation of Nuba Mountains Protocol.


We urge you to:  

1.   Immediately pronounce Nuba Mountains a “Peace Zone” and immediate withdrawal of all SAF leaving the Joined Integrated Forces as stipulated in the region’s protocol; and deploy of more International Security Forces (UN) with further mandates to protect and guarantee peace and tranquility in the region.


2.   Immediately press Khartoum regime to allow for a smooth and a peaceful gubernatorial rotation in compliance with Nuba Mountains Protocol.


3.   Immediately and solemnly press NCP to allow announcement of final result of Population Census in the state and pledge to a free and transparent election in the state.


4.   Maintain that Popular Consultation takes place and be supervised by an international body.


5.   Condemn and denounce the recently launched ethnically loaded rhetoric aimed to further divide and alienate diverse ethnic groups in the region rather than initiating a reconciliation projects that would help in healing the woeful ethnical experiences in the area.   


6.   Commit and support the right of self-determination for people of Nuba Mountains as an owned human privilege should the people aspire for such demand.  


7.   Adhere and commit to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sudan without regard.



People and friends of Nuba Mountains in the United States of America

Contact persons:

Gafar Kangam

P.O. Box 16358

Alexandria, VA 22302

[email protected], Telephone: 571-331-2834


Amin A. Ismail

[email protected], Telephone: 531-732-1395

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