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Why We Can’t Trust The National Congress Party?By: Luk Kuth Dak, USA
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Jan 18, 2010 - 9:17:32 AM

Why We Can’t Trust The National Congress Party?

By: Luk Kuth Dak, USA.



“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1963.

In the aftermath of the marathon negotiations between the Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the National Congress Party (NCP/NIF), it would be unwise, unjust and unfair not to commend the SPLM tenacious defense team, for their heroic victory in passing the crucial and most disputed Referendum Law. They have made a huge and remarkable plan in culling a coalition that ultimately shook the foundation of one of the most brutal and ruthless regimes the world has ever seen.

However, the fight for the full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) is far, far from over, as some people in South Sudan want us to believe it has. The truth of the matter is that as long as some of the other critical issues being: the border demarcation, the NCP Southern Militias and the oil fields remained unresolved, the South has yet another fight with the very same faces of evil and bigotry of the most ungraceful, untruthful, ungrateful and an unpredictable NCP.

The next fight, unfortunately, is not going to be any easier, if not even more vicious and savage than the passage of the Referendum Bill. It will require a better plan and an unyielding support of all Southerners behind the SPLM defense team. We have to silence those few voices who still believe that we can win those fights without fighting them.

Also, the notion that suggests that with the passage of the referendum bill, the path towards self-determination is all but rosy, and therefore there’s no longer the need to continue putting unnecessary burden on the NCP, which, according to that narrow thinking, has gone out of its way to do more for peace and stability in the country like never seen before, is simply disingenuous at the very least.

We have been down that road before, and it wasn’t smooth, particularly, when one is dealing with a whole bunch of professional liars of the caliber of: Nafia Ali Nafia, Muhammad Mandour, Mustafa Osman, al-Tayib Mustafa, Ibrahim al-Tahir and the traitor Fathi Shilla, not to mention their Southern stooges.

Just this past week, one of the  traitors, a purported Professor, a con artist and a senior member of the “Jallaba Golden Boys" club who (when Ustaz Pagan Amum and Yasir Arman were fighting his NCP/NIF masters), was here in Atlanta, Georgia, washing dishes at the area restaurants and sipping cold beers in the afternoon, was quoted as saying: “South Sudan shouldn’t separate in the first place, because Sudan is big enough for anybody and everybody," he claimed. “Pagan Amum and Yasir (Arman) are Western agents who are here to destroy the unity of Sudan," he went on to say.

Clearly, it would be a serious mistake to assume that the NCP/ NIF, an organization built on looting the country of every penny there is, will simply just walk away empty handed. That explains why resolving those (time bomb) issues has been called off time and time again during the course of the last five years since the CPA came to being.

Given that culture of feet-dragging and smear tactics mastered by the NCP/NIF, the SPLM defense leadership team has its work cut out for it. The leaders simply don’t have the time to celebrate their victory for very long. They must now go back to work in order to pressure the elusive NCP/NIF even further, and to let them know that, there will be no elections without full implementation of CPA.

Final thought: The South Sudanese should be happy that they have young leaders like Pagan Amum, Yasir Arman and Ezekiel Lol Gatkouth, to name a few, who aren’t afraid to put up a good fight with NCP/NIF Pit Bulls.


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