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Did the south Sudan politics immigrate to north Sudan? By: Daniel Abushery Daniel
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Nov 20, 2009 - 8:05:44 AM

 Did the south Sudan politics immigrate to north Sudan ?



By: Daniel Abushery Daniel



“The patriot is the one who said;" Ask not what your country can do for, but ask what you can do for your country". Former American president, John F. Kennedy.



South Sudan, has a complex history of dark and light depth and superficiality, and call from the heavens, momenterlly distracted from coffee shop and chit- chat, Martin gazed up to see a large flock of yellow tailed black cockatoos heading North, which reminded me with a noble book of the Sudanese writer, El-thaib Saleh, entitled: the Season of migration to the north.



Instantly, I quizzed an expatriate of 35 years, about what he missed the most in south Sudan? Fully expecting him to say “Greek club mate, in Juba”, but he looked at me and to my astonishment, he declared, and said; “the birds! They're fantastic”. The cockatoos, pled powerful owls and others that migrated to the city represent a first wave of “ climate change refugees”, they have come in search of food and new roosts from environments blitzed by the fires.



Evidently, when I heard about the three permanent members of so called ( SPLM – DC ) deserted their new party, and returned back to SPLM party main stream, and were welcome by party leaders with open arms, after they realized that, the Jallaba's main goal was to use them to create chaos, confusion and instability in the political arena, using the old tactics of divided-and rule policy, with very sophisticated techniques, and methods, undermining the aspiration of the Southern Sudanese people towards self determination, to choose their fate in public referendum for unity or secession. “To be or not to be”.



Sarcastically, SPLM/A have a broadly  history of accommodating the flocks of all colors of birds that lost their ways back to the south, after their mmigration to the North Sudan looking for what they called opportunities.. But instead of gaining something, they paid an outrageous price for their greed, and forgetting that; we have enough food for every one right here at home.


In the South ( Sudan ) " We have enough rooms for everybody" said by the founder of SPLM/A late Dr. John Garang de Mabior, in Phonix,during his last visit to United states of America, while addressing Dinka – Abeyi community convention in 2004.



Furthermore, the inevitable questions that I would like to express; how long do South Sudanese masses will continue to condone the behaviors of some of  demagogy, boomerangs individuals" politicians" who collaborate with the enemy and undermine the stands of vast majority, Thus, remember; “the most intelligent people are not necessarily the most successful people, but the adoptable”. Indeed, how long will it take the traitors to agree with their opponents, and stop looking for the needle in the haystack?



Unfortunately, SouthSudan and other marginalized areas in the country are now experiencing very horrific political draught season, due to the games that are being played by National Congress Party (NCP/NIF), which is working day and night, misleading Sudanese peopl through their bias media, using lies, and cheap public instigation, while,  in contrast, SPLM/A and it’s members under the leadership of the 1st Lt. Gen Salva, Kiir Mayardit the President of GOSS and Lt.Gen James Hoth Mai, Chief of staff  of SPLA, continue  making substantial progress in transforming the army into a conventional and a discipline one for the future state, instead of engaging in unhealthy debates, and destructive criticisms.



In - Conclusion, South Sudan is in critical situation and is not the right time to fight over minor maters. Don't  quote me wrong. I 'm a strong believer of the fact that, people agreed to disagree, especially in taking a drastic measure to make a points. Enough is enough; we are now facing a tsunami of our time, which reguires to be united more than ever before.

Salute and tribune to the comrades who put their lives in the harms ways, for our liberty, freedom, justice, and equality, so that South Sudan would be a better place to live. Long live SPLM, long live SPLA, and South Sudan oyee.




The author is a Criminal Justice graduate, former Unity bank employee, Juba – Sudan, can be reached at [email protected] OR [email protected]



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