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Unamid and local community Both of them playing the Same tune in harmony by Mubarak Ibrahim
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Oct 11, 2009 - 9:58:26 PM

Unamid and local community

Both of them playing the

 Same tune in harmony


At least people of that small beautiful village are so lucky comparatively not only with people a round them but also with all people who lives in other areas of Darfur region. And there are some satisfied reasons for their happiness and luckiness in comparative with others.

Firstly, in the east direction of this village there are long chains of dark brown mountains wrapped with green grass and trees of different shapes and types .so that the view of the village is so wonderful and inspiring particularly in the earlier hours of the day. at this time of the day when you look behind those lovely mountains you will see the sun still looks so young and fresh .yeah, you will see him struggling and   struggling to rise up   behind those huge and majestic mountains declaring himself as one of the most powerful and great wonders on the whole world.

And the reflection of the brilliant x-rays of the sun makes the mountains looks like pure gold. So the inhabitants here are very proud and happy. Right now we are enjoying and extremely fascinated by this masterpiece of nature. Perhaps nobody want to turn back to enjoy the other side of the same picture which can be seen in the opposite direction of those dark-brown mountains.

How wonderful: let us wonder here:    just imagine. What do you think there will be on the other side? And what kind of view will be there?

Oh, my god. What is that? How splendid: oh yeah, it is Unamid Camp stood there. It looks as white as camel milk. It is the sign of peace and tranquility. People here must be lucky and happy. The white camp is so closed to their village and therefore feelings and impressions of happiness and satisfaction glittering in their eyes and faces as well. They only need peace and nothing more.

In addition to Unamid Camp position from the village as strong source and motive of happiness and relaxation in the area. Also there are great numbers of people have been employed in the camp to carry out several kinds of jobs. Some of them working as drivers, carpenters, electricians and so forth. As result of this employment opportunities the local economical activities such as trading, tourism and other aspect of life activities have been improved so much. And this improvement of their living standard made the relationship between the two communities so fine. In other words, both of them gradually got very friendly. And each one of them reflects the soft smile of other and they started playing the same tune together in good harmony.

No doubt such wonderful memories will be registered in the mind of history one day within the process of time. That good view of been together in harmony supposed to be everywhere in Darfur.



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Mubarak Ibrahim.




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