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The fallacy of "the New South of the North" by Amir Idris

U.S. Financed Groups Had Supporting Role in Arab Uprisings by Tarig Mohamed Mohamed-kheir Anter

Shy U.S. Intellectual Created Playbook Used in a Revolution Tarig Mohamed Mohamed-kheir Anter

Sudan's Abyei region awash with arms and anger

Military Helicopter Crash Kills Five in Darfur, Sudan Army Says

SUDAN: Lack of justice "entrenching impunity" in Darfur

The National Agency for Securing and Financing national Exports pays due attention to Nonpetroleum Exports

Vice President of the Republic to witness the launching of the cultural season in Khartoum state

Youth creative activities to be launched under the blessing of the president, Tuesday

Gene Sharp and the Theory of Soft and Undercover Coups díÉtats By: Tarig Mohamed Mohamed-kheir Anter; Khartoum

English: Washington Post: Pregressive Faith: Mohammad Ali Salih, Washington

Sharing Lessons Learned From Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. By: Luk Kuth Dak.

AU Peace and Security Council Communiquť on Sudan is a Disgrace By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

Sudan's gold rush lures thousands to remote areas

South Sudan faces precarious start

Aid workers taken hostage in Darfur freed: U.N.

19 People Killed In Clashes In Sudan's South Kordofan State

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 14th of April 2011

Minister review with Indonesian delegation Sudanese Indonesian petroleum cooperation

Bio-fuel experimental production launched in Sudan

Center for Middle East and Africa's Studies organizes a symposium on intelligence activities in Sudan

South Sudan Activists Say : Women Need Bigger Role

'One dead' as army helicopter crashes in Khartoum

Vice President receives new Algerian ambassador the Sudan

A training military plane crashes killing one of the three crew on board

Headlines of major daily papers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 13th of April 2011

Minister of Defense announces some precautious measures to secure Port Sudan

Industry Minister Meets Ambassadors of Central Africa, South African Republic

Is African Union Peace and Security Council(PSC) is Peace spoiler in Darfur By Tadjadine Bechir Niam

A Solar Energy Market Strategy for South Sudan by Amogpai Ater

Jonglei Governor, Kuol Manyang Juuk, should immediately resign from his office!!! By: Daniel Abushery Daniel

Sudan has 'irrefutable proof' Israel behind air strike

Taha Affirms Government Concern over Youth Issues

Headlines of major news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 11th of April 2011

NCP: statements by the US Secretary of State and the new envoy an attempt to justify the American hostility

Two Sudan papers stop publishing, protest censorship

Helicopters, tanks deployed in volatile Sudan area

State minister at the ministry of oil meets the delegation of the Gulf company for metal industries

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Sunday the 10th of April 2011

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Sudan possess solid proof of Israeli involvement in the aggression on the country

Defense Minister visits Port-Sudan

Sudan Condemns Israel's Flagrant Aggression

Somali pirates hijack German vessel

Family denies assassination of key Hamas figure in Sudan

President Al-Bashirr, First VP Kiir Agree to Implement Agreement on Security Situation in Abyei as of Friday

DUP Denounces Israeli air strike on Port Sudan Vehicle

SBA Calls for especial Economic Relations with South Sudan State

Sudan-Brazil Sign Animal Wealth Protocol

Netanyahu vague on Sudan strike

seven Killed In New Clashes In South Sudan

Sudan's government crushed protests by embracing Internet

Hamas official targeted in Sudan attack, Palestinians say

Headlines of major daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 7th of April 2011 .

Minister of Industry affirms keenness to develop the textile sector

National Civil Defense Council affirms the need for preparations for the rainy season

Israel blamed for deadly airstrike in Sudan

Gunmen kill UN peacekeeper in Sudan's Darfur

About 34,000 people flee S.Sudan clashes - UN

Sudan Accuses Israel in Deadly Airstrike

Headlines of major daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 6th of April 2011 .

Two persons were killed by an unidentified missile in south Port Sudan

Ahmed Haroun welcomes partnership with SPLM- Nuba Sector, other parties

Inmate to be 1st in Texas executed with new drug

Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation urges Washington to lift economic sanctions imposed on Sudan

Prof. Fatima Abdul Mahmoud says US Administration opts to write off Sudan's debts, lift sanctions

Major headlines of daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today, Tuesday the 5th of April 2011

Minister of Finance and National Economy to participate in annual meeting of Arab Financial Institutions

Rebranding, cheaper offers spur Sudani growth

Darfur patiently licking wounds by Abdelgabar Dosa

Sudanese theatre enjoys revival after years of war

Texas using new lethal drug on ex-Army recruiter convicted in Sudanese

Sudan's railways running out of steam

Bashir : Development cannot be achieved without capacity building and administrative reform

Announcement of Kurdufan initiative to establish the African Green Belt on Tuesday

Headlines of major daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 4th of April 2011

Karti: the fate of UNMIS forces would be decided in next July

Foreign Ministry Undersecretary meets EU Envoy

Sudanese held, 10 gm cocaine seized

Sudan unleashes cyber jihadists

Ethiopia Offers Olive Branch in Nile Water Sharing Dispute

Analysis: Republic of South Sudan faces precarious start

Karti says Sudan, Qatar agree to push forward investment to serve mutual interests

Council of Ministers briefed on meetings of Higher Sudanese-Egyptian Committee

President Al-Bashir returns home from State of Qatar

Missyria Horses Saddled to Defend Abyai by Gibreel Musa Ahmed

$360 million loan for Sudan infrastructure

Sudan says no Abyei vote without Misseriya

South Sudan Prints New Currency Ahead of Independence

Bashir says there would be no recognition of any referendum in Abyei if the Messairyia would be excluded

Karti affirms: Sudanese - Libyan borders under control

Memo of understanding between Sudan and China on railways enhancement signed

President Al-Bashir and Emir of Qatar Affirm Importance of Speeding up completion of Final Negotiations with all Movements

UN Mission official in Sudan holds press conference in Wau

The Nuba Mountains of Central Sudan has the Right to Self-Determination By Yassir A. Kori, Oklahoma City, Ok Ė USA

The significance of UN Security Council Resolution No. 1973 on Libya and its likely impact on the dire situation of the Darfur Conflict Eight Years on By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

Kenya's Equity Bank says bullish about 2011

Sudanese president issues Republican decree on referendum on Darfur

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Wdnesday the 30th of March 2011

Exchange rates of foreign currencies against the SDG for today Wednesday the 30th of March 2011

Minister of Hajj Meets Head of Sudanese Hajj Mission

Sudanese Minister Urges Further Increase in Mutual Cooperation with Iran

President Al-Bashir to Leave Tuesday for Qatar

Egyptian Premier Concludes Visit to Sudan

What South Sudan Politicians should consider when discussing boarder issue of South Sudan in the advent of South Sudan independence..By Paul Izaru Bilal.

Arab Fund Lends Sudan $360 Million for New Airport, Two Dams

The major daily newspapers headlines, Monday, March 28

Sudan, India reviews means of enhancement of cooperation in agricultural and livestock fields

President of the Republic receives Egyptian Prime Minister

Al Salam Bank posts $14.5m profit

Catholic NGO told to halt west Darfur aid

Latest challenge for South Sudan: Armed internal rebellion

The major daily newspapers headlines,Sunday, March 27

Egyptian Foreign Minister: the visit of the Egyptian Prime Minister to the Sudan sends a strong message about the importance of Sudan for Egypt

First Sudanese relief plane took off to Libya via Marsa Matrooh area

Sudan Diplomatic Mission to Cairo Warmly Welcomes Visit of Egypt Prime Minister to Sudan

Government Welcomes Visit of Egyptian Premier Dr. Isam Sharaf

JEM is not involved in the Current Crisis in Libya

Bus accident injures 40 Sudanese

Sudanese community shocked

Sudan protest movement's history mars its future

Surge in Sudan violence raises worry independence won't bring peace

Exchange rates of foreign currencies against the SDG for today Thursday the 24th of March 2011

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 24th of March 2011.

Talks between Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Regional Cooperation of South Sudan begin

UNESCO allocates funds to support technical and technological programmes in Sudan

Minister of Justice issues decision establishing prosecution offices for public money in all states


Tens of thousands flood major Darfur camp

Sudan militia kill five in flashpoint Abyei: official

Sudanese police fire teargas at protesters

Vice-President concludes visit to South Darfur State

Headlines of major daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today ,Tuesday the 22nd of March 2011.

Dr. Mandour AL-Mahdi Affirms Government Keenness to Carry out Comprehensive Dialogue

Three-State Solution and a New Sudan: Suggestions for a New Constitution By Jimmy Mulla



Six Sudan activists charged with abducting rape victim

Sudan's main refinery shuts for maintenance

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 21ist of March 2011

Joint Sudan - Arab League Mechanism on Darfur Meets in Cairo

Taha Addresses Peaceful Co-existence Festival in Nyala City

Sudanese migrants return from Libya to uncertainty

S.Sudan: Media fights for free press in new nation

Call to rush for investment prospects in South Sudan

President Al-Bashir Receives Message from Eritrean President

Sudanese Air Bridge in support of Libyan people

Taha to inspect Neyala Power Station, Rahad Abyad Dam Monday

Karmano inspects Sudanese returnees in Aswan River Port in Egypt

President Al-Bashir participates in burial ceremony of late Sheikh of Al-Ahmadiya Al-Idrisiya Order

Who can convince SPLA/M that development achieves their goals in Abyei better than war by Dr Abdulkarim Gibril Elgoni

Higher Democracy Monitoring & Mentoring Organization By: Tarig Mohamed Kheir Anter; Khartoum,

Proposed Universal Code of Conduct for Political Parties By: Tarig Mohamed Kheir Anter; Khartoum/ Sudan; Tel.: 00249911636990

South Sudan army-militia clashes kill 69: army

SUDAN: Timeline since the referendum

Cabinet Reviews Report on Performance and Plans for Development of Sugar Industry

Summit between Sudan, Chad and Central African for Securing Joint Borders

Defense Minister: Work of Chadian - Sudanese joint forces will be extended for another year due to its success

Ministry of Finance Organizes Symposium on Gold Production

Government affirms Sudan stand in Support of Japan to overcome earthquake disaster

The SPLM Abandons Talks and Rallies to Demonstrate in front of its Embassy in DC

S. Sudanese rebels attempt attack on state capital

Egypt intercepts vehicles carrying weapons from Sudan to Gaza

SCOVA issues statement on Libya incidents

Karti Meets Polish Ambassador

Vice - President Meets Minister of Youth and Sports

Foreign Ministry to form working groups on Sudan and Libya

Army blocking aid in south Sudan: UN

France wants peaceful settlement of post-referendum problems in South Sudan

Major headlines of daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today, Tuesday the 15th of March 2011

President Al-Bashir informed about preparations of North Darfur to address impacts of Incidents in Libya

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Darfur administrative referendum is not contradictory with Doha Negotiations

Independent Expert on Human Rights in Sudan commends efforts to make recent referendum reality and successful

Conference on Sudan's Post -Referendum Challenges, Fordham University, Saturday, April 9, 2011, New York City

Sudan plans oil audit to refute transparency fears

Egypt shelled trucks bringing arms from Sudan-source

Abyei violence may derail Sudan peace:rights expert

China Donates Musical Instruments to Sudan's Ministry of Culture

Over 100 orphans caught in S Sudan raid: officials

Southern Sudan Fighting Displaces 20,000 in Jonglei, UN Rights Expert Says

Exchange rates of foreign currencies against the SDG for today Monday the 13th of March

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today , Monday the 14th of March 2011

NC Refutes Allegations Used by SPLM to Suspend Dialogue

Dr. Salahuddin, Al-Mahmoud Review Final Document on Darfur Peace

Security Advisory Official Criticizes News Papers for Taking Statement out of Context

The Arab League of Shopkeepers! By: Tarig Mohamed Kheir Anter

DR LAMíS pre-NEW YORK STORY! By Peter Aban Mujkwan


Queens woman Claire Abdeldaim caught with nearly $170,000 hidden in her underwear at JFK

Doctor plagued patient with calls requesting date for friend

Sudan prompts for Azerbaijani investments in its oil and energy sector

Rival troops build up in Sudan's Abyei -satellite

Dr. Taj al-Sir Mustafa stresses the need to continue efforts to develop the production of gum arabic

Sudan Liberation Movement - General Command - calls on Darfur Authority to move mechanisms to Darfur States

Acting Wali of North Darfur, UNAMID Special Representative inaugurates new terminal at El-Fasher airport

Khartoum State and Chinese Group Sign Memo of Understanding for Implementing 25,000 Housing Units

Dr. Al-Jaz reviews with Businessmen Union economic and industrial relations with Brazil

Imad Elamin Forum in Ireland Holds a Political Rally on :Sudan & the prospects of changeí

Embassy of The Republic of the Sudan : The Issue of Abyei can only be resolved by its Residents not through media antics

U.S. condemns violence in contested Sudanese region

Ras al-Khaimah Ruler receives Sudanese Ambassador

Jobless graduates protest in Sudan oil area: witnesses

SUDAN: Managing the great trek southwards

Sudanís Army Reports 17 Killed in Clashes With Darfur Rebels

The National Congress Leadership Office Affirms Keenness to Implement Its Electoral Program

National Secretariat for National Strategic Dialogue Starts Preparations for Holding Dialogue on Future of Sudan

British Government Officially Affirms that President Al-Bashir Does not Obtain any Account at British Banks or their Branches

President Al-Bashir returns home from Egypt

President Al-Bashir meets leaders of Egyptian parties

No To Hamas-style Democracy By: Tarig Mohamed Kheir Anter, Khartoum

Doctor apologises for sending texts to patient

Darfur rebels slam Khartoum 'divide and rule' plan

Sudanese Police Beat and Detain Anti-Government Protesters in Khartoum

SUDAN: Thousands displaced by Abyei violence "at risk"

Dr. Nafie Meets Sheikh Rashid Al-Ghanoushi

Al Bashir meets with the Egyptian political parties and factions in Cairo

Foreign Ministry Welcomes Decision of New Hampshire to Cancel Law Banning Investment in Sudan

The fighting in Thothim area of the Chollo Kingdom by Peter Karlo

The Bogus Humanity of International Community By Izzadine Abdul Rasoul

Ghazi Salahaddin the Stealth Spoiler of peace Sabotages the Darfur Peace Talks in Doha By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

Sudanese, UN work to quell attacks in border zone

UPDATE 1-Sudan names new central bank governor: state media

South Sudan: Rebel Athor claims Oliny as new ally

Satellite images: 300 burned buildings in Sudan

Nominations Open for Position of South Kordofan Wali

Dr. Al-Jaz Affirms his Ministry's Keenness to Bolster School Requirements Industry

Symposium on Sudan Foreign Relations under Current Changes to be Held

Headlines of Major Sudanese Newspapers

Al Bashir meets with delegations participating in Al-Quds Conference

ďI had a dreamĒ about Abyei (1) by Dr Abdul-karim Elgoni

Watch out for Khalifa Al Thani Islamic Global Caliphate By: Tarig Mohamed Kheir Anter

Abye Solidarity Campaign

Disputed Abyei Area, population faces evacuation as SAF attacks

The challenges of the new Republic of South Sudan!! By: Luk Kuth Dak.

Corruption of Some members of Dinka tribe shouldn't be related to Political Tribalism in South Sudan by Garang Akur

Gadgafiís namesake in UAE to change his name

Sudanese activists escape to the south after being arrested for demonstrating

Southern Sudan's Army Reports Clashes With Rebel Militia in Jonglei State

National Congress Describes Aggression on Peaceful Citizens in Abyei as Criminal Act

Sudan to Participate in Meetings of the Arab League Foreign Ministers' Council in Cairo

Minister of Justice affirms government determination to press ahead with enhancing human rights situation

Hypocrisy of Sudanís NCP and double Standards of the Arab Media By Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman

Qatari Minister for Foreign Affairs Meets Sudanese Official

Sudan suspends Catholic aid group's work in Darfur

Sudan clamps down on election protest

Sudan: Abyei ethnic clashes mar peace deal

Mali Expresses its Support to Sudan Against ICC allegations

First Batch of Sudanese Nationals Returning from Libya to Arrive Monday in Khartoum

Minister of Irrigation Addresses Symposium on Blue Nile Basin Research

President Al-Bashir Affirms his Support to National Library Project

No to a Pseudo-Islamic REPUBLIC by Badreldin Yousif Dafallah Elsimat

Sudan's FA says country is "ready" to host Nations Cup

President Al-Bashir Affirms State Concern with Scientific Research

Official: Sudanese Nationals in Libya in Good Condition

Sudan - Qatar Energy Cooperation Discussed

FIFA President Expresses Satisfaction over CAF Championship Organization in Sudan

All Things Have Fallen Apart by Namaa AL- Mahdi

Sudan army attacks Darfur rebel stronghold

Use of Kilogram as Unit of Measurement in March

SUDAN: Rights groups criticize Khartoum crackdowns

Niger's President Leaves for Kuwait

President Al-Bashir Reviews bilateral Relations with Niger counterpart

Armed Forces Inflicts Heavy Losses on Rebels in Eastern Jabal Marra

Sudan says Darfur rebels involved in Libyan clashes

Sudan rights group slams 'rape' by security forces

South Sudan Works to Rebuild Higher Education

Sudanese protesters block main road in capital

South Sudan police academy mired in abuse scandal

Contract Signed for Expanding Al-Tahadi Road between Al-Jaila and Shendi

Speaker of Parliament Receives Romanian Ambassador

Kassala State, JICA sign technical cooperation agreement to provide basic services in Kassala State at 17 Million US Dollars

Taha Calls for Close Coordination between Concerned Organs on Agricultural Funding

Minister of Irrigation affirms necessity of equitable use of Nile Water among all Nile Basin Countries

South Sudan vows press protection after paper raid

Sudan set for CHAN semi-final

The National Legislature endorses Referendum Results

Sudanese Workers Trade Unions Federation sign MOU with Ministry of Human Resource Development

Karti and Sir Plumbly review pending issues and writing off Sudan debts

Foreign Ministry Urges Sudanese nationals in Libya to be vigilant and take Necessary Precautions

President Al-Bashir Receives Congratulatory Cables on Mulid Occasion

ďThe new york timesĒ ďMy Country DividedĒ by MOHAMMAD ALI SALIH

GOSS Cairo office: Corruption of Parmena Mangar and Robert Marial has reached out to Southern Sudanese communities in Cairo. by Lojuan Abdallah

An Article On What is Expected from Constitution of South Sudan By Dr. James Okuk

Sudanís leader open to contact with Russia

Mikhail Margelov. Photo: RIA Novosti

Nyantakyi arrives in Khartoum for CAF elections

Darfur rebels clash with Sudan army

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman: the Ministry is the first line of defense of the National Security

Taha reviews issues related to the implementation of the Islamic sharia laws in the country

Sudan takes part in the Ministerial conference on the least developed countries in India

Sudan and Qatar sign an agreement on cultural cooperation

Vice President hands over a number of prizes to winners of Tayeb Salih awards

Sudanese war criminal at Guantánamo turns government witness

Guantanamo jury to sentence al Qaeda conspirator

Kenyan vice president in southern Sudan to deliver special message

EAST AFRICA: La Niña-induced drought ďto affect millionsĒ

Joint Mediation reviews preparations for final peace document with delegations of Government, movements

Qatarís Minister of Culture: Qatar's participation in the activities of Al Tayeb Salih International Award aims for raising value of loyalty

Council of Ministers Approves National Traffic Safety Strategy

President Al-Bashir: Sudan and Eritrea Share Identical Views on Local and Regional Issues

International community Deserts Darfur and passes it over to the NCP mercy! By Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman

The snake doesn't strike twice from the same hole!! By: Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)

Lack of Infrastructure a Major Challenge for South Sudan

Guantánamo detainee pleads guilty to conspiracy with al Qaeda

South Sudan Reports Progress on Seperation Issues

South Sudan accuses North of supplying arms to rebels

Sudan Establishes Unit to Bring Down Opposition Websites

SUDAN: Farming the future in the South

President Al-Bashir Receives Visiting Delegation of Qatari Museums Corporation

Qatari Culture Minister Starts Visit to Sudan

President Al-Bashir Inaugurates Karari High Pumping Water Station

State Minister for Foreign Affairs reviews with Egyptian ambassador development of situations in Egypt

Undersecretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs reviews with Turkish Ambassador preparations to hold joint ministerial committee

SPLM Political Bureau Meeting:Final Communiquť

S.Sudan eyes new oil pipelines after independence

Chinese construction company win contract for new airport in Sudanese capital

US Denies Holding Meetings In Juba To Change Sudanese State's Structure

South Sudan chosen as name for new country

Dr. Al-Degair to Meet Members of Parliament's Economic Affairs Committee

National Congress, Umma Party discuss issues of coming period

President Al-Bashir to Inaugurate Karari High Pumping Water Station Wednesday

Middle East and African Studies Center to organize symposium on Economic and Financial Dimension of Separation of South Sudan

US Embassy denies holding meetings in Juba for changing the Sudanese State' structure

Why House Of Nationalities Is Necessary in Souyth Sudan By R. Mou Run

China company to build $1.2 billion airport in Sudan's capital

Government Demands Explanation on Statements of American Consul in Juba about Plotting against the North

Taha affirms government pledge to provide funding for technical and technological education

Coordinative meeting of the state ministers of culture recommends support of infrastructures of culture

Taha pledges support to culture, cultural institutions in implementing revival cultural project

Karti Commends Kuwaiti Support to Sudan

Why Democracy failed in Sudan by Namaa Faisal Al Mahdi

Minister Deng Alor Announces Southern Sudan Braces Better Future Preparing its Statehood

Conquering our fear, we still have proud and admirable tradition of civil resistance in Sudan by Ahmed Elzobier

Sudan governor expels French aid group from Darfur

Rwanda: Top Sudan Lawyer Impressed By Kigali Visit

Sudan's ex-revolutionaries warn Egypt to be wary

President Al-Bashir Inaugurates Premises of 73rd Brigade in Al-Dabba

Sudanese men stabbed by Israeli gang

Saleh receives letter from Sudanese counterpart

UN Gears Up To Help Sudanese Returning To South

Sudanese women hold vigil for detained protesters

South Sudan: Improve Accountability for Security Force Abuses

Sudan detains opposition leader in crackdown

Chad military still using child soldiers: Amnesty

Bin Laden's cook to be repatriated to Sudan

Military's cease-fire breaks down in Southern Sudan

US olive branch to Sudan could backfire

Nearly 140 die in fighting in Southern Sudan

The Transitional Executive Authority in North Darfur affirms its commitment to Abuja Agreement

Sudan participates in international symposium on protection of civilians in armed conflicts

Dr. Al-Jaz gives directives for allocation of areas for cultivation of groundnut and sunflower crops

Additional loan of 84 million dollars for electricity of Atbara and Setait dams

Commission of People's Consultation in the Blue Nile officially adopts the result of the stage of taking opinions

The fate of the rest of Sudan after the de facto secession of the south By Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman

Sudan detains opposition leader: party official

Namibia welcomes South Sudan - by Irene !HoaŽs

South Sudan ceasefire broken: Athor attacks Jonglei

Ministry of international cooperation organizes a workshop titled ( writing programmes and projects proposals )

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 10th of February 2011

Foreign Minister Receives Copy of New Syrian Ambassador's Credentials

Al-Mahmoud Arrives in Khartoum to Hold Consultations on Peace in Darfur

Sudan, Chad review bilateral relations in oil field

Southern Sudanese vote for independence nearly unanimous

South Sudan minister shot dead

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 9th of February 2011

Government and UNAMID underlines their partnership to realize peace in Darfur

President Al-Bashir inaugurates Umrawaba Power Station

South Sudan preserves past to forge a proud future

Analysis: Key challenges for Southern Sudan after split

Headlines of Major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Tuesday the 8th of February 2011

Referendum Commission: 98.83% Southerners Voted for Separation

European Union Welcomes Sudan Government Respect to Referendum Result

Oil Minister Reviews with Total Company Ways of Increasing Oil Discovery and Production

Presidential Advisor: People of Sudan astonished the world by accepting referendum results in a civilized way

Turkish minister visits Turkish- Sudanese school in Khartoum

Sudan's Leader: We Will Respect Southern Secession

Sudan's crucial north-south trade under threat

Army mutiny leaves dozens dead in southern Sudan

Alneelain Arab poetry forum to be held in Khartoum late of current February

Measures and preparations for the president's visit to the northern state are completed

Head lines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 7th of January 2011

President meets Turkish Deputy Prime Minister

The dictatorís politicians in Southern Sudan are in chopping block!!!By: Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)

Sudan 1-0 Gabon ( bad team coming good) by Ayman Yamani

Sudanese Soldiers Clash in Upper Nile State, Killing Six, Spokesman Says

Pressing for 'power to the people'

20 People Killed In Sudanese Troop Shootout

President Al-Bashir to address mass rally for support to Islamic Sharia Saturday

President Al-Bashir to Inaugurate Investment Commission in North Kordofan

Eight killed, 51 injured in Traffic Accident at Taibat Al-Hassanab

Aggar: Development is the single means to realize peace and stability in Sudan

China, hip-hop and the new Sudan

Ex-rebel says Bashir must draw south Sudan lesson

South Sudan to Face Stiff Challenges

Police beat, arrest Sudanese at short-lived protests

Sudanese Activists Hope to Follow Tunisia and Egypt, Despite Different Circumstances

Africans Debate Wisdom of Expected Secession of Southern Sudan

South Sudan investors face risks but see bright future

South Sudan Ďwelcome to join EACí

Young Sudanese Start Protest Movement

SUDAN: Darfur returning ďto past patterns of violence

Government delegation headed by Dr.. Ghazi and eight federal ministers to visit Darfur next week

Official website of African Cup of Nations Championship launched

Sudanese Researcher obtains patent for extracting oil from kernel of palm dates

Hayatu Appreciates Sudan Hosting to African Nations Championship

Iranian Geological Survey delegation to visit Sudan on Saturday

«Š‘»«» «Š”śŌ«šž »«„—ŪŖ« Ū”Ū—ś« „Ŕ«Ś—… «Šž «Š”›«—… «Š”śŌ«šŪ… »ś«‘šōš

Breach of South-South Trust Is Dangerous Bleach B y Dr. James Okuk

Sudan and the Winds of Change; Lessons from Tunis and Egypt by Abdel-Rahman El-Mahdi

Collo Global Action: Time for the Pending Issues

Can Southern Sudanese prove the North, Observers wrong By Majok Nikodemo Arou

Two Sudan journalists in court, risk death sentence


Southern Sudan has Separated, Darfur will be next by Namaa AL- Mahdi (Miss)

Sudan frees jailed human rights activist

Some south Sudanese see independence from Muslim north fulfilment of prophecy

UN Report Cites Sudanese 'Interference' With Peacekeepers

Sudan urges U.S. to look beyond Darfur, restore ties

Southern Sudan set to be new frontier for business

Headlines of major news papers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 27th of January 2011

Separation should not be the end for the North-South relation, says Dr. Gai

National Congress rejects preconditions on dialogue with opposition

Karti Meets Senior US officials

Chairman of African Union concludes visit to Khartoum, leaves to Juba

Press Release from GoSS Mission, USA

Sudanese army refute rebel's claim of shooting down military helicopter

AU Summit Expected to Focus on Ivory Coast, Sudan

South Sudan considers ICC membership: minister

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartuom today Wednesday the 26th of January 2011

Malawian President chairman of the African Union arrives in khartoum

Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms fulfillment of all commitments towards the UNAMID

The Armed Forces inflict heavy losses on remnants of the rebels in Darfur, the army continues with mopping up operations

Former US Ambassador Timothy Carney to give lecture at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wednesday

Pres. Kiir acting within the law By Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba

President Kiir Did Not Act within the Law: A Response to Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba by Gordon Buay

Sudanese FM Ali Karti Making Three-day Visit To US

Sudanese community mourns weekend shooting death

Ministry of communication and information tehnology : among the priorities the implementation of the electronic government project

President of Republic Omer Al-Bashir arrives at the River Nile State

exchange rates of foreign currencies against the SDG for today Thursday 25th of Jan.

Algadhfi meets the minister of defence

referendum results

President Salva Kiirís Decree Violated South-South Dialogue Agreement

South Sudan referendum counting process nearly ends, separation foregone conclusion

Two more Arabs set themselves ablaze

Taha attend signing ceremony of electricity provision for the agricultural projects

Bashir visits River Nil State on Tuesday

River Nile State complete its preparations for the visit of the President of the Republic

International Support to Darfur Peace Process in Doha Affirmed

Islamic Parliamentarians Affirm their Support to Sudan

JEMís Self-Immolations shouldn't be seen as subservient to Hassan al-Turabi By Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman

Northern elites and their destructive delusions by Ahmed Elzobier

Naming the New Country that Separated from Sudan By Dr. James Okuk

Billion Congratulations for Secession of South Sudan By Dr. James Okuk

USA Referendum voting turnout reached 74%

Students protest in Sudan's north over price rises

Clooney Films Sudan

UN: 3 Contractors Kidnapped in Darfur

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 13 th of January 2011

Preeident Al-Bashir to Inaugurate Al-Dabba Hospital on January 25

President Al-Bashir Meets Board of Trustees of Africa International University

Referendum Observer Arrested in Malakal

President Al-Bashir to Inaugurate Ahkam Cement Factory in Nahral-Neil State

Christians in North Sudan await uncertain future

Khartoum Welcomes Statement By Clinton On US Support For Sudan

Southern Sudan referendum in Juba

National group for human rights participates in the referendum observation

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 12th of January 2011

Sudan's ambassador in Saudi Arabia: the two countries agreed on the establishment of joint cooperation mechanism

A Sudanese refugees is being deported to his country from Cairo; organizations to stand with him

Towards A United North Sudan under Darfur Presidency By Abdullahi Osman El-Tom

More Violence as South Sudanese Vote in Landmark Referendum

Follwing are the headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Tuesday the 11th of January 2011

President of the Republic to inugurate on the 25th of current month Atbara cement factory

The Central Bank of Sudan generalizes a regulation combating money laundering

Ministry of Foreign Affairs refutes Carter's Statement about the North bearing to all Sudan external debts

Statement by Dr. Toby Maduot Parek, Chairman of the Sudan African National Union (SANU

The birth of the world newest nation ( South Sudan) !!!! By: Daniel A. Daniel (USA)

Morning Brief: 23 reported killed in border clashes as Southern Sudan votes on independence

Some Sudanese-Canadians boycott referendum over fears of bias

Sudanese Referendum Echoes in Russia

Thousands vote in Southern Sudan as violence flares in disputed region

Sudan: Dozens Killed In Election Clashes

Clinton praises Sudan for south polls, urges aid

Omaha 1 Of 8 Polling Places In U.S.

SUDAN-SOMALIA: Referendum outcome worries Somalis in South

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 10th of January 2010

Luka Biong describes the start of the referendum as historic

Agar inspects voting process in Al Damazin and Al Roseires centers

Why are the Nuba of Sudan Protesting? by Suleiman Musa Rahhal, FIBMS

Roanoke Sudanese make voices heard

All set for Sudanese in Kenya to vote

New Country Likely to Emerge from Sudan's Referendum

Six killed in Southern Sudan clashes before referendum

Ali Majok : Khartoum Music Festival is for opening the communication doors with the international , local and Arab music

Vice President to Inaugurate Investment Promotion Commission

Peoples Friendship Council to participate in Chad's nationl day celebrations

Making a difference to war or peace in Sudan , UAE paper

8 polling centres in Kenya for Sudan vote

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 6th of January 2011

Released UNAMID Employee Arrives in Al-Fasher City

Dr. Nafie: Good Relations and Integration between the North and the South will be for the Interest of Sudan

President Al-Bashir Attends Graduation of 62nd Batch of Graduates at Police and Legal Sciences' College

Secretary-Generalís Panel arrives in Sudan on eve of voting in Southern Sudan referendum

Why Darfur Region Referendum is now while none needed when abrogated? By Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman

Sudanese minister urges calm on UAE visit

Bashir comments 'extremely encouraging': Kerry

Southern Sudan referendum "fully" prepared: official

Uneasy climate surrounds south Sudan secession vote

China to send observers to Sudan as Beshir softens stance

US Senator describes President Al Bashir's address in Juba as successful

Major headlines of daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 5th of January 2011

Dr. Kamal Obeid: the plan of the Ministry of Finance will be presented to the parliament tomorrow for approval

Cabinet approves the economic reforms plan of the Ministry of Finance

The specific letter for Military, Police and all other security departments in Sudan by Abdelkarim Musa Abakar-HFX, Canada

«Õ ›«Š „š «ŐŠ «Š”Š«„ ›ž «Š”śŌ«š »›—ŐŪšŪ« Sudan Peace Concert («ŠŌŕś… ŕ«„…)

Minister of Interior inspects flood-affected areas in Port-Sudan

Senator Kerry to arrive in Sudan on Tuesday

The 2011 Gestapo and ďAbu-ShanabĒ by Hatim.Elmadani

Sudanese President Directs Interior Ministry To Ensure Security Of Southerners

Obama to increase engagement with Africa in 2011

Swar affirms his support to the Sudanese community in Canada in the spheres of youth and sports activities

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in khartoum today the 3rd of January 2011

President of the Republic attends Sudanese Woman union celebrations by the independence

National Congress Discuss Political Parties Response to President's Call for Broad-based Government

The Future of South Sudan Suggested Reading from LSE, London University by Mr Kuku D. Abdel-Rassa3, London

Darfur Mediation Team Voices Commitment to Peace Negotiations

Sudanese celebrate New Year eyeing Jan. 9 referendum

Council for International People's Friendship to Participate in Chad Clebration of its National Day

National Council for Press and Publications to Organize Workshop on Journalism Professionalism Ethics


Sudanís Omer al-Bashir Sabotages the Darfur Peace Prospects in Doha By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

From the world capital of reputation laundering Bashir ďIs No BogeymanĒ! by Hatim Elmadani

SUDAN: Visceral leishmaniasis outbreak adds to returneesí woes

Joint Mediation to Deliver Comprehensive Peace Document to the Parties

Armed Forces Spokesman: Dar Al-Salam not Occupied by Rebels

Al Mahmoud briefs Darfur MPs on joint mediation efforts

Non Muslim Commission lashes at US Secretary of State's report

Al-Mahmoud Meets Mbeki in Darfur

The Bright Future of the Two Sudanese States by Mr Kuku D. Abdel-Rassa3, London

Christmas and New Year Message from GoSS Mission in USA

UNAMID says it is continuing delivery of humanitarian aid to people affected by recent incidents in Darfur

Taha: Government is Ready to Deal with coming Development

SPLM Leading Figures Resigned

State Minister at Ministry of Social Security and Welfare Affirms Government Concern with Children Protection

Sudan president sets Darfur talks deadline

Memorial fund set-up for two young men of the Sudanese Community

Arab League chief sees no desire for war in Sudan

Headlines of major news papers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 29th of December 2010

Head of the Bar: Talk about lack of legitimacy of the government after the elections just a political bargain

Dr. Ismail to Hand over Written Message from President Al-Bashir to Emir of Qatar

UN Statement in Response to Some Articles on the DDR Programme in Sudan

ran says it condemns any measure against Sudan's dignity

UAE Ambassador meets Sudanese Ministers

Holidaying policeman guns down Sudanese mechanic

Kenya, Egypt root for peaceful Sudan vote

Sudan war exiles eager to make their mark

SUDAN: Southern returnee deluge leaves aid workers in a quandary

Sudan participates on the rights of the Child conference in Marakish

One thousand Euro for the travelling abroad

Arab league Secretary General arrived at Khartoum today

President of the Republic Omar Albashir to start his visit to Gezira state

Headlines of major daily papers issued in Khartoum today the 28th of December 2010:

Remember those massacred in Egypt. South Sudan: Remember those massacred in Egypt.By: Justin Ambago Ramba, MD.

Sudan Ruling Party Dismisses Opposition Strike Threat

Israel to close door on African influx

Headlines of major news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 27th of December 2010

Cultivation of 500 thousand feddans of cotton next season

Political Sector of National Continues Discussion on Referendum and Post-Referendum Arrangements

Omani Delegation Appreciates Technological and Editing at SUNA

Sudanese nurse held for illegal 'virginity stitching' in Saudi Arabia

Moussa to visit Sudan to inspect referendum arrangements

Jimmy Carter vs. guinea worm: Sudan is last battle

Aldindir National Park recieves the Spanish investors delegation

Sudan Unity forum calls all the people's sectors to adhere to negotiation principal

An Egyptian Medical convoy to the northern and southern Darfur

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Sunday the 26th of December 2010

Minister of Endowment congratulates Christians

Extremist NCP Ideology shouldnít Reign Post-Referendum Northern Sudan By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

THE SUDAN HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION CAIRO:Immediate release of Activist Mudawi Ibrahim Adam

Sudanese security forces crash party meeting

Israelis march to protest plans to detain illegal immigrants

Biden reminds Sudan US sees on-time vote as vital

Armed Forces Issues Statement on its Attack on Alliance of Rebel Movements

Police Forces Issues Statement on Illegal Assembling of Umma Party Elements, their Closure to Main Street and Throwing to Stones on Police

President Al-Bashir Receives Phone Call from Al-Mirghani

Livestock at Gebaish Locality Vaccinated against Several Diseases

Ethiopian Official: Sudanese-Ethiopian Ties Distinguished and Stable

Diplomatic Engagement Not Enough in Sudan

Darfur rebels clash with Sudanese army troops

13th Conference for Development of Sudanese - Ethiopian States Inaugurated in Sinjah

Somali Minister Appreciates Sudan Support to his Country

Sudan, Malaysia agree to boost their cooperation in aspects of training and capacity-building

Rapporteur of Advisory Council for Human Rights affirms the concern with special protection

Control of Sudan's oil a big issue in January vote

Sudanís Ruling Party Rejects Post-Referendum Rotating Presidency

South Sudan set to go leaving the North to settle its National Identity Crisis. By: Justin Ambago Ramba, MD


Sudanese secessionist referendum likely to trigger war

In poverty-struck Yemen, al-Qaida a low priority

SUDAN: Re-empowering the Southern chiefs

President of the community based organizations mechanism pledges to exert more efforts for its leadership

Ministry of culture affirms its concern by the cultural movements in cooperation with the community based organizations

Head lines of major news papers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 22nd of December 2010

Major General Hanafi: CISSA meeting in Khartoum confirmed enhancement of security and to end the conflict in Somalia

Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister to arrive Khartoum tomorrow to take part in the meetings of the Joint Ministerial Committee

Transferred to Darfur: The notorious judge in the case of the flogged woman By Abdullahi Osman El-Tom

UN fears mass migration if Sudan vote sparks war

Sudan leader vows to bolster Islamic law in north

Oil Minister and Minister of State meet with heads of oil companies

Ali Osman: those who are trying religious sedition among Sudan People's the wall of tolerance and religious coexistence will fail their plots

Khartoum Monitor and Hikayat Newspapers Suspended

Mauritanian President Arrives in Sudan

Contrary to Many Expectations The South Will Win Ė Part I By Tadjadine Bechir Niam

Sudanese in America Prepare to Vote in January Referendum

Sudan tribe stages mass abduction

Sudan: UN expert urges release of detained journalists and human rights activists

Minister of Welfare and Social Security chairs 1st meeting of national council for disabled persons

Children of Sudan sign on map of united Sudan, saying Yes for Unity No for separation

Governance and Administration Sector Reviews Implementation of Civil Register

Printing of voting cards for South Sudan Referendum completed

Sudan: Guarantee Post-Referendum Citizenship Rights

UN Secretary-Generalís Panel on the Referenda in the Sudan briefs Security Council on its role and recent developments

Presidential committees are short of national representation:All-Sudanese national conference to facilitate South referendum

Significance of coalition of Darfur resistance Forces at this critical juncture By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

Debating A Southerner (7): Pagan Amum

Sudanese migrants claim they are being kept in Malta

"Blue" nomads attack Sudan oilfields: sources

South Sudanese shrug off home hardships to vote

Memo of Understanding Signed for Use of Solar Energy in Agriculture

Headlines of Khartoum major daily news papers issued today Wednesday the 15th 2010

Taha at the opening of the school tournament emphasizes adherence to the unity and says that the referendum process continues

Kibir renew the Government's commitment and adherence to the Abuja Agreement

Chadian Finance Minister: Our visit to Sudan aims to strengthening economic ties

Ruling Party in Southern Sudan Opts for Separation

Turkish doctors help Sudanese patients at Red Crescent hospital

Meetings of the Arab States Broadcast Union General Assembly to start tomorrow

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 13th of December 2010

Assembly of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA) concludes session and issues recommendations

Minister of Science and Technology Affirms his Ministry's Concern with Use of Modern Technology in Various Fields

Rally for Peace & Justice in Nuba Mountains, Sudan

Will the SSRC Succeed Finally Like the NEC? By Dr James Okuk

Violence Between Married Couple by mohamed akasha*

500,000 Liters-a-Day Dairy Factory

Leaked Cables Detail Kenya's Role in Arming South Sudan

South Sudan accuses north of dropping 18 bombs

SUDAN: Arm militia to contain LRA in Western Equatoria, say leaders

Five Superintendents of Kassala Mission for School Tournament Die in Traffic Incident

Luka Biong lauds supportive stance of South Africa to Sudan in all forums

SUNA General Manager Receives Sudan Ambassador to the Netherlands

President Al-Bashir receives Tunisian Ambassador on expiry of his assignment to Sudan

Kibir and Gration Review Peace Process in Darfur and Ways to Revamp American Role in

No Region No Peace By Tadjadine Bechir Niam

China reiterates firm support for Sudan's peace process

Sudanese forced from homes after bombing

Sudanese models spared whip but fined for 'indecency'

Youth held with foreign currency

Zambia: Pressure mounts on Al-Bashir arrest, as ICC probes on

Pirated tanks were going to Sudan

Organized Mining to begin in Western Bara Early Next Year

Headlines of major news papers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 9th of December 2010

South Sudan Referendum Commission announces Closure of Registration Centers

Taha Discusses With Austrian Foreign Minister CPA Implementation, South Sudan Referendum

Sudan, Austria Hold Joint Parliamentary Talks

Egypt is Too Selfish and Wicked towards South Sudan. By: Justin Ambago Ramba, MD.

Zambia: Human rights group condemns RB over Al-Bashir invite

US embassy cables: Clinton asks Sudan to block Iranian arms supplies to Hamas

South Sudan accuses north army of fresh attacks

Kasha Praises Role of Security Forces in Confronting Security Threats in South Darfur State

Taha: Securing Oil Fields was Agreed upon by Two Partners

Al-Degair briefs Norwegian Ambassador on Arrangements for Holding International Cooperation

First Vice - President and Russian Envoy Review Latest Political Developments

Framework Agreement Signed by Armed Forces and SPLA for Securing Petroleum Areas in South Sudan

Ruling Sudanese Party Charges Referendum Act Violations

Sudanese FM to visit China

Brazilian Delegation Visits GIAD

Vice - President to Address Workshop on National Plan on Transport

Major headlines of daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 6th of December 2010

AMIS Is more effective than UNAMID By Tadjadine Bechir Niam

Sudan: More Violence at Zalingei at a Political Crossroad

Prof. Khalil Moves From Re-opening Ballot Bids to Postponing the Referendum. By: Justin Ambago Ramba, MD

Two students killed in demonstrations - Darfur News Update by Radio Dabanga (27 November- 3 December)

East Sudan Conference in Kuwait Yields Positive Results 75% of 4 Billion Dollar Goal Reached

Sudanís al-Bashir Persona non grata: Mission Impossible! By Mahmoud A. Suleiman


China to donate $23 mln for east Sudan development

Pakistani farming families to be facilitated to farm in Sudan

Iranian, Syrian Officials Reiterate Support for Integrity in Sudan

International donors pledge $3.5bn for eastern Sudan

Sudan Raises $3.55 Billion to Develop Eastern Region

Islamic Bank Contribute with 250 Million Dollar for Development of Eastern Sudan

SUDAN: Culture shock for many southern returnees

Bahrain foreign minister renews his country's support to Sudan's unity and stability

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 2nd of December 2010

Dr Kamal Obied: National Congress, SPLM have overcome most differences over disagreed issues

More than Three Billion Dollars Donated for Development in East Sudan

A Message to Southern Sudan Elites: by Suliman S. Derar

Central African Republic must arrest Omar al-Bashir during visit

Sudanese indifferent about referendum

Sudan eyes big investments in formerly restive east

Delay in Ballot Printing for Sudan January Referendum

Sudan's Bashir absent from C.African Rep. event

Africa-EU Summit Call For Resolving Sudan Stand-Off

More than one billion USD the world community pledges towards the development of eastern Sudan

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday 1/12/2010

The Delegation of the Joint Mediation held meetings in West Darfur

Al-Mahmoud: the Demands of Darfur People are Similar

Legendary Sudanese singer Wardi says unity of Sudan is Ďa lieí

Sudan to Reject Decisions from AU-EU Summit

S Sudanese 'flee border area'

Sudan crude oil output to rise to 500,000 bpd

Kenya keen on Sudan referendum

Launching the aids project of the national forests programme in its second phase to conserve the vegitation cover

Manager of the registration and documentation of Sudanese life centre : cultural diversity enriches the cultural and artistic value

Launching Sudan cultural nights next December

Sudan to participate in the African cultures festival in Senigal during the period 15-25 December

Headlines of major daily issued in Khartoum today Tuesday the 30th of November 2010

Full Text of the Articles I Wrote on the Crisis and the Conflict in Darfur Br Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman

Sudan's central bank raises margin on pound

Darfur rebels need more time for peace deal: mediators

Sudan Welcomes Arab League Final Communiquť

Sudanese war orphans journey to US voting sites

Sudan's Al Bashir pulls out of EU-Africa Summit

South Sudanese flee border area fearing air raids

Headlines of major news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 29th of November 2010

KENYA-SUDAN: Joshua, "After the referendum, Iíll be going back"

117 States, Organization and fund have confirmed their participation in the donors conference for Eastern Sudan

Presidency of the Republic Issues Statement on Sudan Withdrawal from Third African - European Summit in Libya

Dr. Al-Jaz reviews cooperation between Sudan and UNIDO

South Sudanese people in Diaspora are up to the tasks!!! By: Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)

Myth of South Sudanís role in the Darfur Conflict Refuted By Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman

Return to war in Sudan could cost in excess of $100billion warns new report

Challenging American Sudanese Community election

Sudanese student brought to U of A with refugee program

Sudan: North attack on South gets UN reaction

Thousands of Sudanese Ďsee the lightí thanks to Kimse Yok Mu

Sudanese Commission Warns Attack Could Undermine Referendum

Report: Possible Sudan war could cost $110 billion

Analysis: Securing a peaceful divorce in Sudan

President Al Bashir briefed on outcomes of AU social development conference

Meeting of Ministerial Council of the Desert Locust Control Organization for East Africa begins in Merowe

Sudan to host FAO Regional Conference for the Near East

Has President Al- Basher Gone Insane?! By: Luk Kuth Dak Ė USA.

"Washington Post": Faith, As I Faced Death by Mohammad Ali Salih

Sudanese expats skip vacations home to Ďescape conscriptioní

African leaders say environment right for resolving Sudanese crisis

Sudanís Ruling Party Welcomes IGAD Summit Recommendations

Donors and investors to Sudan to be hosted by Kuwait

Egypt eyes Sudan for wheat needs

Headlines of maior daily papers issued in Khartoum tody Wednesday the 24th of November 2010

Salva Kiir says the South is Open to Observers to Witness the Freedom to call for Unity or Separation

President Al-Bashir Returns Home after Participation at Extraordinary IGAD Summit in Addis Ababa

Minister of National Defence Addresses Celebration Marking Golden Jubilee of Military Industry Corporation

Communiquť of the 16th Extra-Ordinary Session of the IGAD Assembly of Heads of States and government

Darfur Update: Causes Might Differ But Death is One

Inconsolable pains beyond the passions for self-determination by El-tahir Adam E-faki

Government reaffirms commitment to referendum results if conducted freely

Sudanese men learn from information day

As Southern Sudanese Return Home, Challenges Arise

South Sudan turns out in force to register for historic vote

African leaders hold summit on Sudan, Somalia

SUDAN: ďTone down the rhetoricĒ urges top UN official

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Affirms Importance of IGAD Summit in Addis Ababa

SUDAN: Countdown to the Southern referendum

National Congress, SPLM forward proposals on Abyei issue to AU Panel on Sudan

National Congress, Political Forces to tour Northern States to prompt Southerners to register for referendum

Too many Hats you wear but no Peace for Darfur Mr. Amin Hassan Omer! By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

22 Nov: Opening remarks from press conference by the SG's Panel on the Referenda in the Sudan

Why is NCP Disputing Referendum Results In Advance! By: Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba, MD.

UPDATE 1-Sudan orders banks to buy forex at 16.3 pct premium

Kuwait to host first east Sudan donors conference

Sudan Central Bank Attempts to Boost Foreign Reserves

First Geological Office in Darfur States to be Established in Nyla

Sudan to Participate at First Arab Conference for Agricultural and Food Investment in Cairo

Aldabi to visit Al Fasher to check out the proceedings of the final document of reconciliation

Preparations for International Donors Conference for Rehabilitation and Development in East Sudan Discussed

I hate to Choose: Personal reflections on the referendum by Dr.Amir Idris

Australia Urged to Open More Centers for Expatriate Sudanese Voters

Food merchants flee South Sudan before Jan. vote

Obama hails 'critical milestone' on Sudan referendum

SUDAN: Excitement, frustration as referendum registration gets under way

AFRICA: Holistic approaches key to ending FGM/C - study

Motasem Zaki -Eddin Affirms the Stability of Security conditions in Ghibaish Locality

The Celebration of Arab Expatriates Day in the First week of December

Foreign Minister returns home after taking part in UN Security Council Emergency meeting in New York

Southern Sudan Conference seeks to highlight Sudanís Ďticking time bombí

I'm Mulwal Sudanese by birth by OMAR BASHIR

What, or Who brings peace in Darfur?(2) by Tadjadine Bechir Niam

NCP Hard-line approach to the Darfur issue is Hate-Driven By Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman


Secretary-Generalís Panel encourages Southern Sudanese to register to vote as key phase begins

Assistant Secretary Eric P. Schwartz to Travel to Chad and Sudan

Registration starts for Sudan vote

Kiir and Taha Discuss with Mbeki Issues of Peace and Referendum

Republican Decree on Formation of the National Committee for Support to Unity and Referendum Issued

Foreign Minister reviews political coordination with Hungarian counterpart

KSC increases sugar cane area

Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy invites you to participate in an upcoming rally to support Darfur and South Sudan

Sudan: Halt Wave of Attacks on Civilians in Darfur

Thousands flee northern Sudan as referendum nears

Sudan: Parasitic Disease Has Killed More Than 300 in Countryís South

EU sends observers to monitor Sudan registration for referendum

Darfur: A Wake-Up Call for the World: Radio Dabanga Journalists Arrested

Ajman Ruler receives Advisor to the Sudanese President

Saif bin Zayed sends note to his Sudanese counterpart

Pressure is mounting on the north to let Africaís largest country be divided

AU Urges Al-Bashir To Ensure Conducive Atmosphere For Sudan Referendum

Bulgaria to close 7 of its embassies abroad due to lack of money

North, south Sudan defence chiefs vow no war

Tropical disease kills 300 in Southern Sudan; more deaths expected from kala azar outbreak

Waiting for Sudan by Abdel-Moneim Said

SUDAN: Food the key to resettlement in South

RAK Ruler receives the Sudanese official

Citadel unit has 13 pct of Sudan cement market

Sudan Parliament Approves 2011 Budget, Says Can Be Changed After Ballot

South Sudanese ask Australia for referendum aid

GoS Continues its Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity in North Darfur

Many Committees, No Commitments. By: Justin Ambago Ramba, MD.

Wave of arrests of activists in Sudan to distract attention from military operations in Darfur

Ban Ki-moon tells South Sudanese political groups to not risk stalling south Sudan referendum

Hamdan receives Sudanese official

Sudan signs 10 gold and iron ore deals

Southern Sudan to Build Three New Oil Refineries If It Secedes

Ethiopia - Meles Zenawi held talks with Senator John Kerry on Sudan

Sudan Ruling Party Official Rejects Washington Meddling in Referendum

Following are news headlines of the major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Tuesday the 9th of November 2010

«Head of UNAMID commends Germany's role in supporting peace-keeping forces

Minister of Oil, Indian Ambassador Review Progress of Cooperation in Petroleum and Gas Fields

Sudan to partake in 4th International Forum on Imigration and Developemnt in Mexico

JEM Shoots Down Mig29 in North Kordofan

DEBATING A SOUTHERNER (6): Author Steve Paterno

Rabbis issue injunction against renting to Sudanese

Sudan signs 10 gold, other mineral mining deals

Sudanese Envoy Terms Tehran-Khartoum Close Ties "Blow to Israel"

White Nile and CAMC strike deal

US Offers Sudan Deal On Terrorism Designation

SUDAN: UN raises humanitarian concerns ahead of referendum

SUDAN: Radio clampdown criticized

Minister of Culture: Support the Activities Financially Allocation in Ministry of Culture

Major news headlines of Khartoum daily issued today Monday 8th of November 2010

President Al-Bashir Forms Higher Committee for Support to Referendum and Unity under his Chairmanship

Joint Sudanese-Chadian Force to stage movements to eradicate unruly groups

Sudan, Egypt Sign Memo on Decentralized Government

SSRC Request for Delay of Referendum Polling Date By Dr James Okuk

Today, State of Arizona kicks-off the referendum campaign!!! By: Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)

JEM Celebrates Another Victory in North Darfur

Egypt is not just looking for Water! By: Justin Ambago Ramba, MD.

JEM Scores a Major Victory in Kordofan

South Sudanese People, Believe In Your Leaders! By: Luk Kuth Dak Ė USA.

ŲAndrew Natsiosí unabated PR campaign in support for NCP against Darfur By Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman

Sudanese police killed in Darfur clashes: ministry

Sudan urged to release Darfuri rights activists

Egypt fears refugee exodus if south Sudan opts to break away

Minister of Culture commends role of delegation of EU in organizing European Film Festival in Sudan

President Al-Bashir receives thanks cable from Chinese President Hu Jintao

Dr: Ghazi, joint mediation review the latest developments in peace negotiations

Prime Minister receives Sudanís vice president

Sudan faces hard cash shortage before independence vote

UN chief Ban urges China help with Myanmar, Sudan polls, but skirts rights issue

Taha Discusses Implementation of East Sudan Agreement Implementation

Major news headlines of Khartoum daily issued today Wednesday the 3rd of October

Sudan, Egypt sign a memo on organization of political consultations

Emir of Kuwait to Inaugurate International Donors Conference for East Sudan Development

Al-Degair Appreciates UK role in boosting peace process in Sudan

What if Referendum Commission Leadership Resign? By Dr James Okuk

Where deals are not respected, why go for a new one? By: Justin Ambago Ramba, MD.

Sudan: End Continuing Repression of Darfur Activists

The Popular Consultation: Recipe for a new conflict in the Nuba Mountains By Dr. Gandul Ibrahim Gandul (PhD)

Interpol wanted to solve sonís Sudanese adventure

S.Africa foreign minister calls for on-time Sudan referendum

Sir Plumbly Expresses Optimism over Southern Sudan Referendum Success

Taha to Inspect Project for Illumination of Villages in South Sudan

President Al-Bashir Praises Sudanese - Finnish Ties

Sudan Declares its rejection to US renewing of economic sanctions

Secession or No Secession? by mahamat ousman

Mushroom experts from Sudan look to attract Indian investors

Sudan's southern army accuses north of ambush

India keen to invest in Sudan's oil projects

FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in Sudan

UN: Donors Fulfilled 50% of their Pledges to Support the Referendum

Wali of Nahr Alneel state hails the Saudi investments in Sudan

Chairman of Agricultural Board Bank Receives Briefed on Bank's Performance

Win-Win Negotiation is essential for Abyei Protocol By: Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)

180 Sudan troops defect in Darfur: rebels

MEDIA ADVISORY:Thousands of southern Sudanese to gather at Des Moines IA

Round- table: Sudan at Crossroads: Unity vs.Secession

Special Courts in Darfur Sentence Nine Individuals, including Four Children, to Death

Sudanese president vows to respect southern Sudanese will in referendum

South Sudanese stream home as independence vote beckons

Sudan's north, south armies to check troop build-ups

'Miracle' needed to hold Sudan vote on time: commission

Sudan Governing Party Rules Out Cooperation With ICC

SUDAN: Noor El Sham, ďIt is not okay for a man to abuse meĒ

Sixth Group of Chadian Opposition leaves for N'djamena

Sudan to Host Conference of African Ministers of Development

President Al-Bashir Acquainted with African Green Belt Project

Kiir and Chairman of Referendum Commission Review Timetable for Holding Referendum

Juba must make Oil Concessions with Khartoum to get Abyei out of the Quagmire By Martin Garang Aher

Coming together for peace & Development in the Abyie Area of Sudan:In search of alternative solutions

Altamas for Peace and Development Association (APDA) brochure

Sudan to curb govt spending in 2011 budget

Minister calls for intensified support for Sudan

Governor of the Central Bank hails the role of Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa

Sudan talks moves to Addis Ababa

Oil-Rich Abyei Part of North, Says Sudan Ruling Party Official

Chinese Experts Group to establish the first personal computer factory in Sudan

Sudan participates in the meetings of Arab transportation ministers in Alexandria

First vice president and president of the south government meets the AUPD president

No arrest for Sudan's al-Bashir: East Africa weekend meeting changed from Kenya to Ethiopia

(From Kadugli/Southern Kordofan) Statement of Sudan People's Liberation Movement(2)

(From Kadugli/Southern Kordofan) Statement of Sudan People's Liberation Movement(1)

The Nuba between the North-South dichotomy of Sudanís conflict By Gandul Ibrahim Gandul (PhD)

General Arabisation Quandary in south Sudan could also be a pan Africa problem. by Martin Garang Aher.

Course of referendum undetermined, says Sudanese opposition leader

Kerry affirms confirmations from the government on its commitment to the outcome of the referendum

Dr Nafie: CPA is Unity Agreement in its Essence

With Bleeding Heart Abdel Wahab Bob, the Lawyer by Professor Dr. Issam A.W. Mohamed

South Sudan President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, Will Not Listen to Supporters of Disunity

Beyond the ĎSouth-Southí Dialogue. By: Justin Ambago Ramba, MD.

Al-Bashir vows Sudanese govt is working towards peace

South Sudan invites back old enemies before vote

China calls 'groundless' UN findings on arms in Darfur

Taha Affirms Steadfastness of Sudanese Will and Determination to Realize Peace and Stability

Sudan and Malaysia Sign Memo on Higher Education,Capability Development

Meetings of the Joint Sudanese-Algerian Ministerial Committee begin

All Southern Sudanese Political Parties' Conference - Final Communique

President Kiir's amnesty should not be viewed as a free pass for renegades!! By: Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)

Briton Stephen Allan killed by Sudan landmine blast

SUDAN: Humanitarian access to Jebel Marra set to increase

President Al-Bashir: There will be No Return to War

Al-Mahmoud Receives European Union Envoy for Sudan

Dr. Al-Degair Praises Distinguished Relations and Cooperation with Saudi Arabia

Kasha : Agreement of Honor to be signed by all tribes was Formulated

Sudanese Divided On Peacekeepers On North South Border

UN to send 100 extra troops to Sudan's tense Abyei

National Assembly's Deputy Speaker says protection of peace responsibility of Sudanese people

Best Gift God Gave South Sudan Is Unity of Its Leaders at this Moment By Dr James Okuk

Nuba Mountains' U.S. Diaspora Urges the International Community to Ensure Peace and Accountability In Nuba Mountains

UN Secretary-Generalís Panel on the Referenda in the Sudan concludes first visit

South Sudan triumphs in spite of conspiracies.By: Justin Ambago Ramba, MD.

SUDAN: Severe rise in Kala-azar cases in South

UN troops to be moved to Sudan border

Sudan Abyei vote deadline 'impossible': north

US says Sudan votes must be held on time

Salva Kiir Welcomes Return of Tangin Yang to Juba

Salva Kiir Praises Norwegian Support to the South during Peace Stage

President Al-Bashir Affirms Holding of Refrendum in Fixed Date, Calls on International Panel

Interior Minister Affirms his Ministry's Keenness to Extend Security and Stability in Darfur States

President Al Basher: No Room For An unequal, unjust and a Compulsory Unity.By: Luk Kuth Dak.

Turkey, Sudan must lift trade obstacles, Eker says

Massariya : The Hague-based PCA Decisions, Report of Experts are invalid for Resolution of Abyei Issue

Conference of Southern Political Parties Begins in Juba

170,000 Feddans to be Cultivated in Gezira in Context of Agricultural Cooperation Agreement between Sudan and Egypt

Turkeys ays backs Sudan's unity

140 RI police officers sent to Sudan

John Kerry plans to go to Sudan, Clooney says

South Sudan president vows no return to civil war

We don't want new war, says Sudan FM

Clooney presses Obama on Sudan

Dr. Al-Jaz Receives Delegations of Two Indian Engineering Companies

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Praises Norwegian Government Efforts in Supporting Peace Process

Sudan Elected Deputy Chairman of Intergevenmtal Panel on Climate Change

President Al-Bashir gives directives for the good preparation for London Olympics

Enhancing Ties With Sudan

No Deal in Talks on Sudan's Disputed Abyei Region

Sudan's Simon Deng

Let Our Voices Be Heard. By: Justin Ambago Ramba, MD.

Khartoumís Elites: Old Techniques Won't Work This Time Around! By: Daniel Abushery Daniel USA

State Minister at Oil Ministry Meets Chairman of CNPC in Beijing

Sudan's Unity will definatly be realized : says Prof. David Dishan

Minister of Higher EducationReviews the reactivation of joint cooperation protocols in the sphere of sciences between Sudan and Iran

Prof. Ghandor: NC doors will remain open for any dialogue leading to agreement over Abyei

Iran to Help Sudan Boost Agricultural Capabilities

South Sudan rejects Gaddafi warning on independence

Recommendation to Overcome Abyei CPAís Stalemate

Sudan steps up hunt for kidnapped Hungarian in Darfur

Sudan's FM to sign deals in Turkey

As secession vote nears, UN meets on Sudan

Rally Raises Awareness for Sudanese Referendum, Human Rights Issues

Voter registration to begin in November for South Sudan referendum

Breakthrough Reached in Axis of Displaced and Refugees in Doha Negotiations

Dr. Obeid Phones GoSS Information Minister to be Informed on Conditions of Four Press Correspondents

Forum of Friends of Nile Basin Countries to begin in Khartoum on October 15

Sudanese Journalists Union rejects violation of correspondents' rights in Juba

Ministry of Higher Education stresses importance of awareness on AIDS control

Restructuring The National Electricity Corporation and The Lessons to be Learned From The Experience of Other Countries By : Abdelmoneim Elawad (*)

Energy and Politics in south Sudan BY Amogpai Ater

How to Overcome Energy Poverty in South Sudan BY Amogpai Ater

Nigeria: Man Jailed for Stealing 20,000 Dollars From Sudanese Envoy

Kwasi Appiah upbeat on Stars chances against Sudan

South Sudan Considers Referendum Without North

SUDAN: Southern women struggle for justice

Qutbi Al-Mahdi: dialogue with SPLM will continue despite its recent stances

Gration meets delegations of Massariya and Dinka Ngok in Addis Ababa

Taha Informed on Plan of Social Welfare Ministry for Remaining Part in Current Year

State Minister for Foreign Affairs to lead Sudan's delegation to meetings of Arab-African Summit Ministerial Council

African Intellect, Between Political Preconception and Human Consciousness (3-3) by Mahmoud E. Yousif

Sailors injured in USS Cole attack file lawsuit

Egypt arrests seven African migrants near Israeli border

Ottawa man deported to Sudan

Aircraft cuts, Sudan worries cloud UN council trip
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