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Did H.E. Gabriel Changson, the future president for south Sudan government? By: Daniel Abushery Daniel Arizona, U. S. A
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Feb 15, 2010 - 3:19:31 AM

Did H.E. Gabriel Changson, the future president for south Sudan government?



By: Daniel Abushery Daniel

Arizona, U. S. A

The coming election of April, 2010, become the talk and daily bred of every Sudanese home and abroad, the first election in the country after two and half decades, since 1985, with a lot of speculations and analysis about who is going to win from level of states to the national, therefore, it’s the odds of the day.



The worth mentioning is that; most of today politicians or who are calling themselves leaders are ignorant and naïve in modern world politics, also the public still don’t know their rights and whom to vote for, due to the spread of literacy among Sudanese messes, the only way they cast their votes is according to whom they know or tribe they belong to, which will make it difficult to choose the right candidate or leader for nation.



A corrupted politician can be reinstated in the office, due to favors using public money, which will put the wrong person in the right spot. Therefore we should be cosious when it comes to selection of a leader.



Never the less, many attempts has been tried by SPLM party to seduce H.E. Gabriel Changson, the current ministry of youth and sport, since he was the ministry of Information during the formation of Goss, refused to give up his party UDSF” United Democratic Salvation Front”, by saying that; it’s the matter of principle, and it’s looks like what Jallaba use to convert southerners by telling them that; “you are good man, but if you became Muslim, you will be much better”.



Name of the party is not a bigger deal, but standing on principle is the core issue, “there is no permanent enemy, but there are permanent issues”. We can not be in one boat, some swim and all road lead to united south Sudan.



According to my analysis, H.E. Gabriel Changson is not a well known politician like many others in the south, but is one of the few Sudanese specialized in economic planning, and a workaholic banker for more than four decades in banking services, from commercial bank’s, to Sudan Central bank, and established the first southern Sudanese bank in the history called “Ivory Bank”. and the task that was given to him by Goss president Salva Kirr during financial crisis in the south for three month as care taker is a living proof of being expertise in this field, not only in the ministry of finance, but he shows the outstanding performance in all ministers he represented, to me such a person is a man of his conviction and principles, and can not be seduced by power.



Eventually, Mr. Changson is now contesting for the seat of Governorship with others ten candidates in Upper Nile State and among his opponents a respective professor Peter A. Nyaba, current ministry of Higher Education and science researches, and my teacher, Ustaz Simon Kun Pouch, both are veterans of SPLA, and permanent members of SPLM political party.


Further more, we all know that; Upper Nile was the only State ruled by NCP/NIF party since 2005 according to CPA, and really needs somebody who is committed and dedicated to change and clean the back yard of the state after it has been wastes dumper of Islamic regime and Muslim faith in the south.



Its worth mentioning that, multi party system is the better way for any country, instead of one party system that ruled the country for decades, therefore, the collation that was made between SPLM and USDF shows fairness and question with boldness, and without any hesitating, or any personal interest.



In – Conclusion, the three ministers that Changson be in charged, when he was Information minister he purposed that; religion and ethnicity should be add to census form, because identity is one of problem in Sudan, also is the first official who condemned and refused the result of census, but no one back his disagreements, so on and so forth. All these proved beyond the reasonable doubt that is one of our pragmatics leaders who rolled back his slaves fighting the corruption which widely spread like a wild fire in the country, depending our integrity, unity, and commitment to the cause. Therefore, pragmatics leaders are needed in south Sudan, remember, there is no born leader.




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