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Sudan unity has been outdated by northerners By: Mustafa Shogar
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Jun 29, 2010 - 11:55:36 PM


Sudan unity has been outdated by northerners


By: Mustafa Shogar


         As the inevitable South Sudan referendum reaching its climax, it had already showed us how this country is beyond the desired treatment set out by the SPLM, an example of it, is that the current weird unity campaigners including Albashirís NCP. According to my analysis thus far, from reading and listening to pro-nonsense unity thinkers and truly (deeply) understand the equality as a same country citizens; I have a reason to be strongly suspicious of term like a real united Sudan as of June 2010, and hopefully it would be a regret to those who have a cheap thinkingís

The desired united secular Sudan for all of its citizensí which labelled by SPLM as the New Sudan vision; has been and will be the only valuable mechanism that could have treated the mess of Sudan and its people. This new Sudan with its simple do-able conditions it could have been accepted by various northern regimes who have taken power in Khartoum. For over 5 decades the reality is a same routine regimes consist of particular northerners elites groups grasping wealth and misleading generations after generation to be used as tools to cover up for their wrong doings and sadly its still powered on, their aim is to build some sort of a group dictatorship kingdom circling between them in different forms to suit themselves and their interest. The latest NIF/NCP regime which is the worst as it has been using radicalism of a single religion ideology to rule a nation with dozens of it kinds. However due the advanced realisation by all marginalised people and growing of rebellions it has became a partner with most clear vision movement through CPA agreement to transform the country to fit all. The Southern rebellions have always been calling for a state in which the people guided by laws of its own making and can be treated equally.

 These current campaigns for a unity now are inappropriate and pointless, though I cannot of course hope to illustrate this in every actual or possible case; its looks to southerners as usual cheating business. Hence the unity efforts should be tackled or forwarded to the bloody Khartoum where orders of self destructions are coming out, where the desired united Sudanese nation could be created easily by changing the fundamental issues such as dismantling the Sharia state forever and removing all the other obstacles to achieve a united country since 1956 and that has been well clarified in the CPA. Replacing this old Sudan principles that have got us into this mess and chaos to a state of equality that could bring in the unity easily; Itís unrealistic how the NCP and even some northern oppositions including northern civil societies jumping in a cheap way in term of unity and separations as if itís just two words to be solved by campaigning for a vote in January 2011. This is the most important element of the CPA, from the part of the SPLM it has always been a unity on new basis which could have killed todayís panic if all these campaigners have understood rather than saying it. As to the southerners this is not a unity v Separation issue, but itís a road to real freedom after northerners have refused a unity with them for decades. Simple example today, about a week ago today is (29th June 2010) there was a ceremony attended by Albashir with a Saudi Imam to open a complex called Anour Islamic Centre? in Khartoum and planned to pray in it, which it was surrounded and guarded by hundreds of police and security forces protecting them till the end of the event. The next day after that there was a prayer for a Christians in a citizen house, as usual also tens of police forces have arrived, however this time is not for protecting or guarding them to do their god business as the previous day; but they were arrested in suspicion of making a gathering without state permission?? Now my question to those calling a cheap unity (al-wihhida), what are reassurances that the Khartoum and all Sudan will not be ruled by one religious after 9th January 2011 bearing in mind the CPA was signed in 2005? This question is not raised by a southern that you are begging in this out of date unity, apparently for those who understood what is the new Sudan vision and can emphasize egalitarians as the principle and fundamental basis of the country, taking in consideration Sudanís multi-ethnic and multi cultural diversities will not be at a state of shock to see the Sudan chattered to different countries. Hence all Al-wihhida campaigners; I would not wish to pretend that it can never be useful or empowering to do so, but what is your vision for a unity? And on what basis is the unity? We know that talks about changes appeared since forties in the last century, but remained as if talk fantasy tactics and has no basis in reality at all and continued same way by various rulers in Khartoum enable them to declare and decide wars against their people in the south without responding to the just demands of federalism as a requirement for the people of southern Sudan, taking into account the realities of cultural, religious and multi-ethnically, but regimes rejected calls from their brothers in the south, and chose wars of the oppressed and their compliance by force, even came to declare Jihad against them of course, which brought a point of bitterness and amount of pain in the soul that cannot be bypassed by talking sweet and displaying bright logos. Southerners have had tested and fought for all types of wars, and set out aspirations of unity and waited for so long.

The campaigners ideally guide their campaign to Khartoum in any means to remove these clear bridges between the nation rather than appealing to Juba in June 2010. There is little chance of these things being preserved or even achieved unless you discard the un-self-aware fundamentalism that the unity is a simple.  To overcome these barriers in this society will require endurance that the role and duty of our intellectuals, politicians, citizens and leaders to be up to their standard and honest. Remember that your tears due to this separation is a fraction of bloods that had sank in ground to bring this referendum to southerners, therefore a sweet words today cannot equalise or wipe out the 5 decades of humiliation; hence keep your energy and be ready to campaign for a unity earlier for another part of Sudan in near future.

The next Jihad if happen it will be very weak and will not succeed for sure for the usual old elites, as a lot of oppressed people will be ready to do reversible Jihad alongside southerners. Although the unity is the best and would be our strength! However the practical situation and the current chaos there shouldnít be any campaign to a unity, thus campaigners should learn how to liberate the oppressed people for such long time and also to wake up all to see the reality of their country supposed to be caring for its citizens.

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