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The major daily newspapers headlines,Sunday, March 27
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Mar 27, 2011 - 7:35:12 AM

The major daily newspapers headlines,Sunday, March 27


Khartoum, March 27 -2011 (SUNA) - the major daily newspapers run the following headlines: - Alwan: - Three movements agree on the postponement of negotiations in Doha. - Egypt offers to host meeting of Libyan Parties


- The Sudan's Olympic defeat its Ghanaian counterpart before its fans


-Islamic leaders initiate an end to political quibble and bring together Popular and National parties


Alintibaha: MDC: SPLM plans obstruct the exercise of political activities in the South


- (428) million pounds, the amount the money involved in the Mwaseer market


- A high level Egyptian-Sudanese talks in Khartoum


- The first relief plane leaves Sudan to Libya via Marsa Matrooh


Al- Hurra: - Egyptian Prime Minister, and 8 of his ministers in Khartoum today


- thirty eight legal reports in the Mawaser market case


- High School Exams starting tomorrow in the North and South


-Transport from Khartoum to Alwadi Alakhdar


-(175) million allocated for the new Khartoum Airport


- UCMAS Programs in all Sudanese states


Al-Ahdath: - SPLM delegation activates in USA and extend its visit


- Al-Mirghani seeks to reconcile the party leaders about participation - Republican decree of privatization of (5) state-owned companies


- (Zain) launches a service to purchase electricity - Tahir: Sudan will not be a base for (terrorism)


Al-Ahram Alyoum: - Vice-President of the Republic discusses the visit of the Egyptian Prime Minister to the country today


-Siddig AL-hindi and (3) members of the registered UDP prevented from entering Al-Damazin


- The first Sudanese relief plane leaves to Libya via Marsa Matrooh


Akhir Lahza: - Nafi: South Kordufan Elections will be one directional


- Authorities prevented Unionist Democratic Party delegation entering the Blue Nile State delegation


- High School Exams starts tomorrow in all country States


-Taha reviews final arrangements for the visit of the Egyptian Prime Minister


Akhbar Alyoum: - In his first foreign visit after the Egyptian revolution: Khartoum has completed preparations to receive Egyptian Prime Minister today


-Vice President of the Republic discusses final arrangements and Foreign Minister pays tribute to the visit of Egyptian Prime Minister describing it as strategic


- Spokesman for the Egyptian Council of Ministers: Dr.Sharaf was keen that his first foreign visit be to Sudan as a confirmation of the special relationship between the two countries and peoples


-Egyptian Deputy Prime Minister: No tensions between Sudan and Egypt due to the old disagreements about Halaib


AL-Sudany : -SPLM in Washington suggests he country's unity on the basis of confederation


- Al-Suwaidan calls for the abolition of visas between Islamic countries and the unification of the currency


- Lam Akol urges the government of the South to shoulder the responsibility against the LRA


Al-Ayam: - (38) legal reports in Almawaseer Market case. - Gaddafi discusses settlement with the West ,and the rebels recover Ajdabiya


-Oil Ministry directs companies to sell gas in public squares


- Rehabilitation of (Nyala - Daein - Babanusa) railway line


- Arrives in Khartoum today and convey a message to Bashir from Tantawi: Egyptian Prime Minister discusses the development of strategic relations between the two countries


Al-Sahafa : - A republican decree privatizing major state-owned companies


Agreements for electricity and gas and activating the freedoms between Sudan and Egypt


- Higher Ministerial Committee under the chairmanship of the Egyptian-Sudanese Taha Sharaf meets today: Egyptian Prime Minister: Nile waters among the main topics of the talks


- (124) billion pounds hospitals debts : Gasm Allah announces a package of reforms on health policy


Al-Wattan: Discussing economic activities and projects: extensive arrangements for the visit of the Egyptian Prime Minister and the accompanying delegation


- A huge fire destroys (15) house in a village north of Umm Rawaba


-Included real estate and cars: (38) legal reports on irregularities in Al-Mwaseer market in El Fasher. - Medical Council resolves (75%) of complaints submitted against doctors. Al-Tayar: - The Government (the people) of Egypt


. in Khartoum today


-Taha reviews final arrangements for the visit of the Egyptian Prime Minister


-Customs destroy seven containers not conforming to specifications Al-Ray Al-Am : -Sudan optimistic relations will develop on the right track: Cairo: Essam Sharaf to Khartoum today (a letter of appreciation)


-Nile Basin and bilateral issues heads the Egyptian-Sudanese talks. Lam Akol accuses the Government of Southern Sudan of raiding his house in (Mang) and the arrest and the displacement of its staff


-(5) killed by unidentified gunmen in an attack on a patrol in Upper Nile state


Al- Khartoum : - Signing several cooperation agreements: Egyptian-Sudanese talks in Khartoum today


-Al Umma: Dialogue is the first option and each party has his own approach


-Lam Akol calls for relief for the people affected by recent events in the south. Minister of State for petroleum visits the gas stations and selling agents protest


Al Rayed: - a programme on purchase of electricity through the mobile phone launched - Republican decree of privatization of (5) companies


- Egyptian-Sudanese talks to approve the economic and political: the Joint Ministerial Committee discusses food security and the activation of the four freedoms


AL-Wifag : Differences escalate within splm Secretariat in Khartoum -Nuer tribe call on the Security Council to investigate with the leaders of the SPLA


-Zain launches mobile phone purchasing power service as of tomorrow (Monday)


-Nile water and investment issues top talks between Khartoum and Cairo. - A contract for rehabilitation of (Nyala - Daein - Babanusa) railway line signed - Oil: arrival of large quantities of gas in the coming days

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