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Violence Between Married Couple by mohamed akasha*
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Dec 11, 2010 - 8:00:02 AM

     Violence Between Married Couple
mohamed akasha*
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Gender Centre in Khartoum provided an excellent opportunity to trade with some of the media regarding the status of women and try to strengthen the efforts by some organizations, universities, activists with experience and concern their issues and to demand their legitimate rights.
Centre in his election to a group of journalists in a free discussion and debate building have initiated his workshop entitled may Ilguet has some Bbsth to everyone at a time tomorrow when talking about the violence faced by women is closer to the transmission of the public to the issue of Rift Valley Fever and this is when most attendees upbeat in attending the workshop .. Title that fell into under the plan the broad range of issues was (sexual violence between spouses), which enter the one hand, the largest in the case of violence (in general) and substantive dialogue that characterized the courage and clarity Turning to the component of cultural and social cornered the women in the narrow tunnel from the presence of her birth and origins and limiting its role to grow (bride) pretty scoop her family and friends of the water of the Nile and Thgel Bariyac and decorations even acquit the virility of men for their wedding night in the enrichment of their femininity and composition of a woman with a weight .. Most affects Almropmn Anavp man is pace of thresholds of marriage at the age of «brilliant» which is elaborated by the research studies and clinics psychology and sociology because it causes disability psychological very serious side of what is caused by health risks Oovih some books of Obstetricians and Gynecologists minimum of some cases of infertility, and perhaps the subject of «marriage of minors» has taken good Gerkulail of handling the media, workshops, continuing and they are waiting for its release a formal decision from the relevant authorities and placed under the legislation of personal status law, which is essentially the «law», the first to be a door for social reform and the organization of family affairs Astmadada of meaning humanitarian of the year.
Early marriage is more cases of women's violent and aggressive and takes Bkhanagah prove the merits of marriage on the wedding need to virginity which was caused by the «man» in a state of satisfaction and pride, and come back and not to a woman a link on glee pain sad and wounded Itagor over days to pay into a state of despair, grim and becomes a cause of tensions Even difficult.
Talk about the «sexual violence between spouses» which is the subject of study by providing a number of researchers and specialists in women's studies and gender psychology and sociology is a subject of what should be important to the media centers of enlightenment and awareness to it merely as transients .. Is the issue stands and the effects of war and displacement and the legacy of scars extremely Soubna social as full of filing court cases of divorce-intensive because of the escape of couples on the one hand because of the inability of some young on enough sex, as there are high-profile cases and found their way into electronic media is in the best cases is violence is because the link was intended for community-based estimates in accordance with the values, customs and traditions in the fact that the girl to her cousin and a blind eye to the circumstances and the difference in ages.
Issue of sexual violence, which has grown in recent times never stops for our culture, which overlook or avoid talking in this kind of issues a section of protected areas around the fence of thick and is talking it up to the Thoemat «grandmother» in a narrow range, though the religious tolerance of the buffer to make the Prophet Muhammad him and discusses women in their destiny and in his life and enacted by the noble directives of serious sex education if people want it, the road Almeskutat him in the community is an urgent need to sustain wellness psychological society and women in particular, the crisis is necessary to intensify the awareness of their rights and role of the Renaissance required and the media played a prominent role in the correct path and adjust the pace and spotlight outstanding citizen towards the darkness ...


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