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Sudanese and Malaysian news bodies move into new partnership
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Feb 11, 2010 - 6:32:16 AM

Sudanese and Malaysian news bodies move into new partnership


Kuala Lumpur, Feb. 10 (SUNA) - Sudan and Malaysia have agreed on the importance of regular exchange of information and news within their context either on the level of the Non Aligned Movement or the South South Information Gateway and the need the source of information be the concerned body


A joint meeting held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and Information, Communication of Malaysia headed by Mr. Asmawar Bin Samat the Deputy Director General of the South South Information Gateway (SSIG) in Malaysia and his deputy Mr. Ishak Bin Abdullah and the Secretary General of the SSIG Ms Norazah Muhammad Azah, and on the Sudanese side by Ms. Nimat Abdu Moneim al Shami the Assistant General Manager of the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) for Editorial Affairs, and Mr. Mohamed Osman Adam reporter at the Sudan News Agency and Editor in Chief of the Sudanow newsmagazine, and in the presence of Sudan Consul at the Sudanese Embassy in Malaysia, Mr. Tariq Al Tom, that the SSIG be the gate and portal through which information and news would be exchanged and be grouped for dissemination from the two sides with view to disseminate the correct and official information and news


The Malaysian official Asamawar has pointed at the meeting to the readiness of the SSIG which was established to gather and disseminate news about the concerned members state and amongst them , that the Sudan News Agency be a contributor and smart partner and that the agency would be given the password and the user name so that would be able to upload and down load news and information data from the SSIG website in the various area and that those could include statements, news, photos and all issues that would reflect the view of the Sudan in the various questions


Ustaz Nimat Shami has on her part pointed out to the important role the Sudan News Agency has been playing via the use of international languages to reflect the views of the Sudan and that within this grouping SUNA could find a gateway in this smart partnership to upload all relevant correct information in the various economic, investment, political and sovereign field as well as photos and data on all the relevant issues


The Malaysian official has expressed his pleasure that the SSIG would cooperate with SUNA in the various domains and in those cited in particular


The officials in SSIG have commended the news SUNA has been disseminating via the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan in Malaysia through the able consul there Mr. Tarq al Tom, that has been provided for the SSIG web


Mr. Mohamed Osman has meanwhile hinted in the meeting that those concerned with news and with clearing the distorted image should in fact not concentrate on repulsing the media campaign along but rather make efforts and discover new areas and explore new fields and news style so that the style and the methods that are advanced and the approach are acceptable and would be able to reflect the views of the Sudan. He stressed the important role played by the national news agencies whose role remain highly important to counter those campaigns that seem to serve the interest of others and which might not coincide with national views


He underlined the capability of the news agency staffers in all the sectors to shoulder such a national responsibility which will be brought by becoming smart partner with the SSIG


The Assistant Director General for Editorial Affairs, Ustaza Nimat has pointed out that SUNA should be given the password and the username as soon as possible so that it could be able to enter into the website ending the finalization of the final memo of understanding to be signed later


She also proposed that the Embassy of the Sudan in Malaysia would be delegated by the Sudan to sign that agreement or memorandum of understanding


The SSIG officials have on their part said the final agreement was now being prepared after which the agency would enter this smart partnership in the SSIG, a huge portal that groups some 151 states including South America, the Caribbean area, the Pacific, the African countries and the Middle East, to the exception of Israel, and it also include the ASIAN countries


The Malaysian side has agreed to prepare the agreement and to respond to the proposal and the final documents would be sent to SUNA later



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