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Sudan: human rights lawyers released
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May 23, 2006 - 2:29:00 AM

PUBLIC                                                                                                           AI Index: AFR 54/017/2006        

                                                                                                                                            22 May 2006


Further Information on UA 140/06 (AFR 54/016/2006, 18 May 2006) Fear for safety/Incommunicado detention


SUDAN                                              Mossaad Mohamed Ali (m)

                                                         Adam Mohamed Sharief (m)

Human rights lawyers Mossaad Mohamed Ali and Adam Mohamed Sharief have been released but have to report daily to the National Security Agency offices in Nyala, South Darfur. They had been held at the NSA detention centre where they were at risk of torture or other ill-treatment.


Adam Mohamed Sharief was allowed home at 11 pm on 16 May, but told to report to the offices of the NSA in Nyala on the following morning. Since then he has had to report to the offices on daily basis at 7am and is not allowed home until later in the evening.  During this time however he has not been questioned and has to wait around all day. 


Mossaad Mohamed Ali was released from the NSA offices on 20 May at 5.30pm. He has been released without charge and whilst being detained was only interrogated once on 19 May after being held for three days. During the interrogation, he was questioned about the Amel Centre for the Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre of Victims of Torture and reportedly accused of opposing the Darfur Peace Agreement. He was also accused of inciting internally displaced people to resort to violence. He too has been ordered to report on a daily basis to the NSA and is made to stay until the evening.


The NSA refused to allow human rights monitors from the UN Mission in Sudan to see the detainees whilst they were being held, even though the authorities have agreed to allow the UN unrestricted access to all detainees held in Darfur. Mossaad Mohamed Ali was allowed to meet his family for only five minutes on 19 May and to meet a group of Nyala-based lawyers on 20 May shortly before his release following international pressure on the authorities.


The practice of summoning people (istid’a) is a frequent form of harassment. The individual is summoned to the security department and interrogated, or made to sit around, for several hours; this daily summoning is frequently repeated, sometimes for up to two weeks.  



No further action is required from the UA Network at present.  Many thanks to all those who sent appeals.

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