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Rescuing SPLM-Led Goss From Collapse: A Genuine SPLM-DC Case to Consider By Dr. James Okuk
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Aug 20, 2009 - 12:18:03 AM

Rescuing SPLM-Led Goss From Collapse: A Genuine SPLM-DC Case to Consider


By Dr. James Okuk


The SPLM-DC is not void of ideas and creativity as some of its opponents thinks; otherwise it would have not been created in the first place. Its present cadres would have remained apathetic and sleeping while the Sudan, especially South Sudan is being sunk downwards because of incompetent, corrupt, tribalistic and dictatorial bad leadership shown by the SPLM in the past four years of CPA Era and its Implementation Process.


The strong reason why the SPLM-DC founders and cadres have used the acronym 'SPLM' (Sudan People Liberation Movement) is because they do not have qualms with the Vision and Objectives of the SPLM, per se. The SPLM Vision and Objectives are very good (I am not saying excellent because it is still a human invention) but they lack good leadership within the SPLM to implement them beyond the public relations speeches and personalized propaganda.


The genuine case for the emergence of the SPLM-DC is that the current leaders of the SPLM have blocked and locked out the strong cadres who could have implemented the SPLM Vision and Objectives prudently and successfully within the framework of the CPA. Had these bad leaders allowed reform from within, especially during the 2nd National Convention of the SPLM in Juba in 2008, the SPLM-DC would have not emerged as the strongest and unavoidable challenger of the SPLM failed leadership. The desired change for good democratic leadership would have come from within the SPLM itself and not from without it. The current panic and fever of the SPLM leaders from SPLM-DC existence would have been avoided without painful need to swallow heart attack and blood pressure pills for nerve calming.


When those who called for reform and change from within were locked out and removed from the decision-making core of the SPLM (e.g. Politburo) then they were denied power from within too. Thus, it was logical and realistic that these rejected and wrongly hated strong cadres had to organized themselves as a team and practice their powers from without so that they do not allow their twin brother (the SPLM) to die without treatments first. This is exactly what the SPLM-DC is doing until it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that this historic people’s movement (SPLM) is too ill to respond to curative treatments.


In this regard, the SPLM-DC move is both tactical and strategic with a clear direction towards the purpose: Full and Joint Implementation of the CPA to its desired end with genuine democratic change. It is here that the SPLM-DC cooperates and engages with the NCP and all other political parties who are not anti-CPA. It is here that the SPLM-DC takes the issue of sincere South-South Dialogue as a nexus and a plus+ to the successful CPA implementation, especially the right of Southerners for self-determination as agreed in the CPA.


The South-South Dialogue and unity of Southerners within the diversity of their political parties and other organized arrangements will surely act as a strong balancing force for any attempt by some traditional Islamic Northern political parties to make the practice of Southerners' Plebiscite for Self-determination very difficult or even impossible to achieve in near future. The SPLM should take this brotherly advice from me seriously and try to start looking at the SPLM-DC not as an enemy but a twin-sister for South Sudan interest within the overall denied interests of the marginalized areas.


Another justifiable reason why the robust and focused SPLM-DC political party uses the acronym 'SPLM' (Sudan People Liberation Movement) is that this is an ownership of all the Sudanese people who are organized in a kind of 'Movement' aimed at liberation of the people from bad things like failed leadership of the current SPLM party.


The incapability of the current SPLM leaders to offer good governance and deliver the needed public services and security in the South, is a vice that needs to be removed so that the people becomes free from its bad effects. This organized Movement is specifiable for particular purpose and direction like what have been done by the founders of the SPLM-DC; emphasizing Democratic Change (DC).


The SPLM-DC believes that a genuine democratic practice is a prerequisite for liberty and development of the people because this brings best change and right difference in the life of all citizens and residents. It is a pragmatic belief whose evangelization is made successful by institutionalization rather that personalization of pressing issues or problems. It is a political belief worth preachable by concrete deeds on the real ground rather than expected sweets from the sky.

Also the simple reason the SPLM-DC use the term 'Chapters' is because this word is an English Language used for organized arrangements for units of a bigger body. It is not a word with a copy right for the SPLM only. It is a word that can be applied by any English user. If using the whole English Language to express its ideas is a plagiary then the SPLM-DC could accept the verdict by some SPLM members that it is a party of non-originality. Notwithstanding, this very verdict can also implicate the SPLM since it uses English Language in its business too. So if this term is not a plagiary when used by the SPLM, so is it when used by the SPLM-DC too.

Thank you for your inquiry dear some-SPLM members and I hope I managed to answer you in a sincere and fraternal manner. I hope your question was a sincere one without ill ulterior motives to demonize the SPLM-DC leaders, cadres, members and supporters, even using propaganda and lies at times like the forged letter in the name of Dr. Lam Akol asking an Arab government for funding the SPLM-DC so that it could make unity attractive to Southerners. Who is Dr. Lam Akol to make Unity of the Sudan attractive if majority of Southerners decided that it is not and it will never become attractive? This is cheap propagandist politics from the dull forgers!


These shameless SPLM forgers were not keen cheaters because the date of their forged letter was 19th May 2009 while Dr. Lam Akol declared his Chairmanship of SPLM-DC on 6th June 2009 on an interim basis till confirmed or unconfirmed in the coming National Delegates Congress in Khartoum on 31st August 2009. Khartoum was chosen as the venue to avoid confrontation with some undisciplined SPLA forces in any town in Southern Sudan as the situation holds, hitherto.


Thus, that letter might have been forged for a Ghost Chairman who was not Dr. Lam by then. Also the forged letter was addressing Dr. Lam as a Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Sudan while it is a common norm that party leaders do not call themselves with held government titles (leave alone, the former titles) when they are dealing with party matters. But the funny thing is that Dr. Salva Kiir believed that duping forged letter and rushed with full emotions and motion to announce it shamelessly in the House of God in Juba at the Catholic Cathedral and in front of faithful who went to the church to pray and not to hear bad politics. What a pity! He should have confirmed from the mentioned Minister of that Arab country in the letter if he were an intelligent and ethical SPLM leader.


But is it wise that a confidential letter could be exposed so easily to public by an Arab Minister in that Gulf country? Will it not degrade his reputation and relations with other politicians all over the world? Since when did the Arab countries started to expose to public their confidential assistance to political parties in the Sudan?


Stay well and accept my invitation for you to join the SPLM-DC at your free and voluntary will. All the SPLM leaders and cadres are seriously determined to bring the necessary change for good leadership and governance, especially in Southern Sudan. Don't miss this opportunity because the SPLM-DC need you to contribute to this noble Movement for sincere Democratic Change aimed at improving the life of the people, especially the least advantaged ones who have been marginalized and stopped from enjoying equal right to peace, development and prosperity from their own human and natural resources. But please don’t attempt to join the SPLM-DC if your aim is to promote corruption, tribalism, nepotism, mediocrity and insecurity. If you are a missionary for these vices the SPLM-DC shall be a wrong place for you to reside; may be it is better for you to remain in the SPLM with its current failed leadership or go to another political party.


There is no way for individuals and peoples with right minds and honest consciences to skip or avoid a better change for human goodness and righteousness. Such desirable change must come and be realized urgently and earnestly without any single instance of fear or regrets because it is a change for preservation of human dignity and prosperity. It is a right change and better difference that we can make and that we must pursue with highest human pride. So start to move now and the rest of the world will move with you and do not sleep because you will find yourself sleeping alone towards retardation and disappearance with no reputation!


Dr. James Okuk has been awarded recently with PhD qualification in Political Philosophy in the University of Nairobi. Reach him at [email protected]

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