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Articles and Analysies ÇáÕÝÍÉ ÇáÚÑÈíÉ Last Updated: Feb 16, 2010 - 5:52:50 AM

Political and Economic Suicide The existing problem and a proposed solution by Abdel - Halim Anwar Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub

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Political and Economic Suicide

The existing problem and a proposed solution

I wanted to publish an article by the title “A Unified Sudanese Currency “ which is already complete but due to the urgency of the situation this article is a top priority and needs to be taken into consideration.

Let me start by saying that the expected political and economic situation in Sudan will be   as follows within the next  2 to 3 month :

It can expect that the same scenario that happened in Iraq will happen in Sudan. First the American Government will increase political pressure and create different fabricated excuses to put more  pressure on Sudan like it did in  Iraq and then expect the US Government to support   civil war   or   attack Khartoum by US Military force.

What could happen in Sudan is that instead of  the  Sheea   executing Saddam Hussein in Iraq, it  will  be  some of the South Sudanese government and their members or even the war factions of Darfur who will be given the opportunity by the US Government to perform their hate on President Al Bashir. This is something that we can not  accept  to happen, no matter how many political or personal differences exist in Sudan.

The coming elections will definitely be manipulated by a foreign intervention including    internal political   chaos.  The result will be nothing but bloodshed that Sudan does not need.

The most disrespectful point about the coming elections in Sudan is the typical foreign intervention and the foreign unethical  excuse  of an international observation committee. Jimmy Carter is another foreign intervention individual that always presents himself   in the name of the observation committee for a fair and democratic   election panel. This is the most insulting and disrespectful foreign interference that should not be accepted by the Sudanese Government. Jimmy Carte was a failure as a US president who lost an election to Ronald Regan “The Actor “. Carter is Christian hardliner and has one mission only which is spread Christianity and degrade Muslims.   The USA and its usual interference in other countries should not be accepted or tolerated because Sudan is not their country and the USA is the last country that should be given permission to interfere in the decisions of our own country .  If any country or countries are supposed to be permitted in election observations then it is only to be Arab and African countries because we share the same continent culture, traditions and geopolitical wellbeing.

Do you really believe the US Government is building one of the biggest Embassies in Africa and the Middle East just for a show ? No, and their real intention is to give full power to the South Sudanese over the whole of Sudan and eliminate Islam or at least make Islam exist to a minority group and population in Sudan. Our history has proven to be a country of peaceful coexistence before the foreign intervention started in Sudan before Sudan’s independence. Therefore the foreign interference means only one thing and that is civil war.

Should a civil war be activated by the US in Sudan, we will find that most of the Muslims will be eliminated. This is their target and this is   the real danger that exists for Sudan. The western countries should concern themselves with their own countries.

Don’t forget that the Zionist plan is to control and own the land with whatever is on it between Al Furat River and The Nile. Iraq is now under their total control. Why ? because they now control the existing Government in Iraq. The Zionists sent Iraqi Jews living in Israel back to Iraq. These Iraqi Jews were given Iraqi passports by the new Iraqi government.

These Iraqi Jews were provided with enough cash by the government of Israel to buy as much land and real estate as possible in Iraq. Another cash provider was Bremer the US appointed so called   “ Governor “ of Bagdad during the first phase of Iraq’s takeover. This is just a small example of what has happened by the invisible Zionist hand, since the fall of   Saddam.

 If you remember    “Bremer” “was called to a US senate hearing  in Washington, when it came to be known that $12 billion in cash were sent Iraq through US Military cargo. Bremer said that should he have known that such an amount existed in Iraq he would have not allowed its distribution. Now how stupid does he think the senate members are and how stupid does he think the general public is. Anyway $12 billion were sent to Iraq with the excuse that no banking system existed in the war zone of Iraq and an unbelievable amount of land and real estate was purchased by the Iraqi Jews sent from Israel especially for this matter. Of course other agendas were financed by the $12 billion.

Don’t forget the US Government can print as much money as it wants when it comes to paying their military personnel. It is just paper and they have the printer. How do you think they are paying for the war  personnel and who will even be able to ask them ? Nobody…

Do you believe that the US Government cannot order its military to attack Sudan without taking permission from its allies or even the UN? Of course it can be done and no government in the world could stop them.

Look at Iraq now : Total economic chaos and no solution in site.  Do you believe that the war in Iraq and the existing situation was a coincidence and not a well planned war ?  This war has been created to degrade the Iraqi people and take over their country. Iraq needs at least 30 years to starting living in a normal economic society.

The above is the political suicide situation Sudan can be in    if Al Bashir and his Government do not make very quick and correct alternatives to their political agenda. That is why in my last article I wrote that it is best for Al Bashir to retire as a President. This was not meant as any disrespect to the President but it is the best alternative for the survival factor for all of Sudan. The President must seriously consider and accept this suggestion because the US government will only stop their political pressure after President Al Bashir is taken to court in the Hague. Therefore the best way for us as a Sudanese people to avoid such a foreign attack is to jointly provide   a political alternative solution for the wellbeing of all of Sudan. Otherwise we can expect national social unrest   on   a nationwide scale that will most probably lead to bloodshed.


President Al Bashir most probably believes that he is untouchable when it comes to a US invasion in Sudan. Fact is if the US decides to send two F – 16’s to bombard all the sensitive places the government has then our defense system will fail because it is too weak to wage a war against the US Military force.

Do you think that President   Mohamed Hosni Mubarak will be able to defend Sudan if the US takes a war decision against Sudan? No he will not be able to but he will definitely wait until the US instructs him to move or be quiet as they wish.

Many meetings have taken place between US government officials   and government  officials of Sudan. That includes meetings with the CIA and the US state department for the past several years. No real positive results have concluded in this matter otherwise we would not have so much US pressure on Sudan.

The best possible solution is to have an emergency meeting that will include the delay of the coming elections to a later date which is best to be September or even end of October of 2010. The subject of a so a called democracy  and all the democratic   rights  people are looking forward to will not happen as long as certain political parties are given the chance to participate in elections. We should only consider and accept    new   political parties to participate in elections.

The parties and the political candidates that should not be allowed to participate in any future elections are those lead by Sadig Al Mahdi, Hassan Al Turabi, Mohamed Osman Al Marghani and Ibrahim Nugud.

These political entities with their political parties have brought nothing but political and economic failure   to Sudan.   The existing Government in Sudan was brought to power by Al Turabi and his foreign contact which is British Intelligence supported by American power and financed by Al Saud of Saudi Arabia.  Note:    Saudi Arabia is the Bank that pays for all the US geopolitical schedules in the Middle East and Africa.

When Nimeri announced the Sharia Laws in 1983 it was time for him to go because this is exactly what Al Turabi made him do “was ordered   to do “”.  $ 500 million was supposed to be a thank you present from Saudi Arabia to Nimeri for activating the Sharia Laws in Sudan. What Nimeri did not know is that this was the money to get rid of him and bring in the Muslim Brother movement.

The funds were transferred through Bank Faisal Al Islami in Saudi Arabia to Bank Faisal Al Islami in Khartoum which until today belongs to the Muslim Brother movement. Without the green light from the USA no bank on earth can make a transfer of $ 500 million through the international banking system because it first needs an authorization from the Federal Reserve Bank in New Your and als the Bank of International settlements in Switzerland.    Al Sadig came to power as a decoration and as a well planned political plan that was completed with success in a joint agreement with Hassan Al Turabi. Both these political catastrophic failures have always provided nothing but national economic destruction their common interest is known as the  political marriage. Sadig al Mahdi is actually a   Muslim Brother in thought and belief and has nothing to do with the origins of Al Ansar’s  belief which is actually Sufism. The real Leader of Al Ansar after the death of Al Imam Abdel Rahman Al Mahdi was supposed to be his son Yahia Abdel   Rahman but he unfortunately passed away in a tragic car crash.


The person who was supposed to take leadership after the death of Yahia was his brother Ahmed Abdel Rahman Al Mahdi but here again political deceptive agendas took place and this agenda was  to marginalize Ahmed Abdel Rahman Al Mahdi. It is well known to all of the Sudanese people what Al Sadig has accomplished until this date for Sudan      “ Nothing to benefit  the Sudanese people“.  

 The only two words we have heard from Al Sadig for 40 years are “Democracy” and “I presume”. Al Sadig does not believe in Democracy nor can a so called political leader rule with  his famous words  of   “ I presume”.    This insults our intelligence as a Sudanese people. We can all presume but what we need to do is provide and activate real solutions for the people of Sudan.

What has happened in Sudan for the past 45 years from the likes of Hassan Al Turabi and Sadig Al Mahdi is nothing but theatrical politics. Are we the Sudanese people still going to bet on a failed political party or   leader ? No we are not.

Mohamed Osman Al Marghani should concentrate on what his Father was well known for and that is Religion. Politics is not their expertise. Ibrahim Nugud should try his luck and look at something else other than communism. Even Moscow and   99 % of the Russian citizens do not believe  in communism any longer not even an   economic miracle built on communism.

The Russians believe in Putin and his politics because he gave Russians a better life. That is what positive politics is all about    “ providing a  better quality of Life for the people”.

People should not believe in single independent people   who claim to be geniuses   or a genius political leader. The solution for a people will always be what the majority of the people want and not the minority. When an independent Presidential candidate like Kamil Idrris claims to have a 100 day plan in which all the problems of Sudan will be solved then this is clear sign that he is a US agent. A typical US version of political saying   has always been “The first 100 days in office “.

What did Obama solve  or contribute in his  first 100 days in office “nothing “. The US  is now in  more economic chaos then ever in its history and Obama is selling the future of the American people to the Investment Bankers and large business corporations of America.


Let me give you an example which is a fact. Obama got $30 million within his election race from the US company Blackberry. How ?   just by carrying a Blackberry phone with him during the US election race. “Advertisement in its highest levels “.  He was asked by the Blackberry company to mention the usefulness of such a phone within the duration of election campaigns. Now what is the use of the presidency of Obama   who supposedly wants the best   quality of life for the American people and earns $30 million in his election race while there are millions of Americans in poverty and millions more loosing their jobs and houses because they can not afford to pay the mortgages of their houses ? The American economic crises will only further increase the international economic problems and global wars should it be economic or physical war.


Let me give you another  example of US economic reality. There is a certain US food wholesaler that has had a good business for many years in the US. Since the end of 2008 and until end of 2009 he has lost 75 % of his business and at the end of January 2010 he has lost another 20 %.   So the fact is that a real painful economic   situation exists in the US without any positive hope for the American people . This food wholesaler considers himself as lucky because he has met friends of his including people he knows through his business who are investing in buying hand weapons to protect themselves. Why ?   because in their opinion guns and rifles are  the best products to invest in due to the constant economic crises with no hope in site for the average American citizen. It seems America is going back to the cowboy days of   protect your own family and kill when necessary or kill first and then protect your family.

It is not only Obama but Germany, England, France and Japan, not to leave out the rest of the G 20 nations “except China “, are all attacking the tax havens from Switzerland to Liechtenstein to the Isle of Man and other various island nations that harbor numerous corporations. Switzerland has even been threatened in the lines of their own laws that made tax fraud criminal, but tax evasion only a civil penalty. Like a little spoiled child the West is demanding to invade the tax havens and size every penny offshore in the name of Karl Marx.

So do you really believe that US politicians are doing their best and have a good plan for the US and the world ? No they don’t and political miscalculations are going to cause nothing but a global war. Why do you think they are chasing offshore accounts of their own US citizens ?    Because they are in a very critical economic crises.  US politicians and other international politicians usually plan only until the next election. They usually never have medium or long term plans for the good future of the people of their nation.

We are facing a  global economic crises that is only getting worse day by day and as I mentioned in my article  “Sudan Nation of Security”,  we should expect a lot of political and government changes this year on a global scale.

The economic suicide that can occur in Sudan will be caused by the political suicide happening these days in Sudan. By or before the election days in Sudan    we will see a lot of changes happening. I can only hope that the coming changes will be positive for the people of Sudan.

A proposed solution is as follows :

  1. An emergency meeting to take place in order to delay the coming elections of April 2010 to the end of October 2010. Sudan is not yet ready for elections this coming April.
  2. An agreement to be signed by all political parties and factions in Sudan to activate a National Sovereign Investment Fund. This fund is to confirm that the equal share distribution of the natural resources of Sudan is committed and agreed to by all sides. Members of   sovereign fund the observation board committee of the Sovereign Fund are to include members from all political parties and factions including   members from the private sector. e.g. lawyers, engineers, bankers, businessmen, etc.


  1. A Federal committee with members of all political parties and factions including Sudanese participants from the private sector is to be prepared and agreed to. These private participants are to be professional lawyers and businessmen. We all have to have our say in the Federal future of Sudan.
  2. The South Sudanese government is to commit in writing to a unified Sudan and not to a separate South Sudan. Separation and division of our country will only lead to the degradation of   our nation. South Sudan to become   a Federal state under the Federal Republic of Sudan and can even raise their own flag since they  insist that the already existing flag design they have is  what they want.

Nevertheless, this flag will only be a Federal Flag under the Flag of a  United Sudan and the National Flag of Sudan is to stay as it is. Other Federal States can also raise their federal flags but all under the National Flag of Sudan.

The Federal Republic of Sudan should be the official name for our country because this is the best   option of an official name of our country due to  our multicultural and multi ethnic people.

  1. The existing government is to commit in writing that they accept the above four points and that all political parties will be given the opportunity to participate in politics as a Federal Government member. Furthermore a written commitment is to include   that political decisions and power is to be shared in such a manner that national decisions of Sudan are to be made in Parliament and not behind closed doors. Public attendance of parliament is to be the legal  right   for  all citizens . Of course to a limited number on a daily basis that will be no more than 100 people from the general public. Everyday 100 different people are to be given the chance and the right   to attend   the parliament sessions as listeners. The public must be given the right to evaluate the politicians.
  2. A new federal constitution should be prepared and agreed to by all political parties and factions. This including a new national budget that is  dedicated   to the funding of all sectors of economic concern.   Both the federal constitution and the national budget to be made public   in Arabic and English language in order to receive the acceptance of the people of Sudan. Any and all suggestions and comments from the Sudanese public on both subjects are to be welcomed as long as these suggestions and comments add positive value.
  3. A transitional government to take office to include members of all political parties.
  4. Only after   the above 7 points are agreed to, put in writing and signed by all political parties and factions   will there be a chance of   agreeing to an   election date and time table. Otherwise we are looking at a problem that can not be solved. Has Sudan and its people not   had enough of foreign intervention that has taken place in our country for the past 100 years. We are a very intelligent people and we are capable of dealing with our own internal problems and agreed to solutions.


The above is my proposed solution because I see nothing but war and further division   in our beloved country if a total peace agreement signed by all sides is not reached in the next   4 weeks.


The global political situation is becoming very war ripe due to the major international political mismanagement .  In brief, the major expected global problems are as follows :


*Israel will make a miscalculation in going to war with Iran. America will of course be part of that war. This will obviously affect the whole of the Gulf States. This is not a 50 / 50 equation but an    80 / 20    possibility    with 80 being the majority. The US does not care if it comes to their own self interest if the Gulf States are destroyed because the crude oil supply for the US can also be provided from west Africa. Another benefit can also be achieved by the US when the Gulf States are destroyed and that is that they expect all the funds will flow back to America and they are desperate for funds.

*India could enter into a nuclear war due to the very unstable political position of Pakistan. The US and British governments   would not even mind such a tragedy because this will solve 2 problems for them . One is they get rid of Pakistan once and for all and two India will not be an economic competition anymore.

* Devaluation of major currencies will take place due to the huge debts of the western countries. This will cause massive hyper inflation and then we can expect massive deflation and a world economic depression. We can   then  expect   social unrest in many countries worldwide.

Sometimes it seems to me that this is what needs to happen so human beings can go back to what is originally required for the human race and that is to realize that peace is the most sacred quality of life. Let us hope that peace takes place without having to have more human pain and tragedy.


President Al Bashir,   our country and its people are really under a very dangerous political and economical threat,  so kindly consider this message as a message of peace for all.


Sincerely :   Abdel - Halim  Anwar Mohamed Ahmed  Mahgoub.

© Copyright by SudaneseOnline.com

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