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A Unified Sudanese Currency III Written by : Abdel - Halim Anwar Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub
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Jul 18, 2010 - 7:47:07 AM

A  Unified  Sudanese  Currency  III

 “ This  article was first written  on  January  21st 2010  and  updated on July 16th  2010 ”

The deterioration of every government begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded.  If the principles of any government was founded on a positive plan for positive development of a country thus providing and securing its citizens with better Living standards then this will last  forever as a barometer to measure future governments with even if for some reason the said good government does not last for long. And if the principles of any government are based on negative plans of self interest and greed without securing the well being of its citizens then that negative experience is never forgotten by the people of the nation and they “ The  People” will only look forward to nothing but a better government to take power.

So let us start by asking the following question:  Will Sudan have one currency or two different currency systems? That is,  if   South Sudan were to vote for its independence.

I assure you that a new currency in South Sudan will be part of the South Sudan  independence plan.  Why ? … because  this is  exactly what the  political leaders of South Sudan will vote for.  It is also exactly what the foreign intervention has expected and  is also what it will definitely support   100%. To make sure that a division of a people  in the same country remains   you must first have that specific country have different economic identities and the main economic identity is always  the currency issue that is used in a particular sector of the country. Take Cyprus as an example. This is exactly what needs to be avoided in Sudan.  Of course Cyprus is a much more minor political problem than Sudan in all comparisons but look at North Korea and South Korea. This is a much more realistic version of the future  of  Sudan if   South Sudan activates independence, only this time we don’t know which part of Sudan is to flourish economically and which is to live in poverty and political chaos. It should be clear what the foreign interest in dividing Sudan is. 

Poverty and political chaos is planned for North Sudan and those parts of Sudan where the Muslim communities live. The only difficult part for this foreign plan is how to bring back the approximately 3 million South Sudanese who are living in North of Sudan. I hope the picture is getting clearer regarding the foreign agenda for Sudan.

The foreign agenda against Sudan has always been to divide Sudan in all ways and means possible . Influencing a country’s independent future plan is the target and the name of the game of the foreign intervention. 

Imagine  if  “ The Zionists” have an opportunity to control a part of  Sudan without the so called interference of the Government in Khartoum or any other part of Sudan.

Imagine if it turns out that the UN, the IMF and World Bank are all under Masonic  control  directly and indirectly. Not only that but imagine if they have all been created by a  Zionist plan and that these institutions are part of  “The Zionist”  plan even before the  second  world war started.

What are the real world peace accomplishments made by the UN ?  Is it a coincidence that the helmets of the UN soldiers are blue in color with white letters ?  This  including the UN Flag ? Blue and white are also the only two colors of the Flag of Israel. So is the structure of the UN soldier agreements from all different nationalities representing the Zionist global Army ?  Think about this and make your own research and conclusion.

Why should the UN headquarters be kept  in New York and not transferred to Switzerland, or any other country  in Europe ? It has been over 50 years now. How inconvenient this must be for all those who have to travel all the way to New York for UN meetings and assembly’s. Not only  that   but with economic chaos existing in the USA I believe the UN head quarters should be located in Europe. The UN and its international   actions  and  non actions. Have we all been fooled by a certain Zionist Agenda that’s intention is to make us live an illusion created by a Masonic plan?

We as   Muslims have had   human rights in its best standards and forms and with all the highest ethical standards for over 1431 years now. So why are we as a country, a people  or  a government to follow or even believe in the UN and its existing nonsense  ?

What does  the  UN  actually  stand for?  United or UN–United?  Its rules and regulations for human  rights  which  have  only  been  created  since 1945. So what human rights accomplishments have been achieved since its inception  and  who has seen a real humane benefit from the UN Human   Rights  Standards? How was the UN developed further from its initiation date and how exactly was the UN structured?  Was it  according to the Zionist  plan and convenience? The Heavenly Books have come with much better rules for Humanity based on high quality morals and ethical standards so what is the genius behind the UN?

The Truth is that no real positive results have ever been accomplished  by  the UN and frankly said none will be unless  better new rules, functions and regulations are prepared, confirmed and accepted by all UN member countries. It can be accomplished and it must be accomplished otherwise we will be feeding ourselves with pure illusion.

Have the world institutions like the UN, World Bank and  IMF  been created for the well being of humanity? These are some of the institutions that  influence  the world politics  and  until today have  provided  nothing but  negative or mo real results. Make your own research and find out why so many countries are in Debt through the World Bank and the IMF. Also find out how many wars could and should have been stopped by the UN since the 1950s.

Here is an Alternative :  For example we as Africans can start our own United Nations of Africa since our African continent and its politics and economy is an African matter of interest. It can even be The United States of Africa. We should also have the United Nations  of  Arabia or The United States of Arabia.  Why can we not  even initiate  A New United Nations ?  This would be for those countries who have  had enough  of  the nonsense that has taken place at the existing UN for the past 64 years. There is no Law that forbids such an interest, intention or action and we will definitely have  many countries that will be very interested in such a plan and change for better results and for the whole of humanity. That is if the leaders of such countries are sincere about making a positive difference for their own people and for all of humanity.

Let us return to South Sudan : Will south Sudan have a different passport  with the           “ New South Sudan “ flag printed on them? Will we require a visa for entering South Sudan as North Sudanese or West Sudanese or even East Sudanese? Anything is possible when such a division is created.

Let us just take one example of different countries who speak one language and share practically the same cultures and traditions. For instance,  “The  Gulf  States .Why do you think the Gulf States cannot come to an agreement for a unified single currency? Why can they not sell their oil quotas to anyone they please and make long term contracts with China instead of mainly the  US ?  I  could  give  you the answer but just think about the point why the crude oil business has always been defined as a political business and the answer will be clear.  

The  International  Crude Oil business has mainly been a politically  influential business instead of a business based on a free market structure.

A free market was and is always the best market.  Why ? …because   it creates positive market  results   no matter what market manipulation tries to exist.

At the end of the day, The Free Market System will always win and filter out all those who are not competing according to its rules and regulations which is freedom of choice to sell a commodity or a product without any direct political influence.

Do you believe that the US is desperate for Middle East Crude oil?  No it is  not desperate but the US wants to influence and control the crude oil  in the middle east in order to create war when they politically require it and also to influence and control the international crude oil market prices how and when they like. For example West Africa is  much  closer  to America then the Middle East.

For instance Angola has enough crude oil to supply the US market consumption quotas for the next 26 years. That is only one West African country that has oil, so how about other West African countries like Sierra Leone and  Ghana ?

If the middle east crude oil was a standard   business  transaction,  then why does the USA  need to pay so much transport costs if they  can get crude oil from Angola which is practically on the other side of the Atlantic and costs 50% less in transport? Is the US receiving Saudi Crude Oil without paying for the transport costs?

In nearly  all  central banks in the Gulf States you find one  or more US Federal Bank officers appointed by the US government to observe all internal monetary movement should that be in paper or computerized electronic monetary movements. This is a fact that cannot be denied. This fact can be confirmed by Bank officers existing in the Private Banks of the Gulf States.

What a shameless fact of life and also proof that direct imperialism and American Zionist influence and control  exits with no limitations within the Arab countries and especially the Gulf and African countries.

Therefore a “free market, that is under  no  control but only under regulations is the market that is a well balanced and fair market. All the other options are a waste of time and will always result to economic chaos similar to  the existing global economic chaos. It is always a matter of time until economic chaos starts escalating. You have 4 year cycles,  8 year cycles, 7.2 years cycles and other time  cycles that so many Governments in the Western World use to make their political calculations on. Most politicians if not all are usually busy with only one thing and that is the next election.  They never have positive long term or even medium term plans. Medium term is known as a 10 year duration.

LET  US  RETURN  TO UNIFICATION:  If the Gulf countries join their economic power to start with a unified single currency then, this would mean a Gulf Economic Union with one Economic Development  Board. This means one monetary union in the real economic sense and practice.  An economic  power  that  can be as powerful or even more powerful  then that of the  European Union.

If the  Gulf States had a real existing free market, then no government  or even a powerful company working on behalf of the government  directly or indirectly could  influence  or try to control or manipulate the market. It would be impossible to manipulate the market and only then would the required positive market balance  take place. A one economic observation committee board would be the answer.

Do you really believe   “The Zionist”  plan for the middle east includes an Arab Monetary Union ?  Of  course  NOT.



But the truth is if one Gulf Monetary Union takes place then these countries will automatically have a real positive economic union because they are then all in one economic ship that  cannot be abandoned or even afford to let part of the ship sink in a stormy weather.        “ Here  we mean a stormy economic weather “.

Imagine   a  Gulf Economic Union with a single currency. This will eliminate economic boarders and create easier business establishments, which means no residency problems,  no company establishment bureaucracies, no time delays or even useless over priced establishment fees, etc.  Business competition and more positive development  will  blossom all over the Gulf States in a more dynamic way.

A Gulf Economic Union with one single monetary union will lead to the most positive business competition you can ever imagine for the Gulf States. This way you will have the young and old competing with each other to achieve more positive business goals.

Of course there will be the minority of rotten onions that will try to manipulate the situation here and there, but the law would take care of those in a manner that will satisfy the general public. This way we eradicate any and all minor damages made or intended.

THE  REAL  ECONOMIC  PROBLEM  you have in the Gulf States is the lack of a single currency and nothing else.   Why does the single currency not yet exist  in  the Gulf States ? There are many details to the answer but the main factor is the lack of a single currency.  The usual personal problems  like  “I am better than him or her and why should  I give him or her the opportunity to overtake me or be better than me”. These useless ego - nomics   and  not economics will never lead to success. This is a serious human ego problem that existed throughout history and has put mankind in many situations of regret.

The best deal has always been the following “ Free competition  in the race of economic prosperity”. Because that is the only time you can truly bring out the good and the best in the people, especially the young people. This way you eradicate laziness or total dependency on others. This way you will also have a more economically active society.

When we say active, we mean more movement towards economic achievement. Economics is all about free and constant market movement including the main movement factor which is freedom of alternative choices under positive market regulations and not politically incorrect manipulation of foreign or national intervention.

All the young  generations  have dreams and most of them are definitely positive dreams and targets but they are all waiting for their leaders to give them that certain opportunity.

This does not mean that the leaders are not providing opportunity. No, they are but on a limited basis  and they “ The Leaders “ should provide more opportunities by developing a variety of more sophisticated economic platforms. From these said platforms which are to be a more sophisticated structure for educational and job training programs.

This will activate very high international standards of professional and well trained people. Look at the existing illiteracy rate and unemployment rate in all the Arab countries.  Governments should provide more educational and job training programs      “ free of charge”  to their people. For example 25 % to  30%  of the total  Government national budget should be dedicated for this purpose. Investing in the Future generation provides a guarantee of a better economic situation and development security.

Now add the above concept of a Gulf Monetary Union to a single Arab Monetary Union.  This does not only suggest   a monetary union of  The  Gulf States alone, but to include all Arab countries. Can you imagine what such a powerful economic union would  achieve.  

People reading this article will now start saying “ please don’t continue” and how can we ever achieve  this  and how can we secure such a system in order to live in such a state of Arab Union…. and of course that this is nothing but a dream. It can be accomplished if the Arab Leaders sincerely want to make it happen.

The question is “ Do they want to make it happen ? “ and if the Arab Leaders do not want to make it happen then we the people are to make it happen by placing this unification wish as our first priority for the future of our children. Ultimate power has always been with the people of each nation throughout history and will always be but unfortunately the majority of people will not stand up for their rights and will only revolt after they reach the last drop of patience.

I believe that is not the correct reaction to submit to total government control especially when there is no real future plan for our children. People of any nation should not only demonsatrate against their governments but totally revolt when day to day life becomes unberable. This unberable life existance situation is now happening in too many countries and the people are making a big mistake just accepting the inhumane life situations without revolting. Of course in revolutions we always have victims of death but without sacrifice change will never come.

Revolutions are not required nor are we saying to people to revolt but the reality is if many Governments do not change their agendas to a more positive program for the people then many governments will push the people to revolt especially with the existing international economic crises.

No positive economic change is expected by political or economical calculations before the end of 2014. Any one government saying otherwise is simply not telling the people the truth.

Leaders and governments cannot exist without the people. A good example  is  the example of Banks. Bank owners cannot exist without their clients.

So why should the people not say we have had enough of the owners and managers of the existing bank and we want our money back immediately. The Banks can never say no and will then have no choice but to come to a flexible and acceptable agreement for all parties concerned.

Under an Arab Monetary Union you automatically should have One Arab Economic  Observation Board. The minute one of the members starts to even think of manipulating a situation for a personal or political favor or target then the observation committee will immediately disqualify this member with harsh consequences and a new member will be the replacement. The Observation Board has to also be observed to ensure special personal favors never come to existence.  

This  is  a realistic solution and the presidency of such an Arab Economic Board of the Arab Monetary Union should  rotate on a 4 year basis. The European union is working on this basis of regulation so  why  should we not be able to do so too.

If all  Arab  countries joint as one force with their more than sufficient resources should that be in funds, natural resources or human resources then every economic movement becomes very clear under one union and all Arab countries.

This  becomes a joint force for one common cause. One  powerful economic ship that cannot afford to have any of its members or passengers jump overboard.

The first Arab Unification that should take place is the Unification of Egypt and Sudan. Of course now you will have readers saying “  I really do not want to read this article,” but I guarantee you one very serious matter and that is : The survival of Egypt and Sudan depends totally on their unification. Libya should also consider being part of this unification too.  Now tell me, why are the Europeans able to form a single monetary union, and why can we not accomplish the same type of Economic Monetary Union ?

We have all the necessary professionals who are specialized in all different sectors. We also have all the leaders who have  their children that  could and should  ask them the following “ why do we not  take the step towards an Arab Monetary Union ? Is this not our future and the future of our children?


It is now a fact that the European Union and the Euro are going through economic chaos because of the international financial crises which is better known as a “currency crises” but that  is  because of mismanagement made by governments and financial institutions and not because of the original European Union agreements.

This is something that we as Arabs and Africans should never allow for an Arab or African monetary union and a special ecoinomic observation board must always be monitering closely to avoid any mismanagement,  personal favors of self interest or even political self interest.

We as Arabs and Africans can have a better single monetary union due to the same language same beliefs and very similar traditions. Expect the Euro to collapse   and that the European countries will go back to their old currencies. That is if they don’t solve the economic mismanagement by the end of this summer.

As an alternative scenario expect the Euro also to go down to 1.10 verses the dollar before the end of this year 2010 and also expect a re - evaluation for the Euros and the American dollar. This means first a devaluation of the dollar and euro and then a re - evlauation were one new euro will be 10 old Euros and 1 new dollar will be 10 old dollars. This is the only way these two continents can solve the massive debt problems. The minute they devlautate the dollar and the euro the debts will automaticcaly become half the debt they had. But that only solves half of the equation. The USA has now in  July 2010 a total national and international debt of 13 trillion dollars. How do you believe they will try to solve this problem as a last resort?  Yes….. excatly  as explained above.  I do not see any economic solution existing in the USA for a very long time “ if ever”.

For the Euro zone different languages  and  beliefs  usually  create a currency collapse including ofcourse the main problem and that is mismanagement based on total corruption tactic of the financial institutions in joint hidden agreements with some  existing government members.

Don’t ever believe that the international economic crises is a coincidence nor the Oil leakage that has happened in the Mexican gulf of the  US.  Hidden agendas for obvious political reasons are the main cause. There are two benefits from the oil leakage (a) the insurance benefit to be shared by the untouchables on both sides of the Atlantic and (b) diverting the international media from the real problems like for example the huge debt of the USA, Britain, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Germany.  Greece for  example was a big media tactic to divert attention from the massive debt problems that exist in the USA and Britain. There is no escape from reality for the US and Britain. War between Iran and  Israel  will also part of the diversion the USA will choose when no other choice is left. This will be the biggest miscalculation that Israel and the USA will make.

The  Euros  zone  including its immoral banking regulations have made the average man and women not believe in the value of their currency that is losing  value  more and more every day. The cost of living has become a burden for the average man and woman in the West.

Between this summer of 2010 and June of 2011 the world will be witness to extraordinary economic and political changes and no country in world will be safe from the consequences. Not even China.

The Chinese Government knows this fact and is now working day and night in attaining as much as natural resources on an international scale.

They are the only country now who can really afford buying natural resources and concessions in a massive scale. Saudi Arabia is sleeping on the fact that they have massive crude oil reserves but the expected war between Iran and Israel will let them transfer all their cash outside the gulf and straight to the USA which will be the biggest mistake ever. China and Africa in this case are more secure to invest in.

Do we not have the will to become a more developed Arab and African Union?  After the European Monetary Union we will very soon definitely see an Asian Monetary Union.

But any monetary union will only survive if the gold standard is re – activated and the banking sector newly regulated based on more clarity and not black investment pools. We will first see a global financial collapse which means all government bonds will be wiped out like in 1933.  New  regulations means new laws and that opens the door to 10 million questions. Do you really believe the regulators of new rules and laws “ the Governments”  are not dealing hand in hand with the corporate world of BP and other global companies ? Corruption in its worst scenarios is the reality here.

The global economic situation will  not  start  becoming better before the end of 2014. In 2015 the markets will again reach their peak. Till then expect nothing but financial and political chaos all over the world and all countries will be affected by the global financial collapse. This global financial problem started in  the  Western World and the Western World is collapsing no matter how hard Western Governments try and play with the media that they and their business tycoon friends control.

So in  the  expected Asian  Monetary Union the scenario will be that the Chinese will exist with their Yuan in the first phase  until a later date due to many economic factors. But most of  the remaining Asian countries will definitely have no other choice but to soon start a single Asian Monetary Union. Look at Japan now.

Economic reports confirm that Japan is heading for Bankruptcy and its only chance to survive now is to issue more Government Bonds which means more debts. Overprinting of money means only one thing and that is devaluation of a currency.

All economic indicators clearly confirm that economic survival is based on economic unity. Japan is now seriously considering a much closer economic relationship with China. Let me give you a small example of the Chinese market and its power. China has approximately 800 million mobile phone users and 400 million internet users.

Now if each user pays only one dollar per day then that  is $1.2 billion  dollars per day.  So  how about the rest of its services for national consumers.

China will become with no doubt the ultimate economic world power by 2016 and China is now playing the same role the US used to in the 1960s and 70’s and that was as the major international creditor. Now China is the major international creditor.

LET US  RETURN  TO A SINGLE  GCC  AND AFRICAN MONETARY  UNION:        If the sons and daughters of these Arab and African leaders believe that they will inherit power anyway and that day to day business should continue as is, then they will lead their countries into chaos. That is a fact. Times have changed and the international market and economic co – existence will only be able to exist in Single Monetary Unions. European, Asian, African, Arab even an  East European or a Central Asian Union with their Head Quarters in Moscow will come to exist to survive economically and politically. Russia, China and India  are now the most powerful economic countries. They too will be affected by the international currency crises but will survive the currency crises also known and the international financial crises.

There are a couple of sub saharan countries that will prosper within this crises due to their well managed natural resources that China is investing in and buying. These sub – Saharan   countries are politically stable countries and one of these countries is Tanzania. Political stability and positive political morals is the main success factor that no government can afford to avoid looking at and must activate. Otherwise they  are  all looking for  political trouble.

If people are worried about public and economic security measures regarding African and Arab Economic Unions then there are many methods to have people respect and obey the law. This is meant in a positive and   humane manner. We are now living in a world of  highly  developed  technologies. These technologies can be used positively to safeguard a calm and secure society.


The moment we take that step of an Arab Monetary Union then that would be the minute we start solving our problems.

How? By implementing the best strategy and professional management teams  for the natural resource wealth that is worth trillions of Euros,Dollars or any other G8 or G20 currency including the human resources wealth that we have and that is over 1 billion human beings. If your argument is that most of the 1.5 billion  Muslims  are illiterate or not educated enough then within the 1.5 billion Muslims there are 250 million educated and experienced people. That is more than enough to start this global union project of Muslims.

If you now realize we always hear about G20 meetings and not G7 or G8 meetings. Do you know why ?... because the G8 countries cannot survive alone through the existing financial crises. They have to work together as the G20 or face an international financial tragedy. That is the Truth that they cannot hide any longer.

The plan of an international one world currency has also been discussed and negotiated in the G20 meetings. Unfortunately the general public is only provided with what has been agreed to by the G20 members to tell the public.

So an Arab Monetary Union   shall make us  “The Arabs “ a unified power that no one can  play with. Don’t tell me that it cannot be done because it can and it must be done because there is no other choice.

The unification of a monetary system would immediately eliminate negative foreign intervention. Now include the other Islamic countries that will automatically join us   when we   have  an Arab Monetary Union. 

In simple terms, let us consider we all live in a very big house or a very big palace.      Will we not automatically take care of this building and the people who live in this  building or home? Will we not secure it as is required to survive in a more ethical and developed manner? The real problems that we have today is that we have is morals verses intelligence whereby the bad morals is the core problem and not the lack of intelligence.

Let me tell you a  rather  negative story of a private palace. This is a true story. A mother and her  two sons living in a palace in one of the Gulf countries, have a service staff of over 35 people. Now why would 3 people need 35 people to serve them?  

Anyone will agree that this is wasted money and exactly the example that the public does not need to look up to. No matter how rich a person may be, this equation is a sad story. If you are wondering where the father  is  “ He lives in his own palace”. No need to comment any further.

Let us now look at the African continent with the eyes of pure economics. Don’t forget that an African Monetary Union would be the most powerful economic union on earth. This is due to Africa’s extremely rich and abundant quantity of natural resources.


Therefore we as a Sudanese people should consider ourselves a very lucky people because we have both Africa and Arabia. At the end of the day we are all neighbors and should live as neighbors. Neighbors should share and protect each other’s resources. Only then do we have the joint power to succeed.

By now many readers will say this man is totally naive, but the fact is that the majority of the people in the world are good people and also want the good for each other and their families but always throughout history and until this day a small group of people are always the cause of spoiling life for the many others. Make your own research and the truth always comes to exactly what I have mentioned above.

For example, how many people in how many countries are suffering because of a small group of people ruling a country ?  Yes… the answer is clear.

Let  us  now go back to a single currency for Sudan and not  to a  two different currency project or system. As I mentioned in my Article “Sudan in the Decade of 2010 to 2020 “ that three quarters of the crude oil quantity is in the north of Sudan and only one quarter is in the South. Satellite images made by the USA in the 1960s prove this point of crude oil wealth in North Sudan. Not only that but we have an underground river in West Sudan, starting from South Sudan all the way to the boarders of Libya. Here again make your research and you will find these facts.

If the South Sudanese government makes an intelligent  decision  to stay unified then we should  establish our  National  Sovereign Investment Fund  to secure the swift and unified development program of our country. This was also mentioned in my article “Sudan in the Decade 2010 to 2020” which was written in January 2010.

The moment South Sudan decides to become independent, then it is best that South Sudan keeps the existing oil fields in the South and we the North of Sudan  should concentrate on the drilling and production of the crude oil  and other natural resources.

Why ?... because the moment South Sudan decides to go for independence you can forget about the oil fields in south Sudan. It is either that, or you can expect nothing but   tragic war.

This point should not be taken lightly   but as a very serious point to consider very carefully for the future of a people depends on very sensitive political decisions.                    If  politicians  cannot make the right decisions for the well being of the people then we the people have the right to choose  a new leadership.

In my view these important political decisions should not only be made alone by a government but also by the whole  people of  Sudan.  Are the people taking part in the decisions that concern their future and the future of their children or  family ?

If you say yes we are taking   part  in  the decision making through elections then you are wasting your right as a citizen of your own country.  Elections  after  20 years of  power  under  one group of people who are the minority is  an empty promise. Should the existing Government have good intentions for the Sudanese people then the first new rule for people to exist in a healthy economic environment is to provide all the  Sudanese  citizens living in Sudan an existence salary of $1500 per month. This secures that all citizens will live an adequate  good life were they can afford to live without worries of not being able to pay the rent or buy food. All people receiving such monthly existence funds are then obliged to further educate themselves or go to job training courses  at  no cost at all to them.

No  company tax nor individual tax is to exist. The only tax people are to pay is consumer product tax also known as VAT Value Added Tax. Which means every time an individual buys a product in the market a reasonable tax cost is to be paid when purchasing the said product, should it be food, a mobile phone,  a car, a TV , etc.  Education and  Healthcare  should be 100% free of charge. If certain special clinics or private  hospitals with specialist  medical services , etc are opened by private individuals then they can charge a reasonable fee for their services.

This way the Government can fund itself for the necessary running costs of the Government but the only tax to be charged is the VAT   for consumer products.  All other taxes  are to be  cancelled.

This is a good alternative and a realistic one. Ask yourself :  How much money does the Government spend on their running costs each month ? That is including security of course. Is  it  $100 million ? or $200 million per month ? And how much is paid for security ?  now that is the number 1 question. We  the  people  should get a clear answer from the Government in this regard.

Let us go back  to South Sudan : I guarantee you one reality and that is  south Sudan can forget about its development plans under a free vote to independence  . Why ?.. because  the moment South Sudan votes for independence you will find that the different  south Sudanese tribes and political parties will eliminate each other within less than 5 years. Why ? …because all different tribes will be fully provided with weapons and cash from the foreign enemy  which will be the main cause of disagreements and then war will be ignited on the wealth sharing argument.

Such problems of disagreement based on wealth sharing problems already exist.  Do we now all understand what the Masonic plan is for Sudan? It should be clear…

Now we need to know who the real traitors are in Sudan and that is those working for the Zionists. When these traitors are known then the only option is to execute them. Only when this is done can Sudan start building its future.

Do our brothers and sisters in South Sudan truly believe that the foreign enemy will let South Sudan for example develop or  build the best financial offshore or tax free zone in Africa ? No is the answer. It should now be clear to all that this will never happen in a divided country.

Does the south Sudanese government and all the educated south Sudanese brothers and sisters really believe that there will be an equal share of wealth in south Sudan when it becomes  an  independent country of its own .

Please let us get back to reality. If the foreign enemy did not let us live in peace as a geographically unified Sudan,  “ as in one country of 2 million square miles“, then do you really  believe that south Sudan will survive without north, east and west Sudan ?

Is the answer not clear and do the people not see what south Sudan has been supported to do over the  years ?  No part of Sudan can survive without the other, no matter how intelligent or powerful that part of the country feels or believes it is.

Let me highlight the following words regarding a lecture given by Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub on December 25th in 1940. That is 16 years before Sudan regained its independence. The title of the Lecture  is “ The possibility of fusion between Eastern and Western Culture”….. It begins like this “:  

A century ago Rudyard Kipling sang :          Oh, East is East, and West is West and never the twain shall meet

The first paragraph of this lecture by Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub writes the following :

{This was at a time when man could live a self – sufficient life, when the family, tribe or nation could live selfishly, with utter indifference to the fate of other families or tribes or nations. Nations might suffer or prosper, be destroyed or destroy: their fate did not necessarily involve others.

But with the present progress of science and of modern technology, with the advent of the machine or power age, the rail,  the  aeroplane, the wireless and a number of other inventions. All this changed. A war in the Far East between Japan and China will certainly have its affect on nations in the far west.

The relations of all civilized nations have become so close that that it has become impossible to find a nation that depends on her own resources to maintain a peaceful and happy life}…. end of paragraph……

….Now when this was written 69 years ago by a man of clear vision who needs no introduction, then tell me, what have we accomplished since then as a united Sudan ?

After 69 years of such a lecture  that highlighted  the  true ethical meaning of globalization which is the same globalization topic that is being so widely debated for the past 12 years, then why are the people now even considering  a south and north Sudanese division.

A Book by the Title of “Globalization Trap” was published in 25 different languages including Arabic. That was also 12 years ago.  This book “ Globalization Trap” started by mentioning a meeting that took place by the most powerful and most richest people on earth. They all met to activate the 20/80 system of world power.

Which means 20 % of the  richest people on earth are to rule the remaining 80 %.  Gorbachov was also one of those who took part in this meeting that was at a certain luxury hotel in San Francisco.

This is also a good example of  the  type of Democracy Gorbachov supported. These examples show us what a world of dangerous illusion many presidents and world leaders take part  in.  Is this a plan of devil worshippers and not  rational individuals or are these “so called “democratic leaders totally insane?

To those who want a complete copy of the said lecture Of Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub which comprises of approximately 7 pages, then please send me an email and I will be glad to send you a copy of this 1940 lecture in both English and Arabic language. A copy will also be published in the same newspapers that  have published and are  now publishing my articles in and outside Sudan.

Please  Note :  The first part of the Masonic plan anywhere in the world has  always been to plant deep hatred into the hearts of two different races, tribes or families, etc.

Don’t forget that they “The Zionists” want to rule the world even if takes decades or centuries to accomplish. You see the Zionists don’t have to come wearing their Jewish clothes to control or manipulate the country they have in mind or on their list of planned time schedules.

I will give you an example that has been a subject of discussion by many Sudanese individuals. The subject of discussion was that the crude oil company Talisman was under so much pressure from different international organizations not for human rights reasons as the media blended in, but because of  an internal Zionist business disagreement. All the top crude oil companies of the western world including some middle - eastern oil companies are influenced  by Zionist lobbies. “ directly and indirectly”.

Do you really believe  that the Indian company  that  bought the oil share “ concession” of  Talisman  in Sudan is Indian money ?  Think again and do your research.

Where does the crude oil share that  this Indian Oil Company have actually go to? Is that share of our crude oil  being delivered to Israel ? The crude oil equation is usually that   who cares where the crude oil is being transported since the product is being loaded to tanker ships that have been sent by the buyer of the crude oil”. Nobody can control crude oil tankers after they leave Port Sudan or can it be controlled ?   I don’t think so and there is no international law that can order an owner of an oil tanker and the crude oil in it to sell the crude oil to a certain country. A new deal can be set up and completed on the international waters exactly like the function of a stock market.

Let us go one step into the house of Zionist power and manipulation tactics. Israel has sold weapons to India for the last 10 years for a total of   $ 10 billion. That’s $1 Billion each year. What hidden agenda is behind such deals and does India really need to purchase weapons from Israel ? Does India not have its own weapons industry and even its own nuclear  bomb capability ? So what are the weapons deals in reality ? Are they not just a legal excuse of having funds transferred from A to B for secret agendas ?

Now let us look at the amount that  the Indian company paid for Talisman’s crude oil concession in Sudan. It is approximately  $ 780 million. What was the share of the Sudanese nation in this transaction.

Look at the similarity of the following names.: Talisman, Goldman, Lehman. All pure Jewish names. To be more exact German Jews or better said the Jews who lived in Germany before world war two. Do you think that  this is  a coincidence?

Goldman is  for Goldman Sachs and Lehman is for Lehman Brothers.  Are these  American  Investment Banks nothing but political tools?

Add Rothchild to these Jewish German names. Rothchild in German language is written “Rotschild” and it means the Red Sign but when you but it into English language it becomes Rothchild. They all lived in Germany before the second world war.

It is said that the RothChild group owns over 80 %  of the land in the  state of Israel. Does RothChild control the Bank of England since after the second world war?

RothChild financed the British government to  send their army to Palestine because England was bankrupt after the second world war.

RothChild  is  also a  financial consultant to a couple of Gulf governments.

German Jews speak Yiddish which is a mixture of German and Hebrew language. Also known as a Biblical language of  Hebrew and Aramaic.

Yiddish is primarily the spoken language of Ashkenzai  Jews.  They are not originally German but lived in Germany for a very long time until Hitler made them flee Germany.

The intelligence of the Zionist world order is to always complete their business on the platform of the legal system which they  have created and control. Why? …so nobody can say that they broke the law or even ask them what they are doing. That is even if they break the law or disrespect it.

The number one rule  for the Zionists is to rule the King or the President or those who are close to the President of a certain country should that already be a divided country or a country that has not yet been divided. Don’t forget their plans are not short term plans. Then they start manipulating the people of that country through control of the government or control of very powerful people in the government.

I repeat: do not forget   that the Masonic plans are not short term plans and that  they are always long term plans. Here is one more disturbing fact. The gay rights and marriages that are now coming to be a fact of life in the Western world are scary changes  of society. Gay people can now have legal marriages and are now also looking into the matter of adopting children and inheritance laws.

Do you believe that these new facts of life came from the gay  movement ?  Of course not.  Who supported the gay movement with its invisible hand? They came and were put into the legal system by the Zionists in order to destroy  a certain society.

The equation is: In order to destroy a country you have to destroy its ethical principles and religion. In the sector of religion for the Muslim World “ The Zionists” usually use extremist sects or groups and you can also call them fundamentalists.

This method of manipulation is used in countries where people are known to have  bad tempers, violent attitudes or natural blind trust and dedication based on strong religious belief and background. The Middle - East and other Muslim countries. What has fundamentalism or extremism brought to any of the countries that they exist in ? Nothing but  Poverty, social unrest and degradation of a nation ”.  A complete detailed article on this subject will be published soon.

In the western world gay marriages would have never existed in the 1930s , 40’s, 50’s,  60,s 70 or 80’s and do you  know why? Because it  was not  and is not a normal behavior or ethical standard and should never be considered as normal. These unethical  laws started to appear in the 90’s. 

For example today the Foreign Minister of Germany  is gay.  This Minister celebrated his new position in public with his gay partner. The Governor of Berlin shares the same unethical human dilemma. This has become a normality of life in the Western World that is now declining not only morally but economically as well.

You don’t believe me, then  look at the European Union with it new tax laws, pension cuts and other negative economic facts that are become the fall of the western world. All the facts exist and no one government in the Western World can deny this fact.

Being gay is supposed to become a norm of society in the Western World. Since the top officials of a country are to represent unethical qualities for new standards of life then society is to follow. What a dangerous plan of the devil and his worshipers.

This fact of life has become   a   standard procedure in the Masonic plan and that is         “that normal ethical standards are to disappear with the years  in exchange of new unethical rules to exist for society”. That ladies and gentlemen is the real danger.

Gay women marriages have also taken place. Not only that but also adoption and inheritance rights. Can you imagine, the poor helpless children that have been adopted to such a life.. What will this create ?  A very destructive program for society, built on unethical rules and regulations. The product and trade of the Devil is being marketed in this world by his army of worshippers. Do you actually believe that people who are marketing and supporting these inhumane conspiracies are worshipping God or follow the Heavenly Books? Not in a million years because they  only worship the devil.

In Europe, the Masonic plan is to destroy the ethical standards first, because belief and religion have become weak in European and western society.

In the Middle East and Muslim countries the Masonic program it is to destroy society through the creation of  extremism  also known as fundamentalism which is the created  fabrication of the story for the west to wage a  war on the Muslims. The first step is  war on terror” and then taking charge of their educational development. This means taking control of the Ministry of Education in different Arab countries.

Don’t forget, this has  already  happened in a couple of Arabic countries and don’t forget the words of  Bush   You are either with us or against us “. Bringing such a character to become a US president is an insult to the whole of humanity and human intelligence.

He would have never made it past the door of the white house should it not have been for his father. The Bush Family is of course nothing but another member of the international Masonic group also known as “The Club” and  For Members only “ or also known as   The Untouchables”. Who will ever bring Bush to court for the war on Iraq ?

These people forget that there is a government that belongs to God the creator of all mankind and every being. They simply do not care nor even respect any religion. For them it is control of power and nothing else.

Gods Army are the Angles and they are much stronger than any living being that thinks it is powerful. History has proven this fact many times again  and it will be proven again when the  expected War between Iran and Israel starts.

Another scary example that happened in Europe was, the tragic  death of one of the Minister’s in Germany by the name of Moelleman. He belonged to the German FDP party.

This Minister died in a very mysterious way. He was a hobby parachutist and was known as talented in this sport that he Loved.  Anyway, Moelleman started to attack the Jews verbally. Basically saying  that the Germans have had enough of the Jewish manipulation tactics of  Germany.

This is because since 1945, Germany is paying a lot of money to Israel for the war crimes against the Jews, and  that Israel is still coming with different stories and excuses based on the second world war. This is   to  get  more money out of the German Government. In the first term of Chancellor Schroeder the German Government paid 5 billion Deutsche Mark and the private sector “ the large German corporations also paid 5 billion Deutsche Mark to Israel. The Euro was not yet an official paper currency.

Moelleman was furious and as a well known German  patriot  even printed a small flyer stating his points. I don’t know exactly how many weeks this disagreement  continued but Moelleman was one day reported dead by the German and international media.  How ? The official report said that  there was a problem with his parachute that did not open while Moelleman was on one of his parachuting sky jumps. Imagine, a German man in his mid 50’s with over how many years of parachuting experience. His parachute did not open. What a sad and dangerous story.

The story was on the media for a very short while and then his name vanished from the media totally although he was a top politician and known as a highly intelligent and courageous man with an excellent political career behind him.

One of the excuses that made Moelleman angry was the issue of “Degussa” of Frankfurt. This is one of the biggest gold refinery companies in Europe.

Israel pointed out  as a  legal  excuse, that in the 2nd world war the gold teeth of the Jews killed in concentration camps were pulled out, gathered together and sent to Degussa to refine into gold bars. What a scary and sick imagination. They made Degussa pay over 100 million Deutsche Mark. Now is that not typical inhumane Zionist manipulation tactics. How many Jews had gold teeth and if they were first gassed and burnt to death, then who on earth would even find golden teeth in a corps. Not only that but teeth made out of gold are made out of a certain purity and rate of gold and not complete solid gold. I can bet you that the Chairman of Degussa gets a fit every time he just remembers the amount Degussa had to pay.

What I am trying to explain in the above paragraphs, is that if the Zionists have such world power of deceptive manipulation due to the Government Officials of many Governments working on their pay list.  Do you think they do not have the power to manipulate South Sudan as an independent country or even as a unified Sudan.

I guarantee you, if  the  time should come that the Zionists will intend to send a professional special force commando group like for example the American contractor Black Water to south Sudan, then believe me they would be able to take over the South Sudanese Government blindfolded.

This could  happen  in less than 3 hours starting from when they land  in  Juba at 3 in morning while everybody is sleeping or while everybody is fully drunk from the nightlife that these days has taken place in Juba. No disrespect to any of our Brothers and Sisters of South Sudan but reality always prevails. Let us hope this scenario never happens.

Don’t you remember the US attack on  Al  Shiffa company in Khartoum North. Not even the Sudanese Government is sure until this day, if the rockets  that hit  Al Shiffa were long range missile rockets that were sent with high tech from a US Navy ship  in the Red Sea area or if F - 16s  flying over Sudanese air space shot these missile rockets.

A  funny situation  did happen 3 days after Al Shiffaa was hit. A group of government officials got on to their cars to go and see the site of Al Shiffa. Believe it or not, this group of cars was driving around in Khartoum North for an hour before finding the site. They could not even locate the site by car in their own country. This information I got from one of the people who was  part of the group of people in these cars going to Al Shiffa that day.

And you want to tell me that we have a powerful defense system and they  cannot take over a divided country or even a united country. Their plan is to divide and then rule to provide chaos and nothing else.

No disrespect to anyone but fact is fact and let us not try and become the cowboys of Africa because it is enough the destruction  that we already have in this world through the Texas cowboys working for the Masonic invisible hand. Yes, Bush and his gang.

An important question:       Is the Cowboy hat the Vice President  of Sudan or President of South Sudan Salva Kiir wearing a sign of belonging to the group of the Texas cowboys? or  is he just a man of international fashion ? John Garang was definitely a political leader  “ no matter what military background he had.”

 John Garang would never have let the foreign intervention play with the future of south Sudan when it comes to a unified Sudan but Salva Kiir is definitely not the man for the job.

It is either that or he has the wrong advisors whom he must change immediately or face another war being prepared for South Sudan within 6 month after South Sudan becomes an independent country.

There are other south Sudanese brothers and sisters who are also  capable of doing a better  job than  the existing South Sudanese Government.. Why ? …because you cannot as a President of South Sudan let some people enjoy their time watching a beauty contest in Juba while other south Sudanese have not been paid their salaries for over 6 month. Not only that but also because the majority of the south Sudanese living in the South or north Sudan have seen nothing of the wealth sharing since the war has stopped and the peace agreement has been signed in 2005.

The south Sudanese government has received lots of money from the central government in Khartoum and  from  international investors. Now where exactly is that money? How come the majority of the south Sudanese are still living in poverty ?  

Mr President of South Sudan : There are many positive ways of developing more money from money and then a fair share of that money must be distributed to all south Sudanese brothers and sisters.

Favors that are based on belonging to a certain tribe or a group of friends should not exist. Do you really Love and care for  all the South Sudanese people without tribal differences or limitations ? The South Sudanese people can answer this  question for themselves best.

Our dear South Sudanese brothers and  sisters. I have personally never ever had a problem with any south Sudanese. We have studied in schools together since primary schools and high schools where the south Sudanese were obviously the basketball players when it comes to sports.

For example they were a very crucial and important part of the basketball teams because of their excelent skills in this game and we all supported them and the other players as one team. Never once did I see or have a problem with any south Sudanese brother or sister.

Unfortunately   there also so many who have  been sent to war from both north and south Sudan. Also many who through the war have seen nothing but misery and human breach of  Trust.

The war between north and south Sudan has never been a war of the people but a war of the governments and the war of politicians who had their own personal and foreign agenda. The war problem in Sudan and why it has been created has been clearly explained in my article   The Decade 2010 to 2020”.

Now let us go back to the title of this article “A unified Sudanese currency “. I  have given this article its said title because I want to speak about the coming one world currency. You can also say the intended plan for a one world currency. This is a plan intended by the West, so let us not take this matter lightly. Russian President Medvedev has already boasted with the coming single currency on the second week of June 2010. He boasted with a coin for a one world currency at a certain economic meeting in Europe. The coin was minted in Belgium. You can research this topic on

We already have the Euro that exists in different countries of different people with different languages and different cultures, etc. But they all have a common economy supported by the Euro. All the boarders went down and now you can travel by plane, by car or by train, needing only   your ID card when moving from country to country. No need for a passport. This is the first real experiment of a unified currency that has taken place outside the USA.

The USA is a continent for itself and has many different states “ these  states  you can consider small European countries as in size” and then there are the different people with different backgrounds and cultures living together. They all have two things in common, one common language which is the English language and one currency the dollar.

The USA has now come to such a bad economic situation because of its currency problem. Why ?... because many governments do not trust in the dollar anymore.      Why ?... because the dollar practically has no value as a currency and is causing economic difficulties in many countries due to their number one hard currency choice as a reserve currency.

The dollar that has on it written,  “In God we Trust”. Now that is very true in one sense and meaning and that is   “ In God we should all trust “ but not in the dollar.

It is expected that on a worst case scenario  “ in  the existing global economic crises “, that the dollar will be cancelled and a new currency is to be established.

The new currency is to be given a new name “The Amero”. This is to be established under the NAFTA treaty of Mexico , USA and Canada.

Please note that the NAFTA treaty was fully complete and activated as a legal binding agreement at the end of January 2008. Before that it was all an idea and a lot of paper work and lawyers negotiating of how it might best work.

This way all three countries Mexico , North America and Canada will jointly be like the European Monetary Union. Only this time, they will be  existing on the other side of the Atlantic. The minute the USA cancels the  Dollar  then the foreign debt is automatically cancelled or better said evaluated at a much lower repayment cost.  Why ?  because you cannot ask for a debt to be paid back by a cancelled  currency.

It is like defaulting on a very big loan that can practically never be paid back. Have  you ever seen a government pay back its debts or better said been taken to court for such a matter. The only country that did pay back its foreign debt was Russia and that was a very intelligent move by Putin.

The only country the USA cannot play with in a  worst case scenario is China. Why? Because  it owes China $4 trillion and China is not a country to play with.


The reality of this scenario is the development of a new currency “ The Amero” . It has been said that a secret meeting has taken place behind closed doors between the USA and China. It is said that at the beginning  of October 2008 President Bush and his financial  experts had a meeting in China regarding the new US Currency  “The Amero”.

The US agreed with China that it will print 800 billion Amero’s and that 50 % of the printed money will belong to China. This way the US will avoid an economic war with China when it cancels the dollar.

The US will have no debts  when eliminating the US dollar and the 400 billion Ameros will be enough to start a new page of a new US economy.


The US will Simply say, let us  forget about the past and start a new page of the future  because otherwise we don’t have a future if we continue trying to bail out the economic that has a minus of $13 trillion and will become a $20 Trillion debt by 2020. The existing total US debt is now in  June 2010  already  $13 Trillion

No country in the world has so many debts like the USA and still they bluff their way through so many governments as if they are a messenger of God.


It has been said that all the US Governments since George Washington have been nothing but part  of  a big Zionist Plan.  All that stood in the way of the Global Zionist Plan have been eliminated by assassination or fear tactics. For Example, Abraham Lincohn, JF Kennedy , Commerce Secretary Jim Brown “in the Clinton days”. Brown died in plane crash when traveling back from X - Yugoslavia “after the Balkan war” with a top political and economic team. The story goes on but are these supposed to be all well planned eliminations because these individuals deliberately or indirectly stood in the way of the Zionist Plan ?

The information regarding the “Amero” until now is supposedly only a rumor but usually where there is smoke there should be fire. Here specifically the fire means that someone is thinking about such an alternative and that someone is definitely a government or governments.

All the economical facts point to something very similar that is going to happen because the US and its allies have no choice, they are all  drowning in debts. Of course bailouts are the only cure coming to their rescue but what are the consequences. The Revolutions of Change that will be demanded and activated by the people of the world.

Do  you  really think, that the economic crises is over. It has not even really started, I assure you that. What we have seen until now in the economic crises was just the beginning also known as phase one.

Germany is now even considering going out of the European Monetary Union because Germany was the main financier for the European Monetary Union and now the economic burden is becoming too much for Germany to handle. Will Europe now consider going back to the currencies they had before the Euro. China cannot afford to finance the whole of the Western countries.

Economically this currency war could be solved if world leaders make the correct decisions, but until now they are all buying time and making the same mistakes. This will lead to nothing but chaos, social unrest and war. They have to be very careful and they must make their most important priority to concentrate on is to “ solve the global economic crises “.

Throughout history and until this date, nearly all governments have done   one common thing   and that is to protect themselves and their interests and not the people’s interest.

If you look at the pending currency crises which is also called an economic crises taking place in the US, then why should they not take such an alternative as to cancel the dollar or devalue their currency in order to issue a new print with a new value.


Let me just highlight one very important point  and that is we are in a global currency crises because the people have lost trust in their own currencies and their own governments, the same governments that have mismanaged public funds and on top of that, most of the countries if not all have lost their trust in the dollar. Most of all the politics behind the dollar has existed for the past 40 years as a major reserve currency.

You want to know something else that is now very embarrassing  for so  many governments. The  US dollar as a reserve currency has done nothing but mislead all these nations all these years.  All the promises made by the US to all these governments were never fulfilled and all these governments did nothing but pile up their hard currency reserves in dollars.

Some of them still do and I really don’t understand why they still believe in the dollar under such negative economic circumstances. Those who are pegging their currency to the dollar will pay a high price betting on the wrong currency. The dollar is no safe haven anymore, it is history but many have not realized and cannot believe it. How Childish that is. Gold is the only secure currency. This has been the case for the past 4000 years and will continue for many years to come.

Do you know that a single Gulf or  Arab or African monetary union would be more valuable than any other currency just  simply by pledging all the natural resources to such a monetary union.

Tax Free Manufacturing Zones must be created in at least 10 African countries and all GCC countries. This will create competition and most of all local jobs.

The currency that everyone was betting on instead of gold was  the dollar and in some countries still is the dollar. That is why   “the media seeing and  believing tactics” in politics can be a very deceiving fact when it comes to manipulation of the people.

Politics through media manipulation is the most dangerous political tool that is used to manipulate only. If it was made for anything positive then the results would have been seen clearly by all the people in  their living standards.

Who in his practical calculations of economic reality will bet on paper instead of gold and especially paper that is worth nothing but empty promises. A currency has written on it “ I promise to pay”  the bearer of this paper a certain amount. Before it was in gold and silver and now it is in empty promises.

Everybody reading  this  article should  now start looking around them before they find a mirror and see themselves.  The typical  human reaction is “ to try and blame someone or something  else for their mistakes”. It is the easiest way out and a natural human instinct.

It is therefore that I am saying a One World Currency is not far away and is much closer than what a lot of people might think.

There is no doubt we will see a new one world currency. This is the natural next step in the evolution process of “Okinomikos “the Greek word for economics.

In the old days economics was explained and understood as follows : “ How to manage your estate including your wife and slaves “. This also meant how to regulate your household.

Now let us focus on this old meaning of the word economics and compare that meaning to what is happening today. Is there really a big difference in this meaning since those days and the existing days?   

Governments manage their estate “their own  interest “ including  their wives                        women’s rights “ and here we want to clarify women’s rights as  “ women’s limitations that have been carried out by governments “ and then there are the slaves  and these are represented by  the general public “ the people “.  No disrespect to anyone but most governments consider the people in their country nothing but modern slaves or stupid consumers that will fill up the government bank accounts.

Not being in chains or beaten by whips does not mean that the people are not treated like slaves. Let us say slaves of the modern times with modern high - tech methods. Cameras in every Hotel, Super Market , Shopping area, etc…

For most governments the people resemble one thing only and that is simply useful clients for the Government Treasury.  

The people represent the money makers who at the end of the day pay the government and the economic institutions under the control of the government.

There are also the  rules and regulations that have  the general public  of the country running  around trying to survive on a daily basis.

Tax here, tax there, charges here and fees there, making daily life become  more expensive and more hectic. This results to people becoming sick due to stress and fatigue. This way you have the pharmaceutical industry satisfied. These are some of  the most powerful corporations that work hand in hand with many governments. The bosses of the pharmaceutical industry have only one target and that is to keep you sick and never to  provide  you with the complete cure.

The  best client for any government, was and is the people living in that country. It is exactly like a bank. If the bank didn’t have clients it would have no money at all. Now, where are our rights as a people of a country.

The people who have been convincing the general public to keep their money with the banks   with the excuse of the bank being the safest place to keep your money are the same people taking the general public for a ride of illusion. For example look at news headlines for the past couple of month.

One of these news headlines was “ Italy has allocated over 800 billion Euros in tax evasion. “ that’s offshore allocations “. Make  a research in the Financial Times of the UK and you will find the article mentioned.

Now where on earth can you allocate that kind of money ? Not only that, but the Italian Government says it expects to find more offshore accounts. Another media headline is “Obama issues a statement regarding a New Global Banking Tax”. Three weeks later the Financial Times of London brings a first page head line saying “ New Global banking tax has been agreed to.

“ And now if you are going to tax banks then the banks will start taxing the people “.  How  else  do you think the banks will be able to pay this new tax schedule? The G20 meetings are nothing but a political show with no positive results.

Greece has now a debt of 450 billion Euros and the Prime Minsiter of Greece has on June 5th 2010 traveled to Libya to beg for money because he cannot cover the day to day expences of his government. Spain is issuing Treasuries of 50 Billion Euros and more although Spain has the highest unemployment rate in all of Europe. Expect the people in Spain to demonstrate and then expect the Spanish Government to ask for a rescure package from the European Union and the IMF. Exactly like Greece and then watch the Euro collapse.

If it is not Spain then it is  either Italy, Portugal or Ireland. Countries like Romania and Hungary are already in a state of total collapse. Their governments have not yet told their people and governments usually try to cover the truth until it is not possible anymore.

Are these leaders crazy or simply not living with us on the same planet or maybe they have a joint global plan or maybe they need to undergo a mental or better said moral check up. Because the way matters look  we can expect nothing but revolutions on a global scale.  “The  Revolutions of the Hungry. “

Money is power so it is best to keep it under your direct personal control. More and more people in Europe and the USA are hiding their money at home or buying gold coins because they are starting not to trust their governments and their economic decisions.  


Take Afghanistan as a immoral political business example. This country produces opium worth about $65 billion dollars per year and this for the last 30 years. Do you really believe that the money from these drugs are going to the  Afghan war lords  or the development of Afghanistan? Not in a million years. The 65 billion dollar drug market is shared by different internattional political groups and their mafias to keep as many people as possible using drugs in their own countries. Do you really think that the US can not eliminate the drug  business  in  Afghanistan ?  Of course they can but they will not do so due to obvious political reasons. Even the Afghan war lords are benefiting from this business by receiving cash and weapons from the drug buyers to keep Afghanistan in continous war.

Afghanistan   is a country that has been dedicated by the main international players of the  weapons   industry as their  private  war zone over the past  40 year or more to try out new weapons that can be demonstatred in the vast land of mountains and poor people. The wars that have taken place in Afghanistan are the wars of other countries taking place in Afghanistan as the dedicated war zone in order not to harm their own countries.

The Russian American war for example took place in Afghanistan and not in Russia or America. The Asian Golden Triangle in the 1960s was also a drug producing zone and financied communisim is Asia. That was the main cause for the Vietnam war. This is a well known fact of history but political media has always told the world other stories for their own  selfish benefit.

The international community should wake up to the truth and President Karzai should go back to the USA and work for Dick Cheney as he did in the past before being placed by the USA as The President of Afghanistan. A shameless man dressed in a tasteless green robe of peace  who has no heart for Afghanistan’s people. He really considers the international community of people to be idiots but the truth is that he is the idiot and nothing but an American puppet.

Many western Governments have realized that “ the people do not believe in the existing circulating currencies because they  are not secure and can collapse any minute like in th 1933 Great Depression and that is why they have started  the  Tax Hunting Season “. Why?  Because they “the governments “ have  no money in their treasuries and they have nothing but debt that can never be paid back.

This is the part that hurts the ears of the Zionists and their followers and that is why they are planning to accomplish two main steps in society. One is to delete paper money and have all payments made in electronic money and the second is to implant an electronic chip into as many people as possible. Here again don’t forget that Zionists have long term plans. They have been preparing for this for the past 45 years.

Look at our international banking system. We are all happy that we have ATMs, Credit Cards and online Banking which are all very useful no doubt about that but that means they know exactly how much you have and where you spend it.

Now the next stage is electronic payments to become the most standard payment method and then wiping out paper money. When Hollywood creates science fiction films it is not to only to entertain you but to prepare you of what is coming. If we do not stop this madness very soon it will be too late for our children that will become automatic slaves to a fully controlled society. “A Total Police State  also  known as  The Totalitarian State ”.

If you want to read a book on facts written by an American who worked for the intelligence community you should read a book by the title “ Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”. The Author is John Perkins and in his book he reveals the shocking inside story of how America really took over the world.

Let us go back the currency subject :  Until 1971, the world for the most part, relied upon gold as money. It was the neutral store of wealth that was recognized around the world. There were times were the gold standard was suspended such as during the American civil war.

There were also times in history were countries adopted a silver standard because they had too little gold to create a viable money supply domestically. This was in China and in Mexico during the last quarter – century of the 1800’s.

There was always the suspension of the gold standard during periods of war, but for now let us exclude this point of discussion.

Since 2007 there has been a rising discontent politically behind closed doors where some of the loud voices and noise is filtering through.

Both China and Russia are raising the question about the dollar and its global reserve currency status. China has even requested a guarantee for its $ 4trillion reserve so it will not be just devalued by spendthrift,   “US domestic” stimulus packages.

Just as China is now requesting a “guarantee”,   so did Britain in 1971 and that fueled the closing of the gold window by Nixon. History does repeat itself.

There will be no avoiding of the One World Currency no matter what is said and done because that is exactly what the gold standard of currency was. So we are back to point A. We have always had a one world currency and that is Gold.  It is the same color and same value everywhere in the world. Currencies are the exact opposite.


There is also a lot of talk in this subject regarding a one world government and the Anti Christ will be in  charge of the one world currency and a lot of other conspiracy nonsense.  The real Economic Anti Christ is  definitely  Karl Marx and his posterity are organized governments who follow Adam Smith’s   Invisible Hand “.

They have developed nothing but the self interest of an economic theory to dictate more and more power needed to control the population. Look at the global Governments and their existing programs . There lies the true threat to the liberty of the people.

For now, the  real problem we have is that the floating exchange rate system is causing economic distress that may break the back of each average person. For example : On the one hand the USA wants to be the world leader and on the other hand it wants freedom to expand Marxism to create a social state.

Either the US abandons the world leader nonsense and starts to worry about its own domestic problems or we abandon ourselves because the world leaders  will  tell us nothing  else but  that “ we the people must suffer further because we the politicians want to play “ who is King of the mountain”.

The real question is: How do we retain sovereignty for domestic policy and at the same time respect the views of those outside our country. The idea of the SDR “ Special Drawing Rights “ at the IMF, will not work. The IMF lacks the integrity and long known behind closed doors for being an economic prostitute that can be bought.

Those put in charge would be subject to favorite appointments, and this would yield sovereignty to an agency that is just not trust – worthy.

So how do we create a new world monetary system that is still viable, retains individualism among nations, and reduces the threat of global war be it either physical or economic?

The answer is to create a new World Central Bank like the  European Central Bank where the head or president term of 4 years rotates among nations, rather than appointments from private investment banks groomed and prepared specifically for the job.

We do not need a single currency used in each nation locally, but a two - tier currency system where international payments are only filtered. A two – tier currency system would allow us to retain the individual sovereignty that embraces the “ culture “ of each nation and simultaneously create accountability among nations.

The whole problem of  Bretton Woods in 1944 was that it set up the US dollar as the reserve currency and this was inflexible and polluted the world economy causing it to suffer. The results are now very clear.

Bretton Woods was a total failure because it did not recognize that no matter what the nation, politicians always spend more than what they have. It was always the same old story they could only re-elect themselves by promising presents and cash to the people.

Bretton Woods fixed the dollar to $35 of gold but it did not count to domestic policy interfering with international stability. If politicians stood up for office promising new spending programs, they did not consider the impact upon the supply of dollars relative to gold.

Had gold been allowed to float in the international market  then perhaps the domestic policies would not have exported to the global economy that let (1) the establishment of a two – tier  gold standard in 1968 when gold began to trade in the London Metals Exchange establishing a “ Free Market Price “ for gold that rose to $42 at one point and the official standard between nations of $35 (2) the entire collapse of the gold standard in 1971. Now do you see what the 1971 eradication of the gold standard activated by Nixon and his gang.

Instead of gold standard they have let the dollar standard and told us “the international community “ to forget about the gold. This is the biggest Ponzi fraud  deal offered to the global market  since 1971 and today we are  all paying the price “ The existing global currency crises”.

When the new one world currency does take place then we cannot design a system that sounds nice and has no possible hope of long term survivability. It must be practical or we will end up with the same global currency crises that we have now.

To be practical, governments will not surrender their sovereignty to some,  “one  world government”. The notions of global conspiracy theories are not remotely even possible unless there was a major global war and all governments no longer existed.

That the extreme circumstance set aside along with visions of the Illuminati, Masonic plan or Zionist agenda or whatever else they are called, neither the people nor the politicians would ever surrender all their individuality, culture or customs to any type of central control. It simply cannot happen and that is the good news we have against the Zionist or Masonic plan.

We must respect that there has always been one reserve currency since ancient times and that is ”Gold”.  Even during the dark ages of the Western Europe, still it was the currency of the Byzantine Empire that circulated and was the only minted gold coin that circulated among the various regions of the world. While the formal name was the gold “ solidus”. The slang name became known as” Byzant” as we now call the European Currency the Euro.

The Byzantine “gold Byzant” became the world currency throughout the dark ages as much as today the dollar or the euro is circulating in Russia, Asia or South America. The power to create money has long been a symbol of wealth and power.

The question of creating one world currency is political. By accepting the dollar as a reserve currency makes the economy of other countries in a high risk position. Politicians all over the world usually lack the understanding of history and lack the incentive beyond the next election to even contemplate a long term solution.

The existing problem  in  European  Union  is the economic collapse of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland.  Others will follow.

The minute the European Union bails out Greece then expect the economy of Germany to become affected very negatively and if Greece is left to fall then expect the international fall  of currencies like a domino effect.

All the bailing out structures are doomed to provide nothing but future economic collapse scenarios in Europe , the US, Central Asia, The Middle East and Africa. Only then will China and Russia become affected.

This will create a new one world currency that will be a virtual currency managed by one central World Bank. The price of gold will  become  $1600 an ounce by the end of 2010 or the first quarter of 2011.  The one world currency announcement will be an overnight decision and do not forget the plan exists already and all the G20 Governments are at full knowledge of such a plan. They all believe that the one world currency will take place after 20 years but who knows if it is 3, 5 or 15 years.

Expect gold to become  $5000 by 2012 and more per ounce… Why? Because gold has always been the only safe haven when  currencies  collapse and the US dollar will collapse followed by all major currencies. Gold has always been the a currency and is the safest currency and is the original global currency so don’t forget to buy gold.

There is no other economic scenario that will happen but what has been explained in this article and this is due to one fact only and that is “the international political and economic   mismanagement   by many Governments”.

What we need to secure is positive global trade to prevent going back into a war period created by a lack of sincere international cooperation.

We need positive international trade just as we need human interaction. Our goals have to be practical.

Now Ladies and Gentlemen, are we going to have a Unified Sudanese Currency or are we   going  back   to  division and war ?

The existing politics in Sudan are all based on personal and tribal hate and revenge agendas.  No  real  plan  exists other than that of the existing  Government  and  opposition parties  which is nothing but theatrical politics with a hidden agenda that is only playing with the future of the People of Sudan. MOST of the Governments on earth have had no real plan for the FUTURE but their own personal future. They are  only  busy  with how to stay in power but a FUTURE  PLAN for the well being of the people of the country usually never exists.

Peaceful co - existence plans do not exist in the existing political agenda of Sudan and if it did then  it  will  never be implemented by the existing political parties. Why ?  because  their  personal interest is above all other interests.

This is due to the fact that personal hate agendas and personal political revenge intentions   have existed in Sudan since before its independence.  Call it spoilt human nature and the question is where is then the balanced and positive human nature. Are we paying attention to what is really happening ?  Are most of the human beings of the world running around following Government Regulations to survive the day ? Yes they are and that is the sad story. Regulation and Over Regulation is the real problem of most Governments. Because the minute a law or regulation is created then 1 million other questions start to surface.

Where are actually the God given Laws ? They have also been manipulated by most of the Governments. So in the name of Religion we The People are to suffer. But the good thing is that most human beings know the Laws that have been given by God so we the human beings can compare and see with a very clear understanding what has been manipulated by Governments and what has not.  The   Existence  of  such a Religious Map has been in this world  since  the coming of our Master Adam and all the Prophets.  This is what Governments usually forget when they are busy with staying in power and this  is where their real mistake happens.  A new generation of politicians must be established as one team from all parts and tribes of  Sudan to provide a positive difference of powerful economic development as a United Sudan otherwise  there  will be  no peaceful future for Sudan.

Written by :  Abdel - Halim Anwar Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub

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