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The Intrenational conflicts over The issue of climate change-by Anwar Yousif Arabi -SUDAN
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Dec 22, 2009 - 10:12:44 AM

     The world is becoming narrower and narrower, this fact is un-deniable as it has already been proved by scientist and environment experts all around the world .It is today that the leader of the world are meeting to discuss this fundamental issue in the danmarkian capital kopenhajen, and the fact this meeting has met aworld wide concern as it touches the interest of the population of the world sa whole, therefor defending it became the first goal of world government, we can ask very simple question what does the word climate  change mean? the answer to this question may be as easy as you chew a gum in  your mouse, this is because we are sharing the various environmental resources that around us in simple the issue of environment is touchable or in easy words say available , for example  the water we drink , and the the air we smell  and the fierece sun under which we live all these elements are called environmental factors, what do you think if we were being prohibited from using the sun of corse the whole world will go into gloom and we will miss all features of life on this earth the same as if we were prevented from drinking water we will not come to live for along time , for the water is the most essential thing in  our daily life, and if we were prevented from breathing we will not stand for more than three  minutes before we birth away, all this factors support each other to help the environmental balance ,having  making defect within the mentioned factors will eventually effect the others which will consquently threaten the life of all living organism on this earth.
    It is today the world became varied and wide in the industerlization techonology we see the great powers such as the united states and China with their alliances are placing their infuences in  the small traditional countries , whrere they do not want to give concessions to the third world that are listed under developed countries for fear that they might loose their power if they came to reduce the emanations of gasses that contribute in increasing the rate of air pollution that results in the global warming.they are closing the doors on the face of truth that if we go in producing the carbon dioxide in that dangerous rate without taking into consideration the importance of human life the world will become an un-inhabitable in just few years.
     conservation of environment is the responsibility of all, we have to work hand to hand to stop environmental pollutions and put pressure on those who are opposing the international standard in cnotroling eminations of  polluting gasses , thus contributing in resolving this international crisis and mainting the health of man kind as whole.
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