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H U M A N R I G H T S by Abdel - Halim Anwar Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub
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Aug 17, 2010 - 2:38:24 PM

H U M A N    R I G H T S



1000 years before the Universal Decleration of Human Rights and the US Bill of Human Rights became documents , Human Rights in the Islamic Religion, Christianity and Jewish Religion were confered on man by the CREATOR.


Today I would like to  highlight a brief outline on  Human Rights in Islam.


In a true Islamic State ( if any do ) based upon the divine principles of Islamic Law , a Christian or a Jew would have complete freedom to practice their faith without fear or harrasment.


Since God is the absolute and the sole master of human beings and the universe , and since He has given each human being the human dignity and honor , and breathed into Him / Them of His own spirit , this means that human beings are essentially the same.In fact , the only differences between them are such artificial ones as colour , race or nationality .Thus , all human beings are equal and from one universal community that is united ( should be united ) in its submission and obedience to God.


While the state is geographically limited , human rights and privileges granted to humanity by God are not.


Human blood is sacred in any case and cannot be spilled without justification. Violating this rule is equivalent to killing all of humanity.


It is not permissible to opress  women , children , old people , the sick or the wounded.


Womens honor and chastity are to be respected under all circumstances.



The hungry must be fed , the naked clothed and the wounded and diseased given medical treatment regardless of their religious sentiments and activities.



In Islam , human rights are granted by God , not by kings or legislative assemblies , and therefore they can never and should never be taken away or changed not even temporarily for any reason.They are meant to be put into practice and lived , not to stay on paper or in the realm of unenforceable philosophical concepts of Governments or World Organizations.







Human Rights in an Islamic State  should  mainly  be  as follows :



*The Security of Life and Property.


*The Protection of Honor.


*Sanctity and Security of Private Life.


*The Security of Personal Freedom.


*The Right to protest against Tyranny.


*Freedom of Expression also known as Freedom of Speach.

Islam allows complete freedom of thought and expression , provided       that is does not involve spreading that which is harmfull to individuals and the society at large.


*Freedom of Association.


*Freedom of Conscience & Conviction.


*Protection of Religious Sentiments.


*Protection from Arbitrary Imprisonment.


*The Right to Basic Necessities of Life.


*Equality before the Law.


*Rulers are not above the Law.


*The Right to Participate in the Affairs of State.

This procedure is known as Shura , which when translated into English language means Consultation. In practice , it means that the executive head of the government and the members of the assembly should be elected by free and independent choice of the people.


Lastly , the essence of Islam is Knowledge , kind words & good attitude, the generous faith of forgiveness and to seek  inner excellence. Islam seeks to achieve the above mentioned Human Rights and many others through the provision of certain legal safeguards known as ( Sharia ) Islamic Law . The sharia cannot be practiced by any Islamic state / Government  unless the above human rights are actually and truly given to individuals of  their society / state nationals. 



Have these safeguards been practiced or rather neglected ?

It is for you to compare, decide and place your public opinion.


The international community with all its governments and world organizations should look at the above human rights in Islam and compare it with the different problems of different societies for the last 60 years. For example the wars and bloodshed that have occured and are still occuring.


If the above mentioned Islamic human rights are not practiced or safeguarded by the  Islamic States / Governments then their first mission and commitment should be to safeguard these basic Islamic Human Rights .




Societies of all ages have tried to deprive individuals of their freedom by subordinating them to state authority. This condition is equivilant to slavery , the only difference being replaced by mechanisms of control that allow the individual no freedom of choice.


Racial Superiority , Linguistic Arrogance & Economic Privilages are not be tolerated when it comes to basic Human Rights in any Islamic or non Islamic state. Add the above to the occuring dilemma of globalization  and the result is more loss of jobs worldwide , eradication of the middle class slowly but surely , inadequate starteagical solutions for the developing countries and mass migrations in all directions from both the industrial countries and the developing countries.


Where is Humanity going to ?




by  Abdel - Halim  Anwar  Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub                      


This brief summary of carification was written in November  1999


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