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Oversight Committee for social peace in South Darfur:Statement of public opinion and all advocates of social peace and human rights:
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Dec 8, 2009 - 9:15:26 PM

In the name of God the Merciful

Statement of public opinion and all advocates of social peace and human rights:

What's going in customers Sheiria, South Darfur ?

. Continued to maintain Shearia in South Darfur over the past decades, but Darfur is a small microcosm of Sudan because of its multi-tribal and ethnic and cultural factors, all contributed to the history of the region through cultural, social mobility and economic geographical composition in its current form, the merger was unique, and everyone is now right in the historical established, and building area, does not claim any tribe live in the premises under a single region or trying to keep, and a displacement of other tribes.

The series followed the tragic events in the area of Shearia / state of South Darfur , in the last period. It is an attempt of forced displacement, the elements of a particular tribe through the scorched-earth policy by militias Birgit tribe. ؟ But the question is what is important to interpret the silence of the central government to those who are subjected to killings and forced displacement regulator? Does this work is blessing, and others playing the role of proxy in the implementation of its agenda?.

Has been the government of South Darfur state, governing the reconciliation of the image that are not really entitled to harm should not be forced, as far as what you want to distract the domestic and international opinions about what is really happening on the ground.

. have been holding several conferences a reconciliation between the various social components without success to achieve the desired result, and among those conferences, the conference which was held in the era of the former governor: Haj Atta al-Mannan, and private sector by making peace among the tribes of the Sairrip (Birgit and Zaghawa and Misseriya) Observers know that Malk Congress has failed to achieve security and social peace in the region, and that to the lack of seriousness of the government in a genuine reconciliation conferences, and favoritism towards certain tribes and their struggle against other tribes, including support for one of the tribe Bergid a number of military capabilities and equipment than combat Vnfzu raids into the area (Muhajiriya) year 2006 to the displacement of certain ethnic groups which, after the failure of those raids that began to follow the policy of militia kidnappings and assassinations in full view of the official authorities in the state and the center.

I followed the treacherous attack by the militia: Moses galis Adam Jacob, Birgit Nazir tribe backed by the government on the villages (Aman allah village ) in the far northern border 20/10/2009 Sheiria its customers to displace people, claiming that they do not support the beholder: Moses Galis  policies It takes advantage of to be representative of the region in the next elections especially as it has failed before in the hearts and votes of the people of that region by the policies of racism, exclusionary. Malk was the result of the displaced people of these villages to the area (Shangil Tobayi), and here we must thank tribute to (b shartai) area (Shangil Tobayi) for its tremendous efforts to control the situation there and paid a reconciliation between the tribes in the region in cooperation with the elders, the civil departments in the region, and almost that gesture to succeed without the intervention of the beholder: Moses Gals Nazir tribe Bergid reject any peace treaty or even truce, but this is not a request from state authorities arrested the representative of the civil administration of the tribe in the region, Birgit: Mohammadein Solomon (wad beer). Which was taken to head the state where he was arrested there before being released on condition not to leave the city of Nyala, the head of South Darfur state, and also we have to praise the role of the mission (UNAMID) in the region and Birgit the advertencer who still seek social peace in the region, but still all attempts collide Ptaand the beholder: Moses Galis, which carry out the agenda he himself does not know its content. The strange thing is that he had traveled within the people's delegation of civil society organizations of the Doha negotiations last, instead of the state government to bless the good offices of the Alhadben the interest of the region of his sons in establishing peace between the components of civil society in the region, has been stalling on the decision-making in support of the effort of those groups and arresting some of them, for example Mayor: Mohammadein Slimane (Wad beer) Mayor tribe of Bergid area Nkiap as noted. . As we find that the governor has no authority to disembark some of the initiatives recently launched by the parties to the conflict and to require compliance Otherwise Fmahoalambrra rationale for the challenge of the beholder: Moses Galis to the Governor when he was invited by the latter to sit and care in Full Article The reconciliation held in the region? ، And if the government mandated him to play the role of figurehead proxy in its rejection of the Peace, and bullying the government itself, as evidenced by Malk what the beholder: Moses Galis in the (Nkia), told the popular will of the militia fighting alongside the government led by a certain: Ibrahim Suleiman famous (Obdhar):

* He does not want any peace Ouhednp with the Zaghawa tribe.

* To bring out the members of the Zaghawa tribe from within its customers Sheiria to where their ancestors came.

* It does not authorize Sun Bagheri any peace, or truce, in the region and it is the only High vindicated by the Government Center . And describing the members of the Zaghawa tribe that they are rotten stubs must be rooted out.

* Assured the crowd that the central government fully agreed with him in everything above, and specifically the Minister of Defense, the Minister of the Interior.

And his feet after one of his companions who introduced as military intelligence, and security of the latter of Moses Galis on it further and they are in direct contact with the commander of the popular will: Ibrahim Suleiman to implement all the tasks entrusted to them by the central government, and assured the audience that military aircraft ready when requested militia commander of the popular will.

On the second day flying a squadron of military aircraft (Ababil) on the region's skies in an intimidating manner and sow terror in the hearts of citizens, which underlined the beyond a doubt that the statements of the beholder: Moses Galis is a fact.

In the end there is an important question is: What is the shared role between the government and the Moses Galis?

And will answer to this question later.
God being my helper


Oversight Committee for social peace in South Darfur

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