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Debating A Southerner (1): Akol Liai Mager by Washington, Mohammad Ali Salih:
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Aug 7, 2010 - 12:19:55 PM

Debating A Southerner (1): Akol Liai Mager


Washington, Mohammad Ali Salih:


Akol Liai Mager, from Warab state in Southern Sudan, now lives in Queensland in Australia . He is a SPLM leader in Queensland .

Recently, he and I exchanged e-mails.

This is an edited version.


Mr. Mager started by responding to the following commentary I had written on a report by International Crisis Group (ICG) on Sudan ’s neighboring countries and the coming referendum in the South:


1. Always, unity is better than disunity; an agreement is better than a disagreement; and civilized nations usually move closer to each other than apart. These are historical, national and moral obligations; also religious because major religions call for them.

2. The Northern Sudanese bear more responsibilities than their Southern brothers to strive towards agreements and unity. Because the Northerners were responsible for most of the past mistakes, and because they are currently able to help their Southern brothers.

3. What ICG mentioned on the position of Uganda was not a secret: that Uganda supports and encourages the separation of the South because it “needs a buffer zone on its northern borders.” But ICG didn’t’ mention an important reason: Uganda ’s fear of the Muslim-Arab culture expansion. No force on earth can stop this expansion, even if Uganda sends tanks into the South to defend its “brothers.”



Dear Brother Mohammad,

Undoubtedly, the Northern Sudanese loud cry for unity these days is motivated by Southern Sudan ’s natural minerals; especially by fear of losing the oil…

The Northerners have never loved the Southern Sudanese.  They only love the one million square miles, oil and short-cut routes to Heaven…

There is no need for Ugandan tanks in Southern Sudan to stop Arab and Islamic cultures. The injustice and brutality of Arab and Islamic cultures are enough to stop their expansion…



Dear Brother Akol,

International Crisis Group report said Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya and Eritrea supported Sudan’s unity, Kenya leaned towards separation, and Uganda encouraged separation because it needed a buffer zone to the north.

I said Uganda was afraid of Arab-Islamic culture.

Do you agree?



Dear Brother Mohammad,

All the countries you have mentioned as supporters of Sudan ’s unity are self-Interest, driven empty barrels:

1. Egypt is motivated by the Nile waters, and to continue building Jonglei Canal . 

2. Libya is motivated by the racist Arab disease call Arab-brotherhood and Islamic religion.

3. Ethiopia is motivated by the interest of the leaders to pay back their masters in Khartoum who brought them to power through violence.

4. Kenya is motivated by bribery and would support the will of the Southerners.

5. Uganda has firmly stood with the people of Southern Sudan, with only one major error, the death of Dr. John Garang De Mabior in their government care.  But, this does not wipe off what Ugandan people did to their brothers and sisters in the South…  

I don’t think there is a human who sees a Cobra snake coming into his sleeping room and does nothing about it…



Dear Brother Akol,

After more than 30 years in America , I have come to believe that there are some similarities between North-South relation in Sudan and Whites-Blacks relation in America .  I believe the Southern Sudanese need to follow the example of their Black brothers in America :

1. At first, the Blacks rightfully struggled against slavery and racial discrimination (with help from some Whites).

2. Then and gradually, most of the Whites acknowledged the injustice, and suggested to open a new page.

3. Now, there are laws against racial discrimination all over America .

4. Now, there is a Black President, Obama.

5. But, now and probably for ever, there are racial inclinations and subtle discrimination on the part of most Whites (also among Blacks, Browns, Yellow, etc).

I would respectively, hopefully and religiously, ask my Southern brothers to open a new page.



Dear Brother Mohammad,

1. You are suggesting that an innocent victim must be ruled guilty and, therefore, should apologize to the offender?

2. SPLM/A kept all thousands of Northern Sudan Prisoners of War (POWs). Was that humane or inhumane, new or old page?

3. Northern Sudan ’s Army killed all SPLM/A POWs. Was that humane or inhumane, new or old page?

4. SPLM selected Yasir Arman, a northern Sudanese and a heavy weight Unity believer, to run against Albashir.  Was that old or new page?

5. NIF, Umma, DUP, SCP and Ba`ath believe not only in chopping heads off, but in dropping off opponents from planes in midair.  (Captain Machuur Thon Arok is a living witness).

6. Jesus said to his Disciples, “how come you can see a tiny object in your brother eye, and you failed to feel a big wood in your own.”



Dear Brother Akol,

I agree with you more than you may expect:

1. Yes, since Independence, Northern governments' policies towards the Southerners were deprived of freedom and justice.  

2. Yes, before that, Northern slave merchants' activities in the South (and in the North) were unjust.

3. Yes, activities by American and European slave merchants were not just.

But, I have two questions:

1. For how long are you going to repeat these facts and continue your anger?

2. Why don't you open a new page?



Brother Mohammad,

First of all I, and other concern Southern Sudanese, will work to put an end to anger, together with  brothers and sisters in the North who acknowledged that the Southerners have suffered enough and have been badly treated by their Northern counterparts.

Secondly, to be honest, I am a unionist until the time I will vote in the referendum. I will be forced to vote for independence if the Northerners still stick to the separation programs represented by Arab and Islamic identity of Sudan .

Thirdly, the time for a new page will only come if the oppressors acknowledge that they are wrong, and are ready to change their racist attitudes toward the African Sudanese.



Dear Brother Akol,

I repeat my earlier point about the situation of the Southerners in the Sudan as compared to the situation of the Blacks in America .  Many years ago, the Whites in America agreed to open a new page and to issue laws that ended discrimination.

I believe the Northern Sudanese are ready to open a new page and to issue laws to end discrimination and prejudice. 

What laws do you suggest?

What do you want?



Dear Mohammad, 

1. Sincere apologies from all Northern Sudan political and military forces to those families in Southern Sudan affected by their brutal and inhumane actions.

2. A Presidential decree to declare Khartoum a “ National Capital City ” and free of all racist and divisive Islamic laws

3. A Presidential Decree to compensate Southern Sudan for its oil revenues it has lost during the war.

4. Northerners must declare that Islam must not be used as a political weapon to fight non-Muslim citizens and, therefore, must stay far away from the state’s affairs

5. Lifting of social and cultural barriers that divide people such as marriage’s barricades…



Dear Brother Akol,

Yes, the government of Sudan should issue, and implement, laws to guarantee, not only the Southerners, but also the Northerners, freedom and justice, and to end discrimination and prejudice.

No problem.

What else?



Dear Brother Mohammad,

… We must work together to open new page and move forward. Only if we can leave the Americans, the Europeans and the Israelis alone, and blame ourselves for our actions …



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