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Oct 13, 2009 - 1:00:14 PM



By: Luk Kuth Dak


Every time you think about Pharmacist Reik Gai Kok hit a new low, he finds another way to go even lower. He claims that President Omar Al Basher is the symbol of Sudan national unity, and the ONLY one who is qualified to lead the country in the 21st Century.


His comments came in an interview published a couple of weeks ago by a wide range of pro- government news media outlets in the capital Khartoum. Seething with anger and bitterness at the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM), Mr. Gai, a member of the “ Jallaba Southern golden boys” exploded: “ We will not hesitate to cut off fingers of those whoever dare pointing them at this national hero, Al Basher, he said.”


Evidently, it didn’t take me by surprise. I have known the predator for quite sometimes, and I have written quite a few articles about the cowardice remarks he made while flanked by Amer Musa, the Secretary General of the Arab League that “ South Sudan will always be a part a parcel of The Arab and Islamic Nation.” And just   most recently, I also wrote another piece about his involvement in the massacres his militias have carried out in Torkech and Duk, among others.


As we all know, Mr. Gai, of course, has not denied, denounced or condemned those tragic and gruesome cold blooded murderers of innocent children and women. And most certainly, Mr. Gai’s entitled to extol and worship his mentor – AlBasher, all he wants. But to suggest that a military junta with only modest qualifications, is the most qualified man to be President of Sudan, a nation with a little under forty million people, is insane and an insult to every Sudanese out there who have worked hard to clime the educational ladders, year after year. In addition, President Al Basher is pretty much a man whose ego is seriously wounded, and his movement is dangerously blunted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrant. No man under such debilitating conditions can possibly run a city, much less a country with the size of Sudan.


Hence, there’re three compelling questions: First, what message Mr. Gai is sending to the families of over two million Southerners who have Al Basher’s DNA all over their dead bodies? Second, if he has no involvement in the massacres – mentioned above, then how come he’s never denounced or condemned them? And third, who give him the right to be he spokesman for the Nuer Nation?


Those are legitimate questions. We are waiting for answers.


Furthermore, Mr. Gai must understand that there is a limit for everything. Certainly, there comes a time when the Nuer nation will get fed up with being used and simply walk away from him and all of the other traitors out there. That time is coming sooner than Mr. Gai can envision, and when it does, it will be too late for redemption.


Again, the Lou nation has produced some quality leaders we are so proud of: Late Peter Garkouth Gual, Drs. Michael and Julia Dauny, Dr. Marial Benjamin, Hon. John Luk Jok, Ustaz Hussein Mar, Mabor Luak Kok, Majok Gundowng, and many more. Of course Reik Gai Kok is not one of these people. Now, the question becomes, why then the Lou leadership is not enraged over the damage and the shame Mr.Gai is  inflicting on Lou reputation, and that of the Nuer people in general?


Relevant question. We await the answers.


Meanwhile, the SPLM must take charge to hold   those responsible for arming militias in South Sudan and who harbor them in Khartoum accountable for their crimes. I realize it might not be easy to bring them to justice since they are under protection of the oppressor, but should they make the mistake of coming to South , their apprehension is a matter of public interest, and the government has to carry it out.


Final thought


The war is not over as many of us believe it has. In time of war, nothing should be off the table to protect the lives of innocent citizens of South Sudan, who have suffered for far too long. In the next few weeks, we encourage Southerners, in all 10 states and Khartoum, to stand up against the NIF plundering of the CPA, by taking our frustration to streets, in peaceful and non-violent protests. It has worked for the African- American, and it can also work for us here in South Sudan.


The victory is ours.


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