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The Failure of Enterprise in S. Sudan By: Mayar Mayar Kout
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Sep 28, 2009 - 8:50:54 AM

The Failure of Enterprise in S. Sudan

By: Mayar Mayar Kout                 

In April 10, 2009; I wrote article I “pin-pointed”; my gun’s trigger blaming on, a  former minister of Economic & Planning and his  government of southern Sudan for current economy crisis in the region but a blamed was not balancing & fair. Because there is no one-side innocent whether a private businesses nor the government of southern Sudan . Both have failed to act responsibly and to address the issue scientifically.


All of Economics’ melt-down or crisis in southern Sudan has concluded by economists to be the cause of mismanagement from, a government of southern Sudan and Businessmen. Those claimed themselves to be Entrepreneurial in the region. Despite the fact- that, the wealth, they have wasted, in (2006 – 2007); here in Juba was significant and it’s could allow them to even build a strong economic industry

A question though, is what went wrong? And who’s responsible for. How did we get into massive economy’s failure? And what are causes and effects? Arguably I believe that there are no innocent persons here! Whether the gov’t of southern Sudan or businessmen. Both are to blame on this massive failure of economy crisis in the region, both government of south Sudan (GoSS/Businesses); are directly responsible for this recession.

Let me  highlight the   areas were each side    failed to have demonstrate a better ways of its leadership on matter of the economy  , and as  I continues  to believe that, the Entrepreneurial activity in southern Sudan would a done better and successful if a resources they had in (2006 – 2007);   Once again if the above wealth, were fell in hands a typical business minded individuals, of-course there was to be   a   changes in markets in-term of  the rapid buildings of Stores, Malls and Shops  On the other hands, they would be a typical exemplars  for others, and especially  our youngest hand-bags business persons. But there are focal points, where both sides did poorly and resulted into current situation in the market.   And I have concluded one or more mistakes elements by both gov’t of southern and businessmen in which contributed into recent    failure of Enterprise in the region of southern Sudan .

First failure:  from gov’t side is, a lack rules and regulations in which government should regulates    all market’s activities.  1st specifically laws to governance a ways of lending money to the businesses and repay-back system. 2nd setup a measures rules of    how to qualify a person who applied for a contract. 3rd there is a needs for a penalties when if a person failed to deliver his/her jobs.

In addition of failure from the gov’t side is that there is no a proper provision mechanism or approach which put a strong system to help a business’s making a progress in markets and monitor each progress.

 However the gov’t should    have a strictly measures to monitoring how are they progressing in market. The Ministry of Commerce, it will be directly is job to know all businesses net gross or a market lose of profit.

A failure on businesses side is that most of businessmen have intend to be likely tourist individuals, not business owners they are staying in Hotels and Restaurants. And these factual and living stories. Recently some of them were kicked-off from Hotels because of delinquent of bills    stayed without paying accommodation fees, but some time asked yourself a legitimate questions? Are they really a business peoples seeking for a profits? Or they are an individual’s whom are there for “pursuit of happiness”; in beautiful places.

Another failure of businesses, they buying beautiful and expensive vehicles. Each of those vehicle cost about 250, 000 SDG or more but when asked a person whether he have a small shop in one of markets the answer is no. Except a very few of them own shops in Juba town. However many of businessmen exports vehicles from Japan , germen and Korea today here in Juba of southern Sudan ’s capital there’s. Hammer Toyota Prado and Toyota Rav4. Those  vehicles are a living testimonial of how they  behaved,  our businessmen in this region of southern Sudan, they  urged a degrees of  their failure to handle a profession and reliable business’s   work that, as is only field our nation’s hope for. But it’s unfortunate, although we have a 16 months a way of likely to becoming an independence state.

Lastly, the failure of entrepreneurial, as I think it’s associate with a technical aspects. In which some of businessmen have lack of education level that needed in today modern markets.   In this “Millennium of 21th century”; it’s requires more knowledge, skills and experience, in which business person would acquire to be staying a competence in the market. And also having ability to be a successful business owner.

That’s require our gov’t intervention in the markets, by having a sets of rules and regulations to governance businesses affairs and to protect a Enterprises’ from falling apart industry and going bankrupt in many places as it’s happening in Juba.


A writer is Computer Engineer; he resided in Juba – south Sudan

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