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The fighting in Thothim area of the Chollo Kingdom by Peter Karlo
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Mar 8, 2011 - 9:00:01 AM

The fighting in Thothim area of the Chollo Kingdom     

Written/Submitted by Peter Karlo    

Monday, 07 March 2011 10:46 

Dear Chollo,

According  to the latest news from our sources in Makakal ,were  told through a telephone conversation spoken about  the current fighting going on between the SPLA forces ,and the Chollo Land Vigilantes ,in Oweich Thothim at  Panyikango county. And it was  said that the current clashes and fighting ,was started by some Dinka SPLA-Soldiers ,who attacked the position of the Chollo Land Defense forces, that are  led by Commander Olany ,at  Owecih in Thotheim area, South of Malakal town in Upper Nile State.


And the cause of this fighting is believe to be triggered by one Dinka soldier who is a rapist, although  he is serving among the undisciplined Dinka’s SPLA soldier in Upper Nile state.This Dinka SPLA rapist soldier, had committed a  crime of rapped to a young Chollo girl at Oweich village  in Thothim area  in Lauk, the other day.


And the mother of this rapped  Chollo young girl  of the Oweich, went straight to meet with Commander Olany, together with  other women of  the village. Who were seeking helps from  the Chollo Land Defense forces under Captain Olany, Ayuwak and Okechi, who were station in the nearby Village of  Douro ,close to Oweich .

And the mother of this young girl started to complain to Commander Olany, about this rampant cases of rapes and crimes of violence that was committed against villages by those  undisciplined Dinkas Soldiers of the SPLA Battalions , that were stationed  at the village  Oweich, and Thothim area, South of Malakal in the Panykango county, Upper Nile State.


From there Commander Olany, went to arrested  culprit soldier, in order to investigate this rapist soldiers who was a Dinka criminal, serving under the undisciplined SPLA-soldiers. From there Commander Olany, started to investigate this rapist soldier after arresting and then interrogated  him for rapping the  young Chollo  girl . 


And while Commander Olany, was busy investigating and interrogating this Dinka culprit for committing a crime of rape against young girl Chollo the night before. Then out of a  sudden came the SPLA-Dinkas Soldiers who made a  pre-empty attacked against  the Chollo Defense Forces, behind their back  and this time when the fighting started to flare up between the two armed forces..

It was those SPLA –Dinkas Soldiers, who  were stationed at the  nearby village of  Oweich in Thothim area  of Panyikango county Upper Nile State ,who started the war. Which was cause and trigger when the young girl was raped  at that village  Oweich. And it was the case of raped that was the major reason which sparked this ongoing fighting between the  SPLA-Dinka soldiers ,and the Chollo Land’s Defense forces , in Oweich village and Thothim area of  Panyikango county ,in Upper Nile State.

And as we writing  it is said that the SPLA-forces that are station around the whole of Chollo Kingdom, are now matching toward  Ocheich village and Thothim area. So that those SPLA –Soldiers would reinforces other  Dinkas- SPLA Soldiers who got defeat in the first battled with the Chollo Defense forces. And some of those SPLA –Soldiers  are still engaged  in the fight and  pursuing the  Chollo Defense in Thothim areas. Who had tactically withdrawn from Oweich  battlefield early in the day


At the same time those cruel SPLA Dinka Soldiers are still engaged a  indiscriminately  massacring of the Chollo Civilians  at Oweich and in the Thothim area. And these SPLA Soldiers are using the same manner and scenario that was deployed  in Panjaak Massacre .Which also resembled the Lul Weic Rek  Masssere which took place previous last year  against the un armed  Chollo Civilians in Lul, Wich Rek in Fashodo county  Upper Nile State. And this is the  same indiscriminate killing and murdering of the Chollo civilians which actually  resemble the previous  massacre in  Weic Rek ,Fachodo county  Upper Nile ,last year.

It is said and reported that lots of heavy armed , SPLA-Dinkas Soldiers are now matching toward Oweich and Thothim area.And they are going to join the fighting against Chollo defense Commander led by Olany,Ayuwak and Akecih. They also say that those SPLA Dinka’s Soldiers, are shooting and killing  the chollo civilian indiscriminately and they are also  massacring the civilians, ,without mercies, or sparing  the civilians lives from death.

The SPLA –Soldiers are targeting the wounded Chollo civilians and especially the inquired Chollo Defense forces of  Commander Olany.  And the lives of those wounded Chollo Soldiers is not being sparing from  slaughter and killing  even though they are  wounded victims. The SPLA-Soldier don’t mind neither  bother to shot and  kill an inquired  and a helpless Chollo defense soldiers . Those Chollo wounded and injured are randomly  being  shoot to killed in order to  finished  them  completely until they are all  dead


Therefore where is the Geneva Convention here being observed and put in to practiced  by those cruel and sadistic Dinka SPLA-Soldiers. Instead these primitive Dinka Soldiers ,who are very  unruly  and undisciplined  do not at all respect the rule of combatant according to the Geneva Convention . That has stipulated  that  any soldiers  who is captured after he had been wounded and injured in  battlefield or war. That soldier live have to spare from death  and he ought to be  given full protection  by all means .


The Geneva Convention also stipulates that a wounded and injured soldiers  lives have to be saved and he must not    be shoot to dead after he is captured live by the enemy combatant. But it seem like the SPLA _Soldiers are not sparing the lives of the wounded  Chollo Defense  soldiers who are now being shoot to death in the battled  of Oweich in Thothim

And instead of the SPLA-Soldiers keeping alive the lives of those wounded and injured  Chollo Defense soldiers as prisoners . But the SPLA- Soldiers, are instead engaged in merciless killing and manslaughter of those wounded and injured Chollo Defense soldiers .

The SPLA –Dinkas Soldiers ,are not respecting   and neither are they implementing the Geneva Convention, and that is why they busy in  manslaughter  and murdering those  Chollo wounded and injured soldiers as we speaks in the Oweich and Thotheim areas, in the battlefield at Panyikango county, of the Upper Nile State.

It has been reported that  the Chollo Defense forces led by commander Olany , of the Southern Command , had  tacitly  withdrawn from the Oweich battlefield , for next day. Meanwhile the invading and occupying SPLA-Dinkas Soldier, are lifted alone very loss on the Chollo civilian.

And this where the SPLA-Dinkas Soldiers shall continuous with their sadistic  spree of rapping, threat ,intimidation abusing ,committing  violence, and cold murdering of  the unarmed innocent Chollo civilians, in Oweich and the surrounding Thothim area of Panyikango county in Upper Nile State.

1-   Therefore we are appealing to the United Nation - Peace Keeping forces to comes to  Upper Nile State and  immediately intervene in this war of occupation and invasion . We needs the United Nation Peace Keeping Forces ,to come and  rescue and save the  unarmed Chollo innocent Civilians  lives. From being abused ,raped and massacred by the Dinkas Soldiers in Thotim area at Panyikango county, Upper Nile State.

2.      .     We also calling  up on the SPLA-Chief of Staff James Oathi Mai, to immediately intervene  and declare a ceasefire  between the warring forces in Thothim area ,this is in order to stop this senseless Dinkas SPLA-Soldiers war, of invasion, occupation ,tutoring, abusing  and   massacring  of the Chollo unarmed civilians in Thotim area of Chollo Kingdom.


3.     We are strongly warning  and also making a hit to Governor Simon Pouch, including Salva Kiir,Dr.Rick Machar, Cier Chuang and Nhail Deng Nhail ,that we have forward  their names to Mr. Louse Mario Ocompo the ICC Prosecutor in Hague ,Netherland. For we are all holding the above mention names as Dinkas leaders who are  responsible for instigating inciting the SPLA-Dinka Soldiers, to carry out this indiscriminately killing of the  unarmed Chollo Civilians  and also to committed heinous crimes against humanity up on the Chollo unarmed  civilians, in last year  in Wich Rek –Lul Gaar Fachodo county of Upper Nile , and now  again  in Thothim-Luak area South of the  Chollo Kingdom ,Upper Nile State.


4.     We calling  for president Salva Kiir, to urgently form fact founding  committee that will look into the root cause of this Land Grabbing war going on in the Chollo Kingdom. A war of invasion and occupation that was started by the so called Dinka Padang, and some Nuer’s, Settlers ,who wanted to  land grabbed, the Chollo East Bank through the use of  threat, intimidations ,killing ,murdering and forcefully annexation of the Chollo East Bank land  which the so called Dinka Padang are illegally occupying  those  Chollo  Land  and territories found that are found on Eastern Bank of the river Nile.

5.We wants and are demanding the  so called  for Dinka Padang  and Nuers Settlers to evacuated   and move away from the any Chollo Land and territories that the hare illegally occupied in the Chollo Kingdom.

6.And the Chollo Land and territories  that are threat to be land grabbed starts from Eastern Tonga, all the Way via Eastern Panyikango and through Pankango,Obbay, Parjour,Adeydeiyang ,Obang,Obel ,and Ankidair OGodda KhuorNama on the Sobat river. And from there all the way going  up North to the Chollo Kingdom through Eastern side of Thotheim area, that begin North of Obel in Dolieb  Hills area, and then to Oweich in Thothim area up until  Wararjwok near the  Malakal town  .And then from  you proceed on the Eastern of  Malak Chollo county ,and all the way though,Oggodda, Wau,Nygaro, and to  Eastern Parthouo ,Pardaidet ,until Eastern you reach Eastern  Lul Otango and  Eastern Abanimum . From there all the way you keeps going North until you come to Eastern Eastern  Kodoka  and then finally Chollo Koum in Melut town. And these are all the Chollo people ancestral land and territories that are suited on the Eastern Banks of the river Nile, in the Chollo Kingdom Upper Nile State 

7.     We calling for the formation of a fact finding committee ,that will be mandate by president Salva Kiir, to  immediately demarcate the existing ,1 January ,1956 tribal boundaries and border between the  Chollo people , and Dinka Padang  in Upper Nile and Jonglei State. And this Land Crisis Committee must urge the so called Dinkas Padang, to evacuate and  move away from the Chollo Eastern Land and territories .And the Dinka Padang, must strongly be told and warned to stop their illegally land grabbing of the Chollo Lands and territories  .


8.      We are call on the Upper Nile  Governor Simon pouch to speedily supervise the enforcement of the Southern Sudan Lands  Laws and properly  implements the land laws in the Southern Sudan interim constitution with. With due respect to the already existing boundaries and border that were dividing between the Chollo land of the Eastern Bank and the so called Dinka Padang. And this tribal boundaries and borders between Chollo people and Dinkas, use to exist since along a time ago since 1936  during Governor Wellis ,up to the time of Sudan Independence on January 1st 1956.


9. And the Dinkas must clearly be told by GoSS  Presidency in Juba and Upper Nile Authorities in Malakal including the Law Enforcement Agencies. That the Dinka Padang must immediately evacuates and moves away from the Chollo land and territories on the Eastern Bank of the Nile, in Upper Nile State and the Jongelei State.

10. The Dinka Padang ,who are illegally occupying  the Chollo Land and territories on the Eastern Banks must evacuate and move away from the Chollo Land and territories on the Eastern Banks. In the same manner like how the Dinka Bor were told to move away. And like how the Dinka Bor, had were early evacuates from Yambio in WES, and in Nimule ,in EES.


11.The  Dinka Bor ,were persuade and convinced to leave and that is why they finally left Nimule Eastern Equatoria State,and Yambio in the Azandi Land plus in the Molvolo in Jur Belia areas of Western Equatoria State . And the evacuation  of the Dinka Bor and Dinka Gaar , from the Greater Equatoria ,was succeeded story. Because the those two Dinkas Clans were moved away from the Greater Equatoria region, through  the tireless affords of the GoSS –Presidential initiatives Committee. And  in collaboration and coordination at the three States Governors Committees Levels and including the Dinkas Internal Displaces People Chiefs, Which also had involvement the Dinka’s Elders and the two Dinkas  Political Leaders . And this is how the Dinkas Land Grabbering  problems was finally resolves  in Nimule and Yambio.

It was through the formation of conflict resolutions Committees that have resolved the  problems of  the Dinka Bor’s Internal Displaces people  with their Cattles .And  their land Grabbering disputes with other the  Equatorian, like the Acholis Maadis , Azandis, and Jur Belia.



12.      A-We calling up on the Governor of Upper Nile State to work closely with  the Four Chollo  Counties  Commissioner, in order assisted them in the  repatriating the  Chollo Internal Displace People from Khartoum and the whole Northern Sudan. Especially those Chollo who are willing to returns  to their Eastern Bank homes and villages

B-We  are calling up on the Governor of Upper Nile state to provide  helps to the Chollo Internal Displaces People, in term  of their security  and protection and grantee to the Chollo Internal Displaces people personal safety to their families and their properties including their cattle’s on the East Bank.

This could help from the Governor could be inform of providing Upper Nile police forces protection in the Chollo East Bank. And  it could even includes  providing  a  Neutral SPLA-Soldiers to guide the returning Chollo Internal Displaces People, who are coming to resettled in their Ancestral land and territories on the East Bank of the River Nile in the Upper Nile State\\

And those SPLA soldiers could be drawn mainly from the neutral the Equtorians soldiers, or Western Bhar El Ghazal  SPLA- Soldiers who are  neutral .And they must be given especially mandate to protect the Chollo Internal Displace People, from being attack by the heavily armed Dinkas Padang . But not SPLA –Dinkas Soldiers , or Nuer, are who are  extremely bias toward Chollo people.

C-We  are calling  up on Upper Nile Governor to  grantee the safety and to ensure security  that the returning Chollo Internal Displace People are protect. Without  being threaten ,with intimidated and threats of  forces evacuation  by  the so called Dinka Padang ,who wanted to land grabbed the  Chollo Land and territories on the Eastern Bank .

D- We are calling  up on the Governor of Upper Nile and the State Security Forces  to controlled the  unruly Dinka Padang. And to stop them  from attacking the Chollo Internal Displace people ,who wants to return to their Chollo Ancestral Villages on the Eastern Bank Land in Upper Nile State.


11.                        We are calling  up on the Upper Nile Governor to speedily disarmed the so called Dinka Padang who are still heavily armed with weapons that they received  from the  SPLA-Dinka forcers. And weapon and ammunition The Dinka Padang had  got through the previous deputy Governor of Upper Nile  Mr. Dok Deng,Ceir Chaoung, and Geroge Athor, etc .And we calls up on the Governor for  the formation of the Upper Nile Land Committee Dispute Committee. that would supervise the demarcations of border between Dinkas and the Chollo . So this Committee would  then discourage the Dinka Padang and  prevent them from land grabbering the Chollo Land and territories. And the Dinka Padang ,to to be disarmed  because they are still carrying and are in possession of heavy armed ,weapons and ammunition which those Dinkas are using to kills and intimidate the Chollo Internal Displaces from returning to their ancestral villages on the Eastern Land of the River Nile. And in short let try to stop the Dinka Padang from  land grabbers the Chollo Land and territories on the Eastern Bank.


12.  Therefore we are calling on the Upper Nile Governor so that he starts persuading the so called Dinka Padang, to evacuate and moves themselves from the Chollo Land on Eastern Bank .And we wants to know if the Upper Nile Governor cannot convince the so called Dinka Padang,to leave the East Bank alone. So that the Chollo internal People would return to the ancestral land on the east bank without the so called Dinka Padang, incursion and invading into the Chollo  Land and territories .


13. We Therefore  suggesting to the Governor of Upper Nile State to invited  the United Nation Peace Keeping troops  to come give  security and protection to the Chollo on the Eastern Villages . And we are calling up on the UN-Peace Keeping Forcers , to comes to Upper Niles States particularly Chollo Kingdom . That is in order for the UN-Peace Keeping Forces to creates a buffer zone between the Chollo land and territories on the eastern bank ,and to be separated from the so Dinka Padang with their cattle’s camps, or villages.   Finally we are urging the Upper Nile Governor to invites ,allow and to welcomes the United Nation  Peace Keeping Forces in the Buffer Zone dividing the Chollo and the so called Dinka Padang. And this is so that the  United Nations Peace Keeping Forcers, could come and demarcated the tribal boundaries and borders lines of January 1 1956 ,that is dividing between the Chollo Land on the eastern banks ,and the so called Dinka Padang cattle’s camps if at all those  Dinka Nomads have real villages .


Peter Karlo

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