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Kiir Is Ready to Save Northern Dinosaurs and Kill his Southern Brothers By Dr. James Okuk
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Oct 1, 2009 - 8:08:44 AM

Kiir Is Ready to Save Northern Dinosaurs and Kill his Southern Brothers


By Dr. James Okuk



On reaction to his political pain of the boycott of the Anti-CPA Opposition Juba Conference by some Southern Political parties, Dr. Salva Kiir said to the participants: "When the SPLM was fighting with the government in Khartoum, the people who walked out here yesterday were in Khartoum, they were fighting the SPLM,"


Okay, assuming that all the Southern political parties who walked out of that Opposition Parties Conference in Juba under SPLM leadership were allying with Khartoum when the past SPLM/A was fighting the very Khartoum before the CPA was signed; what on earth were those traditional Islamic family dynastic political parties of Northern Sudan inside that same conference doing to the SPLM/A and Southerners before the CPA Era?


Was not Dr. Hassan El-Turabi the architect of Mujahideen (Islamic Terrorists) who were fighting the SPLM/A in the South? Was not Mr. Sadiq El-Mahadi the architect of the Sudanese paramilitaries (Gawat el Sediqa) who slaughtered Southerners in El Jabelein and El Dhaen? Was not Mr. Ibrahim El Nugud part of the Communists’ saboteurs who brought to power militarily Mr. late President Jaffar Mohammed Numeiry who signed but later abrogated the Addis Ababa Peace agreement to pave a way for the discovery of the new oil in the South, and also facilitate the digging of Jonglei Canal in order to make the flow of Nile water faster to Egypt?


The list of wonders continues as it has become so common that the SPLM failed leadership’s wonders never cease, perhaps until the aspirations of majority of Southerners for independence come to a halt. God forbid!!!!


Hello Dr. Salva Kiir! Don’t make me laugh at your selfish and narrow-minded political rhetoric that does not transcend beyond the shoes you are wearing!!! Why blame the Southern political parties who walked out of the Juba Conference to be collaborators with the so-called Sudanese Arab Islamists in Khartoum while at the same time you are drinking, dinning and collaborating with the same so-called Islamic Arabists in the form of Dr. Turabi, El-Mahadi and Nugud?


Hello Dr. Salva Kiir! Are you competent enough in Sudanese politics to convert these well-known Northern foxes and dinosaurs from their Islamic conservative ideologies into the ideology of New Sudan for the Marginalized and Oppressed Sudanese groups? I doubt because from your tested leadership for four years and a half now; you have never done much as the people (both from the North and South) expected from you. You have abandoned your duty for the rest of the Sudan and closed-up yourself in Juba but where public rights are looted and tribes are killing each others in your very face. Thus, you failed to prove yourself the better leader for the whole Sudan and even the best leader for Southern Sudan. May God forgive your political sins as the voters wish you a good home-stay after the results of next-year elections? Thank you for the little you have achieved with the much public powers and wealth that have been bestowed on you. Your time has come to leave Southerners alone to find their best leader.


Hello Dr. Salva Kiir! What is the difference between these Arabists you are eating and conspiring with against the CPA now and the Arabists of the National Congress Party of President Al-Bashir who have been sabotaging the full implementation of the CPA while your SPLM behaves defiantly on this very CPA that have been planted by blood of the martyrs and heroes like Dr. Garang? If only I had supernatural powers, I would raise up H.E. Dr.   John Garang de Mabior from his unfortunate grave in Juba so that he could come back to life to put the SPLM back to normal path!!!


Hello Dr. Salva Kiir! Wake up and look at how you and your SPLM have been deceived in the recommendations and final communiqué of that anti-CPA Juba Opposition Parties Conference by diluting and betraying the right of Southerners for Self-determination with the so-called Confederation for South Sudan instead of Separation of South Sudan!!!!


How my God and my African ancestors if this is the SPLM whom Southerners have held high on their shoulders since 1983, the liberation struggle has been lost!!! Now after the ulterior motive of the Juba Opposition Conference has come to the surface, the people of Southern Sudan should no longer trust the SPLM failed leadership. They have to start looking for their liberation and salvation somewhere else outside the SPLM since the leaders of this historic people’s movement have loss the CPA compass by behaving according to their selfish interests instead of the common good of the people.


God have mercy on the SPLM and save the South from the betrayers of self-determination and the possibility of total independence!!! Don’t allow the blood of our liberation martyrs and the wounds of our heroes to get down into the archives of our history in vain. I pray with tears!!!


Dr. James Okuk is a concerned Southerner. You can reach him at [email protected]

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