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Articles and Analysies الصفحة العربية Last Updated: Mar 12, 2011 - 7:19:45 AM

DR LAM’S pre-NEW YORK STORY! By Peter Aban Mujkwan

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                                    DR LAM’S pre-NEW YORK STORY!


By Peter Aban Mujkwan

A few days ago and by chance, I come across an article written on 4th September 2010 by Dr Lam Akol Ajawin, in his capacity as a party leader; (Sudan Trubune). In fact, it is a serious and irresponsible article which should be replied. However, a few conciouse pens replied in the way it should be; and I sincerely take this opportunity to thank those combatents who replied him. The big reason why Dr Lam must be replied is that, this particular article is a blasphemous wedge to spray venom on the Southern cause! It is a type of a story which follows the writer wherever he or she goes up to the grave, unless he or she apologises publicly in the manner in which the story was presented. But as we know, Dr Lam Akol Ajawin does not know how to apologize.

Of course, Dr Lam Akol decided to publish that article about two weeks before he went to attend that all Southern Parties Conference which took place in Juba during the third week of September 2010. The Juba meetings were evaluated by all the conferees to be a real break-through in which Southern politicians had time to brain-storm and stream-line their most crucial differencies and charted their way. But, such a meeting could not have been preceeded by publishing such an unfortunate infamous article in any way, if Dr Lam Akol had any good intention, which he never has. For a leader cannot address a fundamental issue in such a dubious way. Leaders do not shred themselves between two opposing poles of ideas and pause pretentiously to be with this side, while with the other. At such a crutial moment no wise or sane person can attempt to support succession and unity at the same time. But Dr Lam Akol Ajawin did it very unfortunately. My question is; Is he still pregenet with that illigitimate mangolian political child?

In that article Dr Lam presented his most considered view about the future of the Sudan as an ardent unionist, in a manner that reflected the inner feelings of an egocentric man who has never been stable since he became notoriously known for changing positions in his unstable political life, which pushs him to rotate around the bush when addressing the world - world leaders and UN in particular. His views were not intended for the consumption of Southern pro-unity or those whom he meant to be pro-separation. But, at times when people write about those who misbehave, mistreat, loot or embassel our public institutions and confuse our people all the more, some of their ardent associates, follower and beneficiaries become very disappointed and would run militantly mad with rage and eventually fail to see and understand the reality. And in this case our reality is, whatever touches our public good in a negative way.

Throughout the years of our struggle, there were a few notorious individuals based in the North, who imposed themselves on our people’s necks as legitimate representatives and therefore, indisputable leaders of our people in that void. They did that very openly, because their ‘popularity’ was essentially based in the corridors of the National Islamic Front or National Congress Party in the North. Most of the so-called Southern parties were haphazardly formed at the time in which they had no appropriate institutions in the North, as well as in the South, in which they grew. They were private parties, owned by those who formed them in the way they wanted. They plunged themselves deep into politics of opportunism without appropriate intellectual capabilities; amicably joined by splinter gangs and desertors of SPLM/SPLA to form approved associations of renegates, backed financially by masters in Khartoum, who are freelance security hands who coach them and led them to do what they cannot do to Southerners in the North and in the South. They formed different affiliations or militia-parties, attached to dominent parties in the North. These are the semi-political organs which they take to be Southern political parties. Beside SPLM as a matter of fact, no other party with the exception of SANU can be taken to be clear of ambiguities and shamful past. That is the reason why most of those petty-political parties dry up seasonally once they out-live their usefulness. Hence, some of those contagious paracitic parties, if not all, die outside the books of history. So, let us begin to discuss this issue very seriously. Because, it involves how to choose and relate to our leaders, in the end of the day.

These are semi-political parties which were formed with the main intention of bringing on board specific tribes and ethnicities to which those synthetic political leaders belong. Like the militia Generals who were kept to report through junior officers in Khartoum as an obligation, those petty-political party leaders were also oblaged to report through junior party staff. Such renegades willingly obey and report to junior Northern officials but, would militantly disobey or fight a senior, if the senior happens to be a Southerner or report their senior Southerner to a junior Northerner! No party was given chance to prosper to be an objective political organs to help resolving the Southern problem. They had to follow whatever the master tells them. If they object, they simply get marooned or disposed tactically to face woes on the pavement of need, until they return all alone to the kraal much weaker and submisseve! That had been how these parties were kept in the North. Their main objective was to keep people isolated and divided into militantly opposing tribes and sections within tribes, on behalf of the oppressor! It is to this very group, Dr Lam was recruited that high in order to co-ordinate the work of all the militia gangs through out the South. He is the over-all leader. That is the main reason why he is backed by the NCP and Arab countries, which donated him money under the pretexed of supporting him to win the last elections in the South. Dr Lam got the money but, paid nothing, because he knew he was going to loose very shamefully; the while his masters know him and badly need him. Now is the time to watch those types of hungry pockets very, very closely!

I intend to say that, there are those who fill their stomachs with poisonous anger and measure things according to the length and bredth of their shaddows at mid-day! We do not intend to wrong an innocent person. Crimes have been commited and accomulated and so should we handle them in a balanced way. Many people were killed and killers got pardoned for their political crimes; whereas normal criminals are waiting in jails to be sentenced to death, perhaps! Grabbers and looters have been pardoned and set free, as they were granted amnesty, when other grabbers and looters are still in jail! Now that we are a free people, we should not be frightened by wrong-doers, thieves and traitors or succumb to their plans and designs. None of them joined politics in order to loot, steal or embassel in the name of his family, tribe or ethnicity. We are building a nation and not an association of wrongdoers. Pardon has a limit and wrongdoers shall always spire and strive to throw people into the jows of greed. But, gone are the two dark ages: The age of unlawful self-enrichment and the age of lawless-ness and arming oneself against people, covered with political rougery, hired by political thungs and killers!     

Anyway, we need to learn how to be responsible. We must respect our peoples’ minds. Let us not assume that people shall blindly follow whatever we think, say or do because of what we might be as leader. A politician who considers himself as an ever-deservant creature through nasty and crucket ways or tribal belonging, has to depart his belonging and dubious afinities and work for all or get left to perish in the cold. In essence, to hold a public responsibility demands having a remakable degree of patriotism and integrity. That is the farm in which politicians grow. A politician must think and plan of what can bring people together in order to progress; and not to be felt pretending to serve the people, when he or she is bogged down with how to divert public belongings to benefit his family, clan or tribe. Now look at how Dr Lam’s party is formed and managed; in a way that cannot even help it to fit for a political party in the Shilluk Kingdom! Today, Dr Lam Akol Ajawin thinks that, he has all the blessings of the Reth, but in vain. Where was his party born and how was it begotten, in the first place? In whose womb did his party develop? Shall his party work with sincerety for the progress and development of South Sudan? Now that Lam’s party started to dwindle and shrink inside Malakal, as a Shilluk oriented organ, up to when shall it reach the rest of South Sudan? Instead of presenting what can be considered to be his genuine contribution to the liberation and development of his people, Dr Lam keeps on consistently nagging for higher positions at the instegation of the NCP, who desperately aspire to plant him right in the middle of power-brokering circles to direct the process of distablizing the South; as demonstrated by the way in which they present him in their newspapers.            

Out of the blue, Dr Lam published his article three weeks before UN Security Council could sit to discuss the case of Southern Sudan on September 23rd, 2010. Yes, Dr Lam Akol still blieves that the National Congress Party, profoundly Islamic fundamentalist as it is, is capable of resolving the Southern case and problems of the marginalized parts of Sudan democratically, without the interferance of ‘friends’, as he put it. He intentionally failed to see our peoples’ strength and abilities. He refused to see their indurence and capabilities. Dr Lam Akol believes himself to be the only person who can do it all. And so misguided, I observed some of our people filling their mouths with such self-defeating argument that, ‘if it were not the NCP, the North would not have accepted to grant the self-determination to the South’. That is indeed, a short-legged argument which negates every contribution and sacrifice made by our galant people. Our rights were not given to us by the NCP, but we took it from them by our own strength, when they failed to mow us down militarily by way of ‘Jihad’ and got exposed in this changing world!

Indeed, we have to be proud of what our people offered to achieve our liberty and not to feel small or shy to please the oppressor. That type of shallow argument cannot be left to go on like that! It is the pressure and sacrifice which our people and other marginalized peoples of the Sudan consistently offered over the years: the Nuba Mountains, Southern Blue Nile, Dar-Fur, East and Comrades from other parts of the former Sudan, which compelled oppressors to succumb to peace talks and implement the CPA, and not the benevolence of the oppressor. Our resistence was diversified, tough and unpresidented! The NCP had to accept the unfolding reality of our ultimate triumph and victory or face the consequence of their adamance. The dictates of slave-mentality, which were firmly planted in some peoples’ minds over those impossible years of domination, makes them speak loud about benevolence and kindness of ‘mujahideen’. No! Drunk and obsest with religious misconceptions and chauvinistic racial superiority, those fundamentalists have no single room for kindness or benevolence in their hearts.

Dr Lam and therefore the NCP, did not want UN to meet in New York, in the first place, in light of the adamance of the Sudan Goverment to escape the implementation of the Comprehenvise Peace Agreement, CPA, and the consistent attempts by GoNU to delay Referendum at any cost. Dr Lam knows how NCP was pushed internally and externally to agree and honour the whole peace process, to which they apended their signatures. But, we do not understand what happened to Dr Lam Akol as a learned person! His stand with regards to UN and the American administration is quite clear; shown by his appointment of that most un-intellectual fellow, John Ukech to be the ambassador of the NCP to Washington to distort relations between SPLM and the American government, as well as people, whom Dr Lam refered to sinically as “firends”. These are the hands whom he consider to be people who are feuling the Southern call for succession.  With that sense of archaic intellectuality Dr Lam Akol believes that had it not been for the Americans and western powers, Southerners would not have known or understand what seperation means! We dislike the use of scornful language, disrespectful argument and contradicting presentation like that of Dr Naafe, Dr Mustafa, Dr Ghazi, Dr Ghandur, Dr Ishaq Fadhlla and Dr Omar al-Bashier, at the time when we need our people to unite their ranks and stand together to face the future. Day and night weaklings consistently assert that Southerners are very incapable of making independent opinions and stands. But they made it last January to the amazement of all!

Yes, they disbelived Southerner, even when they qued since the evening and over-night to vote the other day. They totally disbelieved what the poeple in the South were in for, even when the old, the lame, the blind and the cripplied came rolling to cust their votes; as they attempted to look deperately for violations. They failed to find not even one instance of violation! Had it not been for the presence of the very people, observers,  who shunned by Dr Lam, they could not have believed that Southerners made it according to what they decided. They were not to believe our people, even when they said no to that inbalanced unity. They believe that Southerners are a people with no feelings to sense what is better for them, unless instigated by external forces.

The fundamentalists wanted to say that, Southerners lack knowledge of themselves and hence, do not have feelings nor do they know what it means to be oppressed people. Up to the end of time, if Dr Lam Akol does not become the leader, he shall not believe that our people know who oppressed them, enslaved them and killed them over the years. He knows the whole truth, but decided to turn his back against the truth, unless he becomes the leader. What an assumption by a man who can fail elections in his bed-room! And because he failed to see his twisted neck, he believed himself to have a straight attractive neck; and therefore took to contest the last elections in the South against Comrade Salva Kiir to fullfil the wish of his mentor, Omar al-Bashier and his NCP. Please, Dr Lam, are you not convinced about your postition among your ow people, when you found yourself that down from what your people were looking for?  

That blind insistence of those types of well-paid intellectuals to say that; Southerners do not know or understand what they are doing, is in fact, the red-line that separates those who give their opinions genuinely from those who die while spraying DDT on their dreams about their knowledge of their own people which is nothing but, chauvinism amounting to treason, running in a slave mentality. That article specifically, is the most seriouse attempt by Dr Lam, who once demanded the right of self-determination to be given to Southerners in Frankfort – Germany, 1993. In fact, he intended to distort the international community’s views about what was going on in this part of the world, the Sudan. But Dr Lam wanted to embarass Dr John Garang before Southerners for raising the slogan of the posibility of unity of Sudan on new basis. Today he adamantly wants to deny succession because, he is not the leader of the Movement! What distorts his mind is simply, his hatred of his own people as a self-conceited man. He believes that he could even keep his tribesmen in isolation when making a choice, as a dependent on NCP, who keep him consistantly informed about the situation in the South. Dr Lam as a person, knows that he has no story to convey other then to present what conforms with his stand in the eyes of his bankrupt mentors. He always gives them what would make him useful in their eyes!

Of course, Dr Lam Akol has no face to convince Southerners about the pros-and-cons of the Referendum. And he knows that the NCP has no face or stamina to face and address Southerners and the UN. It is a fact that the Sudan of Islamic fundamentalists is the first country on earth which has a problem with USA and the UN when it attempted to bomb the Internationl Trade Center and UN HQs with the help of an old blind cleric, Sheikh Omar Abel-Rahman in 1993! That is the reason why Sudan became the first country to be bombed by USA with cruise missiles. Khartoum of Omar Bashier, Ali Osman, Naafe Ali Naafe, Salah Abdalla, Omer Abdel-Rahman and Osama bin-Laden, who attempted to kill President Mubarak, Addis Ababa 1995; have no face to address the international community as a notorious terrorist sponsoring government. That is the reason why they had to choose a figure like Dr Lam to write in that foggy manner on behalf of NCP and Islamic fundamentalist movements, to record a presence!   

Right from the start, Dr Lam presented a concise presentation of the history of political development in the Sudan generally, in addition to an account of the political chronical of the South. He did that conciously in order to allure and convince the reader to take his concluding points with regard to the milestones which the South waided through unfulfilled promisses to the present time. He stressed the points which he wanted and escaped those he disliked which is quite unacceptable from an intellectual whom people excpect to be even-handed to the conclusion. For instance, when he mentianed the 1965 incidences in the South, he only wrote about Wau incident of the 11th July and skipped the massacres of Juba for instance. Carefully reading between the lines, Dr Lam’s intention of mentioning Wau was because his brother Dr Justin Papiti, a respectable patriot, was lost unfortunately in that inhuman slaughter. He shyed to put it clearly for the fear that his killing intentions could be seen floating naked on his story.

Dr Lam refused to mentian one of the incidences which took place early December 2009 in Khartoum between NCP and political parties, SPLM included when parties protested against the arrogant manner in which the NCP refused and doged the impliment of the CPA. He came out openly to put the blame on the SPLM to be the one which was trying to rock the boat in a manners-less way. Of course, Dr Lam’s party did not join the rest of the political forces and NGOs in their move against the intrasigence of the NCP. But rather, he put the whole blame on the aggrieved side for not squotting submissivly to recieve whatever right to be given to them by their malevolent master! Like senior opportunistic chauvinists, Dr Ismail Haj Musa, Prof Ali Shummu, Dr Abdullahi Ali Ibrahim, Dr Kalid el-Mubarak and Dr Mohammed Ibrahim Alshush; Dr Lam strongly believes in supporting the dominent side in order to get whatever he needs. That is why Lam’s party is considered to be a staunch allay or rather a grafted-branch of the NCP, with whom they cook, dish and share NCP’s policies towards the South..

Dr Lam was for sure very pleased with the fact that his former SPLM compatriot whom he depicts to be his most ardent political rival for the position of SPLM Secretary General, Cde Pagan Amuom, was arrested in Omdurman together with his Deputy, Cde Yassir Arman and Cde Abas Jimma, the State Minister for Internal Affairs. In fact, Dr Lam has been eying that position in particular, since the death of Dr John Garang in 2005! He desperately wanted to be the Secretary General of the SPLM, as he told me in Cairo in person. He wanted to errode SPLM from inside and do whatever he wanted, as a staunch believer in top most position, wherever he might be. He belongs to the type of human-beings who do not know how to sit under the tree, but would always aspire to be raised atop everybody!  

Out of contempt for instance, Dr Lam blamed Cde Adbelaziz Alhilu for his stand with regard to the elections of the Bar Association and took it to be one of the main reasons why NCP could refuse to implement CPA, in spite of the fact that the issue in question was resolved in the very way he wanted. He wanted SPLM to get absorbed by the NCP and follow it up to hell! That point was an issue which came up during the discussion of the options to take regarding Bar Association. Dr Lam never wanted SPLM to have an independent stand. He had always wanted SPLM to cling on NCP in every aspect, then work to change SPLM leader for his own benefit! Being an ‘intelligent’ man, Dr Lam wanted in a culculated way, to be quoted for having sent an early messange conveying his objection as to why the Nuba joined the Movement in the first place as Northern Sudanese. Which is the wish of the NCP and some lame SPLM members. Dr Lam Akol stated that, Northerners were not more than finger-counts and some of them were from the areas of Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile, who were not proper representatives of the North even, as he put it. Of course, that argument is not true! I say this because many people were engaged in the process of linking people from Nuba Mountains, Southern Blue Nile, Dar Fur, Northern Sudan as well as Eastern Sudan to the Movement; to join Southerners as Sudanese. And we knew that Dr Lam Akol was engaged in creating these linkages, underground.

When SPLA committed Gbudwe Campagin to Western Equatoria in 1990, about 60% of forces were from the Nuba Mountains, under the over-all command of Dr John, the C-in-C of the SPLA. They liberated the whole of Western Equatoria in a matter of four months. Brave, disciplined and very active freedom fighters! How then can a sientist like Dr Lam stand to claim that ‘Northerners’ were a fistful individuals, needless to talk about battaleons in the Nuba Mountains, Southern Blue Nile and Eastern Sudan; where he had never been during the struggle, the time he dedicated himself to create and spread splits, hatred and bloodshed! Dr Lam made that point to show how the call of New Sudan failed to convice both North and South to move forward with SPLM lead by Dr John, without even asking himself, who was the Leader? From that premis and because of the failure of Dr John’s vision, he jumps to present what he believes in by putting his alternative in place and made it the best alternative for a people who lost their choice. Here, Dr Lam coils and contorts his tail between his theighs and took unity as an option to embrace like Dr Gosh, Dr Naafe, Dr Ali Osman and Dr Al-Bashier! Such intended ambiguities reflect feelings of contemptousness of a man who shall not be able to reconcile with his own self in the first place, let alone the others.

To justify his points, Dr Lam quoted two of our great leaders: Rev Fr Saturnino Lohure and Dr John Ganag de Mabior; not with the intention of saying what they said. But with the intention of interprating what they said to justify his point of view with regards to unity and seperation. Dr Lam restated the two quotations correctly, but deviated to interprate them intentionally. He quoted Fr Lohure: “The South has no intention of separating from the North, for had that been the case nothing on earth would have prevented the demand of separation. The South will at any moment separate from the North, if and when the North so decides, directly or indirectly through political, social and economic subjugation of the South”. In that way he stated that separation was possible whenever decided and he did not minse his words. And here is the North, which accepted to let the South choose between living in a second class position under the same roof with them or never! The interim period was a serious and sensitive time during which NCP should have been very serious with the issue of unity of the country on new basis, if they had an intention to keep the country united. They intentionally refused to see the point, thinking that they would buy their way through hands like Dr Lam, Roric, Duchan and their like.

The same with Dr John Garang: “I and those who join me in the bush and fought for more than twenty years have brought to you CPA in a golden plate. Our mission is accomplished. It is now your turn, especially those who did not have a chance to experience bush life. When time comes to vote at referendum, it is your choice to determine your fate. Would you like to be second class citizens in your own country? It is absolutely your choice!” Dr Garang underlined his statement with a very fundamental question, whether there will be a person who likes to be a second class citized in his own country. That point by itself, was well articulated and made the whole issue very vivid to the simple man to understand. Dr Lam tried to talk about this statement in a negative way, although it goes in the same line with what Fr Lohure said. Even if Dr Lam stressed the point intentionally, that Dr John was late to accept ‘self-determination’. The truth is Dr John embraced it and articulated it more than those who thought it could be offered around tea-tables in Frankfort or Khartoum. Some waited for that super gift to be presented to them in Khartoum until they found themselves in the NCP, while others died out of frustration.

It is true that ‘kokra’ was a manifestation of the rejection of unity of Southerners by some vocal Equatorians, as to the way things were shared in the South. Some micro-nation­alities or tribes saw themselves badly marginalized. That happened during a dictatorial regime in which all parties were forcefully silenced in the North as well as in the South. There was no federalism in the Sudan by then and there were no constitutions written for those newly emmerging Regions. Everything was accomplished inside darkened rooms and the security was kept fully alert to serve those who had power. The government of the South had no road-map to guide it. When ‘kokra’ was imposed by decree in March 1983 people were not allowed to discuss it, while other political organs like National Front had intervened with the government of Ja’far Nimeiri since 07/07/1977 and demanded that the South be left divided as it was before Addis-Ababa Agreement. Meaning that Southern Region should be divided into three. That was the time when Nimeiri entrusted National Security, to spear-head the call for ‘kokra’; and funded their move accordingly. Elders like Dr Abdel Hamid Saleh accepted to run the errand for the May regime and visited the South bundling huge cases of money to pay off those who supported ‘kokra’. Although people were not happy with the way things were, Northern hands were clearly seen in whatever happened in South, which still have its scars engraved on some faces till today.       

Very rackless opportunists multiplied in the South during the war. Opportunism spread in that filthy void in unimaginable way among ‘jobless educated’; knocking doors up to chambers of the Arab League! When Dr Lam attended that Arab League conferance, I wondered whether he was there to show the Arab world, that Southerners were not only Arabized, but have become real Arabs. That was Dr Lam Akol Ajawin in person! To polish his image in the soure eyes of Omar Bashier, Dr Lam had to go to Cairo where no Southerner would dream of going. Oh! Dr Walter Kunijwok Guwado, is Dr Lam really a Chollo or was he invited to be demonstrated over TV as a newly assimilated Arab from South Sudan in the center of Africa, after the black-flat-nosed-Arabs of Comoro Islands? That was not a behavior of a credible leader but, a servant, who sees or feels no wrong from the side of his masters, because he presums them to be infaliable beings.

O’ Dr Lam Akol, if you failed to see how the NCP interfered in the South starting right from Malakal, then we must have a probem with our intellectuals who seem to have grasped different types of engineering, which revert wrongs into vertues and vice-versa. You know what Gabriel Tanginya did in Malakal, whom did he kill and who were the people behind him. You know what is going on in Bentiu with those of Gatluak Gai, and who is the person providing arms to his militia. You know LRA and who is behind them to wage war against our people in Western Equatoria State, inspite of the fact that there is no common border with Unganda like they are now being kept fighting in Dar-Fur. You know about the efforts going on in Khartoum to let the Murle rise against GoSS. You know the Misseriya and their NCP backed attacks on Northern Bahr-el-Ghazal, Warap, Unity States, what they say about the belonging of Abyei and the war which they started to wage. You know all the militia which is being kept in the area of Kenana and who commands them. You know the militia which have been sneaking in their move along the western bank of the Nile in the Shilluk Land. You know the forces which have been deployed between Lake Jou and Kharasana. And you also know about who backs Athor, whom you claim to have a right to fight GoSS, because of lack of democracy in the South, manifested by his shameful results in the last elections, and what took his Deputy to Khartoum; demonstrated by that hellicopter which took him with his military hardwear to Paloch. The plane is now in the hands of SPLA. These are a few examples, my dear. If you do not see them, then NCP must have turned you beyond redemption.

In 1987 to 1990, Dr Lam Akol was the closest person to Dr John. He, Dr Garang, made him responsioble for all the civil activities of the Movement, with the liberation of larger areas, which included foreign relations among other responsibilities. Dr Lam was the one incharged of education, finance, commerce, co-operatives, transport, health, water development, trade and agriculture; which made some of his friends refere to him as ‘Primeminister of the Movement’. Dr John lifited him that high when he utterly failed to command his comrades in Northern Uper Nile, where he forced Daniel Chuogo, Shamis and Yony Battaleons to desert to Kenana area in the North, because of his mistreatment of the forces! Without a personal friend, Dr Lam is not the type of a man who can create and keep fraternity and harmony among his associates and forces, as demonstrated by the former Secretary General of his Party, who deserted him months ago, because of his bad leadership specially, as an administrator. His former Secretary General, the son of Barnaba, stated that Dr Lam has nothing to do with democracy and transparancy, but a dictator. That was the view and strong believe of a very short time insider who came to know Dr Lam that much within his third month of association. Like any Southerner, Dr Lam did not have the chance to attend to any political school of democracy, to come and teach us about the best model to follow. We lived and fought wars against undemocratic orders together. Thus, do we stand to be students of life from which wisdom eminates.       

But, in this very instance, we quite agree with Dr Lam about the paramount importance of democracy. It is our wish to let it develop very well, for nothing is good like living in a democatic enviroment, although he never lived it himself to be a prophet of democracy. Needless to speak about the importace of putting solid foundation for building a healthy democratic society. We should be realistic to understand and say that, those who believe in demcratic princiles should not deny the fact that the North greatly interfeared in the affairs of the South, because democracy entails doing and saying truth transparantly. One cannot aspire to be transparant when his weapons are burried under-ground. Both democracy and transpacancy need us to be truthful to ourselves in the first place. One cannot transparantly call for democray at the time when she or he is engaged in cooking things that could humper the development of democratic principles.  

When you almost picked arms to fight, because there was a presumed riging and therefore loss of elections; can we consider you to be democratic? How many people lost in the last elections even members of SPLM Political Office and very senior patriots. Why did they not declared war? The fellow whom you refuse to write his name George Athor, had long been preparing himself to do what he did since 2005. There are people who know him since the time he burried over 300 rifles to start his  plot till he was helped along his destructive way by the military intelligence in Khartoum! Do not insist to say that, because he lost in the last elections, he therefore has the right to pick arms to kill people, whereas we know with evidence, that he revieved some six billion Sudanese pounds and lethal support right from Khartoum who protray him like a hero. It is really harmful to be over-intelligent and deny what is known to babies, like that helicopter toy parked in Airport!

Now that Dr Lam Akol fears to survive among his own people by starting to talk, write and sing loud about lack of democracy. And that SPLM know nothing about democracy and hence has failed to establish it. Dr Lam could say so whereas he was one of the SPLM leaders who became renouned for being undemocratic and unsocial, inspite of his learning.  Dr Lam’s personal dealings are known.  He should know how members of the SPLM/SPLA assosiate him with all the woes and impediments that have delayed our liberation process, through his dubious dealings! They still say that, Dr Lam was the very person who was the architect of the 1991 Nasir split, because he pesonally wanted to destroy the Movement by creation enmity between Nuer and Dinka! The fact that he decided to keep the name of SPLM and then added ‘DC’ to be his party’s name, should remain in Khartoum.  It shows that he has decided to do so, to hybernate politically until he rises to blow up the Movement!

I publicly intended to be very frank with Dr Lam. Not out of fear from him but, out of fear for him very sinerely, although I know that he does not need my sympathy as a relative. Dr Lam should not feel that he is in danger. It is him alone who chose to be in grave danger with his ways of jumping from far-left, left to right to far-right of right until he embraced the NCP. My fear started since the time I saw him, Dr Lam Akol Ajawin himself organized in the NCP flanked by Dr Hassan al-Turabi, seated in the first row with a big bulging swell on his fore-head; the time he returned after accompanying az-Zubeir Mohamed Saleh to Nassir where he escaped the plane crush. My whole body shivered with shame mixed with disgust as to when our Lam became a Muslim and a fundamentalist! Because, NCP has no room whatsoever for non-Muslim, except what they call ‘mu’alafat qulubihim’, whose hearts have been tamed by God through “al qardh al-hasun” from their Islamic banks! Yes, people talk of being in grave danger, but they honestly fail to ask themselves about what could be the reason for being in such a danger. Habitually, opportunists follow not their foot-prints to the end nor do they know where their hand-prints stick! 

Yes, democracy takes time to be understood and implemented. We started to put down the bases for it in the Constitution of our States and the Government of Southern Sudan. Not only that, but it was the SPLM which persistently stood to change the Constitution of the Government of National Unity and let it adopt democratic principles, as we found the NCP adamently rejecting its incorporation and implementation. You were always there in the center of whatever was done by SPLM, before you left the Movement. Please, Dr Lam, why don’t you admit such glaring facts? Starting with the lifting of that perpetual curfew in Khartoum, SPLM was the one which contributed to the democratic transformation of the Sudan, and not only the South. Be realistic and try to imagine where we came from. That inhuman war had destroyed the South economically, socially and every aspect. The war had formost devastated our human resources by eleminating our cadres, miseducated our youth, scattered our citizens, destroyed our civil service and adversly affacted our cultures. If you failed to see them interfering in the South, then you must have a problem and that would be a big, big misfortune.

You bitterly wrote about corruption in the South without mentianing even a single episode about that corruption going on like wild bush-fire in the North for obviouse reasons. May be Dr Lam did not acqueint himself with the sky rocekting figures involved in the North! Perhaps, that could be the reason which pushed him to write in a language similar to that of Ateib Mustafa, ar-Rizeigi and Ishag Ahmed Fadala. They seem to be springing from one stand aiming at the same target, which is always the tactic used by the same school of thought which they share with those of Dr Wani and Prof Duchan, in different styles. But I would like to tell Dr Lam that, corruption is definately bad. We do not like it and it has to be erradicated forthwith, only that it is difficult to deal with in a short time. Dr Lam should know the constrains that prevented GoSS from embarking on fighting corruption, like lack of appropriate laws; since he talks about demoncracy and corruption of a government lead by a Party in which he was a leader.

Dr Lam knows that corruption is a dangerous disease, which affects people in may diverse ways. For instance, if I happen to take my brother and make him a senior ambassador atop those who were in the Movement before him, without him being an active Mamber of the Movement, then that would be corruption. If I take the son of a political uncle with whom we cook spicy things in privacy in the dark and make that son a senior ambassador above the senior members of SPLM then, that will also be corruption. Or if I put in position say, five or six members of my ethnicity or family out of twenty eight for the whole Movement, that would also be corruption. If I talk about corruption in the South from my three-story palace facing the South in Khartoum, that would be corruption, since I run a ‘small new’ political party of which nobody knows the real income. For example, we were informed about four big khaki bags of money wrongly delivered to the residence of your nighbour, Joseph Maluel, during the last elections 2010, by security guys. The parcels were intended for you, personally. Perhaps, to be handed money by the security cannot be considered to be bribery or corruption, because that was a gift which was blown in by the south-eastern winds and the security guys were just helping you to have them!  

Yes, there are many instances of corruption which have taken place of which we should be careful. In the South for instance, corruption cases which are recorded so far were largely committed by some Northern elements who bite like mosquitoes to infect malaria carriers in senior positions of which people are aware. Never pretent not to know these facts. For instance, most of the rising buildings in Juba today, are owned by those who graduated from the schools of corruption in the North and rushed in to apply that experience in the South. They remain as suppliers and contractors. People are also aware of those who keep running to syphon booties abroad and bought properties. Because corruption is a common diease, some of those who returned from the bush and Diaspora have also implanted their their jerms. We hear about houses and complexes in this and that country, bought across the world in a matter of an eye’s blink; living parants under thached roofs!  

When Dr Lam Akol state that the North is clean and transparant compared to the South by saying that; “During the last five years, the North has not intervened in the South, despite recurrent accusations that the North is the source of every problem happening in the South”; he eggs nothing but, a big lie! Look, how long did we start to recieve supplies from the North and river transport is in the hands of the North till now, as you know? Look how did they play with our Ministers in Khartoum? You personally, Dr Lam, were only kept to be demonostrated in the Arab League conferences, while the Ministry was being run by Dr Mustafa Osman in the Presidency plus al-Karti and Dr Muthrif Sidiq, while you were kept stuck motionless like a picture, always dangling behind news. None of SPLM Ministers was satisfied with the NCP in Khartoum, and the reason being their unready-ness to work with SPLM cadres. Those who were happy could have been the few who knew how to slip their hands into the fundamentalist pockets before CPA was concluded. And we know who they are. Yes, one does not deny that there are bad habits in the South like corruption, but they cannot be compared to the North. That is the collage from which they graduate.    

I believe that, Dr Lam must apologise for having written that article in which he exposed his intellectual bias against his own people by mixing facts with political fabrications aimed at serving the NCP. He said that the difference between Cde John Garang and Cde William Nyuon for instance, was out of principles. But gave no reason as to why did Nyuon return to the Movememnt, if the difference was principles? The whole intention of Dr Lam is to create doubt around Dr John that, he was a limit-less unionists amountaing to trison, who could have given away the South for unity! And in this case, Dr Lam definately knows who betrayed the Southern cause. A person cannot be left free to do whatever wrong to people the way he or she wants to kill and displace innocent people, then get pardoned again and again without apologising to those whom he or she wronged! That way of doing things has become a habit to Dr Lam Akol and a culture to almost all the renegades. An unfortunate culture of leading a paracitic life, rooted in the carnivorous habbit of tendering one’s self cheaply in the blackmarkets and plunge thereafter into politics of opportunism without respect to one’s self and people, like designed by the master!   

What happened after that Kenana Conference, April 1st to 3rd 2009 was not good. Even the person who were directing the Conference, General Barthelomeo Abdalla Rasas, did not know why it was held and what was resolved in reality. It was attended by party people, intellectuals and others. In fact, it was intelligence guided! It was there and then where voltuers of the same breed hovered together, with the firm intention of topolling the Government of the South as agreed with the NCP! And happy NCP went ahead to supply arms, logistics and training of the militia supplied by the war-lords to accomplish the job, starting from Kenana. That was the new faith which Dr Lam embraced with his associates like Athor and others. They seemed to have vowed to form political parties with military wings like SPLM/SPLA, while intentionally forgetting what SPLA did over the years of the struggle against whoever was the oppressor! Today, I can vividly see the possibility of the four: Dr Lam, Athor, Gatluak and any other desperate individual who might be hungry for power could be introduced to them by NCP to forge a larger front. Now the Sudan Armed Forces has started to withdraw from the South while fighting to retrieve arms from their former militia like Gabriel Tangiyna. However, these renegates shall pretentiously seek pardon, absolution and reconciliation from the SPLM, so that they may be accepted to return to Southerners, without being asked to confess their sins.  They want to be treated like SPLM/SPLA!   

Amzingly, Southerners are a forgiving people. They forgive and forgive and forgive, till forgivess got increased by robbing innocent people openly in their homes; although I wish us to forgive those who are forgiveable. What is needed, is that people should be careful with those types of people whoes alligiences are difficult to ascertain. Now let us ask those who attended that most infamouse Kenana Conference about what happened to their vows to tople the Goverment of the South before NCP and where do they stand today? Between January and Februery 2011, soon after he was pardoned by President Salva Kiir, Athor was promptly supplied by Khartoum military intelligence with 2000 Aks, 150 RPG, 150 KPMs and ammunition. He was supplied by night dropping guns and amos using night-vision. That was how he got the guns, which he used to wage that attack against innocent people in Fangak, where he looted and butchered among others, the wife and children of Tanginya to the shocking surprise and amazement of all. Thus, truning an amicable friend into an arch enemy!  

Our people should know that renegades like Lam Akol, George Athor and Gatluak Gai are indeed, the most ambigous fellows to follow. They do not know how to keep their words or frienships, being first-class connivers and killers! They do things according to what they see and see none other than themselves around. Like Muammar Gaddafi, they are ever-ready to mow-down people, if they are not obayed or adored as indisputable leaders. They hungrily consider themselves to be above all, who should be served by all! As a matter of fact, they are the people responsible for adding pains to our compounding wounds. We did not hold them accountable for what they did in our recent past, because we know the reasons which made our leadership to forgive them; in that we desperately needed them to join the people in their march to realize our dreams without a crack in our ranks. However, like Lam, like Athor; these beings take our peoples’ tolerance and forgiveness to mean weakness. They blindly rushed to the slave-market in Khartoum, where they were encouraged and supplied to proceed to do havoc by spreading woes among our innocent people. But, they cannot see that people are traumatized and need genuine peace and tranquility.

Dr Lam, my dear, do not think that people are blind and cannot see what you are doing? We clearly see and understand all your dubious moves and calculations designed, which shall lead our people to kill themselves in a very long war! Now that you have put your hands into the filthy hands of the National Congress Party, where shall you wash them? Our people are very tolerant and obedient, but they could also be rebellious and defient! They know all the different types of rebellions, once they see you about to sell them to the butcher. They can likewise be defient, once you order them to do what they do not like. Now that you placed yourself in such a narrow crack to be squeezed by such a mercyless file, then please, batter pack your designs and disappear to where no person can think about you. You shall never fall a martyr in this blessed land, because our people take you to be the one traitor who led them into the worse civil-war the South has ever witnessed! Yes, that infamous bloody split of 1991 was of your making, followed by other splits also egged by you. Please, note that, until today our people are still following the fact that you did not even attempt to apologize for what you did. How then, my dear, can God forgive you? So, no more do your people need your apology! 

Our people and Government should no more tolerate such misbehaviours; especially when backed, armed, funded and directed by Khartoum. Let them sit and remember our martyrs with reverence and they shall know what I mean, because they were their comrades too. As a free people we need the friendship of all the nations so that we may usher our people on the road of reconstruction and development. Let us forgive those who wrong unintentionally, but let us stand firm to those who undermind and disrespect peoples’ efforts and play with things that are deeply rooted in our heritage and threaten our desteny. Why should we let criminals free to rob, molest, maim and kill our people, when we know what it means to rob, molest, maim or kill an innocent person!?  

Please, let us not forget a second that, we offered about two million martyrs. No more should politicians be freely left to play with the future of the South and Southern people!

Long live the struggle of our galant people

Peter Aban Mujkwan

Nairobi - 28/02/2011



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