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Sudan Liberation Movement well coming United Nation Security Council Report
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May 27, 2007 - 9:24:58 PM

                      Sudan Liberation Movement well coming
                      United Nation Security Council Report

Press Release:-
Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) Chair Mr. Abdul Wahid Alnour well come the report of the Security Council that issued on 25 May 2007 called for the International force to be deployed immediately in
(SLM) ensure the security to our people in camps and IDPs essential, and the protection must be through International Forces in order to stop the killing in Darfur Region that caused by Sudan Regime, also our people must return back under the protection of International Force to their normal and previous villages according to known possessive lands before the conflict in Darfur, and also compensate them through corrective justice these steps can create conducive environment and not beyond the reach of the Sudan Regime and International Community if there are well to protect people of Darfur form the atrocities caused by Sudan regime.
Sudan Liberation Movement called for secular, liberal, democratic, united Sudan, our means are our nation struggles, and our objectives are to bring rights to our people, we are different form Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), because they were part of existing Government, and they break out for the authority conflict and for our people rights, their means to return back to the authority are through exploitations our people on the name of Religion.

Sudan Liberation Movement is the United Movement cabinet and nation

Under leadership Mr. Abdul Wahid Alnour, the Regime of Sudan invented and manufactured individuals, persons and named them movements in order to complicate the final comprehensive solution, through vacancy and posts it did in Abuja, Triples and Addis Ababa outcome failure and may be in the future in other cities in side or outside Sudan also the result will be the same failure because the aims are posts and vacancy not the rights of our people. Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) is one of our allies and friend in order to build Secular, Liberal, Democratic, United Sudan. We need form them not to follow the National Congress party in their plots for what called movement's unifications conference for manufacturing individuals and called them movements for posts and vacancy.   

            Issued in
London on 27th May 2007            

                    Yahia Elbashir Spokesperson of Sudan Liberation Movement
           Phone: 0044 79 616 08 397
           Email: [email protected]





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