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Innocent yet accused of terror by John Lawrence Morbe
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Oct 8, 2009 - 8:46:29 AM

             Innocent yet accused of terror



I am called John Lawrence Morbe, from southern Sudan. My tribe is Bari. My side is Southern Bari. My village is called Karpeto.  


I had been in Egypt since 1999. I visited Sudan two times and now I am living in Cairo.


In Cairo the evil started coming in my life when I was serving at a center called Holy family Church for Roman Catholic. Its address is as follows:

55 Holy Family Church, street15

 El Ma’adi- Cairo


The beginning of troubles:


On Ash Wednesday on which Roman Catholic Church use to tell their first prayers of Lent, the Sudanese Committee at the Holy Family Church for Roman Catholic Church were eager to tell their prayers but suddenly it happened that Sudanese did not like to share prayers together with other groups. The reason for Sudanese refusal was that a Priest who was going to serve the mass disliking Sudanese for he, the priest had tried to stop Sudanese’s activities and much than that he tried to stop Sudanese from coming to the Church and drive them away.

Sudanese were not happy when they heard that the Priest who hated them was to serve the mass! Thus, cutting off the services was the only thing Sudanese community carried out.

Sudanese did not join the (ash-Wednesday mass); everyone left for their homes.


The Priest was called Jose` (Josie). He had been in South Africa and one of the priests who had participated in practicing racial prejudice against blacks. He was still keeping bad ideas against blacks. Therefore he was even abusing some black priests however they, the priests were Franciscans as him.


Jose`, the racist priest was getting assignment from an Egyptian Mayor. That Egyptian was Coptic – Orthodox whose building is locating opposite to the Church (The Holy Family Church for Roman Catholic) where Sudanese were telling prayers at.


Many groups from different nations were telling their prayers at the same Church.


The Coptic Orthodox who was a mayor of Ma’adi was facing some troubles with people who were refusing renting the apartments in his building.


He, the Land-lord Coptic Orthodox thought that those whites who were refusing renting his apartments were feared of Sudanese. That was why he took a decision against Sudanese. He told Fr. Jose` wrong information about Sudanese.

The lair was that. Sudanese they who caused troubles to the former Priest who called Oscar and that Fr. Oscar died because of those troubles and that Fr. Jose` had had to take care; for Sudanese are troublesome group!


Fr. Jose` absorbed that word as a piece of advice and started oppressing Sudanese in order to make them feel refused and then give up coming to the Church.


Jose`, the racist priest kept on abusing Sudanese supposing that he might force them to leave the Church but his attempts failed that Sudanese were still coming to the Church however they were refused.


Fr. Jose` never found any solution for his assignment which he got told to perform. Then his malignant spirit led him even to abuse Bishop of the Latin.

It said that: Bishop came and would have liked to have a sit but Fr. Jose` instead of welcoming Bishop he just told Bishop to sit down on the steps.

Bishop felt offended. Bishop was in Ma’adi for giving the Confirmation to Sudanese candidates.

After some days we, Sudanese heard that he, Fr. Jose` got shifted and sent to another parish!

Sudanese took a rest a little bit. But that was just for a short time.


Fr. Jose` had never solved the problem-he left the Church without reconciled Sudanese or Bishop.


On 11th, September there was a prayer for the spirit of those who killed by the attacks in New York (11th, September, 2001 devastation)

Sudanese would share Americans, particularly U.S Citizens their grief but what had happened against them in The Church made them feel refused and therefore they were avoiding joining any gathering with Whites.

I myself was feeling sorry. But I could not tell Sudanese to come back on their word and share the mass with Americans, especially that Fr. Jose` was the one to lead the prayers!


The rest of the groups such as U.S citizens felt that they were hated by Sudanese; for the rest of the groups came at that time and shared them the mass except Sudanese.


From that time they started seeking the leaders of Sudanese. The one who had been appointed as a ring leader was John Lawrence Morbe, a volunteer catechist who told Sudanese not to share any mass served by Fr. Jose` according to the rumours.


Fr. Jose` would have liked to know every thing about Sudanese who were telling their prayers at the Holy Family Church for Roman Catholic! One day he, Jose` called in an officer. Jose` was speaking with that officer in English.

I, John Lawrence was near them when he was requesting that officer to watch out in means of listening to Sudanese telephones. “Though listening to people telephones is an official system run by the government of Egypt”.

The Officer told him there should be money to be paid. Of course, Jose` (Josie) replied

After that I went off, for I was serving as a catechist.


I told some friends about what Fr. Jose` ask that officer for. Then one of the Sudanese told me that there was one of Sudanese rang Fr. Jose` and shout on him some slogans and challenged him severely. I understood the reason why Fr. Jose` called that officer.


From that time I expected that Sudanese would face nexus of troubles.


My expectation came true that some Sudanese including me had to be under surveillance.


Some one told me that there was a decision taken that Egyptian security had got told to put me under surveillance in all meanings. Means my telephone had to be under controlled and the rooms where my family and I were using.


I discovered many things on the surveillance that I was under. But getting evidence had made me felt doubted. And it might be at my perilous to try getting the evidence. For that was something done by special race who knows how to accuse and kill innocence for pleasure.


I understood the way they were following. There was a neighboring house to me used for having a hi-tech electronic surveillance system. That house was located opposite to the window of the room where I was sleeping with my wife. But factually all my rooms were under surveillance.



Some but not all priests had agreed with the racist group who created all those troubles. Some of those priests were Italians.


At that time the Parish Priest was an Italian priest. He was one of those who jointly decided to put me under surveillance.


As a conduct I was just an ex-communicated person; Sudanese congregation had got told not to share me even if I was in grief or sadness.



If every one of Sudanese congregation goes with me in the street they often get threatened by secret police men-not to go with me or talk with me, otherwise they would be accused of harbouring or being an accessories.    







The alleged accusations


                            Terrorist – instigator- crazy (dangerous) -Muslim




Terrorist: I myself don’t know about terrorism. But when the World Trade Center in New York got attacked I heard many definitions on terror. Most of those accusations were directing to Arabs and Muslims.

According to the definitions I understood that terror is a born of injustice that sparks off the greediness for others lands, interests, or due to the slavery.


That group which accused me of terror assigned to the local police and national security to help them spreading this distorting word all over Cairo. And wherever I go I should have to be under surveillance.

Some but not all Sudanese had got told not to accompanying me otherwise they might be considered accessories. Sudanese did accordingly to the warnings.


As for me, Sudanese were right to do in exact way as they had been told!


I carried nothing to what they had planned for. I avoided totally their gatherings and occasions-I kept aloof.



  This was the stigma got sprinkled over my reputation and was a key of accusers to distort my behavior among Sudanese and other groups.

 Sudanese also told not to listen to me instead they should criticize me in every word or idea so that I could feel as rejected as out cast.


Being an instigator is something being condemned by the system in Egypt. And everyone being stigmatized so, might get troubles with the Egyptian government!


Any way the group that accused me of these was a unique race who is feeding Egypt. And therefore Egyptian system had had to hark to their lairs.

I myself was aware of all accusation putted on me as well as the troubles’ sources I had faced. But this how the world is, poor could not assert their words or defend themselves!





In western way and concept if you got singled out as a crazy it means that you are dangerous, and that people must avoid you!


This stigma is one of the accusations that had been sprinkled over my life in order to stain my reputation among Sudanese.


The steps they, the racist group took were that. Some secret policemen had to keep on putting me under surveillance-during the X-mass eves and Christmas day, my ways had to be known where I go, to the Church during the mass! And which mass I would like to attend! And many possible evils they expected from my side.


I already got their behavior I knew how terrible they are! They are in Church just for keeping their race as an especial one that should be adored by the rest!


Finally I discovered that the racist group which assigned to the secret police to put me under surveillance was sizing me by themselves. For they accused me of the same evil their ancestors and some modern group had been intending to!  


I knew that I was nothing but just a poor who might be killed in an easy way.

I kept quiet and let God keep me aloof and saved!






                    Being a terrorist and a Christian are not things worthy of support. Therefore the racist group in my Church thought that it was sensible to them to allegedly defame my faith as saying I am a Muslim then their accusation could match my religion, yet they were acknowledging that in Egypt   Muslims are not allowed to get themselves into even Church yard.


Any way they, the racist group used their money for convincing the local and secret police to put me under surveillance and defame my Christian faith as well as my reputation. I was not surprising, for this how Egypt is! You pay you are a master! You are poor you get condemned into sufferings.


As they were setting their evil plans against me their information was draining down into my ears. I thanked God for giving me such as wisdom of being quiet for over seven years without complaining on evil accusations dumped on me.


I am not a Muslim or a pagan- I am a Christian hailed from a catholic district (Karpeto)

My grand father was one of those who erected Rajaf Church –he my grand father was a Catechist of good will. My father brought me up on the same creed as Catholic member dedicated to the Latin creed that belongs to the Roman Catholic Church.


Any way over all this the only winner is the Coptic Orthodox who ignited that flam and fired the racism among people of the same creed, faith, and Lord.



May the almighty God bless him and set him free from the loving of money.


To the recent time I am still keeping on going to my Church however there are still some evil offends took place against me!



Thanks Be to God


John Lawrence Morbe







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