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JEM Scores a Major Victory in Kordofan
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Nov 5, 2010 - 9:47:34 PM

The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

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JEM Scores a Major Victory in Kordofan

A Military Statement from JEM

This morning, November 5rd 2010, Khartoum’s army received its second defeat within 48 hours.  Government assault code named Kordofan Mobile Force engaged our forces at Hamari , south of Ghibaisha town in North Kordofan.  As usual, the government force and which consisted of Security and army troops mounted on over 147 vehicles proved no match for our gallant army.  They fled the battlefield leaving behind numerous fatalities and war prisoners whose names will be announced soon.  JEM gained 35 vehicles with 12 more totally destroyed.

JEM troops too suffered some minor injuries and few fatalities.

JEM regrets loss of lives and sends its condolences to families of all enemy soldiers who did not survive the battle.  It further invites all members of government forces to rebel and join hands with JEM against the criminal junta of Khartoum.  JEM takes no comfort in seeing so many fellow countrymen and women callously lured by the genocidaires into early graves.

Long live our struggle for justice and equality

Lt. General Ali Alwafi

Military Spokesperson


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