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Articles and Analysies ÇáŐÝÍÉ ÇáÚŃČíÉ Last Updated: Dec 20, 2009 - 3:34:53 PM

Sudan will never succeed under religious government, nor : Dr Ahmed Osman Tyia Kaffi (Paris

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Open letter to   his   Excellency Salva Kiir Miardit/

First   Vice - President of   Sudan /President of

Government of South   Sudan /President and Commander

in Chief of   Sudan   Peoples’ Liberation Movement and

Sudan Peoples’ Liberation   Army(SPLM/SPLA)


Sudan will never succeed under religious government, nor

under dictatorship-military or civilian; secular constitution

and complete democratic reform are pressing needs to entire

society, especially for One United Sudan .


Written by: Dr Ahmed Osman Tyia Kaffi ( Paris 17/12/2009)

(Sub-Nubian tribe-KAMDA-Lagawa–Nuba Mountains)




We would like to talk to you   in   total   frankness, believing   that   only with   such   sincere   openness we can understand and comprehend   our   points of   view without complicating   things   in   our   minds.   So   that we all   together, as   sons   of    our   beloved country the SUDAN , could deal with present circumstances of national tension looming on our land dangerously. Emitting fire, warning of another big war. Bigger than   ever, which   will   devastate   this   time   the   whole   of   Sudan   and   break   it into   pieces. In fact, our country has reached the crossroad in real. The case of   SOMALI LAND is not distant to take place in the SUDAN !!!  

All shapes and colours   of issues causing agitation of the country today are known to be chronic in   nature and   too   much   to   withstand. We are aware of misuse of power   and long deterioration   of   management of state   affairs, which had   escalated so high currently in the Sudan . The outcome experienced by the society now, reflects behaviour and attitudes of sons of this   country   themselves. Precisely, those who were at   hold of   different   types of governments in the   country since access to independence the 1st of January in 1956 to present day. Very   few   among   those   behaviours were   good   ones, however majority of them were very bad indeed; dominated and still dominating government top level political decisions in contemporary   Sudan .  


Why greatest majority of political leadership and successive governments   holding power of rule in the Sudan had failed to establish democratic reform and put into action true democratic exercise according to modern conventional international norms?? Those politicians and system of governments, despite knowledge about democracy in their minds, yet they insisted   terribly not to allow that opportunity to have its place in this country, and had not permit Sudanese people to know authentic democratic life. They are hostile to that genuine process because of bad motivations in them. Insincere to Sudanese people and they lack veritable patriotism because they do not give priority to respect and protect highest national interests of people in the country. Arbitrary regimes of governments in post-colonial Sudan accorded themselves priorityof corruption; squandering country funds, entertaining opportunism, nepotism, etc; to achieve personal ambitions and to satisfy narrow sectarian political interests.

The Sudan is now living the period post-Comprehensive Peace Agreement((CPA) on Sudanese question, signed finally in Nairobi- KENYA , 9th of February 2005.   Despite some hopes generated, all we could see today the country is going through political incertainty   insecurity and at turning point the most dangerous in its modern history. It is on the verge of destruction, about to be balkanised and shattered into pieces of small territories disorganized at war.   Sudanese innocent citizens at agony, bewilderment and in helpless situation and lack of will to do anything about it !!! Vulnerable to   more distruction tomorrow and thrown into   unknown future.  



When the(Splm/spla)was created in 1983; It came as organisation having revolutionary objectivity for a change. That Movement for Liberation came as Armed political Opposition against dictatorial systems of injustice established and dominating the Sudanese society at large . Power monopoly, Socio-Cultural discrimination, uneven economic development, political incapacity to confront elements mastering complexity of Sudanese   quarrel.

The SPLM/SPLA leadership by then, had declared frankly and clearly to Sudanese citizens all over that, it had come for the sake of poor under privileged overwhelming majority of sudanese people in the society. It had come to fight against injustice in the whole Sudan . It had declared vehemently that, the new revolution of liberation created by the Movement was a national one.   And it had invited citizens all over the country to join the new struggle. That declaration was absolutely clear in the Manifesto of 31stJuly1983 brought out by the Movement to people, mobilizing national and international opinion.   The SPLM/SPLA was motivated by national goals, to fight and stop dictatorship in the country to establish democracy. Whereby rule of law shall be highly honoured. National duty shall be assumed by all citizens capable to do that as responsibility. And fundamental rights of all Sudanese people to share national revenue among them equally.


Subsequent to that revolutionary call, there was positive reaction of overwhelming majority of Sudanese popular   masses from different parts of the country. They had accepted that new national action for liberation and took up the challenge very quickly. And had joined the SPLM/SPLA in big numbers; especially from region of South Sudan, from region of Nuba Mountains in Southern Kordofan, headed by martyr commander Youssuf Kuwa Makki and from region of Angassana in Southern Blue Nile headed by commander Malik Agar. The People of Dar fur in western Sudan had joined the Movement headed by martyr Dawood Bolad; and those from eastern Sudan had joined the   Movement and those from the far Northern part of the country had taken part in this national struggle. Thus, Sudanese popular masses, many politicians and intellectuals from different   parts of Sudanese Northern region had welcomed SPLM/SPLA national call, and had accepted the new revolutionary struggle, created to defend rights of Sudanese people suppressed, oppressed and harassed throughout by different dictatorships.    


Due to all these revolutionary groups coming to the Movement from all over the country; the SPLM/SPLA had got its real Sudanese national status; having its strong dimensions enrooted in the society at large.That intensive national mobilization, with immediate popular objective involvement in this new struggle; had counted greatly for all success achieved by the SPLM/SPLA, during the first phase of struggle prior to August 1991. When spirits of SPLM/SPLA ranks and files were very high inside the Sudan and inside militants representing the Movement abroad. During which togetherness, brotherhood and solidarity manifested themselves spontaneously; and feeling of confidence and ineluctable victory was there. Due to that the   Movement had   brought   its   fundamental military victories and its political victories indeed. The revolutionary process of liberation was establishing itself concurrently in liberated zones. Of course, those precious achievements were attained after vicious heroic combats carried out by the SPLA warriors on front lines against government troops and allied militias. Immense sacrifice was done by all SPLM/SPLA Militants all over the world, before those victories were achieved.


At heart of those victories,   with balance of geopolitics and terrain-strategy in favour of the Movement countrywide; in time where more Sudanese were converging increasingly to adhere to that revolutionary struggle in total enthusiasm; at that time something wrong and catastrophic took place inside the SPLM/SPLA; which had caused basic ideas of the movement and its national vision to turn upside down!!!! Because of mutiny and disloyalty carried out by SPLM/SPLA Al-Nasir commandership, the 28th of August 1991.   Mutiny against the SPLM/SPLA overall mainstream leadership and commandership headed by Dr John Garang de Mabior.   The famous secession or split current was led by Commander Dr Riek Mashar Durgon; Commander Dr Lam Akol   and Commander Martin. The Nasir split leaders and followers had declared their open will to stop SPLM/SPLA national liberation war. Their option was   separation of   South Sudan from the rest of country.   They went  against any idea to continue with SPLM/SPLA objectives for national political and military struggle for one united Sudan . They had said conceitedly that south sudan was tired of fighting wars, and it was exhaustive to continue with giant national liberation task announced to people in 1983. They rejected believing in earlier declarations of the Movement, by which the SPLM/SPLA had engaged itself mobilizing all Sudanese people. The Movement had continued promoting and developing   national pillars for unity of country, when it was spear headed by SPLM/SPLA Chairman and Commander in Chief DrJohn Garang de Mabior, and pioneer commanders, still in life today or those who had died as SPLM/SPLA Sudan National Martyrs who died in battle fighting for freedom of all Sudanese citizens wherever they may be.  


The dramatic Nasir split had invited tremendous frustration and deception to SPLM/SPLA National combatants and supporters inside the country and militants all over the world.   That attitude of the SPLM/SPLA Southern Leadership was infringement they made against ideas defended by the Movement at advent for ONE UNITED SUDAN . They had ruined and caused the movement to lose its sincerity with Sudanese people. It was conspiracy and betrayal against principles of national Sudanese revolutionary struggle which the Movement had laid down and assumed before Sudanese public, Africa and the world. The new current of self determination calling for separation of south Sudan   was a clear treachery against unity of the Movement and against Sudan territorial unity and had undermined SPLM/SPLA national heroic status recognized and acclaimed by overwhelming majority of Sudanese people.   


The option to separate South Sudan by Al Nasir faction, continued escalation among southern intellectuals. Unfortunately it had gained access later on inside southern commanders and elite who stood with Dr Garang, against Al-Nasir mutiny in 1991.

In due course, all SPLM/SPLA leadership members from the southern Sudanese region, became supporting idea to dissociate solutions envisaged for South Sudan and Abyie problems; from those designed for the Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan and the Angassana in southern Blue Nile(SPLM/SPLA 21 year fighting allies).   Southern leadership took that way as short-cut, to arrive very quickly to total solutions confined to South Sudan and the Area of Abyie, as far as issues of war in the Sudan are concerned.

Malicious condition from Khartoum regime was put to southerners, not to implicate and intrude themselves in affairs of Sudanese regions marginalized of economic development in the Northern part of Sudan . Otherwise the NCP dictator government threatened to abandon negotiations arranged with the Movemen in Kenya . When the SPLM/SPLA Leadership from Southern Sudan surrendered and accepted that condition, Sudanese Islamic radical regime gave them sufficiently, solutions they had been asking fore; exclusive to South Sudan and the Abyie area. They have yielded to government, in favor of their particular regional interests. But rights of all other   Sudanese regions, found in northern part of country, having typical pan-national problems were ignored deliberately during those Sudanese decisive peace negotiations in Kenya (2002-2005).    



We had joined the Sudan Peoples’ liberation Movement and the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army SPLM/SPLA in 1983. We had made that decision voluntarily, armed with mature awareness and consciousness concerning this nature of national pressing challenge. We had committed ourselves to that new Sudanese national revolutionary duty; having driving force   and conviction in mind to contribute in this fight against all types of dictatorship inflicting exploitation, terror, atrocity and intimidation on Sudanese people all over the country. To do sacrifice for the sake of all democratic freedoms to be excercised in our country, and   to restore honour and dignity of Sudanese people. To give them better opportunities in life to build good nation for generation to come. We had invested in this struggle full energy and capacities we have; with courageous moral strength and full spirit of willingness to do every thing possible to contribute in realisation of uppermost objectives laid down by the SPLM/SPLA to rescue entire Sudanese citizens. Believing that, such national collective struggle, constitutes real bridge over which the revolution could cross towards suitable democratic alternative the Sudanesepeople are expecting. We had continued militating actively for the national action of the Movement during its long years of struggle.  

However, We   became in disaccord with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), signed in2005 in Kenya, between the SPLM/SPLA and the Military Government of Muslim Extremists in the Sudan, controlled by the National Congress Party (NCP). Because the agreement was divisive and incomplete; for not have dealt equally with all Sudanese contentious issues confronted the same way by citizens in other backward regions in the Sudan . And because that agreement was forced mostly from outside the country. Because the Movement deviated itself away from its basic national line of struggle. By surrendering to external pressure, and it   was misled internally by the NCP dictatorship. It took wrong choice by looking for regional solutions for South Sudan and Abyie only. The SPLM/SPLA retrogressed itself to sarcastic awkward attitude by withdrawing itself from people in other parts of country. People who had given this Movement full practical support with determination.

The Movement became indifferent to sufferings of less fortuned ordinary Sudanese people, and the CPA made the SPLM/SPLA of chilly nature, unable to confront the dictator sectarian power in place. Present CPA had reduced national capacity of the Movement and made it looks invalid to stand in leadership today, for entire Sudanese citizens to defend their rights and to protect them.  

We have adamant will at maintaining the SPLM/SPLA original national line fighting for the sake of all Sudanese people. Struggling against all types of dictatorship in the Sudan . To overthrow and bring them down, to put definitive end to despotic motivations anywhere in the country. To establish good governance all over the Sudan   to implement authentic democracy by putting it into action in the Sudanese society on daily basis. To allow people acquire practical knowledge about it; and to exercise that as powerful   ideology against all injustice. We maintain our stand for the Sudan One and United. Under rule of law and the country will be governed by Secular Constitution. Religion and spiritual believes have nothing to do with state affairs. They will not be allowed to interfere with government. We are against any idea of self determination exploited to separate region of South Sudan or any other Sudanese region from the rest of country.   The Sudan must be democratized, sharing duties of responsibility among its people, sharing rights of prosperity, in all domains, equally between all citizens; under justice and rule of law. The country shall be maintained one and united for benefit of future generation.


The basic original SPLM/SPLA national objectives mentioned previously, were essential factors had encouraged and motivated the overwhelming majority of Sudanese citizens to rally to the Movement and made them to wake up concomitantly. They had converged and joined the revolution together, to defend national rights, legitimate aspirations, irrespective to location they come from; without any demarcation of race and distinction of colour. We had seen in 1983,   how the SPLM/SPLA   approach to this national Sudanese issues was global, looking and treating carefully every side of conflict in the country.

Therefore the outlook presented by the Movement at the start, was fundamentally right, corresponding to Sudanese popular national common sense, their   wish and objectivity of understanding to problem. The Movement should have continued assuming its national responsibility in one united country. The Movement was not to exercise opportunism, blackmailing and bad exploitation over poor less fortuned Sudanese citizens!!!! The Movement at the start, was not for regional issues and confined aspirations.   The SPLM/SPLA when addressed itself to Sudanese people in 1983 was neither for separation of South Sudan nor for Confederation!!! It had a national vision in one united Sudan .




That SPLM/SPLA strong commitment to that national vision at the beginning,had generated powerful positive impact which dominated spirits of its fighters in front lines. The same effect consolidated active militants’ work, struggling for this Movement all over the World.   Based on that, we would like to confirm beyond any doubt that, the SPLM/SPLA Martyrs, particularly those with fire-arms; who had confronted the enemy throughout frontlines, who offered their lives as sacrifice and deer price for freedom, emancipation and redemption of vast majority of fellow country Sudanese   people. To restore human dignity and respect in life for brothers and sisters behind them.   Those brave gallant martyrs had done the highest code of honour indeed. They were motivated to do so, no doubt by national will, and had ommitted themselves to that fight in total awareness. They new it was inevitable for them to prepare the way towards democracy to achieve justice and equality between all Sudanese citizens. Irrespective to where they belong inside the country; irrespective of skin complexion, religion or spiritual belief, ethnicity, gender and irrespective to political ideologies, etc.

Thinking about hundreds of thousands of SPLM/SPLA Martyrs,   whether from the Nuba Mountains, from the Angassana region, from south Sudan or coming from any other part of the country;   their hopes were sincerely national. And precious blood was spilt   believing in that national just cause to save the whole of Sudan from any imminent danger.   They were believing in that SPLM/SPLA revolutionary struggle of liberation, as one united fight for one united Sudan . It was in that patriotic spirit and objective awareness they had in mind that, SPLM/SPLA Martyrs had   offered sacrifice for the sake of all Sudanese deprived of rights. And had died defending others staying alive today.   They didn’t do all that highest level of sacrifice to divide and destroy the Sudan !!! They had never committed themselves to that struggle to balkanise the country or shatter it into pieces. They did not do that for any individual narrow opportunism !!!   But they had taken that national revolutionary duty with total abnegation and altruism; to get the rights denied to citizens under injustice. They wanted solidarity, togetherness and cohesion between all Sudanese people, to consolidate one united Sudan prosperous for future generations.



It goes to 1955; when pioneer southerners rebelled and took to the bush in armed struggle against central power in Khartoum, some months to independence of the country in January 1956.   From that time to present, concept of self determination and separation of south Sudan, had become an important political strategic tool, manipulated by southern politicians and intellectuals to create pressure on Sudanese dictator governments of central power in Khartoum to achieve specific claims.

However, Addis Ababa Accord (the capital of Ethiopia ), which was signed in   1972, succeeded to freeze that concept to a large extend.   Ex-Sudanese president Ga’afar Mohammed Nimieri and General Joseph Lagu the leader of South Sudan liberation Movement (Agnagna 1); both had done great effort to establish that agreement, under supervision of ethiopian Emperor Haile-Sellasi.   That accord had given south Sudan the right for an autonomous government within one united Sudan . Regional government with its legislative, administrative and executive powers. The first president for that regional power of South Sudan was a well known Sudanese Jurist called Abel Allier . The Adis Abeba   Agreement was acceptable to majority of south Sudan people, who manifested their satisfaction in many ways clearly. Also, That agreement was highly considered as outstanding solution and major break through in Sudanese debacle; and it was admired massively by people in other northern parts of the country.  


The 1972 agreement brought to an end 17 years of civil war in the country(1955 – 1972), and it was a great step forward giving fundamental solution to one of major national problems in the Sudan , after the colonial era.   Unfortunately both sides of this agreement ; from regional government in south Sudan and those from the central government in Khartoum; all of them couldn’t realize important dimensions and good advantage brought to Sudan by that accord they had signed earlier in Ethiopia. Both sides failed to elevate themselves to standard of that valuable agreement when they entered phase of implementation to put it into action by deeds tangible to ordinary man in south Sudan . That agreement had spared the country 11 years out of war (1972 – 1983). And it could have avoided the country resumption of civil war of 1983 – 2005. It could have strengthened unity of Sudan , its peace and tranquillity. But authority in both sides didn’t live up to responsibility needed to protect and maintain that regional autonomy at all cost.   They failed to hold on it good and had embarked on attitudes of force, defying each other. Escalation continued that way, till the Sudanese president Al Nimeiri-himself cancelled the Adis Abeba Accord of 1972; and the regional system of government of south Sudan came to an end . When that precious achievement disappeared, the civil war started again in 1983.

We have   seen that two big strategic mistakes were committed by ex-Sudanese President Nimeiri:- When he abrogated the Adis Abeba Accord. And when he declared the Republic of Sudan an Islamic State with implementation of Islamic Constitution(replaced secular constitution) on all people countrywide in 1983. Those decisions were very destructive and disastrous to the country. Sharia law incompatibility with modern human rights and conflict with modern democracy. They are historical responsibilities assumed by that president; and to be assumed also by some politicians in northern part of the country, who played big role advising and encouraging Nimeiri to take the country overnight to that crucial and dangerous direction far beyond economic capacity and social ability of Sudan.

On the other side of the question, we find many among political leadership and decision making   elite of regional government by then, must take the blame for that historical responsibility of failure to maintain existence of Adis Abeba 1972 agreement. Different formsof corruption infiltrated that regional autonomous government of south Sudan . Personal interests at expense of common interests, favouritism, nepotism, and tribalism, etc,   were dominant factors in the   society, during crucial and sensitive implementation of 1972 agreement. Many countries abroad had send important aid to government in South Sudan to help in settlement, supporting materialization of   that agreement. It was seen that those means were not used as they should, because of official negligence.   Majority of ordinary poor people in need in rural areas in southern Sudan were neglected. Regional government couldn’t ameliorate their standard of living.   Because of all that, confidence was lost between rural people vis a vis regional   political leadership in South Sudan , autonomous government and institutions.  



After Republic of Sudan was decolonised from British empire , the 1st of   January in 1956, it had inherited and had accepted present borders traced by that colonial master. From there the Sudan had been recognized internationally and existed as independent sovereign   State. An International consensus existed for countries under colonization all over the world, emerging to independence, to accept territorial limits already traced and established during colonial era. That concept was applied at departure of colonialism from African Continent, Latin America, North America, Asia , etc.  

Despite happiness, national pride and festivities to celebrate Independence in each country however, many problems were left behind by colonial administration in new countries and societies it had created. Tribal-linguistic groups found themselves divided between many countries; cultural problems; monopoly of power of rule by specific ethnic groups while others excluded; religious problems; etc.   Such problems were felt quickly in Sudan post-independence. National governments in the republic of Sudan failed to plan correctly to face many problems and meet aspiration of people after independence. When many problems were not addressed and adequate solutions were not found civil war started in Sudan .   The civil war still going on to our day, for absence of honest, sincere, patriotic national political leadership in the Sudan .






Popular struggle against all types of undemocratic governments will have to continue with determination and more objectivity with clear vision   in this country. That permanent revolutionary process, is the only way out, by which Sudanese people avant garde, engaged in that battle throughout the country; will make it possible, sooner or later, to put in power a national credible government supported by citizens. Democracy will be established and convenient solutions acceptable to people will be realized for diversified grievances and problems experienced all over the country. It is responsibility of all   of us, pro-democracy movement, those without hesitation, with conviction   who are really decided to have good democratic system of rule installed in power in this country, it is for all of us Sudanese whether from South, North, West,   East or from the Central part, to be consistent and coherent in that struggle to realize that clear authentic national objective to put an end to dictatorship. All of us shall have to be honest and devoted to people we are fighting for. No way to practise blackmailing, opportunism, evasiveness, and no one shall retreat and no way for betrayal in this decisive struggle. Because these unfortunate inclinations were responsible for recurrent falling down of national struggle in the Sudan and they had caused loss of success already achieved. They had thwarted and hampered objective process of Sudan national liberation efforts willing to attain victory over dictatorship in this country before. Best example: Decision of SPLM/SPLA leadership members of south Sudan ,to abandon national struggle; just for regional solutions confined to South and Abyie!!   Also, ambivalant nature of some Sudanese political parties forming so called opposition, however they have, at the same time, different agreements of alliance with current dictatorship in power in the Sudan !!!!   This cannot do; and cannever meet the answer. Accurate political opposition is needed.  



Argumentation advanced to justify that option, after Sudan had earned independence from british empire to become sovereign Republic of   Sudan in January 1956 therefrom, that argumentation doesn’t hold anymore. It has no political justification, no religious justification, no cultural justification and it has no justification acceptable under name of economic underdevelopment exercised in that region.   In fact the whole idea of self determination of South Sudan and separation from the rest of the country is controversial, when we consider and analyse keenly all aspects evoked by those defending that idea, in comparison with other Sudanese black indigenous African ethnic groups all dwelling in the Sudan . We shall discover that their arguments are inaccurate.   Why??????

Because, all characteristics and particularities, described for Southern black African indigenous ethnic groups; whether from cultural point of view, or related to other elements advanced by southern politicians and intellectuals, to justify their incessant demands and claims; we can also find these characteristics and particularities, in other Sudanese black African Indigenous ethnic groups dwelling in different parts of the country.   Black indigenous African Sudanese who are living in Centre, West, East and in the far northern flung of Sudan . All of them have their distinctive African cultures, customs, traditions, and they are not only Muslims, they are Christians too; and they have black African specific spiritual ways to worship God(Allah).All that heritage is indigenous, different totally from Arab culture, promoted by Sudanese Arab ethnic group.  


At independence of Sudan the power of rule was handled by english colonials to minority Muslim Arab ethnic group. They had chosen the Arabs and educated them to take over country affairs.   The indigenous Sudanese black Africans, all over the country during that british rule, were discriminated and left out of any education, and were subjected to policy of closed districts.   Sudan post-independence governments were dominated predominantly by the Arab Muslim ethnic group to present day. They planned policies of uneven development in the society and had all embarked on favouring promotion of Arab-Islamic aspects of culture to dominate in Sudanese society, at expense of all Sudanese indigenous black African cultures.   Regions deprived of equal economic development in the country, are inhabited mainly by Sudanese indigenous black African ethnic groups. Post-independence Khartoum regimes including the current one, were all dictators, racial, fanatic, ethnocentric and highly discriminating as far as vital interests and rights of all indigenous Sudanese black Africans were concerned in this country. They all suffer from injustice inflicted on them by Khartoum governments in power, typical to colonial era.

Based on analysis above, we do not see any argument convincing, in attempts by many in Southern region of Sudan , highlighting distinctive African indigenous cultural characters of South Sudan !!! Exploiting them as bridge suitable to separate South Sudan .   What could happen if all other African black indigenous Sudanese ethnic groups, sharing cultural particularities; suffering from   problems of backward in this country like their kinds in Southern region, if all of them were to exploit such arguments of self determination to separate themselves and form their own countries all over???    





We see that actual current of self determination and outcry to separate south Sudan from the rest of the country, championed by Al Nasir   separatist group in 1991, had destroyed a new national revolutionary alliance between overwhelming majority of Sudanese people exploited by different post-colonial governments. Had it not because of that subversive action,   the SPLM/SPLA original, could have continued its national conquests all over the Sudan . It could have won the battle purely against any kind of dictatorship in Khartoum , and could have put in place credible national revolutionary government to establish fundamental reforms in all fields of life in Sudanese society, for   highest interest of people in one united Sudan .

We see that pro-Nasir division to separate southern part of   Sudan , had not bothered enough to probe far reaching consequences of that trend. That option is divisive and it lacks sincere realism. Indeed it was a savage blow that had weakened veritable national and international support to the SPLM/SPLA. When the Movement was advancing and   about to liberate more regions in other parts of   Sudan towards Khartoum the capital. Many among those insisting on separation of south Sudan, we could see them motivated mainly by personal aspirations, looking to satisfy their own political ambitions; joined with hidden agenda unknown to sincere people!!! We do not believe that they are working heartedly in that project, for common interests of bulk majority of poor Southern Sudanese citizens who are now left for their own sake and sorrow there in rural areas in the bush.

In the end, SPLM/SPLA southern leadership members in both wings, were repeating same episode of the past and could not rise to standard of Sudan national revolutionary struggle of liberation; though themselves were the one who started that action in 1983.   Unfortunately, they had dropped aside national objectives and regressed to adopt regional solutions confined only to south Sudan and the Area of Abyie. They weaseled out of responsibility, letting downintimate colleagues of struggle, who fought and died shoulder on shoulder during long years of   liberation struggle.

Now who is responsible for humiliation and derision the Splm/Spla is undergoing in partenership with islamic bigots in the country today???   You can deduce relevant answer!!!



Two concepts above, had become strategy for political manoeuvre in the Sudan ; employed systematically to achieve personal and partisan political ambitions. Opportunism over these concepts is no longer limited to southern politicians and intellectuals. It has now extended and exploited by politicians and some elite from northern part of the country willing achievement of partisan and individual political ambitions too. Self determination in liaison with separation of South Sudan, had enjoyed (strangely) support from Sudan Muslim extremists NCP organisation, now   holding veritable power of rule in the country. And we mostly consider this party for being the radical political wing of National Islamic Front(NIF) in the Sudan .  

Tendency to dismantle the Sudan had excited great number and brought many supporters to it from southern region when the NCP Military Islamic regime in Khartoum declared its preference to maintain Islamic State in northern part of country and let the southern region go!!!!!!!



It is evident that, two politico-intellectual groups, one in north and the other in South   Sudan are sharing the same interest to have the Southern region separated from the rest of country, to satisfy private political ambitions and rugged individualism. The two sides, turn blind eye to corruption, opportunism and disloyalty to interests overwhelming majority of Sudanese people countrywide. Current NCP regime of power will bear total responsibility of split of the country into pieces. This party had played big role to strengthen and had encouraged choice of separation of South Sudan among intellectuals and politicians from that region. Leaders of that party had fabricated an atmosphere conducive to separation of South Sudan , and had undermined opinion of bulk majority   of Sudanese citizens relative to this crucial national matter.  







Having long range vital interests all over the world, willing   control of this important part of African Continent. Targeting primary materials and rich soil not yet exploited. Some external powers would like, under many pretexts, to see present Republic of Sudan broken up into pieces less powerful. With idea to subdue all divided parts, eventually, and subject them to economic exploitation; i.e. new colonialism. However these superpowers all over the world, are protecting today their own territorial unity. And emphasising maximum efforts to reunite their economic policies for prosperity of hundreds of millions of their own citizens. They are planning ahead for generations many centuries to come. Organisation for European Economic Cooperation and the United States of America ,   no doubt, are good exmple of economic strength and powerful political will. African countries have concurrent ambitions under study in recent years, to reunite themselves, sooner or later, in one United States of Africa, to achieve economic and political unity; which will benefit far better to all African people. Different parts of the world tend reconstruction into bigger units and bodies rather than destruction.




Methods of mass killing, targeting innocent, non-armed civilians in remote villages, ending human lives up to 500000(five hudred thousands) in Dar fur region of western Sudan since year 2003. The government took revenge on ordinary citizens instead of confronting armed rebels who took up arms decisively against dictatorship in the country. Sudan Islamic political exremists are the one facing accusation of International Court of Justice(ICJ)at Hague   in Netherland, because of inhuman crimes their government members had committed at will, against people on Sudanese soil. The dictator radical Islamic Front in the Sudan must assume responsibility for crimes it did. The National Congress Party(NCP)accused members must surrender themselves to the ICJ. To defend themselves in front of that court without evasiveness and without asking league of Arab States(LAS), and the African Union(AU) to come for rescue!!! They didn’t bother   extermination of hundreds of thousands of human beings; how could they keep running all over willing to save their own lives!!!


At these crucial moments of insecurity in the Sudan , with arbitrary detention of people so frequently in the country; we have to think about efforts done by international organizations concerning misuse of power in the Sudan . We heed unshakable determination manifested by the International Court Justice;   supported by United Nations Security Council(UNSC),to protect and save lives of innocent people, victimized in this country. Tremendous efforts done by the ICJ, to trace out criminals committing crimes against humanity in the Sudan to bring them to justice. By intensive investigation based on substantial evidences the ICJ is pursuing now the current Sudanese president   field marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir, for crimes against humanity and for proper war crimes. An arrest warrant was issued by that court against him.

The United Nations Security Council, ICJ, various International Human Rights Organizations and international humanitarian-NGOs from different parts of the world; are found today, working very hard defending    lives of   innocent weaponless people of Dar fur.   On contrary the League of Arab States (LAS) and the African Union(AU); both organizations made shameful stand on question of genocide taking place in Western Sudan .   They took side of brutes and killers and had decided to defend Sudanese president Omar Al Bashir. When these two organizations undermined International Convention on this particular issue of genocide!!! The LAS and the AU, played wrongly indeed; and couldn’t retain important lessons about previous massacres and genocides, committed in many parts of the world and particularly those committed in Africa in recent years. These two organizations have let down Sudanese people. Also have let down the ICJ, and United Nations Security Council. They have let down efforts done by the NGOs, and have let down vigilance of International Human Rights Organizations standing firmly against exactions and brutality taking place in the Sudan. In fact, they have let down African peoples and all people under yoke of dictatorial injustice in the world.   People oppressed by many regimes of dictatorship around the globe. Why such conspiracy against innocent people; Why that unfaithfulness, deceit and wickedness against truth???




No doubt it is now within your reach and capacity to speak on behalf of   all Sudanese population, and to defend their national and international interests. Since you have returned back home, after the CPA was completed in Kenya , and many portfolios were assigned to the SPLM/SPLA in top level national and regional executive posts in the country. And the SPLM/SPLA became the first ally of the National Congress Party(NCP),sharing power of rule with Islamic radicals nowadays in the country. Are you satisfied with democratic exercise you have done inside that regime; confronting   extremist Islamic political current dominating different powers?? The SPLM as new political   revolutionary force in the Sudan , were you able to inject vital ideas into system of rule, to create national fundamental reforms could benefit to society??

The National and regional top level posts you are holding are influential relative to destiny of around 39 million citizens in the country at large. In front of Africa, in front of the whole world relative to international relations, international law and relative to international conventions and   institutions recognized by the Sudan already, like the Organisation of United Nations(OUN), International Court of Justice(ICJ) etc. Of course you are aware of the ICJ decision concerning the Sudanese President, Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir, following accusations filed against him, for having committed genocide against hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the region of Dar fur in western Sudan . The ICJ findings have also placed Al Bashir as war criminal, for having overlooked certain war rules.   Inherent to that important boiling pot, the ICJ has issued a warrant authorizing countries who had signed the   convention on this concern, asking them to detain the president of Sudan and give him up to the ICJ.   No doubt you are aware of International Obligations, and duties of States as law adopted in the past by UN general   assembly. Have you ever tried to convince current sudanese president Al Bashir to give up his national duties to go and answer the ICJ in Holland ??   Why deputies in the National Assembly never assumed national and international responsibilities to revoke President Al Bashir from his duties as head of State; and to withdraw any constitutional protection from him??   Why the Sudanese government is disobedient to international law not willing to arrest him officially, take him to the ICJ to face justice?? On the other hand, high excellency first Vice-President of the Republic of Sudan, you could have become President of Republic of Sudan constitutionally, replacing Al Bashir now claimed openly and for years to come by the ICJ.    

There have been similar cases of genocides before in Africa .   International court established now in Tanzanya to judge those responsible of Rwanda genocide where around one Million human lives were killed in 1994.   Also, when ex-Nigerian President Obasanjo, arrested ex-Liberian president Charles Taylor, who retired from office and was living in Nigeria by then. The ICJ found proves against Taylor , for crimes against humanity committed not in his own country, but in neighbouring Sierraleon. Because he had sponsored war militias in that country with arms and finance. Those militias made rampant attack on innocent non-armed civilians in and had killed thousands of people, and hundreds of victims having their limbs amputated. Therefore, Charles Taylor was declared instigator responsible for those massacres and the international justice wanted him for crimes against humanity. The Nigerian State and its president respected that decision and Taylor was taken to the ICJ. He had accepted to go to Holland to defend himself.   Another example; is about a Sudanese armed-rebel Commander in Chief, who was   leading struggle against government in Dar fur region. He was accused by the ICJ for having committed war crimes    by killing soldiers of United Nations and African Mission In Darfur(UNAMID), brought to protect camps in dar fur, sheltering war displaced people. That Sudanese man was really courageous when he went himself and surrendered to the ICJ in Netherland. He is now defending himself in front of that international Court of Justice.  


At the end of 5 years of SPLM/SPLA participation in governing the Sudan , with implementation of the CPA, what is your current stand about separation and no separation of south Sudan ??  

Another important issue; first vice-president Of Sudan , and president of regional government of south Sudan , have you concrete motivation and willingness to be president of the whole Sudan one and united?? Therefore, to present your candidature for coming national Sudanese presidential elections planned for 2010???    

























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