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Why South Sudan must go ? A cry for justice. by Daniel Abushery Daniel Arizona _____ USA
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Oct 20, 2009 - 8:15:42 PM

Why South Sudan must go ? A cry for justice. 



Daniel Abushery Daniel


Arizona _____ USA




 The people of south Sudan and other marginalized areas are still celebrating the Neevasha peace accord, which was singed four years ago between Sudan government and Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement (SPLM), and I would like to take this opportunity to salute all our heroes and martyrs, who have fallen in the struggle for our dignity, democracy, freedom, self-determination, and Justice for all. More importantly, those heroes did not die in vain.  Their legacy will always shine, all generation to come... (SPLM/A) oyee.



At the outset, it would be appropriate to submit that Sudan is the Largest Country in continental Africa. Situated in the north eastern part of the continent with Khartoum as its first capital city, and Juba as the second in the country, and the capital of government of South Sudan.(GoSS), a  population of  nearly 39 million people and an abundant natural resources, cultural traditions, multi – religieous, economic, political and ethenic, not to mention being surrounded by eight countries: Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt, the Central African Republic, Chad, and Zaire. Sudan was among the first such countries in African to attain it’s independence from British on January, 1 st, 1956.



Unfortunately, the country experienced two catastrophic civil wars, (Anya nya 1) 1955 _____1972, the accord was signed by two southerners; Sudan government side was Justice Abel Alier Kuai, and rebel side was ezbon Mindiry, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian capital city.


The second war; between Sudan government, and Sudan people’s liberation movement/army (SPLM/A) 1983_____ 2005, and the signatories was; the Sudanese president Omer Al bashier, and Dr. John Garang de- Mabior of SPLM/A, in Nairobi – Kenya. “Which I assume that; we all know the details “. More than two million Sudanese people have lost their life, while many fled the country seeking asylum in the exile in the Diasporas. This implies that; something some where must fundamentally went wrong..



The crisis of identity is a creation of north Sudan, which defines the Sudanese identity in Arab and Islamic terms. The north political elites consider the Sudanese citizenship as a transition to full integration into the Arab identity. This undermines the right of the vast African majority to whose identity should be fully embodied in the character of the state, which leads to decimation of South Sudan through prosecution of war and perpetrating large-scale massacres of innocent people by various North regimes:


Former president Ibrahim Aboud carried out Yei, Maridi, and Kodok Massacres in 1964. Juba, Wau, Torit, Warajwok, Bor, Akobo, Massacres by Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub's government in 1965. Dhaein Massacres 1987/88 which claimed the life of three thousands people from shiluk tribe of Upper Nile. Wau Massacres in 1987 in which more than hundreds people were killed by government army. Jebelien Massacres in 1989/90 which claimed the life of two thousands. And in Juba Massacres in 1992,many civilians, public services administrators, arm  forces personnel’s, ( I, myself was a survivor ),  led by Government soldiers under the directions, and commands of notorious Captain, Shams el dien, member and architect of June 30 th 1989 quo,



It's worth mentioning, that; the current peace agreement which has been signed in Nairobi by president Omer Hassan El bushier on behalf of government of Sudan (GOS) and Dr.John Garang de-Mabior the chairman of Sudan people’s Liberation movement/Army (SPLM/A) under the supervision of Inter-Governmental Authority on Drought and Development (IGAAD), and its friends now resolved this bloodshed conflict on the historic day of January 09 th, 2005,. And many southerners, if not all underline the right of  self-determination for the people of south Sudan and other marginalized parts of the country as the cornerstone for settlement that would meet our legitimate aspirations. It is obvious that the Sudan has been at war for the last fifty years, it is our strong belief that; the only way to resolve this conflict, and to attain just and lasting peace is to allow the people of south Sudan to exercise their democratic right to self- determination,( to be or not to be) through supervised referendum by international community,



On the other hand, as I  mentioned before that; there is racial, religious, cultural, linguistic, and historical diversity in the country, these diversities has not been used to help enrich and consolidate the unity of Sudan, rather were used by the ruling Arab elites in the north to oppress and exploit southerners, Plus, socio-economic and political exploitation and injustice perpetuated by the successive sectarian civilian and military regimes have been the prime cause of the conflict in the south,. and other marginalized areas in the country,



 therefore, I would like to add my voice with those who are working day and night to bridge the gape of differences and hatred   between southern Sudanese tribes, which has been accumulated for years through divide- and- rule policy by our enemy. I'm appealling to my fellow southerners who choose to be slaves of the so- called Arabs; please come back to your people, we have enough resources that will let you live like a king for the rest of your life.



Eventually, I would humbly state here that; Islamic fundamentalism has become a serious cause of human harm and suffering world wide especially in Countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sudan the matter of this article. No doubt that the religious fundamentalism is state of affairs whereby members of any particular religious group tend to seriously believe that theirs  is the only proper religion above  all other religions. Such group tries to impose their religions and cultures on others by force or Jihad i.e. the so-called “Holy War”, which makes non Muslim, became foreigners and second class citizens in their own country. This ideology implies bigotry and does not accommodate reasoning or rational, and logical thinking.



It is important to note that Human Rights Value do not only as negative restrictions on the U.N. members state but also impose positive obligations on the states to create conducive environment for a dignified life. It operates as a parameter and standard of a society based on the rule of law, justice, and equality.


Sudan as a U.N. member is a signatory to the aforesaid Universal Declaration and the two Covenants thereto. It ‘s an established principle of the International Law that U.N member nations are to abide by the provisions of the international documents and willful failure to do so mar result to punitive consequences especially where a member state has ratified the same.



 In the light of the above mentioned, it is stated here that the Islamic Fundamentalists regime in Khartoum and its repressive military forces, has been flagrantly violating human rights of the Sudanese people with impunity! This shall be briefly examined under both Civil and Political rights as well as Socio-Economic and Cultural rights as follow:



Article 6(1) of the I.C.C.P.R provides as follow: “Every human being has inherent right to life, no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life, this right shall be protected by law”. This is also the requirement under Art. (4) Of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, 1981. In practice, the current regime has been terrorizing and brutalizing the Sudanese people! Acts of genocide; arbitrary arrests and detentions, torture in the regime secret detention centers; custodial death; detention without trail and the like have become the order of the day!, therefore, SOUTH SUDAN MUST GO.




Contributor is a Criminla Justice graduate, USA, and can be reached at [email protected] OR [email protected]


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