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Victory is Certain on Genuine Democratic Change By Dr. James Okuk
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Sep 5, 2009 - 9:45:20 PM

Victory is Certain on Genuine Democratic Change  

“When the going is getting tough on the CPA joint and full implementation, it is the tough who should get going up to the desired destiny.” (Dr. James Okuk reflection).  

By Dr. James Okuk  

The genuine democratic change in the Sudan is on its way through the SPLM-DC. It is the democracy of the people, by the people, for the people and with the people. The SPLM-DC has scored a good and right start for this tough journey through its savvy leadership and courageous membership who have overcome the threats and prosecution from those who are against genuine democratic change in the Sudan. The voices of the oppressed and marginalized people who have been suffering in silence have spoken in the SPLM-DC National Delegate Conference in the Friendship Hall in Khartoum.  The same voice is going to speak in the ballot boxes in the coming general elections in April 2010. The SPLM-DC leadership has totally gained the confidence of the people and their desire for genuine change from security and development, especially in Southern Sudan where tribalism and corruption has become an acceptable norm in the GoSS.  


The SPLM-DC invited the SPLM to its National Delegates Conference (NDC) in the Friendship Hall in Khartoum on 31st August 2009 but the SPLM refused to attend. Other political parties were invited but some of them shied away because they were intimidated by the SPLM Secretariat who were even using money and other conspiracies to abort the SPLM-DC efforts for the best democratic transformation example in its NDC. The SPLM Secretariat even confused the interim Deputy Chairman of the SPLM-DC, Mr. Anwar Mosa and pulled him out of the SPLM-DC to shamelessly conduct an individual press statement that the SPLM-DC is illegal and must not be allowed to exist. He and some members of the SPLM ran to the National Council of Political Parties Affairs to block the NDC from proceeding but they failed to stop the tsunami of change. The NDC was concluded successfully and democratically in a transparent and fair manner. Long Live SPLM-DC and its elected savvy leadership!!! The SPLM Secretariat is now crying over it wasted money and energy on the sabotage attempts over SPLM-DC right proceedings of the NDC. They have bitterly tested it that the SPLM-DC leaders and members are not easy-going people to sabotage and deceive with money, threats and false promises. The victory of the SPLM-DC is certain; it has started now and it will engulf the SPLM soon!!!


As a serious political party, the SPLM-DC has the right to forge partnership with any political party and get hold of government powers through fair, free and transparent elections. The NCP is a first partner of the SPLM-DC and it has been very supportive for it because of the wise leadership and robust institutional organization it has in hand now. It is not a political sin to deal with President Al Bashir and NCP because the SPLM itself has been dealing with him even finding it difficult now to run away from the NCP to the side of opposition parties like Umma, DUP, Communist, and etc. This is the game of politics and the winners are determined by the preparation they have before the game and the best way they play in the field as a team. You can see how Juba meeting of opposition parties is already dying away before it starts because the SPLM is finding it difficult to abandon the partnership with the NCP and kick away the CPA. The whole world is watching the SPLM now and observing how it is going to kill the CPA. The SPLM has lost international credibility, leave alone national confidence of the people.


The SPLM cadres, especially the Secretariat are crying foul and chanting baby cries because the SPLM-DC has emerged strongly to fill the missing gap of genuine partnership on the joint and full CPA implementation and South-South Dialogue. There is not going to be any surprise by the NCP on the SPLM-DC because they are already working together as partners in broad daylight, unlike the SPLM leaders who pretend to be Anti-NCP at day time but its supporters at night in the dark because of oil money. It is the NCP who is going to surprise the SPLM with the secrets that have been hidden behind closed doors since the kick off of the CPA era. The marginalized people will throw up their arms in astonishment and shake their heads with disgust of the exposed dirty things the SPLM have been doing secretly on the public rights.


The SPLM cadres must learn to separate the SPLM from the SPLA. It was the SPLA who fought the Sudan Armed Forces in battles during the war time before the signing of the CPA. The SPLM is not an army; it is just a newly registered national political party in the Sudan (from April 2009) like any other political party. The SPLM did not fight any battle because it is not a military force. The SPLA must be kept away from the SPLM dirty and mediocre politics. The SPLA is a standing army of Southern Sudan, supposed to ensure security of all the citizens and their associations or political parties within the territorial sovereignty. The SPLA is not supposed to take side in political games of political parties. This is totally wrong as far as genuine democratic transformation and human civilization is concerned. Oh dear Dr. John Garang, we have missed you a lot!!! The mediocres and dull opportunists who have spoiled the refutation of the SPLM now would have not got this chance if you were there!!


If the Oil money is the money of Southern Sudan, then there should not be any quarrel when the SPLM-DC cadres and leaders get their share from it. The CPA does not say the oil share of Southern Sudan should be custody of the SPLM only. All Southerners have the right to this share because it is theirs regardless of their partisanship or political affiliations. Why is SPLM jealous when the SPLM-DC gets its financial support from its friends? Did the SPLM-DC question or is it jealous when the SPLM gets its financial assistance from friends abroad? Please respect the autonomy, relationships and independent business of the SPLM-DC because it is up to its members and leaders to fund the activities of the party the way they deem it fine and fit. This is SPLM-DC confidential internal affairs; keep away from it until you become a member with full right to know the source of SPLM-DC finance.

Regarding Unity of the Sudan and self-determination, let the short-memory SPLM leaders preach to people who do not follow SPLM political events. What has Dr. Salva Kiir and Mr. Pagan Amum been saying in Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains and in Egypt, Emirates and other Arab countries? Is it not Unity of the Sudan!!! What did Mr. Malik Aggar said about confederation for Southern Sudan in order to betray self-determination? Is it not Unity of the Sudan!!! What was the theme of 2008 SPLM National Convention? Is it not Unity of the Sudan!!! Why is it seen wrong for Dr. Lam Akol to talk of making Unity attractive and deemed right for  Dr. Salva Kiir and  Mr. Pagan  Amum when they say so? What is the difference when Unity of the Sudan comes from the big-mouth of Mr. Pagan Amum and small-mouth of Dr. Salva Kiir? What does the CPA say about the duty of the two signatory partners of the CPA? Is it not making Unity of the Sudan attractive to Southerners? Is it not Dr. Lam in Frankfurt who introduced Self-determination demand by Southerners into the Sudanese politics? Is it possible for Dr. Lam to lick his own vomit? Since when did those of SPLM SG and his Northern Sudan Deputy fall in love with Self-determination and Separation of the South from the North? At least Dr. Salva Kiir can be trusted as a Separatist and a faithful lover of the self-determination. Unless double standards are acceptable to the SPLM, their fuss against SPLM-DC and Dr. Lam on Self-determination and making Unity of the Sudan attractive is contradictory and nonsensical!!!


What is wrong for the SPLM-DC to base its HQs and conduct its NDC in Khartoum if this is right for the SPLM? Isn't the SPLM-DC a national political party too? If it is right for the SPLM to operate in Khartoum and the North; it is also right for SPLM-DC to do so. The SPLM SG was popular before he was discovered to be a liar and a looter of public money of the marginalized Southerners. Where did he get the quick money for buying mansions abroad and conduct private business using proxy of his brothers and friends. Dr. Lam does not hate Yasser Arman but he always denounces his perpetual lies in media. Mr. Yasser is not a sincere politician; in fact he is a mediocre like the Ethiopian Nuer, Ezekiel Lol who wrongly heads GoSS and SPLM Mission in USA. Mr. Yasser and his cliques are the one who spoiled the good Mr. Salva Kiir who people used to know in the past before he changed. Now Kiir’s reputation has dropped beyond any repair and he is just waiting to leave the GoSS and go home shamefully after next year elections. Dr. Riek Machar and Hon. Wani Igga are eagerly waiting impatiently to replace him.

To conclude, the SPLM-DC, Dr. Lam Akol, and any member has the right to the share of Sudan oil money and other privileges without conditions or intrusions of self-acclaimed mediators like the SPLM. The SPLM-DC leaders have known to take their share directly from the National Coffers and will not seek any permission from SPLM because the SPLM is just a political party like SPLM-DC with members from all over the country. Time for genuine change has come to tell Non-Southerners to pack and leave the wrong position they are holding in the name of the beloved South Sudan like the shameless Ethiopian Nuer, Ezekiel Lol in USA. It is time for the right people to be put into right places at the right time.  SPLM-DC is going to do this swiftly after it had been given the mandate by the people in the coming elections to take care of their public rights from government institutions.  


I know to be decent as well as indecent in my approach. I have both qualities and I know to use them relevantly. I respect those who respect themselves but disrespect those who don’t, period. I shall never waver to state straight and to the point what I see as the truth or falsity. Backward Never, but Forward Ever. The victor is certain through SPLM-DC and genuine change must come to and with the people sooner or later.  

Dr. James Okuk can be reached at [email protected]

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