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Sudan Declares its rejection to US renewing of economic sanctions
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Nov 2, 2010 - 9:33:30 AM

Sudan Declares its rejection to US renewing of economic sanctions


Khartoum, Nov 2 (SUNA)- Sudan has declared its rejection to the decision issued by the US President, Barak Obama, on renewing of the economic sanctions on Sudan, describing the decision as coming within the continuous selectivity policy being adopted by the United States


In a press statement on Tuesday, the Foreign Ministry's spokesman, Muawiya Osman Khalid, said that the decision was a routine one and included nothing new, so it poses no surprise to the government


He said that the United States tended to spoil any good and constructive opportunity that looms for enhancing the relations by its unwise policy and unfamiliarity with the situations in Sudan despite its claim of giving deep concern and day-by-day follow up to the situation in Sudan


Khalid said that the US administration's move proves that US administration lacks political and sufficient courage to take decisive decision in favour of the Sudanese issue and to lift the sanctions at this crucial stage in Sudan's history, its despite repeated promises


He said that Sudan has been managing its own affairs for more than 20 years without resorting to US and will continue to do so for coming decades to come without caring for sanctions or intimidation



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