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we are one by Alfatih Omer Mahamed
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Jul 27, 2010 - 8:54:09 PM

we are one

Let us break dawn the Barriers of religious . races . countries and cultures we have one god let us have one heart know one thing love is the sours of our life we have to solve all problem of poverty and disses and we have to balance the Fortune of the world to be equal to all the people .rich people they must remember they have brothers and sisters how are dieing from hanger and disses. political people must remember they are responsible of millions of soul they must take care .way we have to do that because the earth is crying from the blood of Innocent peoples god feel pain from what people are doing. look to the creation then you can see the different flowers beautiful and sending nice Smell all creation practices the low of giving why we as human being practices the low of taken this is our problem 

     Alfatih Omer Mahamed     

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