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Separation is the only way for South BY: GatCharwearbol , USA
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Sep 12, 2009 - 1:14:39 PM

Separation is the only way for South

GatCharwearbol , USA


Do southerners like Sharia Law? Do we want our children or grandchildren to go through the same thing we have been through? Is it fair to lie to ourselves? Lying to ourselves will only prove our incapability, incompetence, and mere lack of decision-making. The truth speaks for itself and we know it very well that the separation of south from the whole Sudan is the best and only solution to the conflict between these two rival parties and for the benefits and sake of marginalized people of all parts of Sudan.

Like many concern citizens of the south, there is no room for unity in my small imaginary world. Quite a few attempts have been already made for the unity to prevail, but none of them were honored. There will be no evident other than these in the whole wide world that will enable us think of unity. It is too late for unity, let alone the unity of the whole
Sudan , the south alone has no unity within.

NCP and its supporters have stood strong and made it clear that Sharia Law must be practiced in the government and eventually will be imposed to the whole people of
Sudan . Despite the fact that many southerners who are their counterpart do not believe in the Sharia law. This proved that our brothers in the north are head-strong and still believe in the policy of my way or no way kind of that nature.

For unity to take place everything has to be in NCP way or else, there is no unity, which is absolutely fair for me and those whom are yawning day in and day out for separation. There is no point for us to avoid the reality; we will have to face it head on and move on from there.

Therefore, separation is the only mean for southerners to practice their right in their own homeland once in their life, if not, I don’t think we will ever get to that land of milk and honey. Southerners will always be slaved to northerners by hooked or crooked. It is imperative that we quit lying to ourselves and let our conscience be our guide in this particular case of separation.

Despite the incompetence of SPLA/M, we will groom the system as we go along the way. For now, let's go of blaming SPLM and focus on solutions to problems. In order to achieve our destiny, we must remember the past manipulations played against the people of south
Sudan by our “newcomers” the northerners.

There will be no peace between us and the north if we [WINDOWS-1252?]don’t have trust amongst ourselves. It might be really hard to believe but it is the truth. We, the southerners with exception of few, do not trust northerners. The trust used to be there long before all these conflicts arise. As such, the trust is completely vanished into thin air after the 1972 agreement was dishonored plus the subsequent pacts that follow.

For many years, southern Sudanese civilians have been massively butchered under the pretext of unity and Sharia law was being imposed on them under the pretext of unity and development of the whole
Sudan . In addition, recently discovered oil in south has also played an important role in slaying civilians for the extraction of oil to be conducted smoothly.

These head-strong occupiers of northern
Sudan have every right to take advantage of us as some of our comrades are very insincere of themselves in what they truly feel in regard to the whole situation in our nation. These culprits have been running between Jellaba and southerners, it is a mind boggling to understand.

In these aforementioned perpetrator’s minds, the money is the only thing that keep them living here on us. Every place or side which offers them money is where they will lean to.

This shouldn’t be the case another longer. As the end of unity is closing in, they will only have to choose one side-double stand will not work anymore. Thus, southerners will be southerners and vice versa.

In general, if southerners decided to separate today, than they have ever reason as to why the choose so. Their choice will be valid as they have tried from time to time to make unity attractive, but their counterpart turned a deaf ear on their wished.

Since the referendum guarantee southerners the right to self-determination, it is time to weigh our best option. In my world, separation is the only best option we have so far. Let us join hands and remain strong to our objectives and let us mobilize all southerners to vote for separation. Make no mistakes of voting for unity and it is no fair to make that mistake.

Let separation take its course!



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