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H E. Kiir Said; "The timing of the referenda is sacrosanct," but we need peaceful divorce! By: Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)
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Sep 23, 2010 - 2:25:55 AM

H E.  Kiir Said; "The timing of the referenda is sacrosanct," but we need peaceful divorce!


By: Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)


It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can stop him from lynching me, and I think that's pretty important.Martin Luther King Jr.


Several years ago, when I was a young boy, we heard the shooting nearby Kurfolus county, known by (Thar year Malual battle), the voices of machine guns and heavy artilleries between the rebels of the Anya nya one and Sudan Arms forces ďSAFĒ.


After a long day battle, the aftermath was that many lives were lost, among whom was a well knowm general by the name Atier of Fashalla  county, which I believe was the last war fare before the Addis Ababa Accord on March, 3rd, 1972.


The truth of the mater is; war is ugly, and horrific.


Frankly speaking, after I listening to one of the most brilliant, and  articulated  speech of the month of September, 2010, by 1st Lt. General Salva Kiir Mayardit, the Vice President of Sudan, and the President of government of south Sudan (GOSS), to the Congressional Black Caucus of the United States in New York, Iím impressed by the extraordinary and the professional fashion in which President Kiir presented the speech. 


Critically importance here is; South Sudan is not, and will not buy its freedom from Northern elites, because we earn it, and nobody can take it away. He stressed that the Abeyei protocol must be respected, and the decision of permanent court of Arbitration must be implemented, because Abeyei land was a part of our liberation struggle, the participation and patriotism of indigenous (Dinka Ngouk) since Anya nya one can not be ignored,


Former President, late Jaafer Al Numeeri and Imam Dr. Hassan El Turabi made it complicated for the southerners by introducing the decentralization of the regions (divide and rule policy), especially after the discovery of oil wells in Upper Nile region in Bantiu and other areas in the South., plus others agricultural schemes, so is not surprising that the elites in Khartoum would wages war against the South for its natural resources. 


Evidently, it does not make any sense to share the oil revenue with Northern elites, while the cause of the conflict is marginalization of the south by not develop the region (South Sudan). Equally, we canít be responsible for the debts that we didn't spend. In fact the debts were used to by weapon respossible of the war victims.


Vividly, our brothers in Darfour region, Nuba Mountains, and Blue Nile are not on the side of Northern elites any more in the name of Allah, and Khartoum is not in a position to open another front.  the comments made  by fugitive Al Bashier and foreign affair Minister Mojahed Ali El  Karti; are  irrelevant, just a cheap  propaganda , we donít wage the war, we need peaceful divorce, but we will fight if the NCP/NIF pushed us to. Truth is, the jallaba will think twice before committing a suicide to attack on Juba. If they do so, it will be devastated situation that they will remember for the rest of their lives.


On the other hand, let me seize this opportunity to convey sincere gratitude to the Head of GOSS mission of the United States of America, comrade Ezekiel L. Gatkouth and his team for their extraordinary and outstanding diplomatic role they played in advocating for the cause of our nation during the visit of the Vice president of the Sudan, and President of Government of South Sudan, HE. 1st   Lt. General, Salva Kiir Mayardit, and company.


In Ė conclusion, war always is the last resort to turn to if everything else fails, because war means destructions, devastation and hostilities, which shouldn't be entertained by any human being... Therefore, I urge both parties, NCP and SPLM to act responsibly and to put the best interest of the Sudanese people before all else, in order to prevent yet another bloodshed among Sudanese people. They must keep in mind that despite the differences that we may have, the controversial issues are sustainable as Sudanese people in the first place.


Together, we must be preparing ourselves for all the eventualities, if we ought to make it to the promise land called south Sudan.

That is my hope.




The author is a BA in Criminal Justice, and he can be reached at [email protected]. , or [email protected]



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