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Major news headlines of Khartoum daily issued today Wednesday the 3rd of October
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Nov 3, 2010 - 7:14:51 AM

Major news headlines of Khartoum daily issued today Wednesday the 3rd of October


AKHBAR ALYUOM : ministry of finance pledges to give November salaries before the Eied holiday ------ Kamal Abdulllatif : an aspired plans to employ the graduates , develop technical and technological edaucation, develop human resources and realize administrative reformation


ALWAN : a parliamentarian committee calls the ministry of finance to return Sudan air to the public sector ----- the government : renewing of American sanctions is an extention to the arrogant policies ----- Kamal Abdullatif : the social Sudanese system represent one of the civil services problems ---- A church in Khartoum announces fasting and praying for unity -------- the Central Statistics Office prepares a national statistical strategy ------- Khartoum water administration : completion of Almanar station main line--------- ALRAI AL A'AM :Albashir and Wad review the implementation of the African Union summit resolutions ------- UN : security situations in Darfur are better ----- the Parliament to find out about the transportation crisis in Khartoum ------- commencement of COMESA Central Banks governors meeting ----- Silva Kirr and Gration reviews the referendum measures ----- a final agreement document to be signed in Aldoaha next Monday ---------- AlAHDATH : Sanna Hamad : Dabanga Radio hasn't got a liscence


------- ALSAHAFA:Hajo : the government wont cancel the petroleum price support at this stage -------experts determine boundry demarkation between the north and Darfur using local and foreign documents --------- ministry of foreign relations : Washington lacks the courage for decision taking -------- Gration calls the two partners to speed up solving Abei issue ------- ALAYAM : forum of south Sudan parties leaders to convene next week -------the joint mediation presents a final agreement doument in Doha next Monday ALAKHBAR: Gum Arabic revenues amounted to 60 billion USD-------- ALWIFAG : the situations in Darfur are beteter than in 2004 -------- compleeting the feasibility studies of the east development project by acost more than 4 billion USD. --------- president of the referendum commission deny receiving 300 000 USD from the donors -------- ALAHRAM ALYOUM :the Israeli accusations against Sudan by exporting bombed letters is a silly roumer. ------- ALTAYAR : referendum commission deny any disputes between its members in the north and south



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