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Internet Hecklers Tear Social Fabric By Majok Nikodemo Arou
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Oct 13, 2009 - 8:03:54 AM

Internet Hecklers Tear Social Fabric


By Majok Nikodemo Arou


Of late, the Internet hecklers grabbed tremendous attention in sudantribune due to their speedy sustained magnitude of distorting good articles written by well-intended authors, who either contribute in nation building or put in constructive criticisms that assist post-war authorities in South Sudan to take sound decisions.   


The hecklers do not contribute their own articles, but hunt for articles written by other contributors to attack them severely irrespective of the content of their articles. First they look at his name to establish where he comes from. If a name doesn't give enough clues about the tribe of author, they (hecklers) contemplate over his article to finally identify article writer’s tribe to attack presumably prejudiced prey. In case a writer is a tribesman, he is spared harsh criticism, but warned and told he/she is betraying the cause. What cause? A cheap tribal agenda! One wonders whether they represent their tribes.  


Many good articles that were written by clairvoyants and wise authors were brushed aside and butchered by poison-pen anonymous contributors, who are not only shadowy, but also conceal their identities and e-mail addresses. Why on earth do they seek camouflage if they are confident and not ashamed about their witch-hunting? If bold as they claim, why not bearing responsibility ensuing from their undignified replies.   


Insensitive and thick skinned as they seem, the Internet hecklers are unmindful of compound faults and division they create. Frankly, they are not consistent to help readers explore and grasp their political agenda so as to enrich dialogue. Apparently, the Internet hecklers seem to support a certain position at a moment and change swiftly to another in a manner that creates much confusion about their actual identities. At a certain point they pose as mouthpieces of their tribes/races/religions at another as tribal commanders.


It is a sheer anarchy and irresponsibility when they preach and incite wide scale racial discourse, which depicts false impression about the reality and future. An attempt to maim social fabric, does not only tantamount to crime, but portrays utter irresponsibility. There are ethics, which govern journalism and writing. Hence, to be influential once has to send a message that vibrates long and conveys harmony, promotes understanding and peaceful co-existence.    


If this author has some influence over sudantribune editors, the Internet hecklers should be requested to either exercise constructive criticism or continue their reckless heckling with showing of their full contacts so that they become known, otherwise what the meaning of sounding loud and brave is. To the best of my knowledge, sudantribune last year, urged some contributors to avoid abusing others when they differ with them.


In brief, sobriety requires tolerance and high sense of responsibility. So replying to an article in reasonable manner will never deny anyone due right to respond and defend his views. It is simple; two wrongs do not make right.



The author is a Sudanese journalist and could be contacted at [email protected]







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