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SPLM-DC betrays South Sudan interests
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Jun 12, 2009 - 4:12:53 AM

SPLM-DC betrays South Sudan interests

Press Release

The Nuer Supreme Council

June 12, 2009

We are back into ugly, primitive business of divisions. Sudanese newscasts just exposed political speculations on a swelling rebellion in the rank and file of the SPLM party. It is confirmed that certain political elite or a prominent leader within the party hierarchy formed a new political organization called SPLM-for Democratic Change. On this issue the Nuer Supreme Council, an organization advocating for human rights, peace, social justice, and unity, advises South Sudanese politicians to avoid actions that undermine interests of the general public. The interests of the South Sudanese are either winning the upcoming general elections with comrade Salva Kir as the torch bearer and/or South Sudan secession. Therefore, the Nuer Supreme Council prophesies that breaking up the SPLM party into smaller pieces will:

1.        Weaken the party‚Äôs political position against the NCP during the Sudanese upcoming elections. The interests of the South Sudanese and every marginalized person in Sudan are either removing Bashir through democratic process so that CPA gets implemented or separating South Sudan from the North so that more future violent is reduced.

2.        Inevitably lead to the SPLA disintegration, gravely triggering tribal conflict. This is so because distinction between the SPLA as an independent national army in South Sudan and the SPLM as the political party in the country is blurred. SPLA army are not moulded out of the same tree. The local people only believe in ethnic loyalty than mere political alignment. If any disintegration occurs, the GOSS will risk collapsing; the CPA will disappear; and Arab in the North Sudan will regain control over the South. If we tend to forget easily, natural instincts will remind of the 1991 split.

3.         Help develop political motives of some Uncles Ali reported to have declared on the media the formation of the party in confusing Southerns to death. These uncles Allis are experts in inventing new things, which are after all poisonous to our political survivals.

The current SPLM status quo is better for our future political interests. The time is unripe for Southern politicians to create another SPLM party. The Nuer Supreme Council urges Southern politicians to maintain the unity of the SPLM. We encourage all people in South Sudan to stand behind our dear leader, Salva Kiir during the upcoming general elections. Also the organization urges the SPLM mainstream leadership to persuade Dr. Lam Akol to abandon his newly founded party and rejoin the main SPLM party.

The Nuer Supreme Council is a social organization advocating for human rights, peace, and social justice. For any question contact (403) 481-0663 or [email protected] .


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