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Statement from Massaleit Association in UK & Ireland
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Feb 14, 2008 - 8:37:11 AM

Statement from Massaleit Association in UK & Ireland
The massaleit association in exile giving it's support and solidarity to our people in Darfur and to achieve the justice and equality that was formed Executive Committee for 2008/2009 dated 02/02/2008 after successful meeting of the general assembly attended by 90% of it's membership in Leeds City southern England.
Resulted in the following composition:
Adam Arbab          Chairman +447709884098
Khamis Yousef      Deputy & Foreign Affairs Officer   +447960113299 [email protected]
Abdu Abu Baker    General Secretary +447944425240 [email protected]
Yahya Abdallah     Finance Secretary
Idris Mohammed    Deputy of Financial Secretary
Yassin Ibrahim      Secretary for Information
Ibrahim Hamid       Secretary for Social Affairs
Secretary of The Media Association-Yassin Ibrahim
Tel: 00447984160293

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