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                                     The week at the FHQ


Minni Minawi to Darfur


The SLA Leader Minni Minawi Arkoi made two successive visits to Darfur last week. This was his first visit to his homeland since the signing of the Darfur Peace Agreement on 5 May 2006


Minni Minawi stayed at the AMIS Headquarters where he had discussions with different delegations; namely, an American delegation led by the Special Representative on Sudan ( Office of the US Deputy State) Mr. Roger Winter and a World Bank Country Representative based in Khartoum.


The discussion between Minni and Ambassador Hassan Gibril, AMIS Acting Deputy Head of Mission in Fasher as well as Mr. Boubou Niang, member of the African Union Mediation Team, was based on three main points, that is,

  • Search for efficient implementation of the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA)
  • Popularization of the contents of the DPA
  • The involvement of partners in improving the situation in Darfur.


Minni Minawi seized this opportunity to salute the tireless efforts by AMIS, the African Union and International Partners, which led to the realization of the DPA, and the initiative in place to bring on board the Rebel Movements that  have not yet signed the DPA.



Visit of the Senegalese Minister for Armed Forces


The Senegalese Minister for Armed Forces made a two days visit to Darfur last week.


Mr. Becaye Diop, heading an important delegation, was received in El Fasher, by Ambassador Hassan Gibril, Acting Deputy Head of Mission.


The objective of the visit was to augment the moral of the Senegalese Troops, which is part of the African Union Contingent, based in Tine in Sector 5.


During his visit, Minister Becaye Diop expressed satisfaction of the Senegalese Authorities with the exemplary outlook by the Senegalese contingent which, he said, is an honor for their Country.


He at the same time saluted their sacrifice, their sense of elevation and the professionalism expressed in this extremely difficult environment in Darfur.


He, finally, called upon the contingent to continue to nurture their cardinal value which is the key to the success of their mission and participate to bring up the good image of Senegal in the African Peacekeeping missions.


Moussa Hamani Alzouma

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