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The Sudan…. Nation of Security by Abdel Halim Anwar Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub
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Jan 27, 2010 - 7:37:56 PM

The Sudan…. Nation of Security

Abdel Halim   Anwar Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub

[email protected]

Every   Human being   has a right to Security, therefore the   most important   and most sacred right to be given to any individual from any government is security.

Security includes security of food and shelter, security of the right to vote, security to have freedom of speech, security of education, security of free health services or health insurance , security of jobs, etc……

The list goes on but the fact is that there are many forms of security based on simple human rights any and all Governments must provide for each and every citizen….only this way   can   any government call itself a democratic government….

For many years we have all heard to word democracy that has come in many colors and forms…the word   democracy as we all know was first created in Greece and through times has been used by so many governments as if without this word basic human rights would simply disappear.

Fact is, that until this day we have never really witnessed a full or complete democracy in any country….why this has been a fact of life surely lies in the natural human weakness.

This means, that even if there were many who did have the intention to provide a so called democratic   governing   system “ have failed ”…. due to the natural human weakness……of their enemies….and not of them “ by them” we mean all those who dedicated their lives to the well being of their Nation.

By human weakness we want to define the human weakness to hate, to envy, to be wicked, to be sly, to simply be shameless or even heartless…then there is the weakness of greed and the weakness of power…all a mixture of human weakness known as the human ego…   so if it all sums up to the same human ego then   that brings us human beings into situations that can be destructive…….destructive   for us or our friends, our neighbors, our fellow citizens…so what is the real cure ?


Many would say religion, others would say upbringing and others would say “tell me who your parents are and we will know who you are”….but then Fire gives birth to ashes…..and ashes disappear in   the blowing wind… there are those who would say that if I were Gold then even fire will only extend my story when told…fire and heat give only more power to gold…so is it fire   that we need when we say his or her character is of Gold…….you decide.…by fire we mean the development of good deeds… is the origin of   light


There are many different answers that we would expect here but the Truth is that many would just continue speaking without giving this matter a real thought…anyway this is something everyone should decide for himself or herself……for example women’s rights have existed in Islam over 1400 years but have never really been practiced by many countries or so called governments…then we have the   Human Rights in Islam that have existed also for 1400 years…that’s before the United Nations or the USA were created or even thought of……..

 Fact is, that in all the Heavenly Books, basic Human Rights and Security have been delivered, but tradition and heartless vision by many human beings   has   always manipulated these basic rights…

Visionaries are not very popular until the populace wakes up to the Truth….and all Truth passes through 3 phases :   First it is ridiculed,     Second,   it is violently opposed and   Third, it is accepted as being self - evident.

Where do we all stand in the Year   2010   ?   which   in   the   Islamic   date   is   the year   1431…

What have we truly learned and understood, developed or built for ourselves,   our children and grandchildren?......the Future generations ……and where are we going to ….do we have a plan …by plan we   should mean a national plan   that includes all voices of all the nation……that is   where the test for democracy begins although I would prefer the word “ Equality ”….is that not what we were told as children when growing up….to share what we have equally and fairly…

We are now in such an international economic crises that a lot of critical and important changes will happen in the year 2010 and 2011…….when we say economic crises we mean an international currency crises…… a currency crises means mismanagement created by governments….when this happens you have nothing but inflation and then hyper - inflation…..and if worse comes to worse   then   expect a hyper - deflation and a World depression like in 1933 “ only 100 x more powerful ” ….which means life and day to day survival will only get worse….the economist intelligence unit which is a division of the Economist magazine in the UK has already issued a report last march 2009, that 95 different countries are expected to go through very hard economic times which will include revolutions, military coups, government changes and social unrest due the 2008 economic crises….you see the fact is that a lot of news     media ” passes daily by us human beings in this date and time of information, but we automatically forget a lot of this media being passed all over the world should that be TV, Radio, Newspapers or the Internet.

This is due to the fact that we are all so busy with our day to day survival that we do not clearly see that the global governance is just taking us for a ride on the train of illusion….but most of these governments forget that the same mistakes made by the Roman Empire are simply repeated by nearly all governments since that time….this means the minute the Roman Empire started taxing people and mismanaging the nation’s   wealth it came to an end….this is happening   right now to America, and all those countries who are following America…..when we say following America we mean the countries who still believe in the US Dollar and the US way of managing day to day business…..Note : The Roman Empire are the one’s who created the passport to control taxes and the US and the UK are planning to create or better said to legalize the Human Electronic Chip “ to be implanted in Human beings “ that is us, ladies and gentlemen….why ?  

Governments that want to control Human Movement…and create an international   Police state….these products already exist as membership cards “implanted in human bodies”   for some night clubs and as electronic tags for out of jail prisoners …….

Now you tell me when does the word democracy really take place   and in which country…. ?

Control   humans and you control money ….   control here means to know how and when a certain human being spent his or her money…believe it or not, in Europe certain universities have issued one electronic card as your student ID, your ATM card, your health card, your transportation card….all that’s left is to add your eating card, your toilet card and your sleeping card and we are in full action under 100%   government control…… that democracy or is it pure hypocrisy……

Money is not Gold. Money   in   its TRUE   meaning is the full and complete productive capacity of the people that constitute the Nation….Gold is the free Hedge against mismanagement of the state or the nation. Gold is a hedge against governments and their policies and not merely a private asset that goes up or down with inflation as do houses. The price of gold is going up as never seen before due to the simple fact that gold is the only true value of money when Governments start to mismanage public funds.

So until the US, the UK and many   other nations that call themselves the G20 do not start re - evaluating their currencies “ managing public funds   more responsibly” then expect nothing but a continuing rise in the gold price. We can talk about gold for the next 41 days with all the historical and present facts, figures and future,   but   let’s leave that for another time.

More important here is the point, where do   we as a Sudanese Nation stand in this Global Market ? Do we even exist as a country in the eyes of the Global Market and where have we come to within the last 20 years ? or even 40 years ? ….. When will it be time to make Sudan a real Global Power House   within the   Global   Market ?   Yes….We do have all the natural resources that can make Sudan a positive   global economic   power house,   but have these resources been taken to a level of real economic value. By economic value we mean the standard economic definition which is   the following : Economics is the study of how to make choices and manufactured   resources are called capital or more precisely physical capital. So human resources is labor, Manufactured resources is capital and special human resources is entrepreneurship.

Here are the real economic questions :   How many educated and well trained individuals have full time jobs or even part time jobs ? How many training centers do we have ? Is there really a need for foreign laborers ? What are our alternative economic resources ?

Do we have any high value trade alternatives or high value consumption alternatives or even high value investment alternatives ? is wealth distributed equally ? Is our Pension Fund taking care of our pensioners ? Do we have a Farmers Fund and do all the Famers get their   machineries and seeds   from the Farmers Fund ? Do we have a Health care System that   charges the rich and does not charge the poor? Do we have an unemployment fund that creates jobs for the unemployed ?   Do we have special dedicated Government stations, where each individual has the right to place complaints against the government ?   this as his or her free will , at any time and without being punished by the Government that the complaint is being placed against.

Does the government have an official public record “ on the internet “ or “ in the Newspapers “ issued quarterly with all details of how and where public funds were spent for the past three month? This means quarterly reports made public on how the government is managing   public funds …our funds..the Nations Funds…the country’s   wealth….    Do we have a tax free zone where we as Sudanese can live in without being taxed ? For example : The Red Sea Tax Free Zone…. Many open questions and many excellent solutions…but who will have the power to implement what the Nation wants….the Government or the people…. The people are the Nation   and the Nation should be the Government……..Are we The Democratic Republic of Sudan, The Republic of Sudan or should we be The Federal Republic of Sudan ? This since we are now very powerfully having   discussions of A Federal Republic with Federal states and Federal Governors, Federal Ministers, etc…..

At the time being   I   see us rushing into elections that will only destroy the unity of the Sudan and this will help the foreign enemies to divide and rule…nothing new for the colonials……in the 1960s the Foreign Minister of Britain highlighted a couple of words during a discussion or better said a conversation with Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub…..then Minister of Foreign Affairs…The British Minister said that they The British came to Sudan to civilize the Sudanese Nation…upon which Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub answered …We “ The Sudanese Nation  exist more than   6000 years ago and are known for the Nubian Civilization and its Kingdoms, etc… and you the British in the meantime in the 1700’s were burning Women alive publicly, just   for being   suspect of being witches… So if there is anyone who is to civilize the other then it will definitely be us…..

Now I ask you a very important question….are we as a Sudanese Nation going to have our elections in a civilized manner for a civilized nation and a civilized cause ?   or   are we rushing to start the elections in an atmosphere were foreign hands are looking forward to divide our beloved country into South and North and then into 50 different states ?

Should we not first solve the existing problems that are dividing us as a nation?   I believe it is best that elections are to be delayed to   September 2010 as we are also facing an international   economic crises that will definitely affect us as a country that is part of the Global Village. If we are not very careful as a Nation to consider this   very sensitive matter then I believe that we will see a lot of social unrest in all parts of Sudan due the facts just mentioned above. Should we as   Nation care about our well being and unity then we are first to marginalize our enemies   who exist in our own country working for the foreign enemy.

Only   thereafter   are we   to organize and arrange all the necessary preparations for elections that are to make a positive difference to our Nation.



The    Need   to   Know :  

An ancient proverb holds:

Best is to know and know that you know.

Next best   is   know that you don’t know.

Third   best   is knowing, but not realizing it.

Worst  is not to know… that you don’t know


With   the   Best   Wishes to all   those who truly and sincerely   want   the Best …


So is Sudan the Nation of Security


Your Brother:     Abdel Halim   Anwar Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub

[email protected]

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