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Letís your vote not throttle the CPA By Atok Dan
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Apr 7, 2010 - 7:30:08 AM

Letís your vote not throttle the CPA

By Atok Dan

7th April. As the polls are next door, the major stumbling block amongst our political class is who to consult on what account so that immediate impact is created in the outcome of the polls. Politicians are not sleeping anymore because any inch of time that passes without proper account is deemed as loss of violable votes without knowing that voters themselves are too mobile to be trusted. War of heart beat and has tormented their chests-broken with mountains of wishes that if I knew I would have moved Tokyo overnight to my village in order to lure voters alongside my favour.

Awes and fears of losing in the elections have frightened both electorates and candidates especially among those whom power is the sole source of daily bread to the extent that whiz of blowing wind sounds to them likes a call for consensus in their fractured ears. Alas, time has come for the kingmakers to play their vital roles in adorning kings and queens for this rare feast hence, give in and out would be treated like nightmares or day dreaming whose circumstantial victims are yesterdayís beneficiaries whereas, the joyous parties are the usual kingmakers who had assumed the position of nocturnal creatures for so long.  

Yap, time has drawn too closer to even leap behind but no way out, we are in for it so better tune your senses to the nucleus in order to salvage from the spilt milk or you render it go for those courageous human beings whose power has infested their physiological senses as part of normalcy.

It is intercepted from a reliable source that NCP has started clearing way bills for those voters distanced from Juba in exchange of votes and the associated repercussion would be that your democratic right will later emerged as something compromised at along conflicting loyalty of future and current short needs whereas, the immediate victims are the masses including you who have dared to pocketed blood money. Better live an honest live, a just and a free live than living wealthy while in absolute slavery. The choice of this simple equation is always personal. If there is something God has given freely and unconditionally, it is the choice between good and bad. There you are.

As the holder of a national treasury, none   regrettable accounts for that matter is provided to cater and to iron down those few grey areas of rigidity in favour of NCP candidates  and the target is you who stand firm in protecting your rights and rights of oppressed in the South, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains. People prefer calling it bribery. In such a dreadful situation, monetary policy of accounting is compromised in the sense that neither accountability nor transparency outlining how such an amount of money was utilized remains unquestionable. Donít mine that is how life is and there is never smooth road so long money exists.

Secondly, billions of Sudanese Pound is in circulation, spotting areas of soft and wicked and weak target to heal and mend those broken twists while rejuvenating and reinforcing their faded relationship for the sake of winning these elections as well as referendum to come.

The issue is neither sovereignty nor patriotism as they always emphasis in any public gathering but truth of the matter is that if we tell our pink albino  brothers in the north that green mountains of Kimatong and Imatong plus fertile valleys of Renk and Aweil in addition to honey dark soil of Bentiu are yours, the whole of century rifts or bone of contention can just come to end overnight but without that impossible agreement, never relax and begin saying that North South boundary demarcation will happen on silver platter leave alone referendum to rest in its cage.  

Because of this geographical misfortunate, continental drift remains the cause of all these resourced competitive problems between the Arabs and the black African because if the lands in northern Sudan had not sunk it bed turning the whole brown movable soil on top, Arabs would have settled without eyeing covetously on their Southern brothersí lands. Although I donít think if semi-nomadic Nilotic tribes would have left that land since it was the first soil they stepped upon when they first appeared in Sudan. Places like Khartoum, Shendi and Gezira Tut among others were grazing areas occupied by Dinka, Shilluk and Nuer before they could move Southward in search for greener environment.

My argument is substantiated by the fact that during the discovery of oil in Bentiu mid 1970s, and the launching of lucrative Aweil rice scheme, besides Renk plantations and that of Raja, a move was made by former president Gaffer Mohammed Nimeiry to annexed these resourceful areas to north but with stiff resistance among the Southern politicians and behind them their masses, the proposal died silently on presidential table without reaching the public scene. This actually relieve me from being seen as naÔve and justifies the Arabs reasons for long quest to conquer the South on selfish account of lands and other subterranean resources like oil and gold along Boma and Kapoeta hills.

When one sees NCP renowned professors of lies preaching patriotism and lips singing slogan as in defend of this nation, behind it is always to fit into survival tactics and if they donít do it openly in the name of Allah Akbar, a gap of doubt always exist prompting supposedly questions among their mental fixed populaces in the north. South Sudan was immunized against it long time ago so they find it hard to regurgitate their lies freely without being questions.

Thirdly, it is only in these historical elections according to world media that we are able to change that fixed procedural thinking in the minds of most northern Sudanese especially among the so called Arab descendants by turning out in large numbers and vote wholeheartedly without leniency or compromising that those of so and so will do the voting while me doing some other extra chores in my house. Remember that it is once and for all in this time allotted.

Remember that you are duty bound to turn up and participate in this exercise if there is something that God had kept you for up to this crucial moment. Your vote counts and your presence to observe and monitor those malpractices around polling centre is your free duty as a loyal citizen of the land. John F Kennedy said never ask for what this country can do for you but ask for what you can do to this country, therefore, it is our collective responsibility to cast our votes and not that only but wait until you see that your vote is counted without ambiguity.


Fourthly, it is your citizenry duty to be watchful around the polling centres to see that prophets of dooms and nocturnal human beings donít meander around with their bloodiest money to bribe those weak hearted colleagues and undecided voters against the cause of the South. Remember that SPLM is not participating in elections in the north so voting NCP proxies here would amount to surrendering of your rights in either way which will throttle the referendum the only hope you were waiting all along.

Fifthly and final, your next voluntary responsibility is to let your eagle eyes on them they would cause violence in favour of their ill messenger to let the South back into sufferings where they are always appear as distanced tourists and only staring at flam when the South is on fire under the hands of their stooges and Southern defenders and beyond these the rest are egos because you are a complete human who has the definition of who you are meant for.

Atok Dan is a journalist working with Southern Sudan Radio & TV and can be reached at [email protected] , 0917221411 or visit to read his writings on daily situation in Sudan.






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