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No Negotiation with Al-Bashir Government even if the venue is in white House By: Abdellatif Abdelrahman
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May 24, 2010 - 6:43:11 AM

No Negotiation with Al-Bashir Government even if the venue is in white House

By: Abdellatif Abdelrahman

I was amazed by the speech delivered by Brother Mustafa Tombour in press conference in Cairo on 10th of May 2010 where he said that Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army will not negotiate with the government of the indicted President Al- Bashir even if the venue is in Washington. The following is his delivered speech:     

“The Sudan Liberation Movement/Army found by Chairman Abdul Wahid Al Nur, to establish Secular, Liberal, Democratic and United Sudan if come to power will inaugurate Israeli Embassy in Khartoum, adjacent to the Palestinian Embassy. The President Muammar Al-Qadhafi of Libya lured us with billion dollars and the post of vice president of Sudan, in order to make us sell off the just cause of our people, but we tossed out his offer. Although; we are fighting the regime in Khartoum to establish the secular, liberal, democratic and united Sudan which is based on equal citizenship rights, respect of human dignity, right to life and freedom of conscience, religion, belief and opinion. We will not negotiate with the fugitive President Al-Bashir, unless and only unless he stops the killing of our innocent civilians in Darfur. But, without Khartoum coming back to its conscience; even if the venue of the negotiation is the U.S White House we will not engage ourselves with such cruel regime”.  

Mustafa further said that, since the beginning of the genocide in Darfur and other consecutive wars in Sudan, we did not see any single Jew that came to kill our people, but rather, it’s the hoodlum Islamic regime in Khartoum that constantly and brutally kills the civilians either in South Sudan, Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains and now in Darfur. Instead; the humane Jews have provided safe heavens to genocide survivors and the Sudanese war victims the opportunity to work there; that dignified their lives. It’s for these reasons we will forever be grateful to the Israelis the grand sons of our brother Prophet Moses, and continue to respect and cherish the Jewish State.  In addition to that, we will establish a distinguished strategic relationship with the State of Israel based on respect of human races, mutual interests, and recognition of the Jewish State.

The Islamic Jihadists of Khartoum cried mad that an Israeli soldier killed Mohammed El-Durra and they even named public parks in Khartoum after him, without giving themselves a slight time to think that the Islamist themselves are  still killing unabated hundreds of thousands innocents like Mohammed El-Durra; in Darfur, South Sudan and other parts of Sudan.  What a shame and foresightedness? He exclaimed.

The Jallaba institution in Sudan is not limited to specific race or ethnic group. Its collective interests-blinded group with minds sets on devouring the public wealth at the expense of the masses. Therefore, among Jallaba there are Africans and Arabs  a like, we have many example such as;  Mohammed Yousif Abdalla the Fur tribe Jallabi , Riek Gai Kouk Jallabi of South Sudan ,Mohammed Tahir aeilla Jallabi of  Eastern Sudan and El-Hibir Noureldaim Jallabi of  the central Sudan. He continued.

 Tombour pointed out the suffering of the movement during the Abuja talks where a lot of pressure was exercised on the chairman of the SLM/A Abdul   Wahid to compromise but he stood firm as pressure was on and their personal belongings were confiscated by mediators and threatened   to take them to the ICC if they rejected to sign DPA. After they failed to subdue Wahid, then they created splitter groups, and he and his groups were expelled out from the hotel they were staying. However, all the peace agreements with Khartoum are doomed to fail, as the regime lacks any moral commitment to implement them.

On conclusion, Mustafa hailed the later Chairman of the SPLM/A Dr.John Garang de Mabior, the father of the revolutions in Sudan and Africa for what he did to the Sudan Liberation Movement and other freedom fighters.    

I personally admired the speech of my colleague Tombour, in many aspects; indeed, Sudan Jallabis are in all tribes of Sudan, but I will say that, there is a Jallaba tribe based in Khartoum where they transform tribal Jallbas of African origin into traitors of their races and tools of the enemy, when they are brain wash by marrying them the daughters of Central Jallabas. These transformed tribal Jallabas eventually become deniers of their races and can kill their own people.

Regarding the issue of negotiation with the regime and frankly speaking, yes it’s true that there will be no negotiation with the genocide regime as long as the killing of the innocent civilians continues. Negotiations at this time would be like putting a cover on a volcano while the genocide is going on.

The people of Darfur have suffered a lot, therefore; the remaining survivors must not be trapped into fake peace to die twice. However, I want seize this opportunity, to salute SLM/A chairman and the entire leadership on their principled stand of refusing negotiation with Al- Bashir unless he stops the killing of the innocent civilians, and it’s total regime change that made us to take up arms and not the positions and the power in itself. Those who accuse Al-Nur of stubbornness are still behind to understand the real intention of the genocide regime in Khartoum. The radical fundamentalists of Khartoum, in spite of signing packages of peace agreements; although they never believe in peaceful transformation of power, elimination of political opponents by all means is rampant , political extremism and supporting of terrorists groups is still the core ideology of the regime. That is why wars will not end in Sudan, as long as the Islamic Jihadists of Khartoum are still in power.

The NCP deputy chief Nafie Ali Nafie, in a press conference held in Cairo Monday said; “We want the completion of Darfur issue before the referendum, so that we can concentrate on the unity of Sudan and development”.

 Nafie and his regime are expected to announce their war cabinet this month, yet he was telling the media the contrary. He meant that they want to stop Darfur war by all means, to prepare for the big war which is a war of referendum that may lead to the separation of South of Sudan.

The peace Nafie talked about is a fake peace. The   attacking and kidnapping of Aid workers, putting hurdles before the remaining International NGOs to distribute foods and life necessities to the IDPs, the escalation of military operations and enforcements, inciting violence in South Sudan and arming militias, belies what he is saying. Therefore; they must go and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The writer is based in Kampala and can be reached at [email protected]        




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