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Dr Al Asaam says elections will be held in 1500 centers in Darfur region
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Apr 9, 2010 - 6:18:00 AM

Dr Al Asaam says elections will be held in 1500 centers in Darfur region


Khartoum, April 8 (SUNA) - The National Election Commission on Thursday met at its headquarters, under the chairmanship of its President Abel Alier, with a delegation from the European Elections Observers Mission in Sudan


Professor Mukhtar Al Asaam member of the Commission has pointed out that the meeting was held on the request of the European observers' delegation to explain the reasons that spurred them to issue a statement in which they have said they would be pulling out of Darfur. He said the European delegation has stressed it would be issuing a statement in which it would explain the real reasons behind the pull out of Darfur which are related transportation and stay in Darfur and that non of the reasons cited was among t hose circulated by the media on lack of stability there


Dr Al Asaam has said the delegation of the commission headed by the NEC chairman Abel Alier that visited Darfur in the past couple of days has reaffirmed that the security situation in Darfur was better than t he situate ion a few months ago and that stability for holding the election was prevailing. He referred to the preparation of some 1500 centers that are fully secured for the election process


On her part the head of the European delegation has praised the difficult work undertaken by the commission and that her visit to the commission shows the good relations between the delegation and the NEC. MA/MA

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