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Watch out SPLA/M by Dr. Mawien Akot is a family physician in Wynyard, Canada.
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Mar 18, 2010 - 12:19:47 PM

I was sitting by the ocean at the fabulous resort of Royal Decameron, Montigo Bay, Jamaica when a catastrophe hit! That catastrophe as you all know, was a devastating earth quack in near Haiti which left entire world in shock. As a medical doctor I pondered about cutting my dream-vocation short and rush to provide what I could to those children who are at risk. Amidst this, vivid memories carried me back home, Aweil, South Sudan, where I was born and raised before trailing a long journey of tribulations to become a fully licensed medical doctor in Canada. My emotions were caught between helping Haitians and my own people. As one of political activists who decided by choice to quit airing my views in exchange of professional obligations, I thought both could be done. In this article, I will not dwell on Charity part for Earthquake victims but rather on our current political status in Sudan.
Why Elections before Referendum?
Everyone in all corners of Sudan is so much excited about only country's chance for free election but we Southerners forgot to ask the main question: Why elections before referendum? A critical analyst would agree that if Democratic transformation is the sole aim of these elections, then Sudan must first decide where it's heading. It is mindboggoling to conduct mass elections then in a few months, things roll back to square zero if South decided to seperate or not. In simple terms, other elections must be conducted due to change in political environment of the would be one or two countries. My humble analysis is that this clause in CPA was added for the interest of ruling national congress party. Some may not agree with this view but let me clarify it a little bit.
Independent Candidates:
Clouded by ambition for power and/or dire need to serve the people, many SPLA top commanders left their posts to contest as independent candidates. This by it self has caused mass confusion within SPLA/M to the point of each group questioning loyalty of the other to our cause. Northern Sudan political landmark has seen minimal trend of this kind! In my view, what so ever the election results are, this is a recipe for partition of SPLA/M. I am not a pessimist but those who objectively quantify things would agree that Southern Sudan will not be an independent country without a fight. So when that time comes, there will certainly be an enormous need for contributions of those army commanders whom we now call Independent Candidates. Regardless of election outcomes, there will be fresh animosity that could not be easily reconciled. As a result, we will end up divided and weak to face the enemy...To be continued.
Dr. Mawien Akot is a family physician in Wynyard, Canada. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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