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Unless The GoSS Nine Eleven Letter Was Written by Drunkards and Terrorists? By Dr. James Okuk
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Nov 27, 2009 - 5:19:39 PM

Unless The GoSS Nine Eleven Letter Was Written by Drunkards and Terrorists?


By Dr. James Okuk


Even if you doubt the GoSS 09/11/2009 letter, the SPLM terroristic acts on the ground against the SPLM-DC members are undeniable clues for the authenticity of that bad news to multi-party democracy in Southern Sudan. Having come across that shameful GoSS letter, some skeptics said "something somewhere is wrong" for that official document with an emblem of the Republic of the Sudan on the top to have gone public in that shape; it might have been forged by some clever persons.


But I can say unless these skeptics see and read with glasses of blind men, there is no single sign of alteration in that King Kiir's letter of incompetence and despotism through Dr. Luka  Tombekana Monoja. The spacing between the lines in the letter are perfectly done with ‘SPLM-DC’ put in bold letters of 14 font for drawing attention of the addressed Governors that the SPLM-DC should never be tolerated because it has become a big threatening thorn to political survival by the SPLM leadership who are accommodating GoSS’ bad guys with impunity despite the increased salaries and status of the GoSS anti-corruption commission led by Dr. Pauline Riek, the Jamaican who is so good at researching the big amount paid to anti-corruption commissioners in East Africa rather than the work they do to stop this vice.


The emphasis by bolding alone is an indication that the main point in the whole letter is an official order of terrorism on SPLM-DC political campaigns in the South so that its cadres could not attempt to compete on people’s confidence for GoSS presidency, states governorship and parliamentary posts in April 2010 elections. The language used in that tyrannical GoSS letter is not new because it was reported some months back that Dr. Salva Kiir told the SPLA graduated officers in Malau Military training centre that they should regard Dr. Lam Akol and SPLM-DC as Number One Enemy in the South. That is why you have heard of arrests; detentions, harassments, humiliations and few killing of the courageous SPLM-DC supporters in the South under the pretext that they are criminals and spies.


May be the skeptics and the SPLM die-hard supports could have convinced us to have a little benefit of doubt in solidarity with them if they would have said the Nine Eleven anti-democracy GoSS letter was written and signed at night when its authors were drunk with alcohol or opium or when they were in immoral beds with illegal concubines.


Even if the bolded and emphasized part of that letter “Except the so called SPLM-DC” was to be eliminated, still this terroristic GoSS letter remains an implicating evidence of the evil-work-in-the-dark the SPLM-controlled GoSS has been carrying out there against other political parties in the South. By requesting cooperation of all the governors of 10 Southern States with all other Southern political parties in order not to hinder their work, it becomes logically implicit that there was no cooperation in the first place and there was hindrance of work of all the other political parties in the South. And because of this lack of cooperation and hindrance of work, the FVP of the Sudan, President of the GoSS and SPLM Chairman requested for what has been lacking on the ground of ten states of Southern Sudan, “cooperation with all other Southern political parties and not to hinder their work.”


But the logical questions that arise here are: Why was there no cooperation of the governors of the 10 Southern States with all other political parties in the first place that led to the hindrance of their work? Why is the SPLM-controlled GoSS finding cooperation of governors of 10 Southern states as necessary now so as not to hinder the work of all the other Southern political parties? Is it because of international and national elections observers who are now monitoring the process of liberal democratic transformation on the ground in Southern Sudan like the American Carter Centre and the Electoral Unit of the United Nations, among others?


Otherwise, the case is already being taken to the Constitutional Court and the truth will come out soon whether the Nine Eleven GoSS Shameful letter is a fake or an authentic document from Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Acting Minister of Presidential Affairs in Juba. Up to now no governor from the ten governors of Southern Sudan has denied the receipt of the letter or its content or part of its content. The authors of that terroristic letter themselves did not deny its authenticity when reached by journalists; they just abstained from commenting on their own work. Therefore who are we to doubt the authenticity of this tyrannical letter against multi-party democracy in the South!!!


Remember that change through Christianity spread like a wild fire because of harassing, arresting, detaining, humiliation, terrorizing and killing Jesus and his followers. History is full of such kinds of examples and lessons of how genuine change takes place. By this incompetent and evil act, the SPLM and GoSS leadership is indeed proofing to be a failed entity.  Let good coffins be prepared to burry these unwise despotic politics after the verdict of the people in the coming general elections; the right leaders will be elected to the right offices in the GoSS and the 10 states in the South.


The Sudan Constitutional Court should act immediately to teach Salva Kiir and his cronies the sense of respect to the rule of law. Let Kiir and his cronies go back to military barracks if they are unable to adapt to civilian politics of multi-party democracy and competition for power in the Sudan. The Civilian multi-democracy civilian competition must be free and fair without blocking activities of any legally registered political party in any part of the country.


If Kiir is shivering from democratic competition for Presidency of the GoSS let him resign honourabley and leave politics to those who know the rules of the game. What goes around comes around. Now the light and the truth of the SPLM-DC leadership is expelling the lies and darkness of the SPLM and GoSS leadership. God is watching and people are seeing!!!

Dr. James Okuk can be reached at [email protected]

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