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Embassy of The Republic of the Sudan : The Issue of Abyei can only be resolved by its Residents not through media antics
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Mar 10, 2011 - 2:53:54 PM


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March 9, 2011

   The Issue of Abyei can only be resolved by its Residents not through media antics

A number of reports full of unfounded statements regarding the crisis in Abyei have made their way into the media circuit. It is unfortunate that while we should be diligently working towards solving the issue, some are inflaming matters with such fiery rhetoric and false accusations.

The issue of Abyei has been on the table for quite sometime and profound efforts have been exerted towards its resolution since the signing of the CPA. Yet the complexity of the matter hasnt made a solution forthcoming. The deadline that the parties imposed on themselves passed without witnessing the referendum precisely because of the delicate nature of the problem. Prudence therefore demands that we abstain from exacerbating matters through such provocative conduct. The allegation that the Sudan Armed Forces and the Popular Defense Force are involved in the unrest is no more than an attempt to stoke tensions. Similarly to attack the Misseriya, a group which itself has a stake in the security of the area, is to incite sentiments that can only work to perpetuate the unsavory status quo.

This approach can only be likened to that of the crisis-fomenters whose modus operandi has been to fabricate lies and beat the drums of war. It wasnt too long ago that they embarked on a fact finding mission in Abyei only to succeed in fueling the simmering discontent among the Misseriya when they published a biased report that only covered the sentiments of one group. Their latest muse has been a frivolous project to install watchful satellite Cameras directed at the area. Its unclear what that will serve. Such elements have proven to be a great obstacle towards the realization of a wider peace across Sudan and it would be disturbing to have some of our own Sudanese resort to their antics. These are not the voices that the peace loving world should be listening to. Peace requires that all grievances of the inhabitants, both the Ngok Dinka and Missiriya, are sufficiently addressed, anything short of this is a recipe for disaster.

The Dinka and Missiriya have a long history of peaceful coexistence. Theyve had occasional disputes, no question, but they have been able to resolve them all without the need for outside intervention. It is thus important to devote our energies towards fostering the conditions that enabled such cordial relations to prevail. Certainly unwarranted accusations are counterproductive to this agenda. We should have all the confidence that the recently conceived Abyei committee will help to find a permanent and just solution to this matter.

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