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A Brief ‘Dialectical’ Approach to the Sudanese Dilemma of Peace and Democracy.0 by O A osman -ÚËãÇä ÚÇÈÏíä ÚËãÇä
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Jul 1, 2010 - 8:47:48 AM

A Brief ‘Dialectical’ Approach to the Sudanese Dilemma of Peace and Democracy.0

‘CPA’ and the ‘Creative Electoral Chaos’.0



Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was based on the theory of "two systems in one country". “Sharia” law system in the North and “Secular” system in the South” with the hope that a unified country, based on secular democracy will finally emerge (hypothesis/conclusion).0


The fate of the objectives of the “CPA”:0

1/Peace: Is the silence of the guns to be sufficient?0

Tribal wars in the south and west of the country never stopped.0

The war in the west is still raging. Political and social conflicts and rifts are at their peak.0

Post-peace ‘designed election’ have sparked a new war in the south (General Atour split) and in the West (the war has spread include the province of Kordofan). There is the possibility of ‘North-to-North’ civil war too.0

2/Justice: Lame hit rickets?0

The head of the governing regime who appoints the High Court judges is avoiding arrest by the International Criminal Court (ICC) due to grievous charges that could include the charge of genocide.  Not to mention the ‘51’ long list of other regime members.0

The ‘National Judicial System’ is in total collapse.0

The security apparatus law that have judicial and police power still in full fury and tyranny.0

3/ Democratisation: Worship at the altar of divine goals.0

A falsified and forged election, based on falsified census kept in power the same, incumbent dictatorial regime, which was, and still is, in war with its people for the last 21 years.0

Simply put, the so-called recent elections were only "The Second Islamists Coup" in the name of democracy.0

4/Attractive Unity: A goal hampered by contradictions.0

All the above occlusion have soundly founded to a repulsive secession or to an undefined state of ‘chaos’ or even a ‘failed state’ situation.0 

Not to overlook the fact that the forgery of the general election will essentially lead to the forgery of the referendum and that will lead to a possible a third civil war between the government in the North and the government in the South.0

Secession of the south, in the current situation and the fragility of the Sudanese entity will lead to total collapse and disintegration. Do not expect just another crack in the aftermath of the fall of a glass cup already full of cracks.0

5/Power sharing: Preparing the tables for the guests only.0

All the power in the North is for the ‘NCP’ and all the power in the South is for ‘SPLM’, whether it was pre-or-post elections.0

Transitional geographical areas (Abyei, Southern Kordofan and Southern Blue Nile) are torn between the South and the North and remain ticking time bombs awaiting the trigger of secession to be pulled.0

6/ Wealth sharing: Cake rush on by greedy.0

The fact that the oil revenue still is not agreed upon, not even on the borders that demarcate the extent of such wealth; nevertheless, the NCP is accused of stealing part of the South Sudan share.0

Sudan International Dept = $34,000,000,000 = 36.6% of GDP of $92.83 billion, (2008 estimate). That is means an $894.7 dept on every Sudanese citizens of an average monthly income of less than $100. This approximation has not taken into account the estimated 8,000.000 (20%) unemployed.0

Aspects of expenditure of the $35 billion debt are not accounted for and we do not know on which “salvation projects” were spent.0

The “Meroe Dam”, the “Pyramid” of the “Civilisation Project” was financed exclusively by high interest loans and not a single oil dollar has contributed towards its cost.0

Ultimately, we, the ‘Zakah’, tax, and ‘the stamp for the wounded’ payers, have to fit this very expensive bill.0

The question is; why South Sudan should share the burden of a dept in return for war and destruction.0

The Creative Electoral Chaos theory.0

·         Sudan soil and its people become the ‘guinea pigs’ for the luxury of the application of western ‘geo-political’ and ‘socio-economic theories’.0

·         The term "creative chaos" is physical science and then an art and other disciplines ‘notion’ that implies the emergence of ‘some sort of order’ from the midst of ‘disorder’ (chaos).0

·         The Neo-conservative in the US borrowed the idea and applied it to the ‘geo-political situations’ in Iraq and Afghanistan. They thought a ‘system’ (order) would arise in the aftermath of the ‘disorder’ (chaos) created by the complete destruction and annihilation of the old regimes.0

·         The application of ‘creative chaos’ is often used as a justification for war, since the only proven way to obliterate an entire corrupt government is through military superiority.0

·         The US politicians overlooked the fact that such theories (science theories) are based on statistical evidence and not on mere assumptions suspended in the thin air.0

·         The US politicians committed the ‘fatal mistake’ because the outcome of such experiments was beyond any possible human imagination. The application of these theories created a total 'chaos’ with cataclysmic human loss and suffering.0

·         The new ‘Obama Regime’,  it’s envoy to Sudan,  Mr. Scott Gration ( retired Major General of the United States Air Force, currently working as  the United States special envoy to Sudan) and Mr. Jimmy Carter (former US president and currently the head of The Carter Centre) are seemingly trying to be more creative so came up with a new theory of chaos that follows “certain type of  elections”, which we term the theory of  “ Creative Electoral Chaos”, designed to be applied  to the less or none-creative nations.0

·         This type of thinking is primarily based on the believe of the incapability of ‘the others mind’ to grasp and comprehend the complexity of the “Dialectic of Democracy and Governance”. A kind of “Ideation Superiority” in finding the relationship between “cause” and “effect” (how things happen). We ‘grasp’ how things happen first and then we try to ‘make’ them happen. Justifications for such theories are numerous.0

·         Such “hypothetical” thinking omits, carelessly, important rules and principles that governs the operations of the “how ideas works”.0

·         To apply this theory in the Sudan, “peace” and “referendum” has to be put before “democracy” thus the narrower set of concepts (peace and referendum) became primary to the wider concept (democracy). To prime “derivatives” (peace, referendum) and defer “fundamentals” (democracy) created and grievous error of logic, hypothetical thinking and of conclusions too. Democracy is “fundamental” to peace and “social justice “and not the other way round.0

·         Now, if the obvious logic of reality is unmistakeable, why these ‘thinkers’ are trying to make us to believe in their desperate attempt to legitimise one of the most undemocratic, falsified and forged election, may be, in recent human history. The alerted-minded will try to find a different reason for their raw attempt to indoctrinate an entire nation by such insulting disregard and arrogance.0

·         “Secession” before “unity” and “oil” before “democracy”, partly points to the order of some of their thoughts.0

·         These ‘western thinkers’ have departed the principal of democracy in so many occasions to justify their experimental theories of greed and control.0 


Reminder of the logic of the harsh reality:  Oystering assimilation.0

1/ The successive regimes, since independence and to this day, bear all the responsibility of failure in “governance” and “thinking”. The degree of responsibility ranges between political criminal and moral but particularly upon the shoulder of ‘Islamo-arabists’ thinking and behaviour that converted an ‘African-Arab’ ‘identity conflict’ into a full-blown ‘racial-religion’ war.0

2/ No legitimacy, in any degree or by any justification should be granted to any party or system (North or South) based on the last forged and falsified Elections.0

The last election was not ‘fair’ because it was conducted by illegitimate party of the state.0

The last election was not ‘free’ because it was carried out in the presence of emergency and a security apparatus laws that contradict the interim constitution.0

3/ Democratisation is primary to the final political settlement. The free people will is the only mechanism to grant legitimacy to any solution regarding power, wealth sharing or else.0

4/ Justice is “essential” to peace. There is no social or political peace without justice. Justice must precede peace or coincide with and not in the way ‘Gration’ and his likes thinks and desires.0

The ‘Truth and Reconciliation Process’, a socio-political mechanism applied in the ‘Post-apartheid’ era in South Africa, would never have succeeded if democracy was not considered as “fundamental” to its implementation.0

The political system that created such multitude of problems must stand justice first if a prospect of lasting peace is intended.0

5/ The geography of ‘wealth generating areas’ must be defined before wealth sharing. A number must be punctuated before it is divided. Wealth sharing requires fairness and transparency and these two conditions do not ‘co-exist’ but in a democratic system that is ‘subordinate’ to the rule of law.0  

6/ In the eventuality of cessation, the fairness implies that South Sudan must not share any dept burden spent on a savage civil war against its people.

7/ The theory of “two systems in one state” have proved to be contradictory and divisive and must be discarded. One system equal to coherent and consistent constitution. ‘Sharia laws’ must be confined to the individual cases.

This country, was, and still is, at war with itself. North-South divide is a fact of reality. The social rift is stark reminder of different type of reality.0

8/ Sudanes problems should be thought about, and solutions found by Sudanese minds and ideas. An “indigenous” geo-political and socio-economical collective thinking is essential and fundamental.

The outside help can only meet the condition of ‘sufficiency’ but not essential.0

9/ By the testimony of the many “CPA” remains a good piece of legislation, however it’s an earthy documents with its short comings and therefore will needs “broadening” to include what is ‘missing’ and “narrowing” exclude “contradictions”, just like any other mental process that shapes concepts and ideas.0

The CPA was designed and imposed form the outside upon two parties that were totalitarian in nature, constitution and thinking, and yet the agreement expected these two parties to bring a democratic change and includes the others.0

The “dominant nature” of the genetic defect must “universally” manifest itself in all offspring.0


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