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What are our plans for this new decade ? The Decade of 2010 – 2020 by Abdel Halim Anwar Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub
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Jan 26, 2010 - 4:57:05 PM

The    Decade   of    2010     2020

What are our plans for this new decade ?


Today we want to start our words with   “A joint vision for a future plan”.

Since we the Sudanese people are  of  one   country  “The  Sudan”,   then I believe we should all have  our say in the future plan of Sudan. By the plan for the future we want to highlight the financial plan, the educational plan, the   health  plan, the pension plan, in brief  The Economic Plan “.

Within  these  times of international economic crises also known as currency crises we see many Governments turning to the tax plan.  The tax plan means the method of financing the Government. Throughout history Taxes have done only one thing and that is   finance Governments . The USA and Europe are under so much financial chaos, they are now simply hunting all offshore funds of their citizens as if it is a crime to keep money outside your own country. This is happening because the USA and Europe have so much debt problems that need to be solved therefore the different pressures they are placing on the general public is creating nothing but negative results to them as Governments and to the general public. These negative results are affecting the international financial market which means affecting day to day life methods all over the world.

The USA has a debt of over 11 trillion. That is both national and international debt. So believe it or not, compared to the   USA   we   are   in   a   much   better   economic state. Sudan has a foreign debt  of  approximately    $34 Billion according to the IMF latest report 2009. This means that  if  the  annual  interest   rate   is   just 2%   which I presume it is, then we have an annual repayment debt of $680 million. So if we divide the $ 680 million by 42 million which is the latest population count of Sudan, then each person is to pay $16:00 sixteen dollars. This means that we each have to pay $16:00 sixteen dollars   per annum to be able to pay the annual interest rate of the total foreign loans of Sudan. Now let us   take the total $34 Billion and divide it by 42 million “ our population” then we have $809 eight hundred and nine dollars per each Sudanese citizen to pay. If this does happen then we are a debt free people and a debt free Government.   Compare the debts of USA which is 11 Trillion or even the debts of Dubai which per media reports are approximately $150 billion outstanding debt, then we clearly see that we are better off when it comes to debts as a country. But does this fact make the standard of living in Sudan better than in Dubai or the USA.


Debt   Free Governments do exist . For example let us take Russia: When Putin came to power as President   he    “ paid  back “ all foreign debts of Russia. This  within a period of less than 8 years. Not only that, but Putin also made sure that the national gold resources were to be developed and deposited into the Central Bank of Russia as an extra national security. Now Russia has over $ 350 billion worth of Gold reserves in the their Central   Bank. ( and they are adding more and more tons of gold due the global financial crises ). Add  the gold to their Crude Oil and Gas reserves and you have a country that has again placed itself into a powerful economic country after Gorbachov and Yeltsin had nearly totally destroyed   Russia Economically. Russia now has over 700 multi billionaires which is more than any other country. This means   a free and well managed market exists in Russia. It is a very simple equation : if the mangers of the company manage correctly then the business develops properly and all the employees get paid. So if public funds are managed positively then the people of the country will prosper. A very  clear  equation and nothing new for  mankind  throughout the course of history.

All the negative western media regarding Russia’s economic state or iron fist rule is nothing but envy from the west.   The truth is that USA and England controlled most of the world for the past two hundred years and their intention is to control for another 100 years. The only real powers standing in their way are China and Russia. All eyes are   on   China and China has its eyes on Africa. This is a clear indication that Africa is the most interesting continent in economic terms to China and the rest of the world. Therefore the reality is that we have an economic war between the USA   and its allies against China. The most dangerous issue here is that this economic war is taking place in Africa. The results are geopolitical manipulation agendas. This means to create division and war in Africa and  the   middle east.   This is now taking place in Iran, Yemen, Pakistan and also in Sudan. The US wants to simply marginalize all those who are doing business with China which means China should go out of Africa.

Now let us look at the Sudanese foreign debt matter in   an economic or mathematical observation or dimension. Let us say that 5 million Sudanese citizens ( living in and outside Sudan ) are able to contribute with $100 one hundred dollars every month for the further economical development of Sudan. That is $500 million five hundred million per month which is a total of $6 billion per year. With this amount not, only can we pay our annual interest rate of foreign debts but we can also cut down in the foreign debt. The reality is that the returns of our share ( share of Sudan )   from  the Crude oil sector is unknown to the public but only to Government Officials. But let us say it is 5 %   of 500 000 barrels production per day ( which is 25 000 barrels per day amount   to the 5 % ) and each barrel is worth  $60 sixty dollars. Then we as a Sudanese Nation should have an income of   1 500 000 per day. That is the 5 % of 500 000 barrels per day. This is just a small example of what can be activated in funds  to assist in the economic development of   Sudan.

A short history of our debts are as follows : In   1985 we had a foreign debt of $ 11 Billion and now it is $ 34 Billion. So within a period of 24 years Sudan has accumulated $23 Billion of more debt.

The point is how much has been paid back to the Chinese Government that has loaned us the Sudanese people cash to develop the Crude Oil Sector. Since January 2002   Sudan has been pumping 300 000 barrels of oil per day and since 2006 Sudan has been pumping 500 000 barrels per day.

Has the loan taken from the Chinese been paid back ? and if yes how much percentage of the 500 000 barrels per day do we “now” have as a profit margin for Sudan. This information and more should be made public since this  is   a national natural resource and not only a Government resource. Governments have the responsibility to inform the public of what national resources they are managing and how they are managing the profit margin made from that specific national resource known as  natural resources. Another example is how many tons of gold does Sudan produce per annum   ( is it 14 tons of gold per month or 20 tons per annum ) and how much of this gold is deposited with the Central Bank of Sudan as a financial security and how much is exported for sale or even as a deposit with European banks as a security for credit lines needed for foreign trade.

So going back to our foreign debt   of  $34 billion. It is really not much compared to other countries . If we come to terms of what is happening in the international financial market then we have an excellent opportunity  to   create   a positive difference for us as a Sudanese people. But first we need peace for all and then we need a well managed economy under a united Sudan.

One of the alternatives to make such a positive difference  can be the need to create a “national sovereign investment fund”. The board of directors of such a fund must be nominated from both the private and public sector and if necessary to include international  members  from  different  countries such  as   Switzerland,   Austria, Russia, China, Egypt, Japan, Singapore, etc.. These international members to be Bankers, accountants , ambassadors, lawyers, etc. This will  not only create a united national trust in the sovereign fund but an international trust for international business relations adding to the stable and positive and sincere dedication of a national sovereign investment fund.  Such a   sovereign  investment fund can have a   list of infrastructural development projects to be accomplished  in all infrastructural sectors and in all parts of Sudan. Such a sovereign fund can also be very positive for a united Sudan.   How ? by placing   all the natural resources of all Sudan under the control of one national sovereign fund as the core guarantee and security of the fund and the nation. This will keep national prosperity and peace,   a principal success key for the Sudanese citizens. This way we limit negative foreign intervention and can then prosper as a civilized Nation.

The sovereign fund will also stop any existing or further tribal or ethnic wars. All tribes and all federal sates will get their fair share of the national wealth and can develop in peace and harmony.

We are now facing the  fact  that  South Sudan wants to be  an   independent state or country due to one main reason which is the natural resources. The south Sudanese have been deprived of many rights for many years and therefore have the right to be angry, they also have the right to vote for an independent south Sudan but that will only lead to chaos for both south Sudan and North Sudan, in fact for all of Sudan. A divided Sudan will only lead to tribal wars in  south  Sudan  including  North , West and East Sudan. This if a division of   a Sudan does take place. In January of 1999, I was asked by an American Businessman who had contracts with the World Bank ” What do you think of the Sudan if it were to be divided into two countries South and North ? “. I replied, Sudan is like one Human Body “ if it is cut in half,  then it will either die very quickly or die slowly and painfully “ .   Either way is not acceptable to us as a Sudanese People.

The problem of division gives the foreign enemy more power to manipulate the situation and have free access to creating the national division of Sudan which is a foreign plan and intention 5 years before the independence of Sudan took place. Now add to these foreign manipulators their agents working in Sudan. When we say agents we mean those who have sold themselves to the foreign enemy. These are the real problem and must be marginalized immediately before we start moving into so called fair elections or elections without foreign disturbances. The Masonic plan “ which is over   200 years “ is to control the countries from the Al Furat River in Iraq to the Nile in Sudan. In order to control they have to first of all  manipulate   “ create wars and divisions “. They have finished Iraq and given the power to those on their pay list “ the Masonic pay list “. They have also created war in Pakistan and want to divide it into 4 or 5 states. For this they had to get Musharf out and  bring in Zardari “ their puppet” and this was by eliminating Banezir Bhutto. They have been creating war in Sudan since before independence and their helping hand in this were the British. You don’t believe me ? then who marched into Palestine to create the Jewish state ? was it not the British army. Who provided weapons to Sudan for over $ 4 Billion  during the government regime of   Nimeri ? the USA… Who buried nuclear   waste materials in the deserts of Sudan ? The USA during the time of Bush senior which was during the regime of Nimeri . Why do we have more and more reports in Sudan that children as young as 14 have cancer. Sicknesses that never existed in Sudan at such   an alarming rate. Is this from the Nuclear waste buried in Sudan since the 1980’s ?  or are there other secrets that the Sudanese public do not know of ? …Who marched into Iraq in order to eliminate Saddam Hussein …the USA and Britain. Of course their allies joined them because they have no choice. Who made the Japanese make baseball one of their national sports “ The Americans”, Who threw the atomic bomb on Hiroshima ? The Americans , who used chemical weapons in Vietnam, The Americans,  

Who took 1800 tons of gold from the Germans after the 2nd world war and never returned it to Germany until this date ..” The USA “, who is financing militias in Darfur and pressing the Sudanese government to have UN troops in Sudan “ The USA “, Who wants to make an oil pipeline from Darfur to Chad in order to pump oil ? the Americans, ..Who wants to build a pipeline from south Sudan through Eritrea to the Red Sea ? The Americans…That is after South Sudan becomes an independent self rule, Who controls the UN since its inception “ Israel” and the “ US Jewish Lobby”, How ? through the USA. “ Please Note that the Jewish lobby in the USA is the group that gives the orders to Israel and not the other way around so wake up everybody. Did the US not go to war with Iraq without respecting any UN resolution or UN veto. Who controls and influences US politics and assigns new Presidents ? The   Jewish lobby in USA, why was President Kennedy assassinated ? Did he want to speak publicly about Israel producing and owning nuclear weapons ? That’s in the 1960’s.   “ Why was President Clinton   put into a shameful situation through the Jewish girl Monika   Lewinsky ? Did he not listen to the orders of the Jewish lobby who made him President? They “ the Jews “ knew his weakness and sold him to the Devil. Do you really think Monika Lewinsky was an innocent 19 year old girl who didn’t know what she was doing ?  and how and why did she get that job anyway ? For one reason  only which became obvious on international media.

Was is not Clinton who gave the order to   bombard   Al   Shiffa pharmaceutical company in Sudan… was it not the USA who provided weapons to all sides in Yugoslavia so they can kill each other, Muslims and Serbs....   also during Clinton’s Presidency.

Now Clinton is travelling the world as an advocate of peace and also getting paid for just showing up for an interview or a lecture. What a crazy world we are living in.

Look at Blair …also travelling as a peace advocate and has been given the job to seek peace in the middle east…who are these people trying to fool…this just shows how little respect these so called clowns have for humanity …and all part of a dangerous Masonic plan..

Now tell me…. who controls the Media and the Financial system in America ? Who is known as BB in the US Financial system “ Chairman   of the Federal reserve “. Bernard Bernanke “   his middle name is Shalom….. It is funny to think of it…. but Brigit Bardo the French female actor was also known as BB ….Bernard Bernanke and Brigit Bardo have one thing in common and that is   “they are both actors”. Who was the Chairman of the Federal reserve before Bernard Bernanke   “Alan Greenspan” also a Jewish boy….Hollywood could make the most interesting and fascinating  film with these Jewish boy stories that are fact and reality ….. and yes Hollywood is also controlled by them…what did you think… they would give it to the Red Indians.

In fact who controls the Media and Financial system in many countries ?  

Who controls the main global pharmaceutical - industry in order to have swine flu medicine be manufactured and distributed to the public ? who created swine flu and who is profiting from that ?

Why is Microsoft so powerful that it has become a common household through the software Windows ? Does the Microsoft software give a certain US satellite access to our computers and send that information to a super computer located in the USA ?

The Masonic plan has many details but we don’t want to go into too many details   because it will take too much time. But note :   the most dangerous point I want to point out here, is that in Sudan we have those who are working to serve the Masonic plan.

Some of them know who they are and some are used as “useful fools”. They don’t even know that they have been used for such a purpose. I could mention two presidential candidates who are “ useful fools “ for the next coming election in Sudan. Both carry the same human criteria   of   Zardari   in Pakistan, which is greed and mental disorder, a so called bohemian structure. The only difference is that both these bohemians carry the flag of illusion and are a danger to themselves and more important to the whole of Sudan. The exact  mix that the Masonic agenda requires for Sudan. Why ? so they can manipulate them and drive the country into painful misery of war and division. I really do not want to offend anyone participating   in  the Presidential election but fact is fact and we want the well being of Sudan and not its destruction.

More important for us as a Sudanese people is preparing intelligently for  this new    decade starting with this year of   2010. We as a Sudanese people have to be very careful in what we choose for ourselves, this meaning our choice for the next 10 years.

We have to be more attentive this year than all the other years due to the international financial crises “ also created by the Masonic plan in order to finance their agenda for the next 25 years “ How ? just ask your selves …who controls the financial world and why is Israel so confident in having a war with , Iran and Lebanon. Why did Israel bombard Gaza in early 2009 without a drop of mercy or respect to the whole human race. Was   Israel by this war on Gaza confirming that they have gained over $1.5 Trillion through the financial crises. An official from the Ministry of finance of Kuwait reported to a Newspaper in December of 2008 “ that the joint total losses of the Gulf countries during the beginning of   the financial crises has reached  $2.5 trillion. Now tell me… where did the $2.5 trillion go to ?…the central bank of illusion or the central bank of destruction. More important regarding the Palestinian   Nation , Where are the United Arab Nations to defend Palestine ? Now that is the question that has only one answer

Is the picture getting clearer…I hope so because where there is a loss at point A there is a gain at point B. Who is gaining and who is losing?

The international financial crises has  led and will lead different nations into financial chaos and   affect   every   existing country negatively. The international Media is feeding the international public with nothing but lies in this very sensitive issue of   humanity. In the first essay I wrote, I mentioned the downfall of Rome by which I am saying history repeats itself .  Just follow the international media closely and you will see very clearly what I have been writing.

And now some more  regarding  our sovereign fund : First of all we should never ever have a sovereign fund   that is dependent on foreign investment nor keep hoards of cash deposits in foreign currency, nor should we peg our national currency to  any foreign currency.   Why ? … because the minute we do that we will find ourselves pre - programmed economic victims of foreign currency intervention or foreign currency devaluation. How ?  Through the Floating Exchange Rate System and the Politics behind it. I will talk about this in more details in my next essay which includes the Free Market system. So let us   return to Sovereigns Funds. Take for example Abu Dhabi sovereign fund. It has a total  of   $800 billion dollars or equivalent   in Dirham’s .

The Dirham is pegged to the US Dollar.  Should a US dollar devaluation in 2010 – 2011 occur which it definitely will, then this will automatically affect the value of the Abu Dhabi Sovereign Fund.

The Value of the $800 Billion will simply devalue according to the devaluation of the US Dollar. The damage then to be caused cannot simply be covered by crude oil production because that will be the main cause to mortgage future crude oil production. To avoid   further economic disaster like what happened in Dubai a multi   investment strategy must take place.

A destructive scenario is for example,  if the dollar loses 50% of its value then the sovereign fund will lose 50 % of its value. Any and all sovereign funds should have a multi – strategic investment plan which means minimizing the risk and   creating multi - exist – strategy plans based on a capital guaranteed investment fund structure. This means investing in gold mines and creating offshore and onshore manufacturing tax free zones. This will avoid making the same mistake in sustaining an economy only on   real estate projects. Not only that but Dubai received so many credit lines mainly brokered by Lehman Brothers “ The American Investment Bank “ that went bankrupt and let  “the ship sink” with its passengers. Did this happen by chance   or bad management or was it a deceptive plan ?

Guess who owns most of the world gold mines ? Yes you guessed right…The Jews.

A European TV documentary provided the information on the Lehman Brothers story

The documentary reported that the Top Manager of this American investment bank got a retirement bonus of approximately $400 million. Why would a Bank give such a retirement bonus to a bank that has i s bankrupt ? Who was the bank manager covering for and who was covering and protecting him ?

The strangest information of the TV documentary was that one of  President Bush’s  relatives was   an employee at Lehman Brothers. The bank employees who were going to lose their jobs asked him    “ cousin of Bush   “ to contact President Bush to save Lehman Brothers like the US Government saved “AIG”   American Insurance Group.

The man did call the white house and was kept on hold for approximately 7 minutes . The secretary office of the President Bush then gave him the message, that he should call back in a couple of days because President Bush was very busy and could not take his call. Does this fact indicate anything suspicious ? Of course it does   and  the answer is obvious. If the top bank manager went home with $400 million as a retirement bonus then what do you think the Big boys went home with ? Exactly, Billions. The same billions that simply got lost somewhere along the way and then found their way to the hands of “ The Club of the Jewish lobby “.

Where there is a loss   then somewhere else there is a profit. Why? … because the west has a plan and this plan is not  positive for us the African continent or the Middle east. The US  already  knew that a currency devaluation is coming and this   over 10 years ago. The rest of the story should now be obvious to all of us as why this is all happening in the financial market. The Americans have always wanted the burden to be carried by other nations but now this burden has returned back to the US to haunt them. The USA has $5 trillion of foreign debt which means they owe certain countries a total of $5 trillion dollars. One of these countries is China who has over $2 trillion of this debt. To be more clearer , China has bought $ 4 trillion worth of US Treasury Notes and in exchange has loaned the US cash. Now imagine if China says to the US, pay us back we don’t want your useless paper. I can tell you what will happen   “The lights will go off in the US “ and a chaos that the US has never imagined will be started by civil unrest and then civil war. Each third   family in the US owns a gun so you can imagine the rest.

The strangest issue here is that that the US owes so many countries funds and is still insisting that it should make the rules of the day for other countries. The truth is that the countries who the US owes funds should make domestic decisions in the US. Just imagine $5 trillion of foreign debt combined with arrogance from a country that has no mercy… And this since the first president of the USA, George Washington who was of course also a Masonic. And don’t forget yesterdays British are today’s Americans. When you go back   to history you always understand your present and what may come in the future.


Now let us  look at   some historical events that took place in the USA based on a financial crises . In the great depression of 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt devalued the US Dollar under executive order number 6102 which then activated the legal confiscation of gold and then raising its price “ the price of gold “ 69.3%. This   effectively started asset inflation.

By confiscation we mean the confiscation  of   private gold,  the peoples gold because the US Government didn’t have enough gold to have a real value for the US Dollar. The trick is usually to devalue currency and re - inflate assets.

Only this time with the existing financial crises it is not only a   US crises but a global financial crises. The world is too interconnected.  Instead, the world’s leading countries will most probably propose a  simultaneous   and   global currency devaluation. This way all G 20 countries will ease the burden of all their debts.

This will not be an easy deal to offer to the public but remember debts are at a very sensitive position now all over the world so a devaluation process will benefit all. This means devaluing all currencies and re -inflating all asset prices.

This time they will not and cannot confiscate private Gold because there will be riots and revolutions all over the globe should  the   Governments   just mention the word of   “confiscate”.

Here is one scenario of how things could develop : Governments around the world to cease all gold sales and instead raise the current official central bank price of gold from it existing value to a price that monetizes a large enough portion of the world outstanding debts. This way, just like in the USA in 1933, the debts become a fraction   of the re – inflated assets prices ( led higher by the gold price ). And this time , instead of staying with the dollar as a reserve currency, the G 20 could agree to issue three new monetary units of exchange, each with equal reserve status. The three currencies to be a new dollar, a new euro and a new pan – asian currency.

The Chinese yuan may survive as a fourth currency, but it will be linked to the three new currencies. The new fiat monetary units will be worth less than the old monetary units. For instance, it could take 10 new units of money to buy 1 old  US dollar.

For instance also expect new names to be given to the new currencies to help the world Governments get rid of    their monetary failures A system that failed.


Additional regulations and monetary programs would be designed to ease the transition to a new monetary system. Do you think  this  cannot happen ?


Look at the Euro,   this happened  and not even 10 years ago. Now the Euro is one of the most powerful currencies in the world. Why because people trust the European continent more than the US.  Now the Euro “ the currency “ has a European Central bank and before each European country, had its own central bank.

They all still do have their own central bank but the Head Office has become the European Central Bank. Is the picture getting clearer ? It should because believe it or not  we are all heading to a one world currency .

Let me give   you an example :   The new world central bank would be the IMF. The IMF would implement the new financial system in conjunction with central banks and governments around the world.

Keep in mind that the IMF is already set up to handle the transition, and has had contingency plans allowing for it since the institution was formed in 1944.

The big question is : What gold price would be legislated to re –inflate the US and the Global economy ?

Let us look at the following scenarios :

1.To monetize 100% of the outstanding public and private sector debt in the US, the official government price of gold would have to be raised to about $53 000 per 1 gold ounce.

2.To monetize 50% of the outstanding public and private debt in the US, the price of gold would have to be raised to around $26 000 per 1 gold ounce.


3.To monetize 20% would require a gold price of $10 000 per 1 gold ounce.


4.To monetize just 10% of the outstanding public and private US debt the gold price would need to be approximately $5000.

It has been calculated that should all international currencies be placed under the US dollar valuation then the total value of a paper money that exits globally is about $100 Trillion. The existing gold above ground that has been calculated is approximately 5 billion gold ounces excluding treasures. Now let us  take   100 trillion, that’s   100 plus 12 zeros divided by 5 billion that’s a five and nine zeros. You will come to the result of 20 000. That is supposed to be the official gold price per each gold ounce.

The above is just food for thought and the above can easily become reality. So if you believe the above 4 points of a possible scenario is a far away illusion, then  think   again  before you make a conclusion.  

When will it be the time for Sudan to become a world member in decision making for world problems and world solutions. We are not members of the G 20 although our natural resources are more than some of the G 8 members and more than most of the G 20 members.  Is it because we are still considered a third world country or an emerging economy or are we simply not considered sophisticated enough because we have not had any elections for the past 24 years. I believe it is simply disrespect, although we are supposed to be the “ World Food Basket “.

Are we as a Sudanese people still going to bet our future on the same old political parties and same old candidates who have done nothing but lose the race we have betted on. The race of prosperity for all , the race of security for all, the race of development for all and the race for a united Sudan. What have the old political parties or the same old political candidates accomplished or delivered to the Sudanese people and why should  we the Sudanese people trust them.

It has been over 40 years that we have seen nothing but the same candidates and the same political parties as if they are the only qualified candidates. Is it not time to choose new contender’s who can make a positive difference and provide the Sudanese people with a life of prosperity instead a life of empty promises.  

I believe that the first choice is the choice of the people of Sudan and not the political contenders. The Sudanese people should have their right and freedom to choose their new leader.

He who will speak for them and their needs, he who will deliver what the Sudanese people want and he who will lead the People of Sudan to prosperity in all its positive meanings.  A  united development plan chosen by the people of Sudan for the well being of all the people of Sudan.

An excellent choice for President Beshir these days is to simply retire and give the responsibility to a New Leader. 20 years is not an easy task for any human being and no one knows more than President Beshir of how hard these 20 years were for him. A retired President is much better remembered than a non desired President.   His retirement will prove his true intention of   fair and democratic elections for the Sudanese People. Is that not what President Beshir said “ A fair and democratic system for all the Sudanese people. Why don’t you President Beshir give the Sudanese People the key to start a democratic system as you promised. The key is your retirement .

This will be the best present you can give the Sudanese people which will be noted as an excellent gesture with your good intention form a   sincere President who loves the well being of his country and its people “The Sudan”. Is this not your true and sincere wish for the Sudanese people? This said with all due respect to your present position as The President of   Sudan.

Now where do we as a Sudanese people stand within the midst of the existing global developments.

Should we not have our right to say, our opinion or even strategic solutions that could make a positive difference in the existing African, Arab or Global Economic problems.  

The Sudanese people have many qualified and very experienced professionals that can contribute positively for the further development of Sudan but these people must have a special dedicated ministry for their special experiences of their professions.

This will be a  platform from which they “ the professionals” can contribute to Sudan without being disturbed in their work by Government intervention. Clean, clear and strategic   work agreements for strategic infrastructural projects are to be given to them “ the professionals “ by the Government after a joint mutual economic plan is negotiated and agreed to  by both, the professionals who represent the people of Sudan as an independent body and the Government as the servants of the people of Sudan. Is it not so, that the leaders of the country are to serve their country ? A joint mission for the People of Sudan.

In our next essay we will speak about the western plan for a “one world currency “ and  how  each country   should  retain its sovereignty.  

But for now let  us  start  thinking  clearly and let us unite in  how we want to plan the next ten years for us as a Sudanese People. Development and prosperity for a united  Sudan   without a north or south, east or west division.

If we divide ourselves due to old grudges, hate and inferiority problems then we have failed as a Sudanese people, but if we unite under one master plan for the prosperity of all the Sudanese then we will succeed no matter what problems face us as a united people.

The birth of everything good is always  hard. Every mother knows how hard giving birth is and the result is new hope and happiness. The Mother of this beloved Nation  is  Sudan.

Therefore, the new hope and happiness needs to be well managed to grow up as a healthy, wise and positive being. This supported by a united Sudan.

The moment we start speaking of a New Sudan and are only thinking of South Sudan in this matter with a new flag to be raised, then we are making a big mistake.

We should learn from history that the foreign enemy’s mission is to divide us as a nation and then start to manipulate the divided states.

All Federal states can raise their Federal Flags but a United Sudan should only have one flag to be raised. Let us look at the constitution  of   the  Federal Republic of   Germany. Why can we not use the same type of constitution and implement it in Sudan.

It would fit exactly with what is required for Sudan. The Germans also have their differences  of  North , South, East and West but deal with it in a civilized manner.

Germany had a war that destroyed their country totally but they built their Nation from practically zero to become one of the most powerful economies in the world.

To be exact Germany is the Third most powerful economy in world and the most powerful economy in Europe. Germany does not even have 5% of the natural resources we have and Sudan is a country approximately 8 times larger than Germany. Don’t forget Germany was divided into East and West from after the second world war   until end of 1989.

If Germany would have   not been divided into east and west, it would have been the most powerful economy in the world. Look at Korea before its division North and South and look at it now. The people of North Korea are suffering immensely. The equation is always the same “ a group of people, a tribe, a part of a country have to suffer. Many examples of country divisions throughout history can be mentioned and these divisions led to one thing and that is human misery.

So what  does this prove ?  It proves that war was and is never a solution to any problem and that a united country is far better off than a disunited country. There are many examples we can take that prove this point, so when will we make that step towards a united Sudan with a united economic plan ?

We should all seek a united plan that must be implemented before it is too late. An immediate conference for a united Sudan with a fair and equal national wealth program is a “number one priority” before we go to any election polls and before any elections take place. At the beginning of Sudan’s independence American and British Government officials came to Sudan to discuss the Crude oil subject. It was already known at that time to the UK and USA that Sudan was rich in Crude oil. The reality of history in this matter was that the US  and UK’s   intention was to bring out the crude oil in Sudan but they were confronted by a people who did not bow to foreign agendas of control and manipulation.

Sudan for them was a more strategic country then Saudi Arabia. The US and the UK found that they could manipulate Saudi Arabia “then it was known as Al Hijaaz “ and therefore assisted Al Saud Family to take power.

This was also a Masonic plan in order to start a long term manipulation agenda in the Arab world. At the same time the Wahabees were also created through Mohamed ibn Abdel Wahab.  This was the group that was to be in charge of religious affairs and King Abdel Aziz bin Saud and his family were in charge of the Crude Oil and Political affairs of the country…The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Wahabees were created to become the cancer living in the Islamic house , Islamic environment, Islamic territory. That was the day the Masonic plan became a perfect weapon against the Arabs ….Through the Wahabees the cancer would start spreading not only in Arab and Islamic countries but all over the world. How ?  Now the second phase of this plan has been activated and the result was to create “ the war on terror”. When are the people going to wake up to reality of this cancer. The Americans are now trying to influence many Arab governments to let the Americans take charge of their educational syllabus with the excuse to make sure that “the Wahabee ideology “ is not to develop”. Which means to make sure that these children , “ our   children” the children of the Arab Nation   schools don’t grow up to be terrorists.  Imagine wanting to take control of our children’s education and future. And believe or not some Arab countries have already signed their agreements with the USA in this regard. Does this mean that in 10 years time we will have our Arab names changed in Tom and Smith or   Amanda and Angela ? After Kuwait was liberated by the Americans in the first gulf war some families named their new born children Bush.

So believe it, nothing is impossible, if we are not careful. The Masonic group created this cancer of Wahabism in our own back yard 50 years ago and now they say   that they also have the cure. Do you see how dangerous this is to our society. Now  tell me who are the terrorists “ them “ or us . Do we not have to be very careful and do we not have to be a united people of Sudan and in fact a United States of Africa   and a United States of Arabia. Now if we truly accomplish that, who will stand I in our way and who will try   to change our beautiful and special traditions and culture as Africans and as Arabs and as a mix of both. This is our true wealth so let us not give the chance to those who carry envy and hate in their hearts to dismantle our existence as a united people.

For those who want to argue the issue of Wahabism, I will be very glad to send you written facts and proof   of Wahabism from its inception until this day. It will then be very clear what a fallacy Wahabism is and why it has been created and how so many have been taken for a ride in the world of deception and illusion.

Don’t forget that the most dangerous soldier is “the soldier of belief” and when this so called belief is based on a fallacy “ meaning the wrong principals and the wrong cause” then expect the most dangerous result   prepared by ignorance and hate.

OUR WEALTH : The reality is that the crude oil quantity of Sudan is more than the quantity of Saudi Arabia and Iraq combined. One occasion to prove this fact is when the first gulf war started and the oil fields of Kuwait were set on fire. At the time Madeline Albright was US ambassador to the UN. She was asked in an interview ,   What are we   “the west “going to do   regarding energy resources, if the oil fields in the middle east are   being set on fire ?

She replied “ that we are not worried in this matter because on a worst case scenario we have the best alternative to turn to and this alternative is the Sudan which has the largest oil reserves on earth”. The minute she finished this sentence she realized that she had made a mistake in giving out such    secret information. I guess that is the best answer she could find at that moment or maybe she was trying to prove that she is an intelligent woman. After all she is a Jewish girl and she did become secretary of state or as we know it Minister of foreign affairs. The US agenda for the oil of Sudan is to only prove that it exists “ that was done by Chevron “ and to keep it as a reserve for the next 30 years until Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries run low on crude oil. Here is where the Chinese saw their opportunity in Sudan and here is where the Government of El Bashir did make the right move. This cannot be denied by any existing opposition party or any person living in or outside Sudan. But now that the oil is   being produced, the USA is pushing for the independence of South Sudan. Sudan has one of the best crude oil qualities on earth the “ Nile blend “ and this blend has a very low structure of sulphur.   The lower the sulphur in the crude oil, the better the quality and the easier it is refined.   Sudan is an extremely rich country with it natural resources and therefore it will always have its enemies. In fact we are actually so rich in natural resources that all the 42 million Sudanese population could all become millionaires in less than ten years and this would not even affect our national budget by 1 %, that is if the national wealth was well managed and equally shared. Where is the problem if the whole Sudanese population were millionaire’s. We would have one of the most powerful nations in the world and that ladies and gentleman is exactly what our enemies do not want for us as a nation. Does it now make sense why Sudan has been inflicted with war even before its independence.  It is not   an internal racial problem as has been set up in so many minds   nor is it a religious war but we are a nation that has been manipulated as a people for too many years. Only under a united Sudan will we develop to be an extremely powerful country.


We should look at the following  reality which is that “three quarters” of the crude oil reserves are in the north of Sudan and only one quarter is in the South of Sudan.

We also have an underground river as abundant as the river Nile in west Sudan starting from south Sudan all the way to north Sudan. This information exists since the 1960’s.

If we are going to fight about crude oil reserves then where is the fight for gold reserves, agricultural reserves, copper reserves, water reserves, etc… ?

We have an abundance of all kinds of natural reserves all over Sudan but if you realize the main political problem we are facing is the crude oil reserves and wealth sharing problem. Can this  matter not be  solved diplomatically  and  in  a  civilized  manner ?

I believe it can be solved and it must be solved in a sophisticated and fair way which is actually the original and the traditional Sudanese way of solving problems.

We should not lose our special original and traditional way of dealing with our problems “ the sophisticated and peaceful way together for a united cause “ the way that our grandfathers and great grandfathers dealt with their day to day problems. We should also not forget our grandmothers who also contributed to the Sudanese people in a very special way. The grandmothers are the women who also fought   against the British and took care of the wounded Sudanese soldiers and fighters. Frankly, we are fighting against them “ The British” until this day only this time include the Americans who are originally British of yesterday.

Do you think the Bush Family landed from the moon on to America.

America belongs to the Red Indians but where are they now. They are on their reservations that have been given them by the US Government “ The invaders”  which  means the red Indians  have a say only on their reservations. Now do we want to live in reservations also created and implemented on us by the American’s. That is exactly what is going to happen if we are not very careful. We have far many more tribes than the Red Indian tribes and this means the division of Sudan will create more problems than any other country. I hope that all this is clear. And now let us take that first step towards a united development plan instead of a disunited nation with all sides becoming losers.

Please Note :   I am not a member of any Political Group nor do I represent   any group in or out of Sudan. I am speaking as an independent entity and I am expressing my view of realistic facts for one reason only, and that is the well being and prosperity of the Sudanese people. As is known, what comes from the Heart should definitely go into the Heart.  The words that come from the heart of the person who speaks for the well being of a country, will only be heard by the hearts who want the same for their country.

The rule of the Sudan should be the rule of people and not the rule of a Government.

A Government should only be there to serve the will and needs of the People and the People want to live in peace and prosperity. This was always the will of the People and no people on earth want anything other than that, so is it not time that the “will” of the people is respected and protected by its own Government.



Your Brother:    Abdel Halim    Anwar Mohamed Ahmed  Mahgoub.

[email protected]                                                 22nd of January 2010

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