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JEM Celebrates Another Victory in North Darfur
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Nov 7, 2010 - 11:26:21 AM

The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

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JEM Celebrates Another Victory in North Darfur

A Military Statement from JEM

Today, November 6th, GoS suffered its second defeat in 24 hours following its loss, yesterday in Kordofan.  This time, GoS received a crushing blow at the hands of JEM at Darma, 25k North-East of Kornoi, close to the Doba Well in the State of North Darfur.  The GoS Kornoi Battalion consisted of three Mobile Units mounted on 210 vehicles.  The battalion came with a clear evil and inhumane instruction: To destroy and/or occupy all water centres and depopulate the entire area.  Aerial bombardment of water centres has been employed throughout the last week.

It took less than one hour for our invincible forces to prove yet again the naivety of the security anchored New Strategy for Darfur and the futility of forcing an army to fight for an unjust cause.  Within hours, the well-equipped Kornoi Battalion disintegrated in total disarray and fled the battlefield leaving behind over 100 corpses. 

Overlooking destroyed vehicles, or gallant forces gained the following:

20 vehicles mounted with Doshka Guns

7 vehicles equipped with BTO4

3 vehicles mounted with SPG9 Guns

2 vehicles with surface to air quadruple barrel guns

10 trucks loaded with ammunitions, fuel and other logistical supplies.

Score of war prisoners including high-ranking officers and who will be declared and handed over to relevant authorities in line with international conventions.

JEM salutes GoS soldiers who deserted the field without fighting and affirms its principle and clear instruction to all JEM soldiers not to fire at nonthreatening enemy soldiers.

Long live our struggle for justice and equality.

Lt. General Ali Alwafi

Military Spokesperson



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